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Cornell University Library 
PR2296.K3A1 1874 

Flowers of epigramines 

3 1924 013 121 789 

Cornell University 


The original of this book is in 
the Cornell University Library. 

There are no known copyright restrictions in 
the United States on the use of the text. 

^uUitutims of tW ^pen^er ^oetetp« 

Issue No. 15 
















A. ^ (oG'i^ 

Printed by Chakles Simms 


KENDALL'S Flowers of Epigrammes, ovt of 
fundrie the mofte fingular authours fele£led, 
though the translations from the various Epi- 
grammatists are made by one wrijer, seems to form a 
fitting accompaniment to the reprints of early English 
poetical collections which have been recently made, and 
to complete which Robinson's Handefull of Pleafant 
Delites has already appeared in this series (No. 8) ; to be 
followed shortly by the last of that class of works which 
requires to be reproduced, Bodenham's Belvidere, or 
Garden of the Mufes (1600, i6mo). 

The Council of the Spenser Society have therefore 
selected Kendall to form the first of the publications for 
the year 1873-4, more especially as the volume is a 
pleasant and amusing one and of considerable rarity, Mr. 
Bindley's copy, wanting a leaf in the middle, having pro- 
duced at his sale 16/., and Mr. Corser's, more recently, 
(Sale Cat., part vii. lot 115) 15/. 15.?. 

No other work of Timothy Kendall is known to exist. 
His book has been noticed by Warton {Hist, of English 

iv Prefatory Notice. 


Poetry, vol. iii. p. 432, edit. 1824), in the British Bib- 
liographer, vol. iv. pp. 150-7, and in Dibdin's Library 
Compaiiion, pp. 646, 691 ; but the only article in relation 
to him worth consulting is that contained in Bliss's 
Wood's Athencs., vol. i. pp. 484-7, to which the reader 
is referred. 

As the Council are anxious to proceed as rapidly as 
possible with the different pieces of Wither, the second 
issue for the year 1873-4 is proposed to be The Miscel- 
laneous Works of George Wither. Reprinted from the 
original editions. Third Collection. 

The remaining works of John Taylor will, it is ex- 
pected, form one of the issues for 1874-5. 

Ja^ Crossley, 




The Epiftle Dedicatorie 3-6 

To the courteous and frendly Reader 7-10 

VV. Seymour gentleman of Grayes Inne : in commendation 

of the author 11 

George VVhetflones gentleman in the authors commendation 1 2 

E. G. to the Reader 12 

Abraham Fleminge vpon T. K. his tranflated Epigrammes ... 13-14 
A. W. gent, to the courteous reader in commendation of 

thefe flowers 14-15 

Ad T. K. amicvm leftiffimvm G. L. Carmen 15 

Eivfdem ad evndem Carmen Sapphicum 15-16 

FLOWERS OF EPIGRAMS: out of fundrie the 
mojie finguler authors feledled. 


Hermaphroditus fpeaketh, 
MARTIAL 19-60 

Timothe Kendal to the Reader. — Of a Lion, that offended 
his keper. — Of a Tiger and a Lion. — Of Leander. — 
Of Gemellus, and Maronilla. — Of Arria, and Paetus. — 
To FabuUa, vainglorious. — To Cascilianus, for the gender 
and declination of Ficus. — To Fidentinus. — To L^lius.^ — 
To Neuolus, a Lawier. — To Flaccus. — Of Sceuola. — 
To ^lia. — To Fidentinus.— Sabidius.— Of Gellia.— To 
Fidentinus. — Of Diaulus, a Phifdion. — Againfl Olus. — 
To Flaccus. — Againfl Cscilianus. — Againfl Gargili- 
anus. — Of Philfene. — Againfl Attalus. — Againfl Pofl- 
humus. — Againfl Zoilus. — Of Sertorius. — Againfl 
Apicius. — To Fabianus. — Of Cserelia, and Gellia. — 
Of his abidyng in the countrey. — To Cinna. — Againfl 
Califlratus. — Againfl Gellia. — To Quintianus. — To 
Aulus, againfl Mamercus. — To Gellia. — That we fliould 

vi Contents. 


benifite our frendes. — Againfl Poflhumus. — Agaiiift 
Candidus. — To Rufinus. — Againfl Matrinia. — Of 
Fifhes engrauen. — Againft Ligurinus. — To the fame 
Ligurinus. — To ^milianus. — To Labienus. — To Lu- 
perciis. — To Faullinus, againfl an euill Phifition Her- 
mocrates. — Againfl Phcebus. — Againfl the emiious. — 
To Marianus. — Of the thefe CiUx. — To Lupus. — To 
Rufus. — To Amianus. — Againfl Olus. — To Caflor. 

— To his Mufe. — To Prifcus. — To a married couple, 
that could not agree. — Of Fabius, and Chreflella. — 
Againfl Gallicus. — Of Prifcus, his banquet. — Againfl 
Cinna. — To Condilus. — Againfl Apher. — Againfl 
Crifpus. — To Phileros. — To hymfelfe. — Otherwife. — 
Againfl Carmenion. — To Gallus. — To Philenis. — To 
Cherimon. — To Parthenope. — Againfl Zoilus. — To 
Vacerra. — To Polla. — Of Legeia. — Of Affricanus. — 
To Fabullus. Of Themifon. — Againfl Thelefinus. — To 
lulius. — To Phcebus. — To one diuerfly conditioned. — 
Againfl Zoilus. — Otherwife. — Againfl Policarnus. 

MARTIAL. Ex Xeniis, ET Apophoretis 60-67 

Wheate flower. — Lettuce. — Leekes oft cut. — The Dor- 
moufe. — The Conie. — The Ringdoue, or Stockdoue. — 
The Peacocke. — The Swanne. — A fhelfifhe, in Latine 
Murex. • — The Gogion. — The Hare. — Does. — Wine 
of Tarentum. — Sweete oyle, or oyntment. — 
made of luery. — Nuttes. — The combe, to the bald- 
pate. — Otherwife. — The Coffer wherin bookes are 
laid. — Light, pertainyng to the chamber. — A Candle- 
flicke of wood. — Bellovves. — A medicine by rubbyng 
to make the teeth white. — A Lanterne of Home. — A 
Flye flap of Peacockes plumes. — The Parret. — The 
Nightingale.— The Pye.— Cups of Chriftall. — A Girdle. 

— Hay. — Leander. — The Tumbler. — The Ram. — 
The Havvke. — A Cooke. — A baker of fine Cakes, or 
like thinges. 


To Leonellus. Submiffion. — Sorovvyng for the dead. — To 

Contents. vii 


Titus. Naughtines borne wiihall. — To a man thankeles. 
—To Sextus. Pittie: almes.—lo Baptifta Caftellus. — To 
Zoylus. Weepyng teares. — To Homer, an Hypocrite. — 
To Zeno. Cajligation. — To Caper, tauntes. backbityngs. 

— To Criticus. Children miijl be injirudled. — To Qui- 
rinus. — To Vrfus. a backbiter. — To Philenius. a flat- 
terer. — To Petrus. Loue diffimuled. — To Arnus. Surfet. 

— To Marius. Armour and weapon againjl the deuill. — 
To Cofmicus. Curiofitie in decking the bodie. — To Panv 
philus. frendJJiip. — Repentaunce. — To Propertianus. 
a Niggarde. — To Lazarus. Vice in honour. — To Paulus 
B. Of an harlot. — To Ponticus. Examples. — To Ma- 
riaiius. Stable abidyng. — Lithernes. — To Larius. Infir- 
mities. — To Maximus. a Mifer. — Lufle vnfatiate. — 
To Ollus. Patience. — To lacobus Melitus. Detrallion. 

— To Vincentius Nouatus. Jhun floth. — To Flaccus. 
Extortioners, Cormorauntes. — To Marullus. Alniejdeedes. 

— The good man feareth nought. — To Dionifius Feb. 
The holy Scripture. — To Archemedorus. A Cuffoner. — 
To Linus. Vice. — To one verie timerous. — To Ka- 


A liuely defcription of Hope. — The Defcription of luf- 
tice. — Verfes of Dardanus, fent to Dominicus Saulus. — 
The fong of S. lerome in the defert. 


To Pamphilus. — To his Ladie beloued. 

BRVNO 93-96 

A true faiyng. — To Omellia. — A left, of a certayne hare- 
braind hufband. — Againft, Hugo. ■ — Of a Foole that 
found a Crab-fifh. — A left of a Theefe. 


To Diana Ariofta. — Of Niobe. — Of his ftraunge loue. — 
To Renata, a noble Dame. — Vef bia. 

TEXTOR 98-107 

Praiers for the ded, nothyng profit. — An Epitaphe. — To 
his Frende. — To the Pope. — To fpirituall paftors. — 

viii Contents. 


A woman. — How to get frendfliip. — The properties of 
certaine birdes. Of the Peacok. — The Eagle. — The 
Swanne. — The Voulter. — The Partridge. — The Spar- 


Of a dronkard goyng home from the Tauerne. — To one 
hauyng a verie red nofe. 


To Guido. — To Marianus. 


Of a fheepe that foflered a woolfe. — Againe of the fame. 

— Befl neuer to be borne. — Metrodorus minde to the 


Of Scaurus, a riche man and couetous. 


Againfl Venus. — To Margaris. — To CorelHus. — Of 

AVSONIVS 114-123 

An exhortation vnto raodeflie. — Of the Pidlure of Rufus, 
a vaine Rhethorician. — Of a woman that would haue 
poyfoned her hufbande. — To one that painted Eccho. 

— An Epitaphe of Anitia. — Of a Hare taken by a Dog- 
fifhe. — Of Miron an old dottrell, that would haue lyen 
with Lais. — Tranflated out of twoo Greeke authors : 
Plato and Scatilius. — Of Venus in armour. — The fame 
otherwife. — Of the pidure of Rufus a vaine Rhetho- 
ritian, of whom there is an Epigram before. — Of the 
pidture of the fame Rufus. — Of the Table wherein 
Rufus was painted. — Of the pidlure of kyng Crsefus, 
tranflated out of the firfl booke of Greke Epigrams. — 
Of the drinke Dodra : Which is made of nine thinges. — 
Againfl two fifters of diuers conditions. — Of a flug- 
gard. — Of the riche and poore man. — Of his deare 


To Nefera. 

Contents, ix 



Of hyra felf, and his frende. 




How a man Ihould prepare to dye. — Pifcarius his Epi- 


Of the difcorde of Princes. — To a LafTe, lamentyng of 
her mother the loffe. ■ — Of a Painter ; A pleafant and 
mery iefl. — A mery iefl. of a fcattergood. — A left of a 


To the Rofe. — To his Image. — Of his loue Cselia. — Of 
loue. — To the Reader. — Of hym felf. 


Three Euills. — The ridie old man, of hym felfe. — Of a 
Dwarfe. — Loue is vncurable. 


To a couetous old Carle. — Of Codrus. — To Panfophus. 

— To a Niggarde. — To a backbiter that was balde. — 
To Achilles Combanus. 


How to vfe riches. — Againft riot. — Mannes miferie. — 
Wiuyng twife. — Wedlocke. — Of a Thracian lad. — Pittie 
and compaffion. — To Oreftes preparyng to kill his mo- 
ther. — A prouerbe. — How death is haftened. — Three 
thynges bothe hurt and helpe. — Nothyng hid from 
God. — Fayned frendlhip. — To muche brynges loth- 
fomneffe. — Againft ftepdames. — Of the contempt of 
Fortnue. — A controuerfie betwene Fortune and Venus. 

— Otherwife. — The feuen fages names, faiynges, and 
countryes, in feuen verfes. — The report of the multitude 
not to be regarded. — Or thus. — Of a foole. — Of a 
foolifti Aftronomer. — When Women profite. — Of Caf- 
tors Nofe. — Of a foule wife. — To one, hauyng a long 
nofe. — Of a deaf ludge, a deaf plaintife, and a deaf 


X CoiitciUs. 


defendant. — Of Marcus a fluggard. — Againfl one very 
deformed. — Againfl a drunkerd. — Of drunkenneffe. — 
Otherwife. — Againe of the fame. — Againfl a mifer. — 
Of Chrifalus couetous. — ^ Of a riche mifer. — Of Aulus, 
Auarus. — The fame otherwife. — Of Afclepiades, a 
greedie carle. — A long beard makes not a Philofopher. 

— To one lame and loutiflie. — Caffander his Epitaphe. 

— Timocritus his Epitaphe. — Ariflomenes. — Calima- 
chus. — Olde age longed for, yet lothed. — Death euery- 
where. — It matters not where a man dye. — Liuyng on 
the Seas. — Of Diogenes. — Opinion. — Epi6tetus. — To 
Gabriel. — Myrons Cowe. — Venus to Praxiteles. — Of 
Venus in armour. — Of Cinyras a Fifher. — Biton. — 
Of Alcon an Archer. — Timon his Epitaphe. 


An Epitaphe vppon the death of William Budasus, an ex- 
cellent learned man of our tyme. — An other Epitaphe 
of the fame Budosus. — An Epitaphe vppon the death 
of Katharina Texea. — ^yritten vppon the graue of 
Anton. Prat, (chefe Chaunceler of Fravnce) which 
was a groffe great Gorbely. — Of Titus Liuius. — To 
01. Marotus. — A prefent to Truchius and Dampe- 
trus. — Defcription of vertue. — Againfl a maidenly 
man. — Of a Painter, and a Baker. — A fportfull compa- 
rifon, betwene Poets and Papifls. — Againfl flepdames. 

— An Epitaphe vpon the death of Ihon Caluin, poorely 
and plainly enterred at Geneua. — Againe vppon the 
death of Ihon Caluin. — Martino Luthero, antichrifli 
Romani domitori Trophteum. 


Of an Aflrologer, That was a Cuckold. — Of Beuty. Di- 
lemma. — Againfl Wiuyng. — Againe of wiues.' — Of a 
Pidlure liuely defcribed! — Of a Niggard departing this 
life. — The difference betwene a King and a Tyrant — 
A Tyrant in flepe, naught dififereth from a common per- 
fon. — Of a good Prince and an euill. — Of a Theef 
and a Lawier. — A ridiculous pranke of a Priefl. — Of a 

Contents. xi 


waterfpaniell. — A Cur by a crib, a couetous mifer. — 
Of a Beggar, bearyng hym felf for a Phifition'. — Of a dif- 
■^ honefl wifer — To one whofe wife was naught at home. — 
Of Tyndarus. — To Sabinus : whofe wife conceiued in 
his abfence: — Of Fufcus a drunkard. — Of a Kyng and 
a Clowne. — Of an [vnlearned Bifhop". — To one light 
minded. — A left of a lackbragger. — Againfl a Parafite.' 
— Againfl Chelonus. — Of Sleep. The fentence of Arif- 
totle' — Defire of Dominion. — Remedies, to take away 
a flinkyng breath occafioned by fundry meates. 

10. lOVIANVS PONTANVS 179-181 

Vppon the graue of a Begger. — Vpon the Toumbe of Lu- 
cretia the daughter of Alexander. 6. — Of the infelcitie 
of Louers. 


Of Thelefma. 


Of Briandus Vallius. — A pretie prancke of a modeft. 
raayden. — Of a Mounke. — To Andreas Goueanus his 
brother. — Againe. — To Zebedeus. 


A Lute of fir tree. — Againfl womens lightnes. — To Syl- 
uius, a louely lad but lewdly liued. — The Back. — To a 
towardly yong man. — To a certaine Barber. — Againfl 
a Churle or thankles perfon. — To a Theef — An Epi- 
taphe, of an excellent Shipmafler, or Pilote. 


Of a Bore, and a Lion. — Of a poore man in loue. 


Vnder Hercules painted fpinnyng. ■ — Againfl the riche 
vnlearned, otd of Laertus. — Of three Grecians, writers 
of Tragedies. 


Of Rome. — Againfl Pope Pius. — Fratres extra mvndvm. 

H. STEPHANVS 190-195 

Of Au6lus, a fwilbole. — Of the booke whiche Vincentius 
Obfopceus wrote of the feat of drinkyng. — Of Aulus. — 

xii Contents. 


Of Marcus. — To Ancus. — To a certaine drunkarde. — 
Of Aulas. — An Epitaphe, of a notorious drunkard. — 
To Pontifer. . — Of a lade moll vile and pellilent — 
Again e, et seq. 


The way to Hue well. — Precepts of wedlocke. The huf- 
bands requefls. — The wiues aunfwere. — Defire not to 
obtaine, that whiche thou canfl not gaine. — By vertve 
NOT viGOVR. — How euery age is endined. • — A noble 
dame : / hide her name. — Of the Queenes Piflure. — 
Of the pidture of Thomas Cranmer, fomtyme Archbifhop 
of Canterbury. — Of his owne pidlure. — Of the picture 
of the mod excellent Dame A. H. — To his Bed. — An 
Aunfwere. — An Epitapthe vpon the death of Sir Ihon 

IHON PARKHVRST, late Bishop of Norwich 203-236 

To the Reader. — To Torpetus. — An Epitaph vpon the 
death of a Couetous Mifer. — Of Robin Bartlet fallyng 
into the handes of Theues. — Againfl Battus, an euell 
Singer. — To Ihon Foxe. — Of an old trot Perfephone, 
and Pyllio a yongfler. — To Marcellinus. — Againfl 
Boffus, a Priefle. — Of Lupercus. — Of Molzus that cafle 
his wife into the Sea. — Of Lollus and Cseciliana, man and 
wife. — To Sixtus. — Of a certain Duke, and Robin Bartlet. 

— To Alexander Nowell. — To Candidus. — Of certaine 
faire maydens plaiyng with Snowe. — To Hallus. — In 
quendara. — To a certayne Draper. — Againfl Boffus. — 
Of Attus. — To papiflicall Prelats. — Of the Lady lane 
Gray. — Againfl Colte, a coltifli Preifl. — Of Holus a 
Souldier beyng lame. — To Ihon Gibbon. — Againfl 
Alanus. — Of Diogenes. — Againfl Fridolinus. — Of Ro- 
bin Bartlet, fainyng hymfelf deafe to get lodgyng, 
beyng on a tyme benighted. — Of Cselia, and her fonne, 
now redie to dye. — Of Editha, trauelyng in child-bed. 

— Of a certaine Bifliop, and his foole Philibert. — 
Againfl Claudia. — To a certaine frend. — Of an egre- 
gious drunkard. — To certaine proude PapiRicall per- 

Contents. xiii 


fones. — To Pope Paulus. 2. — Of Pope lone the 8. 
and of the maner of makyng the Pope. — Of Lucretia 
whiche was daughter and wife to Pope Alex. 6. — Of 
Nodofius, a Papifl. — Of a certaine yongman, and a 
toothleffe fire. — To a proude princox. — To Pigmenius. 
— Of Cotilus a Priefl. — Agalnfl Huberdine, an old 
dottrell and peuifh Preacher. — To Ruffina. He playeth 
the woer for a frend of his, of perfon as pretty as a Pig- 
mey. — Of the vnfatiable couetoufnes of this worlde. — 
., To Pontiana, a mayd fo called. — To Claudia. — Of 
Antonina. — To Ihon Cullier. — Of Glaurus an old 
dotyng Priefl. — To Hermannus Mennus. — Of Clytus. — 
Monoflichon written vpon the gate of the Monellarie of 
the BenediHines or blacke Monkes. — Of the aunfwere 
of a foole to a certaine Dnke. — Of Rob. Bartlet, and of 
one that had a foule byg nofe and a precious (as they 
terme it.) — The Louer. — Of Loue. — To Hordenus. — 
Of Alphus. — Of him that is in debt. — To Ponticus. — 
To Minfigre. — Of Squyre, an old man flewmatike. — 
Of Cotta. — N. NoMAN To B. Bonner. — To a certaine 
Papifl. — To a wife, whiche fet a pot full of flowers in 
her windowe. — Of a counterfet Diuell. — An Epitaphe 
vpon the death of Kyng Edward the 6. — Of Lydia. — 
To Florianus. — To Hferillus. — Of Haffus. — Of Fur- 
nus a Cuckold. — Of Pope Innocent. 8. — Of Alex- 
ander 6. and his daughter Lucretia. — Againfl Claudia. — 
To Dauid Whitehed.- — To Leopoldus. — Againfl Gafpus, 
whiche with one draught of wine or ale would be made 
drunke. — Againfl Colt a Preill. — To the Reader. — 
To the Reader. 

M. ROGER ASCHAM 237-240 

The fentence whiche Darius Kyng of Perfia commaunded 
to bee engrauen on his Toumbe. — The graceleffe grace 
of the Court. — A verfe of Homer, tranflated into Eng- 
lilhe, by M. Watfon. — Of the herbe Moly, tranflated out 
of Homer. ■ — Of Newters. — Afchams lamenta- 
tion for the death of mafler Ihon Whitney. — A golden 

xiv Contents. 


fentence out of Hefiodus. — A verfe of Homer. — An 
excellent faiyng of Homer. — A faiyng of Adraflus, out 
of Euripides. 


written (for the mojle part) at fundrye tymes in 

his yong and tender age. 

T. KENDALL 241-303 

Cornelivs Gallvs. — ^The Avthor to his Pamphlets and 
Trifles. — The Author to hymfelf. — A Comparifon be- 
twene Christ and the Pope. — Written in heuines. — 
An old verfe. — In Engliflie thus. — Otherwife. — To an 
Epicure. — A letter written to T. w. gent, when he was 
fcoller in Oxford. — Verfes written to his father when he 
was fcholler in yEton. Seripfit admodum puer. — Of 
Loue. — Of Boner, and his brothers. — Of Pope 
Alexander. 6. — To one of a diuers and flraunge 
nature. — Of the workes of Poets. — • How to get the 
loue, bothe of God and men. — Expofition. — A fimi- 
litude, of Idlenes. ■ — ^What thyng he feareth mofle. — 
How the xij. fignes doe gouerne and rule in mannes 
bodie. — Commendation and praife of Vertue. — The 
couetous carle, compared to a Mule. — To a frende. — 
Chrifle fpeaketh. — To hymfelf — To one fo giuen to 
goe braue. That at lafl he left hymfelf like a flaue. — 
To one that made his bragges that he was nofed like 
vnto kyng Cirus. — Of money and lande. — Learnyng. 

— Of Tyme. — Of Dice. — Of women, water, and wine. 

— Of wemens lightnes — Again of the fame. — Of the 
mifery of man. — To his vnkle : Henry Kendall. — Of 
the Poet Lucan. — Chrifl. — Gold, not God, regarded 

. now adayes. — Of hymfelf — Remedies againfl loue. — 
To all men. — Of Dearh. — Death fpareth no kinde. — 
Who riche, who poore. — Labour kills loue. — The more 
a man hath, the more he defireth. ■ — To lefus Chrifle. — 
Of Pope lulius. 3. — To Zoilus. — Of an Aflrnomer, and 
a Plowman. — To Zoilus. — Of Zenabon. — Anacharfis 

Contents. xv 

the Philofophers faying. — Otlierwife, aud fhorter. —Pre- 
cepts written to henry knevet gent. — Preceptes writ- 
ten in his frend richard woodwards praier booke, 
foratime his companion in Oxford. — Of fower Beafles 
and the Spider. — Ite, Venite. — Of the vanity of this 
world. — To Zoilus. — Of hym that marryes twife. — 
Of a wife. — The fame and fhorter. — Bewtie and 
Vertue feldom coupled. — How the Papill praies. — 
Who takes the paines, the profite gaines. — Who poore. 
— To one that married a foule wife for riches. — Of 
Wine. — Of Phifitions. — To an vnlkilfull Phifition. — 
Of a rifhe, a Swallowe, and an Hare, Ihot through at 
one fhoote. an vncertayne Author. — To the Rechleffe 
route. — Of Wiuyng. — Tyme doeth all. — Be aduifed 
ere thou fpeake. — To one furious and full of Pride. — 
To Henry Kneuet gent. — Idem efl pauperibus, diuiti- 
bufque Deus. — To Markes a marker of faultes. — 
To the Pope. — To a fweete mouthed minion. — A 
verfe wherein the numerall letters fliewe the yere of the 
Lorde, when the Qaeene began her raigne ouer this 
Realme. — A Rime againfl rome. — To one named 
Loue. — To a common Bragger. — A prettie fimilitude. — 
Of a certayne Ruffian. — Of a certayne Ciuilian. — Of a 
Lawyer. — To one that fayd he was a Lawyer almoft. • — 
Agayne, of a Lawyer. — Ridyng by the way with a gen- 
tleman, and beyng Demaunded by hym, the difference 
betwene their horfes, he thus anfwered extempore. — 
Wrytten to a frend, in hys extreme fickneffe. — An Epi- 
taph vppon the death of M. Ihon Bradford. — A prancke 
of Pope lulius 3. about a Peacocke. — To a certayne 
frend. — Written vnder the pidure of M. Thomas Becon. 
— Of the pidlure of Thomas Cranmer, fometyme 
worthie Archbifhop of Canterburie. — Of his owne 
pidlure. — Againe. — Of fower liuyng creatures, that liue 
by the fower Elementes. — Of Papifles. — A faiyng of 
S. Ciprian. — An other faiyng of S. Cyprian. — Xij. 
abufes in the life of man, colleded out of S. Cyprian. — 

xvi Contents. 

A faiyng of S. Auftin. — An olde faiyng. — Of Lacon. — 
Thinkyng on the latter daie. — Pleafe, Praife, and Praie. 
— Fiue thynges white. — Three thynges deteftable. — 
Three things not to be lente. — Three things fhould not 
be forgotten. — Of Mark miferable, that hanged hym- 
felfe. — Of faiyng grace. — The Befl are hated of the 
Bad. — To the carpyng Corre6lor. — A flaffe. — The 
faiyng of Bias. — • To a frende. — The torment of Turne- 
cotes. — Tranflated out of Theocritus. — Preceptes writ- 
ten to his Cofen Paul Tooley. — To all tender Youthes 
and young fchollers. — A young schollers Poefie, — 
Verfes written at the requefl of his Cofen Mary Palmer, 
in her praierbooke called the Pomander of Praier. — 
To one that called hym Spendall. — To a Niggard that 
called hym vnthrift. — To a certaine frende. — The 
nature of the Hernfhew. — Power properties of the 
dog. — Of Boner. — To a naughty Lawier. — Tranflated 
out of an Italian writer. — t^IInigmata. Nix. — A 
Cherrie. — Paries. — The Snaile. — A Tennice ball. — 
Vefpertilio. — The Combe. — Caflanea. — Of fower 
birdes, fignifiyng the fower quarters of the yere. — To 
the Reader. — To his Cofen Ihon Kendall. — To his 
dere brother Ihon Sheppard gent, of Grayes Inne. — 
An Epitaphe vppon the death of the right wife and wor- 
thy Matron the Lady Alse Avenon. — An Epitaphe 
vppon the death of his deere Mother, Alse Kendall. 
Which died and lieth buried at Northallon. — T[ An 
Epitaphe vpon the death of his deare father, William 
Kendall : which died (beyng cut of the flone) and lyes 
buried at Northaflon in Oxford fliire. — An Epitaph 
vpon the death of his deare aunt Ellen Kendall : 
which died, and lyes buried at Bloxam. — Threnodia. 
% A forro^vfull Sonet vpon the death of Walter, late Erie 
of Effex. 



fundrie the mofte fingular au- 

thours f elected , as well 

auncient as late 

pearatit atiti profitable to tlje %%■- 

peit rcati£r0 of quicfee 


^5 TimotheKendall,\sXZ ^HS^zMXiX- 

uecfitie of Oxford: noto autient 

of Staple Inne Itl London. 


Aut prodefTe volunt, aut delectare poetae 
Aut fimul & iucunda, aut idonea dicere vitEe. 

Imprinted at London 

in Poules Churche-yarde, at the 

figne of the Brafen Serpent, 

by Ihon Shepperd. 


IT The names of all fuche Authors out of 

whom thefe Flowers are felected. 
Names. Folio. 

^Ngelus PoUtlanus. 38 

^^ Antonius Muretus. '■ 48 

Aufonius. 49 

Andreas Dacflius. 54 

Angerianus. 57 

Bruno. 39 

Buchananus Schotus. 87 

Cynthius loan. Baptifta. 40 

Cselius Rhodlginus. 55 

Claudius Rofelettus. 85 

Claudius Claudianus. 86 

Dardaniiis. 35 

Erafmus Roterodamus. 47 
jFIotorrii 0ut ai tertatne ©rctftr aurtf)OurS. 60 

Georgius Sabinus. 55 

Gafper Vifinus. 83 

Gualterus Haddon. 90 

Hieronymus Balbus. 46 

Henricus Stephanus. ' 87 

loannes Baptifta Pigna. 94 

loannes Secundus. 58 

louianus Pontanus. 82 

lacobus Rogerius. 86 

loannes Parkhurft. Norwice. 94 

Martialis. 2 

ex eiufdem Xenijs. 22 

Nicolaus Bartholomeus. 46 

Pulix. I 

Pidlorius. 26 

Rogerus Afcham. 1 1 1 

Strofa. 4.8 

Textor. 41 

Theodorus Beza. 70 

Thomas Morus. 76 
T. Kendall. 
Vallambertus Aualon. 




To the right honourable, the 
Lorde Robert Dudley, Earle o/Ley- 

cefter, Baron of Denbigh, mafter of the Quee- 
nes Maiejlies Jiorfe , Knight of the noble order 

of t'^e (Bactec, ctieefe Ciiaunwlec of tfie Mm-- 

uecQtte of Oxford, ani) one of f)es: \\^xiz$ 

molte Ijonoucable pjmie Counfell; 

Timothe KendaWm^tC^ |ap-- 

pp "^ealtt) toftfi incceafe 
of l)onottr» 

He honour 
of your e per f on 
( Right honou- 
rable ) doth not 
fo muche daunt 
mee with ajlo- 
nishment, as the meruelousmildnejfe 
of yottr courteous nature doeth mini- 
fler incouragement to prefume and 
perfourme the dedication of this my 

a.ij. little 

The Epiftle 

little labour to youre honours happie 
handes. Wherein are to befeene the 
fundry deuifes of diners the bejt wri- 
ters, as well antique as neoteriqjte, 
ofRpigrammes: a proper kinde ofjiu- 
die doubt lejje, & as with p leaf ure,fo 
with profile inplentifnll manner ac- 
companied. Who knoweth not that 
youre honour is a fpeciall Patrone of 
learning and learned men ? accepting 
mofle court eoufly their fimple Poefoes, 
whofe Garden plots are not fo gaily 
garnished either with fuch plenty or 
fuch varietie as others be , that haue 
more fkill both to make choice ofthofe 
floDvers that hatie the fweeter and 
morefragrdtfmell, as alfo to pick out 
fuch as for their fairenes and comely 
change of colour breede fpeciall loue & 



liking in the eyes of the beholder. This 
beeing vnto me an ajjured and alfo a 
fufficient incouragement , I felt in my 
felfe the fouden motions ofmifiruft- 
fulnejfe fomevvhat appauled, and the 
fier of confidence and hope kindlyng 
in mee , info muche that fhaking off 
all manner cogitations offondfeare 
and bashfulneffe , I yealded my will 
and my vvorke vvholy to bryng that 
to accomplishmet which I had pur- 
pofedvppon a fpeciall opinion of your 
honours vvorthineffe conceiued: tru- 
ftyng that this my Manuell shall ob- 
teyne as good place in the dedica- 
tion, and as muche grace in the accep- 
tation ( accordyng to the meafure of 
the matter ) as the volumes of fuche 
as haue difcouered their fkill in thin- 

a.iij. ges 

The Epiftle. 

ges of greater import aunce. Which in 

hope it shall be as I wish, I ceajfe a- 

ny longer to molejl youre Lordshippe 

with my vnpolished Epijlle : befee- 

ching the almighty and the mojthigh- 

ejt to blejjfeyou with health, long 

life, increafe of honour, and all 


altoape^ to commaunD, 

Timothe Kendall. 

To the courteous and 
frendly Reader. 

Quo femel ejl imbuta recens feruabit odorem 
tefta diu. 

H E Verfe of Horace the Poet 
(right courteous reader) which 
I my felfe, by myfelfe, haue pro- 
ued true : for hauyng enured my 
felfe in my greene and growyng 
yeares, to readyng of Poetrie (an arte in my 
mynd and cenfure both princely and pleafant) 
in riper yeares I could neither by faire meanes 
bee allured , nor foule mines procured , from 
embracyng thereof, fo greatly therewith was I 
linked inloue. Wei might I beareand forbeare, 
refraine and abftaine for a feafon, but by and 
by in the turnyng of an hand, with the tracyng 
ape fhould I breake thedaunce, andfallafcam- 
blyng for Nuts . Naturam expellas furca licet 
vfque recurrit. And furely farre difcrepant al- 
wayes haue I beene from the opinion of thofe 
that deeme Poetrie to bryng nought elfe, but 
onely a certaine naked and vaine delegation 
to the life of man : whiche vnworthy and falfe 
accufation is well and wifely confuted of Stra- 
bo inueighyng againft Eratojlhenes , who fee- 

a.iiij. med 

To the Reader - 

med to apply hymfelfe to be a maintainer and 
defender of that falfe and impudent fclaunder : 
wherefore of mee thereof needeth no refuta- 
tion. Now (courteous reader) if I fhould take 
in hand to pen and paynt foorth the praife of 
Poetrie, and Poets inuentions, I feare mee too 
long my labour would lafte : onely thus muche 
I dare boldly affirme, that no where Ihalt thou 
finde profite and pleafure better linked toge- 
ther, than in the worthy woorkes of prudent 
Poets. For Flaccus fayeth. 

Om7ie tulitpunSlum qui mifcuit vtile dulci. 

%\)z pjice attti tl)e pjaiCe \t gainetl) alone, 
MJljo pjofit I pleaCuce botlj bm'ttEt^ in one, 

Wherfore fundrie the moft learned of all ages, 
of all landes and languages, haue beftowed no 
fmall labour in the mofte laudable pra6life of 
Poetrie . For example : amonge the Itahans, 
Beinbus , Pontanus , Flaminius : Among the 
Frenchmen, Borhonius, Salmonius,Muretus: 
Among the Germans, Eobanus, Stigilius, Sabi- 
nus : Among the Scots, Bucchananus : whom 
Caroliis Utenhoidus prettily praifeth in his di- 
Jiichon, writyng thus (in / Sanna. H Francaft. 
A Flam. H Vid. A N auger. P Bemb. Italos: 
MicIiHofp. Adr Torneb. lo Aurat. G alios: & 
Georg. Buchan. Scotum.) 


To the Reader. 

Tres Italos Gallifenos vicere ,fed vnum 
Vincere Scotigenam non valuere nouem. 

dj?ef jFrcttc^men tiio 3italtan0 fi;c 
fo? leacnpff gceat z%iz\\\ 

But from tijem all one »>cot alone 
Uotl) fteacc atoap tl)e ftelU 

Now (courteous reader) of all forts of Poems, 
& Poefies, none (mee thinketh) are more pithie 
and pleafant, than pretty, fhorte, witty, quicke 
and quippyng Epigrammes : in the which kind 
of writyng Marcus Valei^ius Martialis is 
counted cheefly to excell. Wherfore out of him 
(as fundrie other moft fmgular authors) haue I 
tranflated and taken fundrie (hort, propper, pi- 
thie&pleafant verfes, and Epigrammes, forthy 
no little profite, aud great delegation : marrie 
this I muft let thee vnderftand, that as well out 
oi Martial as the reft, I haue left the lewde , I 
haue chofen the chafte : I haue weeded away 
all wanton and woorthleffe woordes : I haue 
pared away all pernicious patches: I haue chipt 
& chopt of all beaftly boughes and braches, all 
filthy and fulfom phrafes: Which I thinke none 
will mutter at and miflike, but fuche as delight 
more to drawe of the dregs, than drinke of the 
dehcate liquour. I do giue them vnto thee by 
the name of Flowers of Epigrdmes , out offun- 

a.v. drie 

To the Reader. 

drie the niojlfmgidar authours fele£led. For the 
whiche, if thou fhalt thinke well of mee, and 
thanke mee, I fhall (God willyng) fhortly as 
conuenient leifure fhall ferue, either augment 
thefe, or publifh more for thy delight and pro- 
fite. In the meane tymetake thefe in good part 
(I befeche thee) whiche were made of mee. 
Ctun mihi vernarent dubia lanughie males. 


W. Sey- 

VV. Seymour gentleman 

ofGrayesInne.-in commenda- 

tion of the author. 

.y..E feldonufee, but that a bare refpe£l 

That takes regard, but to apply his thought: 
As many tymes, may worke to good ejfe5l 
As deeper driftes, with more diforder wrought: 
For in attempts, where proof e is to enfew, 
It neuer Jkills fo greatly, to inuent, 
Or by deuice, to frame a fetche anew. 
As with regard, to order our intent. 

For proof e we fee the pra£life and deuife, 
Offuch as haue the cure of health in hand, 
By traynes offweet, who oft the tafle entife 
To brooke thefower, wherin the help dothfland. 
Wherein, as well, in manner of the cure. 
As in the meanes, thefkill is truely tryde: 
For that vnleffe tite fweetnes fhould allure. 
How fhould thefowre, make profile vnapplidef 

This is the caufe, that moues m.e to commend 
And pray fe thepaynes, that well fee were ment: 
And as I like tJie labour of my f rend. 
So I allow e the drift of his intent. 
Who feeyng fortes offundry mindes to call. 
And hauyng will, to woorke in all aright: 
No fitter meanes, he wifi to win them all. 
Than thus to trayne, to profile, by delight. 


George VVhetJtones gentleman in 

the authors commendation. 

"D Are is the worke, that hketh euery mynde, 

when fundry mindes, on fundry iudgments feede : 
In flowers fooles (like Spyders) pay/on finde: 
The wife (as Bees) win hony from a weede. 
Euen fo of bookes (in print that clothed are) 
The moft of them, moft fortes of men perufe, 
And of fuche fortes, fome fortes of them prepare 
With fkilleffe fcoffes, the writers to abufe : 
No force for that : the foe himfelfe doth hit 
That checkes a worke, which he can not amend : 
Then fure my frend (this needful! booke that writ) 
Small needes to feare the frumps that fooles do lend. 
For why? his paines, yeeldes fruites of fuche emprife. 
As hym commendes, and doth content the wife. 

Forma nulla fides. 


T Ike as the fpring by natures courfe doth breed 

The fundry fortes of flowers of pleafant hew: 
And clothes the earth with hearbes that thece proceed, 
Sweete for their fent, and pleafant to the vew : 
Wheron the mynde of man is fixed faft, 
Reuiued now, duld by the winter paft : 
So in this fpring, that earthly thinges doth chere, 
Kendall knds forth the flowers that he hath got, 


Of Epigrammes, by pluckyng here and there 
Of learned men, from many a Garden plot. 
Smell of his flowers, refort vnto this felde, 
The Gardens be of price that thefe do yelde. 

Abraham Fleminge upon T. K. his 
tranjlated Epigrammes. 

W.'y^z toi'tl) ffeiU heepnne 

2Derecue0 to hee tommcntieti: 
But aouhle p?aiTe (no Doubt) ti3 toon 

afllljen riu'll tl)£ fame tatl) entieU* 
feuclie Cfeill m manp Cbante 

SDoetl) p?ou£ tljem motte bnffei'lfuU: 
»>elf=toiU tljep toeti, \x1ljile0 toit t^ej Voant, 

ILM fonJJljnpS tai'ne anti toilfuH: 
But agf tlieic ffet'll DefemesJ 

Slpeere foHie to bee nameti: 
fc)o to'&ew fi'om tot'tte toill neuec Cbjcrue^, 

l^^ece ffeiU l)«u fojte tatt) frameli, 
janli Tucfie a one t0 \)Z 

0^10 trauell giuct^ tciall:) 
afllljofe Cfeill ami'Dft Co manp vMv^ 

!§atl) planteD an efpiall. 
aMljoCe Cfeill l)at5 fcattercii quite 

Wott cloui3e0 of Poets pen, 
jand tati) bp glittecjng; learned of liglit, 

1^0 blinde anD epletfe men 


I^ijclc coitert Cfeill laili out 

111 Utms tiarcfelp fljotone, 
SLnli pai'rti atoap tlje barcfee^ of Hout, 

Sinti lmDtt0 of fenacfegf tinlmototie. 
%W labour l)atlj Ipeti Deati 

(il5o ntei'uelt) manp jeaceef: 
But noto teuiu'de, anti to be reati 

gin Engiifhe, ass appeared, 
ifuom fojmgne pljjaCe of fpeatlie 

farce fette, anD alfo foug;|)t, 
2B5 one in peaces! G gcaunte) but poung;, 

(lailjofe Voitt tljc fame l)atlj to?ougtt.: 
But pet toi'tlj iuDgement fcaugljt 

ant) ffedl on tioubte0 to ffean* 
|2oto let me tell totat gi fiaue tliougljt 

The worcke commends the man. 

Labdri ancillatur laus. 

A . W. gent, to the courteous reader, 

in commendation of thefe flowers. 

FEeff)e flotoecjj, Cpuet, muffee, f ambecgceece, 
(txttW in ftnell, ecl)e one in W Iiegcee: 
iet of tljem all if ttou fl)OuHi(t tafee a aeece, 
^0 autl)o?0 aotoeu0 fo ftoeete all tooulU not bee, 
i;t)ofe all delitfljt tlje nofe toitlj fusceti ftnell, 
W^zit all fieUgljt t^e mintie toi'tl) leacnpng; toell. 


%\)t fent of tljofe, ijoett) pecifiSie Coone anti batie, 
flDf flotoei'0, cpuet, nmffee, i ambcfgrme: (matie 
But flotoccs Voticlje Kendalls ttuttipitg Ij^ce !bat{) ■ 
S>ti'll flouritTje li)aU : of Vooojfee a pjincelp peece 
l^t'iS joutlj !)atl) fcamD : noto reatiec lend ipm pjaffe 
(IQl^iicIje fpent fo? tljp tielifftt lji0 teitUei* tiaiegf. 

Outlier ne doy. 

siMVM G. L. Carmen. 

CZ/ non almafuis virtus contenta trophms 

Splenderet radijs nobilitata fuis : 
Si tion fufpenfas hederas frondefque virentes 

Temneret illafo cella fuperba mero: 
Te canere Kendalle, tumn 7nca pena cothurnum 

Tolleret, & Mufain ferret ad ajira tuam. 
Sed quia lucefuce virtus micat aurea faincB, 

Nee cupit ad iitulos nomina magna fuos, 
Tu virtute tua propria tu laude nitefces, 

Magiiificum virtus inclyta nomen habet. 
Sat virttis ornata Jibi, fibi prcemia virtus 

Porrigit, & propria lumine lumen habet. 
Tejlis adejl locuples, librum niodo per lege, cernes 

Quam renitet radijs ccelica diuafuis. 

Carmen Sapphicum. 

ILJ Ortulos tmilti coeinunt, coevdptos 
Florihus gratis decor ant, vt inde 


Colligant fuaueis redeunte veris 

Tempore flores. 
Bella res certk fimul & probanda, 
Hinc enim crefcunt falubres odores, 
Hinc vigent herbcs atqtie inimica nojlris 

Pharmaca morbis. 
Hortus en lautiis tuns ijle Kendall 
Floribus cultus varijs renitet 
Etfuos gratis animis legenti 

Fundit odores. 
Hoc tuo flores capiemus horto 
Quos fuis vates prius mfereba^it 
Exteris hortis, tiia verb fecit 

Cura Britannos. 
Nos tuos ergo recolemns kortos, 
Hinc Rofas,fnaiieis Violas, Acanthnm 
Colligat pubes ditiiis Britanna 




out of fundrie the mojle 

Jinguler authors feleSled. 

Out ofPM-Liyian auncient Poet. 



^ile ereat toitt) me nip motliec toet, 

tincectame toljat 3] toaiS: 
fe»Ije affete tl)e goDgf toliat l^je fljoulij 
a lat), oj tl0 a laffe, (Ijaue, 

0iuotl) Mars, tt)art \))itl) a mattien fpeti: 

ilJot Co Apollo fafeti, 
3It 10 a man: quotl) luno ttien, 
tt0 neitljec man no? maieu* 
9^1 mott)eL'0 tpme of tcauaile came, 
lee ttijotoegi anO tl)jutcl)e0 pad: 

9i mungCiU Herkinalfon, flje 

\M bjpng me fojtlie at lad. 

a ianli 


anil aCfepg tlje fojeiiameti tljjee, 

toljat (t)mlti mj Oeftenie bee: 
'SEo tipe bp dim of deatilj CtooojUe, 

afficmea luno flje: 
^e toill be ijangeti on a ti*ee, 

quott) Mars agf 31 fuppoftj 

Sinti 91 Doe t^infee faieti Phoebus tfien, 

in lafee, life Ije (tjall lofe, 
'Z!Dt)cic ijecliicw none toece tiaine, it came 

a0 ecte titU faie to patTe: 
^nti l)oto be^ltie:(t{0 llcaunge 31 tell,) 

a cectaine bjoofee tliere toass, 
flDjel^aDotoeti toitl) a tree, tljat IjaU 

full man^ a leauie bjanclje: 
3in climpng ijp tljigs tfee, mv ftoojtie 

fell out, anti goaiU mp paunclje. 
i:t)e botoe0 in fallpng:, caught mp feete, 

mp Ijeati fell in tlje fooiDe: 
^0 man, maieti, neittiec botlje, toa0 31 

lianglie, Ii^ounUe, anO lullie toitf) Oiio?tie» 





to the Reader. 
Artial is muche mijlikt, and lothde, 

of modejl mynded men : 
For leude lafciuious wanton woorks, 
and woords whiche he doeth pen. 
In deede, fonde filthie /peaches foule, 

faire maners much defile: 
Wherefore the learned doe but well, 

to cotcnt his verfes vile. 
Yet though his verfes fome be vile, 

yet fome doe muche auaile: 
And though his matters fome be fonde,. 

yet fome of follie faile. 
His woorks are like a garden good, 
with weedes muche ouergrowen : 
Lo reader here the fragrant flowers, 

the weedes awaie are throwen. 
The befl be reft, the beaflly left: 

lo reader Iiere to thee. 
The daintie Marrowe offered is: 

let this thy breakefafl bee. 
Accept thisfimple Maribone, 
for breakefafl I thee praie: 
So maiefl thou better cheare obtaine, 
of me an other daie. 

A. if Of 


Of a Lion, that offended his keper. 

A 'CmftleO'e beatt, a ILion feactt, 
-'*■ toitlj cljurlt'tlje c^appe^ atn bite 
anil ^um 5(0 maittec, toliiclje Ijpm feept, 

becauft t)e tii'D tpni rmi'te. 
^ut plaufftie |)e toas a0 Ije tierentUe, 

toi t!)at 1)10 cmell paute, 
f 0? at^ Ije (troofees* refuRie toit^ Ijantie, 

ftcoofee liealie Ije toa,s toitl) Dam: 
jjioto ^oto fljoulD men toljicl)e reaCon taue, 

anil ruler0 liifobafe, 
Be puniltJte, totien toe bjutt'lije header, 

foi liiCobeDience tlaie. 

Of a Tiger and a Lion. 

A 'SEtgec of tfie Hyrcan flocfee, 
-^*- fo tame, ttiat Ije tooulQ ttanlie 
2Betixiene W maaecg leffggf, anH efee 

mofte loupnff licfee l)i& Ijanlie, 
'2riju0 tame 91 faie, jet Hid Ije flaie, 

a iLi'on t)ug;e anli foje; 
Si tljjno: Co ftrattnffe ag neiiei* eclt, 

toa0 Ijarlie tlje libe befoje* 
jI2o Tuc^e tljpng liucft l)e entecpjife, 

in toooli0 toljen toillie toa0 Ije: 
^oto bjouffljt toitt) ti0 to liue, W mooHe 

mo?e ra0:png: fearce pe fee* 



Of Leander. 
vy^l^at tpme Leander lullie ladlie, 
^ t)i)S ilatiie toent to fee: 
WL^tn a0 toir!) toaltcpn^ toaue0 out toojne, 

anU toeacicti quigljt toajs f)e: 
1^£ Caieti : iRoto fpigljt me not (pe feasi,) 

Leander rpace to fplU? 

afllljen 31 taue Ceen mp halite onte," 
tften lijoune me it pou toilU 

Of Gemellus, and Maronilla. 
/^ Emellus, Maronilla faine, 

^^ tooulD Saue into W Voifet 

l^e long0, i)e Ufee0, tie loue0, Ije ccauejS, 

toft^ Sec to lealie |t0 life. 
221l)at? 10 flje of fuc^e beauttebjaue? 

naie none moje foule maie be: 
aai^at tljen 10 in tiec to be U'fete 

0? lotjli ? (till cougtietl) fl)e» 

Of Arria, and Paetus. 

r~'l^att Arria totjen ii)z gaue tl)e blaUe, 

^-' into Ijec Pseto trae: 

all painteli anti begoacU toitf) blouti, 

tol)icl)e from Ijec tint fi)e Ujiie. 
'JlEmtt me (Caieti (i)e) mp goaveli ptt0 

Doe put me to no painet 
2But tljat VDl)icl)e tljou mp P mufl Hoe, 

tliat gi:eue0 anli e;t:eue0 againe. 

a.iii. 1:0 

To Fabulla, vainglorious. 

r\^ beautie bjaue toe fenotoe tI)ou act, 
^^ anti efee a maide beODe: 
abounDjnff efee in toealtlje anli ttoje, 

tl)i0 ne mate bee Uenfeti* 
But toljile to muclje pou pjaiTe jouc Telf, 

anti bofte jou all fucmount: 
i]2e ci'clie, ne fafce, Fubuila, no? 

a mai'De toe can jou counte. 

To Caecilianus for the gender, 
and declination of Ficus. 

r^^cilian to^cn 31 Ficus fafeO, 

tl)OU liitift me floute tljecefoje: 
anD baud me rati)er Ficos Cafe, 

anti Ficus tife no mo?e. 
Wit call tljat Ficus toljicl)e on tcee^, 

toe tiatelj fee to Cpjjng:: 
and tljp DefeaCeg Ficos name, 

foj lifeenetTe of tde tljpng;* 

To Fidentinus. 

'T'liou Deemtt t!)ou art a ^goet fine, '^ 

5lntl toOUltift be tIjOUgllt Co Fidentine, \ 

Bp boobe0, anti Epigrams Of m^ne. 

fe»o ^gie of Ijei' felf 10 tljouffljt, \ 

'(Eo be toel tootljeti, tljouglj ftacfe nouffl)t, [ 
^aupng of l)ojne i bone teetlj bougljt, ) 



»>0 to Ijer Celf Lycoris Jlje, I 

2Doet|) feme of beautt'e I)?aue to hee, [ 
Becaufe Jec c^eefee0 men painteli fee, ' 

fe)0 t{)u0 a0 jou a ^5oet ace: 
gou maie te bu(]^t, totien jou ace hace. 

To Lselius. 

^t^en Lseiius tljou t|)j felf aoett nauo:l)t, 

tl)ou cacpeft WLzvUs mpne: 
iLeaue Lseiius et'ttec mpne to cacpe, 
(S)l publiltje fome of ti& jne. 

To Neuolus, a Lawier. 

^^v^ ntecj man Uoetlj fpeafee, tljen diU 

tl)OU fpeafeetf Neuolus : 

Slnli tljtnfett tljou paCCjno: toell tioett pleati, 

toljen t^ou tioett pjattle tl)u0» 
W^z tert'ett pelter pilije maie feme, 

to Ijaue erpecience tl)u0: 
2BeI)olDe noto all ace filent liufljt, 

noto fpeafee t^OU Neuolus. 
To Flaccus. 
■pLaccus , Diodor goejS tO latoe, 

ana Ijat^ fo^ pute no rede: 
%z gfuesi 1)10 latoi'ec nauglit : 31 t^i'nfee, 
!)t0 fingec0 ace oppjeCe* 

Of Sceuola. 



Tf mfllion0 man? puss tooulD sim, 

of gootilp glfttecptiff plUe: 
»)'^ouHi not tten Sceuoia tie ttteemti, 

ant) l)igljlp liee^toltie? 
^Ij t'ben ^oto tooulti 3i Ifue (quotl) 5e) 

tol)ei*eat tlie (BotiS Dili rmile: 
^nli gaue Ijpm lji0 requert: but tljen 

!)i0 topw l)e gan e;;ile, 
l^ljetx raffpD goune lifee peltptig: patclie, 

our Sceuoia coulD i)fe: 
aai'tlj patcl)e on patctie lifee loutiflje lob, 

l)Z cobleti oft 1)10 fljuegf. 
ifei0 table tl)en Ije tiiD neglect, 

anU coucCe face pleafDe Ijjm bette; 
aZflt'tlj too?lDlp caresf l)c toagf fo tolte, 

tl)at fcacCe t)e toofee lji0 refle. 
^Ijen mud 31 liue Ije often faieD, 

oj el0 tlje dBoliei me take: 
^nti fo toft!) toealt^e gan cares encceafe, 

anti i)jm moje cacefuU make. 

To ^lia. 

A ») 91 cemembec ^lia, 
"'^ foto?e teetl) tljou ijatitt of tlj^ne: 
^ne coufflj Din cauCe tt)tt fpit out ttooo, 

one, ttooo an ottjer tpme* 
(laiit^ faftle noVo ftill mai'ett tljou cougl), 

Ijaufee, l)Em, fpue, fptt anti fpaule: 




ifo? nolo to looCe oc cougl) atoaie, 
remainetlj nought at alU 

To Fidentinus. 

nr3l0 tollie anH Iijutea all abpUe, 

mpne Ollie fcentie Fidentine; 

i;i)at tl)ou repojteft all al)?ol)e, 

mp boofeejs foj to he t^itie. 
31f tljou toilt graunt tljcnt mpne to bee, 

3jle gratis fenije tljem tljee: 
2But iTtl)ou tall tlietn tfiine, bupe t&em, 

tljat mpe t^ei male not bee, 

T Houe ttiee not Sabidius, 

31 cannottelltljeeto!)?: 
31 tan faie nauglit but tU& alone, 
31 Doe not loue tljee, 31, 

Of Gellia, 

T^^l fpje Deceatt tljou tiofl not toeepe, 

it Gellia fole t^ou be: 
©ut loofee tolien commetlj companie, 

t{)e tearesf tlien pfl) from tljee, 
»)tje nauglit lamentetl) Gellia, 

tliat reefee0 fo? laulie anti pjaiCe : 
But fitje tol)o ro?cotoetf) intoaclilp, 
ti0 (tje tljat toepe0 altDaie0, 

Six 1:0 

d 25 

To Fidentinus. 

'T'^e boofee toljiclje tI)ou ttaeit reaO, ft 10 

fcentie Fidentinus mpiie: 
2But tol)£ti tljou I'll tioeft I'eau it, tljeti 
tieg:mn0 it to bzt tljpne* 

Of Diaulus, a Phijition. 

■pxiaulus a p'gifition late, 

but noto lie tiun'e0 men: 
ILoolie to!)at To noto Diaulus Doetf), 
tl)e Celt fame UiO ^e tl)en, 

Againft Olus, 

T^^p lieacti 10 to!)ite, tijp buflje 10 blacfee, 
-'- IjoVo comeiS it fljall % tell? 
aaiitlj colouciS tljou mai'ett paint tljp \z% 
tt)5 bearti t'^ou canft not toclL 

To Flaccus. 
■pLaccus tljou ImOtoett not Epigrams, 

no moje tljen babegf oj bopess: 
aailjiclie tieemft tljem to be nottipng eljs, 

but Cpojtgi anti tcifl^ng: top£0: 
^e uatljet; tope0, anti Cpojtjs it out, 

toljicl)e Uoetlj in (Uecle recite 
jfell Tereus uinnec, 0? tol)icl)e doetlj, 

<^\ Ijc toljiclje telle0 Ijoto Dedaius, 

DiU teaclje \\<^ Connc to flie: 




?l21!)ic|)e telletlj tfee of Polyphem, 

tit »»^ep!)ear& toitlj one epe* 
jfcojn hooked of mptte, are quigfit exempt, 

all rancour, rage anti gall: 
^0 plai'er in tfe pmiflje toceti0, 

teare pjanfejng fee pou (Jjall: 
get ttiefe men Doe atioje (tl)OU fajtt) 

lautie, like anU loue: in Oeeli, 
3i graunt pou Gr tl)ofe tl)e? Do lauUe, 

pertii'e but tljefe tl)ei reeti, 

Againft Cscilianus. 

^l^en not Hxt tlioufanlie pountie, 

^ Caecilian DlD em'Oje: 

aiofte \)Z Ijoifteti toa0, 

in Cljartot lifee a Eope* 
M^zn tliat ti)jougl) jFojtune0 pace, 

Ije tioulileti tati l)i0 (tooje: 
2Bel)oltie lie toent on foote, 

euen Itfee a peifaut pooje* 
'W\\t game anU gaine t^ou §a(le, 

ana ^et to loofe tioett fame? 
%dl trutlje, left fortune froune, 

anO make tl)ee fall againe. 

Againft Gargilianus. 

„,3ilt Saue me call tljee bountifull, 
^ tolien gifte0 t^ou Hocft tieftotoe 
^n toiDotoes oia, ano fenioj c^uffsf, 




tljat Doe in fubftaunte flotoe ? 
iI2ot|)ptiff tnait moje liiffjoneQ bee, 
t^en ttieCe tl)^ ftibtile fl3ift0: 

^Oto Cantt t|)OU call Gargilian, 

tl)ere guile0 of t^pne t^p giTtg? 
feo bp tt)e l)oofee tl)e flotjng; fil^je, 

10 bjougt)t into 1)10 bane: 
fe)0 bj tt)e fubtile feccet baite, 

t^e feU'e bead 10 taen. 
aflljat ti0 to Sim anD to beftotoe, 

31 toi'll DeclaiT to t^ee, 
31? t^ou alrealiie tioeft not fenotoe; 

Gargilian gfue tO me. 

Of Philaene. 

pHilaene neuer lettet^ teate0, 
but from one epe to fall: 
^nD tooulB pe fenotoe l)oto fo it i0? 
tt)t Ijatl) but one in all. 

Againft Attalus. 

pEentie Attai, tljou iiedameft toell, 

tljou pleaDett caufe0 toell: 
%^e l^iao?te0 tioe paCTe tljou mafeft, 

tl)j ?IlIecCe0 Ooe ercelU 
tltiou mafeelt mecie ^oem0, anD 

tl)? Epigrams ai*e fine: 
3In (Brammec, anu tlje coucCe of »>taci;e0, 
t^j bnotoletip 10 Ueume, 




2BotI) toell tljou Cnpft Attalus, 

am liauncett lifftit toitljall: 
1^5? am ftotlj palTe to plag on liarp, 

01 toffe f&e ^etinice balU 
SflJljen nougtjt tl)ou tiott (0 toril, nt all 

t|ou tiott tljou tfiitifeett rifflit: 
aaiJlt tl)ou 3i tell toliat one t|ou act? 

Ardelio, Thrafo UkZ, 

Againft Pofthumus. 

^^at lljalt % tap tW fame to be? 

tljp garment0 all anD Come 
3Do fimll of Sl^irrtje, anU faue of 9^ivti)Z 
no fent tiotf) fcom tljee come. 

tEl)I0 Pofthumus tlO 31 fufpeCt, 

t^t fti'll tl)ou rmellett toell: 
But Pofthumus 5e rmeUe0 not toell, 
tol)o alltoaiesTtoell liot^ fmell: 

Againft Zoilus. 

TW reafon of W CouerieD 

^ tooje acfe tiot!) Zoilus l^e: 

% 0ctoe0 faine0, to flijeto ^10 clotlies 

of cotflp purple tije, 
IBime beti |e ^atl) caruti curtou0 fine, 

anti painteti fare and gaj: 
aailiat iiotl) W faineti Qcfene0, but 

'bi^ fubftaunce iiatne beto?ap: 
flfllliat netieft tftou f fuTitfonsf tell? 




tftep Do but tlite delutie, 
mut tijou be \xiell? take to tljee tljea 
mg l)omlp mantell rulie. 

Of Sertorius. 

CErtorius, not|)jns fi'nifl[)etl), 
all tl)mg;e!S Ije Dotlj bepm 
aailjeti a0 Sertorius njiiifeesf, Itltetotfe 
l)e mafee0 none end 31 tot'n* 

Againft Apicius. 

T^^j tounge Apicius tauntet!) none, 

fap it no man 10 ftung: 

get i9o?t;jng:er0, anD ^lattec^ bot:^, 

complame (till of tljp totinp. 

To Fabianus. 

nr^ou bepng; tonett, pure, anti pooje* 

true faotte in tonge, ana l)acte: 
aQlljp doeft tl)ou ti'utiffe in totone to Dtoell, 

anti ftont tl)e countrie ftarte? 
'Eljou canfl not plaie tlje bjofepng; bautie, 

mi vet tlje reuellei': 
%\)m tanft not cite foj to appeare 

tiie piltp tcerpaCTef. 
'SEljou canft not boaft anti bjag: it out, 

tljou cantt tio none of tl)ere: 

Canus, anti grauntlfjje Glaphyrus, 

t^ou tanft not p^aiCe anti pleaCe, 




flflJljecfoje a mifeu pooje tljou Imft, 
nouff'^t B:a!nE0 1^? ffooDne^ tlject 
Be ffooH, an!) muer (?)alt tljou fure 

lifee Philomelus be. 

Of Cserelia, and Gellia. 

"D(£jng; a pclc, Cserelia called 

liec Celfe art apti dame: 
Slnti Gellia flje an ageti trot, 

^erfelf a prie tiotf) name> 
|5e map tl)e one Coiinus no? 

t^e Dtijec he alototie: 
tlTlje one (|)e t^ rioimlou^, 

tlje otliec curtou0 pjoutie. 

Of his abidyng in the countrey. 

^%n3j m counm'e Cople Ctoeet, Tappp, red: 
^ t)oto 31 tioe rpent! i paffe tl)e tpme atoaj, 
31f tljou ao long in feto to {)aue e:rpjeft, 

attentiue lie, anli mai'fee to^at 3 (tiaU fa?* 
firft feculi on fenee^, tlie a^aieCie Heuine: 

mj fentaunts ne;i;t i gcounti 31 ouerloofe: 
1:0 euecp man W tarfee 31 tioe a£Gffne, 

tolien tW 10 iJone, 31 pt me to mp boofee* 
ifo? CDfojte0 caure, 31 rub mj co?p0 to' €)ple: 

foj e^erciCe 31 tojelHe note anli t^an, (toi'le 
aflli'tl) (Ifainjng; arme0 a ccafif) : 1 tp?li toit!) 

;3 mercp mafee, (enUeliteti to no man) 
31 pouOer, qualle, Qng, plap, bat^, Tup, 1 fleep, 

fomtpme fap nigljt, to (tuliie clofe 31 creep. 



To Cinna. 

TWl ithridates Di'D often mi'no: 

ttcong: popCoii toi'tl) t)i0 tome: 
Becaufc no popfon peftilent 

fl[)Oulti caufe Ijpm toi to pine, 
^0 Cinna tljou Ijaft tojouffljt a fetct), 

(bp fuppinff altoapegf ilh) 
'(Iljat famine none fl)aU feet tijee, tijat 

no Ijiinffer ITjall tl)ee feflU 

Againft Califtratus. 

T Sim 31 graunt, anD (till Ijaue bene 

Califti-at pooje, toljat tljen ? 
get tio tl)e tieeOS of mine not luufee 

in tiarfe ol)liuion0 SDen: 
app tooife0 arc reD tlje toojlli tljjoiiffljout: 

anil tl)i0 (ti0 faiD) 10 lie: 
anlj tliat, tljat tiiuec^ tieatlj tieniesi, 

tljat life Ijatlj graunteti me. 
But go?B'iottss a^anCion toufe of tljine, 

Iiotl) ffliftee all toitl) pltie, 
'3EIJP Coffers ccamD toitl) cojnc, ace toojtlj 

toljole tljoufantisf to lie folDe, 
(Bceat ftojc of ILanti, anU jooDlp groiini) 

tljp i©lotoe reare0 euecp peac: 
£)f potilp toeiffljtp flejeti (^eep 

toljole tljoufanti0 tljou tioft ^ear. 
Ho tljits am 31, anti tlju0 ait tljou.- 



O K E P I G R A M S. 9 

but t^ou catift neuei' he 
ajS 31 ant, of tlje common tmt 
zati) one map lie like tljee* 

Againft Gellia. 

^^ile of t^ gentc? tliou iiott boft, 

ana pjaiCett ftocfe of ttiine: 
i;o matci) toitl) one of caUj^ng gooli 

fojfafee0 tljp fancp fine* 
%uii) none tottljout fome Senatour 

mp IjuCbanti 3 toiH Ijawe 
%\)m Cai'Dft, noto Ce at lad rtjou liatt 

a cacriar common Oaue, 

To Quintianus. 

T/IJ cuttpng cmell colia 2Decemliei;, 

MUn facl)e to otliec gift^ Oo renDei*: 
»>aue I)oofee0 naugljt ttien 31 saue to t^iee, 
Sit !)ome mott Ijomelp matie b? mee* 
^eccljaunce tl)ou tieemfi me in tl)j minlie, 
'QEljeuefoje a fneefebill, fnuUp tmfeinlie: 
31 tate (3 do pjotett) tfiee ti?ift0, 
SLrd guilefuU giuing^ of tfjeCe gift0, 
%^ete gift0 at* altoates fiCE)«l)Oofee0 li'fte: 
Bajt tuc|)t, ttcatff'^t tafeen i& tl)e |9ifee* 
aflj^en a& to ric!)e tlie poo?e ffi'ue^ nouglit, 
tlTljen Quint lljouli) Ije be Uberall t^oufflt 

B To 


To Aulus, againft Mamercus. 

i\/TAmercus lip txo maner meaner, 
map ti?ouB:|)t ana ftrameti be 
%o Uz anti rule W tonge ms% 

Co cantieceti curd i& Iz. 
l^ljougS tljou tiiUtt paCCe in piette 

tte tonftant Curius quigljt: 
aitljouglj tljoti Nerua ijioft Cucmounr, 

toi calme anD quiet fpjtte: 
^Itljoufflj tai gentle mefeenc0 mila 

tl)DU Drufo DiUfl e;ccelU 

Stlt^OUffl) fO? IjOneftp to Marc, 

tljou miffljtft be likeneti toell 

aitlouffl) tljou DlDll Mauricus matclj 

fo? equitle anti n'gljt* 

^It^OUfflj tl)OU COUldft a0 Regulus 

toitlj fileti pl)?are Deliglit 
'SEljouffl) pleaCaunt Pauius tljou Dt'Dlt paife 

to ma^ a mercp 91eft, 
1^10 rutti'e tectl), toi'tl) rancour fret, 

pet ttt'll tDOuld bite tlje bed. 
^ercljaunce t^ou Aulus tioft l)pm tieeme, 

a man of toicfeeti tonge: 
But Ijpm a tojetclj deeme 3|, toSiclj isf 

miaifet all men among* 

To Gellia. 

,T.I?en fo f^ou fentied me an l)are, 
^ mp Gellia ttjll tljou faift 




3 fl[)altie feuen Mz& after fair: 

tlju0 dill toitl) me tl)Ou plai'ff* 
a^j Geiiia it tljou Joc uot moclie: 

if trutlj tl)Ou Bo declare: 
3[ tiare be boHi to fag tliat tI)ou, 

liiijtt nmer eate an l)are» 

That we fhould benifite our frendes. 

'yi^e craft? tljefe from battcreU cljeft, 

tiotlj filtl) t^j come atoaie: 
'^e tiebter no? t^e interett, 

no? pjmcipall toill pap* 
C^e fearefull flame tiettcoie^ t|)e o:ooti0, 

anO lettet^ noug'&t remame: 
tC^e barren tfrounti fo? feetie receuti, 

rettojetl) naugljt api'ne* 
%lz fufatfle liarlot naheH ttrip0, 

tier loiter to tl)e ffein: 
3]f t^ou commit t^g felf to feaiS, 

great tiaunpr art tl)Ou in, 
il5ot tljat t^ou geueit to tljp frenti, 

can fortune taheatoap: 
'3r^at onelp t&at tliou m^ t|)? frenti, 

tl)DU (i)alt poire0 fo? a?> 

Againft Pofthumus. 

T Sl^inlie toliat tl)OU ^att tione fo? me> 
^ anti toill remember eafee 
Slltoaiesf : i»ljp Ijolti J tljen mp peace, 

®.ii, anti 



atiti Poftume Bott tt)ou Cpeafee ? 
aai^en anp 91 b^S'ti to tell, 

t^p pol)n£0 toljat it 10 
'gCotoartiesi me, tuti) ftrai'stt tljej? fap 

IjpmCelf earil tolD t)0 tljt'sl. 
Beleue rm ttoo to manj ace, 

tW fame foj to e;cp?ea'e: 
<aDne to ill tufiSce, if ^ (Ijall fpeafee, 

tlien Pofthume !)oHi tl)^ peace* 
'Eljousl) tl)ou te fmflljpng: fcanfee, altl)0ug1j 

peat ffiTt0 tljou &^e, pectip 
get peri'flje all t^ofe g;ift0 of t^ine 

h? rtJP gauraUtie, 

Againft Candidus. 

'T'^'S fmm& ai-e p?opec to tljp felf, 

tl)^ pia anD flluec tol)i'te: 
'QTIjine p?oper, p?opec to tljj pate, 

anlr cljiittall o:la£fe0 fajiffljt, 
Wi)^ pleaCaunt totne0 of funti?p fojt0, 

time pjopec to no tiout: 
%\i^ pjopet toit : anti pjopec to 

tSp Ijart anti courage (loute. 
Ml doutleg p^opec tljat tl)Ou tiaft: 

to^at rata 1 all ? 3 lj?e. 
'3ri)p toife flje i& not p?oper, fo? 

flje common (0 peclip* 




To Rufinus. 

T (Braunt, 31 can it not tienie, 
tI)ou fuce tail gooDlp lanU t 
fat farme0, anli tenementeg tliou taft, 

ana liupng0 in tlitne Ijanlit* 
anD t)ibtm lituei*0 otoe t{)ee mutlie, 

muct) coine t!)Ou tad abjoDe: 
IBlicte ^late of (Bold anti aiuec hot!), 

tlj5 table ftill Irotl) loatie* 
9InfeciOUl*0 tljine Rufinus jet, 

tiifdaine tt)ou neuer a tielU 
apoje t^en tall ttou tati Didymus, 

antl moje tatt Philomel. 

Againft Matrinia. 

T JLikz no 2Bell3ame0, % 

Matrinia tlOlI COmpte'ne? 

31 IBrftiamesi loue: but ttou art none, 
ttarfee tieali ttou iioft remaine, 

31 tan toell fancie Hecuba, 
of Ncob Itfee alone: 

Befoje tlje one be malie a Dog:, 
tte otteu maije a Hone, 

Of Fifhes engrauen. 

"D g Phidias act t^ou fili)e0 feeft, 

engcauen feat, anU trim: 
^ut toater to ttem, anU ttej toill 
totip, ffeip, friffe, frounce anti ftoim, 

B.iij. Againft 


Againft Ligurinus. 

■]\T€) man Voitt) t\)zz toill toill^ng meet: 
anti tac^t one tafee0 bjm to W Cf^t 

aflJfiewCo tl)OU Ligurine Doft COttte: 

t|j pjeCence fl)unne0 liotl) all, anD Come, 
aaiilt fenoto toljj tljusJ ftom t^zt tljep dart? 

a i^oet pjattlpng pm t^ou art* 
^1)10 tiice 10 iiile all men among: 

t^e t!EigTe0 robbeli of liec pong, 
i:i)e Dypfas rco?c^t toitti fMUjnff Seat, 

t^e S)Cojpion tljat toitlj tai'le Ootl) tl&jeat, 
'^Tljefe monttet:0 fell are not fo feaua 

a0 tljou art, tol)ere tljat tljou art liearti: 
ifoj tol)o 91 P?aie tliee fuffer can 

a0 t^ou art fuc^ a tcoulilon0 man? 
lEo Ijpm tljat ftanUetl) t^pu Doll reeti, 

Co efee to \)vm tliat at0 intieel!, 
%o Ijpm tliat run0 tftou art retttjnff, 

to Ipm tJ)ou reaijft tljat 10 a Ctjitpnff. 
(laiafijpne; at Baine0, ti\zvz 3| t^ce liece: 

31 can not Ctoim, tol)ere t^ou art neer. 
tCo meale0 3| Ijaft, me tiofl tl)ou ttaj: 

at table plan, tl)ou pett ttip toap. 
^11 toerp tolien 3 ffo to beti, 

moletljng mee, t^ou (Ijafett mp |)ea. 
(iail)at liarme tljou tioft noto toilt t^ou fee ? ) 

tljouglj l)oneC, ffOoD, anD iutt tl)ou be, v 
get foj tSi0 fault, none Ulte of ttiee. ) 




To the fame Ligurinus. 

j-l^e Cuppec of Thyeftes, tof)etl)er 
Phoebus dBoiJ limine 

9^if[ikt 31 fellOto not, Ligurine 

but fure toe lifee not t^i'ne, 
l^p fare 10 fine anU gooti, tbp cate0 

a0 curious agf maj be: 
ConQtiecpg f)oto tl)j tons tictlj toal&, 

jet all miajle0 toe fee, 
31 care not fo? tl)p bafntp meate0: 

31 Do mfaifee mti) mclfe: 
afllijat 31 tooulo Ijaue tljee i30, tioft affee? 

toSat? marr^ l)olti tip peace. 

To ^milianus. 
yiF pOOje tIjOU be .^mihan, 

•^ t{)ou fljalt be pooje altoaie^: 
jfo? none but toeltljp toojliljug^ are 
enrt'clieti noto atiaje^. 

To Labienus. 

,,^1^en Labienus all alone 
^ 3 fato tliee at of late: 
'arSjee men mee tljouglit 3 fato: 3 toa0 

DeceaueU b? tl)p pate, 
^ne patC^ of lieare t^ere CanDetl) Ijere, 

another ftanUetl) tliere: 
2Defo?mti t|)p fcalp : tlie locfesf Uo groto 

©.lilt, 3 



31 fenoto not toto, no? totjece. 
3|n mi'Da of all, tljp fconre 10 balijj: 

tljere allied are to fee: 
aai^erein not tialf a palle Uotl) grotoe, 

To balti, anti bait tlje^ be. 
ajUlien a0 tlie cKmpecour tiealesl 510 Uole, 

tip fconCe tlien pjofitgf tljee: 
^tiec0 one BaCto l)aue of bjeti, 

foi tl)p part tl)ou liatt tlj^ee, 
tIEljou Ufee tinto fefns' Gerion art: 

g|f Hercules tl)ee Cppe 

3In Phillips p?t^, (tafee beetle 3] fap) 
Deati art tl)ou tip anti b?> 

To Lupercus. 

Yi^l tljat t|)Ou fuppett oftentimesf 

anti neuer calleft niee: 
Lupercus 31 ijaue founti a toap, 

!|oto to be euen toitlj tliee. 
3 tot'll be angcie tliouslj tl)ou fenlie, 

tall, anil requetl mee fti'll: 
mw toi'll 3 Ho, lioft affee of mee? 

(Lfll^at ? marrt'e come 3 tofll. 

To Fauftinus, againft an euill Phifition 
"D^tlj toafljt and fupt Andragoras, 

■^ toi'tl) tigfmljealtl) anU founi); 

get m tl)e mojne Andragoras, 



O F K P I G R A M S. 13 

Itarfe tieasj in beli toa0 founUe* 
Mloultitt linotot of fuclje Co fo&aine tieartj, 
totiat fl)OuHi tI)Occarion be? 

Hermocrat tIjC j^tliStiOn 

in aumtiec Ije UiD Cee> 

Againft Phoebus. 

-rsrlltl) opntmEtxt matie foi nonce, tijp pate 

all ouer Phoeb t'sf lijtse: 
anD all tl)j aatti(t) fcumie Cfealpe 

a painteD lieace dotl) liptie* 
iPo ^Bacbei' t^ou Ooft neatie at all 

t^p l)eJi to notte, anti pole: 
Si feponje 0? paintine; penQle Phceb, 

toill bettet; fljaue tljp nole* 

Againft the enuious. 

"D €'me lauti0, i louesi, $ reatiegf mj tooife??, 

ana angesf tljem euecj to|)ece: 
€acS fitt dot!) t)Olti me clutcljeft fatt, 

eattje bofome me tiot^ beare* 
®ne blufl|)etlj lo, a0 red a^ r?je, 

anone a0 pale a? clap: 
Simm l)e loolie^ attoniffjea, 

asf one did ^pm difmaje: 
»>ometime lie mumping mocfee^ and moe0, 

Cometime l)e dotlj repine: 
gmacii'e, tW i& tljat 9j toould: 

noto pleaCe me tiecfe^ mine, 

B.v. To 

/ 41 

F L () V VERS 

To Marianus. 

jn^ou Imotoeft one lucfeetlj tliee to luccl): 

ann !je tijat luchegi a lout 
l^o lucre bent : tl)ou luiotoett W W^^, 

ani3 tol)cue Ije ffoe0 about 
get Ijpm tljine tieir tljou tiiUft ojDame 

in toill tl)OU malielt latt: 
Slnti mailman li'fee tiiDft Vot'll tbat lie 

(ijoult) in t^p roome be plaft* 
^e fent tljee gift^ in deeb : but l)Oto ? 

It Cent tljem tottlj tlje Ijoofee: 
anti can tlje fifl)e t^e fifltjec loue, 

tljat foj 1)10 deatb Dotb looke ? 
Crotoeft tljou tl)i0 fore toill foj tlij Deatlj 

take anp inVoacti tljouglit? 
ilio, no : if t^ou toilt Ijaue l)jm toeepe, 

tljen Marian giue Ij^m noug;l)t» 

Of the thefe Cilix. 

A '3Eljefe tljat Cilix ijaD to name, 

to cob an ffJjcljacti rometfmc came: 
3|n all tl)e prden g:ccat toa0 nougljt 

faue Priapus, of 9pacble to?ou5l)t 
afllljat dotlj me Ije, (ffceedp of pjape,) 

but l)ale0 tlje l)ug;p (tone atoape* 

To Lupus. 

pcEnQue tljou art, ani) pjofperou0: 
take Ijeetie left fortune blintie 



'Ettotoe Lupus tt)t0, lett (|)e t!)ee tall 
cl)urle ffcatelelle, anti titifemD^* 

To Rufus. 

A Cectaine man not long: agoe, 

(Baue rne tlie gaje tvtniie Rufus fo, 
^0 tf tome toolitt)e fencer 3 
^ati been, oj one tliat toent to tiu^* 
aoiitl) epe, anU finpr, tofien tliat lie 
Ifeati loofeeti long, an!) marfeeti me: 
^ct tf)ou (qtiot^ Ije) act tI)ou tieclare, 
Cljat famou0 plearaunt poet rare, 
%l)eA mm ec^eVoliere Uo Martial call, 
aSl^oCe t'eltiS Do ioj?e liotlie great, anti Cmall? 
31 rometo|)at fmilpng;, tolOe mp name, 
Sint) fat'eti 31 toasi tlje ierie fame* 
mi'^ tljen rquotl) Ije) To til art clati ? 
Becaufe 31 am a poet bati 
31 aunftoereti. ^11 tW i^ true, 
ifrentie Rufus iofiicie 31 tell to ^ou» 
(0ooti Rufus fentie fome clot!)e0 tl)erefo?e, 
'STliat 31 male C^jameD bee no mo?e* 

To Amianus. 

A fei^rpent fell tl)OU Ijaft engcattti, 
^^ in aiuer bole of tlijne 
^f Mirons mafepng'.po^fon fure 
tl)OU ttiinW, tfiou tijinfett no tome* 

Againft Olus. 




"pr^ule ftltljie faultie folfesf tljere ace: 

tailjatjs Oius tl)at to tijee ? 
22iljat mattery ft tljm tionett, to^at 

tiile iiciousi tiarkt0 be, 
Matho at 2Dice plaie^ all W coi'ne: 

IJot tljou tljecefoje (italt feele t^e pained, 

of pooje eflate, but l)e> 
Sertorius reuelleg out t{)e ni5l)t: 

tol)att0 Olusttiatto tl)ee? 
fe)0 tl)ou maietf ftiojtpng; Couatilp uepe, 

atiD dill in quiet bee» 
St^uclje monep Titus, Lupus otoe0: 

toljatt0 oius tljat to tl)ee? 
(HLlt)cn tljou intiefateti act to none, 

but art from all men free, 
jfoj all tlji's oius ^et tljeue 10, 

tljat Iioetlj pectaine to tljce: 
and tljat tinto tljp ct)acp anH care, 

of Uuetie doetlj agree, 
%^v gotone to gage foj coine Uoetlj Ipe, 

t^isf to tljee oius I'gs: 
^nti foj a fart^png no man noto 

toi'll cretit'te tljee, anli tljiU 
'QTl)^ toife Boetl) make tljee carrie l)Ojne0, 

tlji0 to tljee oius 10: 
tCl)? daughter notn a dotojie greate 

required of ttiee, anti tl)i0, 


•I t 


9l?ut!)e moj£ bztitiz 1 coula declare 

toliat tiortl) pemme to t^ee: 
25ut Olus ijj^at pectainess to t|)ee, 

lioetlj nauffljt pectai'ne to tne* 

To Caftor. 

r^Aftor, tI)ou euecj tl)pg Iioett bup: 
^" »>eU euecp t^png; tijou toilt pccDp. 

To his Mufe. 

"p3!ue boofeesi Ijati been fufficient, 

01 Cixe, 01 Ceuen in tieeDe: 
anti to muc^e to : toljp tijen mp Mufe 

to Tpojt doeft t!)DU pjoreetie ? 
jfie, fie, fojbeace, anti mahe an entie: 

nij fame abjoati igf CpjeH : 
Slnti no man talfet of moje ttjen % 

nip boofeeis ectjeto^ere bee red* 
and tofien tfie ftone0 of Meffaia 

iijall Ipe, and hee fojlojne: 
Wiizn garble ttone0 of Lkinus 

to poudec Qjall be ^ojne, 
iet euecp mout^e lijall Cpeafee of me: 

and man? a pfte toit^ t)pm 
feitiall cara'e to ijlgi countm'e cotte, 

m? tooojfee0 and poem0 trim* 
31 ended, %tst, tljen Cpafee one of 

tt)e Cacred atter0 npne, 
(l{EiicI)e 'bad 'bee bofome and ^er Iocr0 




tiefmeecli toitlj ojntment0 fine. 
Cantt tl)ou, canft tljou titigcatefull ctjucle 

(quotlj ttit) fintie in tljp tiam: 
'3[o plai0 a0 tljou Ijaft pui'poCeD, 

Co fontie a tljanfeleDfe pam? 
Cantt tljou fojfafee tlj? pleafant tope^, 

anU tnae0tIjate;t;ceU? 
l?otD heme canft be occupieli 

toljen tljou aut '^\At, tell? 
31n loftp (tile toflt ratljec cljufe 

fei'cce tcapUies to toji'te? 
€)j elfe of blotoe^, anii tlotsp blatiesi 

tiaJjft ratliei: to tntitte? 
'Eljen euecp Ckotolpng fcljolemadec 

tooulti reaD toitl) l)af(t)ie bopce 
'(Et)P tiecfe, tljen neittec lali no? lalTe 

tooulli in t^p tti'le reiopte. 
'El)e frotonjng; fage, anli fotoje feuece 

tl)e[e Mntie of tljmgesi tio tojite, 
(IQUjo miCerablp Cpen& tljeic time 

in ffuU? liaj anti niffljt* 
(Efc ratljec tljou tlij Eoniain 3ifttsf, 

anti pleaCauntlp repeat 
'Orijj ratoe0, and a0 fo? tljem, let tljeni 

oftoljattljep liftintceat, 
aitljoufflj toitlj fklendec ^ten pipe 

tljou feemft pei'tip to Gng:: 
•ZCljou Doll furpaCTe tlje i;i'umpet, lototi 




tljat in tlje eace^ tiotlj ring:* 

To Prifcus. 

^^ tol)P tljat 3 toi'll not tocti ? 
31 nill he tiounti foj to obape, 

mp toiTe at euei'p fteti, 
tEte matrone (Prifcus) to t!je man 

(Clfe l]|)aU tljep not be equall, no? 

Ufee man and to tie ag;ue* 

To a married couple, that could 
not agree. 

CJltlj t^at jou botlj are lifee m UTe, 
(a naugljtp man, a toicfeeJ) toiTe:) 
91 mufe pe li'ue not iopti of Urife* 

Of Fabius, and Chreftella. 
O3I0 \!im^ MX I)Urie0 Fabius: 

•*■ -*■ Chriftella contracj 

i^er t)un)anti0 buriegi : none tljep matct) 

toi'tSall, but ftraifflit ttiep tije. 
^oto Hymen caufe ttjeCe conquerour^ 

together bott) to linfee: 
'Cljat Co one Beare map bece tijem bot^ 

to tljetr Cepulture0 bjtnfee* 

Againft Gallicus. 

.^^en me tf)ine l^ei're of all t^p lanD^ 
^ to mahe t^ou tiitiUeft ftoere 




^5 all tl)e ffoDss, tljat mle atioue, 

ana tip tljpne Ijojp Ijeaue, 
1 tl)ee beleuti : foj toillinglp 

tol)o toill IjimCelt fojftDtare? 
^iiti (till in Ijope to Cpectie, \xiitl) ffiTtegi 

3j 13113 t!;ee feede anD cljeaiv 
among mp gift^ a Boar 3! Cent, 

great, fat, a toaiglitp one; 
a[0 tiUije anti monflcou0 mfg^tp big:, 

ei0 tijat of Calidone. 

'Eljou ttcaiffljttoap Ui'Dlt fenD foj, anti featt, 

tlje n'c^e anti eafe t^e pooje: 
ail Eome liotl) helclie anti furfet pet, 

toitlj eatpng of mp Bo?e» 
a^p felfe tlje giuec (toljo tooulti t^infee?) 

tl)e bettec noufftt tiiti faue: 
31 notlipng liati, nc rpb ne rumpe 

tifti fall 6nto mp flfjare. 
ifcenti GaiHcus toljat fljotilti 3| l)ope 

tjp lanti to pmeof t^ee? 
aiEljen t^at no mojfell of mpnc otone, 

t^ou tooulticft gme to mee* 

Of Prifcus, his banquet. 

f^t learnet) Prifcus boofee0 betojap 

tol)at banquet i0 t^e bed: 
3In pleafant ftfle \0 mucl)e tieclarti, 
31n loftp muclj erpjeft, 




2But fuce \iiitlj leacnptiff gceat Ofclacti 

tijece 10 iiotl) all atiti Come: 
Sfllilt fenoto toljat banquet 10 tlie bed? 

tailiere a^inftcelleg none do come, 

Againft Cinna. 
A Aftrologian Cinna faili 

tliat quicfelj? tl)ou IJjoultill tipe, 
1^1)5 fate ije liid fojtell t|ee tlju0: 

anti Cure Ije bin not Ije, 
jfoj toljileft tl)Ou dititt Ceace tljou QjoulDtt 

leaue tnucl) beliinU to fpenli, 
'QTliou reuelinff Utitt rot'ft it out 

anU maDft of all an entr* 
J^ot one pece full^ toag e;cpirtie 

but all toagi pne toelln?: 
SDeclacc me Cinna noto, i0 t^is 

not quicfelj foj to lije? 

To Condilus. 

T^l^at t[)ou Co long a fecuaunt litjft, 

tojp Gondii tioott complaine? 
Si maaer0 gteife tftou tiod not fenotue, 

no? pet recuaunt0 pine. 
%^^ l)arti anD tomelj coucl) liotf) jelti 

tl)ee quiet fleep and rett: 
(IQlten Caius lo lje0 bjooij atoafee 

toitl) cramping care0 opp?eft» 
ifo? feace t^j maiftec dare not, but 

C Calute 



falute VD'^om Co Ije mem0: 
M^m t!)OU ntai'ft i£t toitl) cap on ccotone, 

anti carelelTe tlrat tlje ftreeteg* 
jSDne come0 to maifter t|)me, anU Mt% 

ffi'ue tljat tljou otott to mee: 
Sinti ftaic0 Ijpm in tlje ftreet, anti none 

To Gondii tlOtl) tO t!)e£. 

tirtiou feacft a pat on pate, o? el0 

a toliiccit on tlje eace: 
But ffconpng: Ije tott^ ffceif, anO gotot, 

i)i0 fatall fine Dot!) feare, 
^peafee Gondii, ijalift not ratl)er noto 

fttU ijaue a femaunt^ plate 
i;ijen be a niaiftec, ana reniatne 

in Gaius cucreU cafe? 

Againft Apher. 

A »> oft a0 31 liet)oltie tljp toife, 
Volien a0 toitlj tliee 31 Dine, 
'QEllou loto?png; Apher lienDd tijp bjoto, 

agi ti)oug:^ tljou DiDft repine, 
aailjat fault? tell toljat offence it i^ 

tljp toifefojto heljolD: 
tlESe fun, tl)e ftai*L'e0, tl)e t^junbeD tljjone^ 

toftlj filuer pecle anD plD, 
^nD eafe tbe ffoD0 tljemfeluegi toe fee: 

toljat fl)Oul& 3i turne afiDe, 
^nD aap mj lianD on face, ais tljouglj, 

fome Eoman grim 31 rpiiJc? 


SI tOOjCon fell \Da0 Hercules, 

pet Hiias toe mfeljt fee: 

afllltlj pjetp Ganimed to play, 

M. dill tati licence free* 
3if tl)ou toilt Satte t^p pett0 to toinfe, 
anD not tl)j toife to fee: 

? Phineas lilfnH, anO Oedipus, 
t^P SUti!t& ti)tn Apher be* 

Againft Crifpus. 

T^i^ou faitt tf)ou art a0 mucl) mp frenO 

a0 anp man can be: 
But noto, to pioue tl)i0 true tljou faW, 

toljat lioft tljou Crifp foj mee? 
31 tooulD liaue bojotoeti coine of tijee, 

tt)ou tit'EiUeft mee Denfe, 
aE^at tjme ttiou ^aUtt a0 mucl) a0 toell 

coulD m tt? coffer lye* 
Mlljen ffauett tliou mee a buCCliell, tell, 

of Beaness oj any gratne? 
aSitien ad to ploto tl)p ferti'll ground 

tl)p plotoman toofee tlje paine? 
a21|)en pueft tjou mee a Jfrocfee of ifrife 

mp COJP0 from colti to fenUe? 
^l tolien of flluer talfe a pounH 

wan tljou into mee fenti ? 
^oufflit el0 31 ff^j tolierbp 31 "lay 

beleue mj frenu t^ou art: 

€M. But 



T&M rtjat Moit me oftentimes 
tl)0u gecDelt out a fact* 

To Phileros. 

C c&jen 'oiim^ of ttiine noto Phileros 
"-^ m ffcoimti engi'aueU he: 
%i)t gtounti to none fo bottntt'fuU, 
as Phileros to tljee* 

To hymfelfe. 

A/T Artiai, t^t tl)inp0 t^at ijo attaine 
^^^ t\)t Ijappj life, be tliefe 3 ftntie: 
%\ft titi)Z& left, not got toitlj paine, 
%U fniitefull ffcounij, tlje quiet minDe: 
Clje egall frenti, no ffculiffe no (Imfe, 
ipo c'bacffe of rule noj ffouecnatmce, 
(Ifllitljout Defeafe tl)e Ijealt^fuU life, 
^\ie l)ouftl)olti of continuaunce. 
'^Ije mean tipet, no Delicate fare, 
tlrue toifetiome iojnti toitl) Kmplenes, 
'Wilt nigbt Difcliacgeli of all cace, 
Mi)tvt toine tlje toit map not oppjetTe. 
tICfie faif&full toife toitljout Debate, 
»>ucl) Oeepes as map beguile tfte ntgl)!, 
Content tljp felf toitlj tljine eftate, 
ifJe toiflje fo? Deatlj, no? feare W miffljt. 


"yil^e twinges toljic^e caufe mans life mee 
mod full of bliffe to be, (tljinfees 




^re tliefe : tofien gootigi fconi fwttUsi tio fall, 

anti toe from latioui* free* 
aai^en fecttll fielD s:ratoe0 fad abjoau, 

anti mititi 10 tjopti of ftnfe: 
anti mcrcj ^Ijon bp toftpng; fiiT, 

map at toiti 9Ione l)i0 toife* 
aiaijeii co?p0 10 fount) anti ffcons; tott^ all, 

anU toifeDome rule0 tlje mpnlie: 
anil frenfi^ in fcen(!)ip0 faitSfull fenot, 

a faitl)full l)aut Iiotl) bpnOe* 
(lailien fere 10 gooli, t|oug;l) not of cod, 

anl) ntffljt Voitt) pleafuce pjett, 
jl5ot Djotofp lieaU, but merrp minDe, 

tiotl) caufe a quiet reC, 
1:0 be 80 tarte coulD toilJje oj craue, 

t^p (late content toftljall: 
il3ot feare, noj totfllje foi fatall Uap, 

but tome to^en tome it i^jalU 

Againft Carmenion. 
C31t5 tljat Carmenion JOU Doe Cracfee 

*^ of Corinth tljat gou are 
SI citejen, anU fo fa? all, 

31 maruell tjoto jou tiare 
SlnD toitt) tol)at face and tioneCie 

call mee pour bjou^er : tol)p ? 
iou fenoto in fepaine tl)at 3] toa0 bojne 

efee tliere 31 litoell pertip. 

Ciit, (UlUjat 



(121l)at Uo toe loofe£ alike? no Tura: 

anD tail) J It lijall appeare: 
i;i)ou taianti?efl ti'i^Qe tcimfie fine, 

taiftl) cciTpt anD cuuleU Ijeaue, 
But all ijiCojlieceiJ Ipe m? Iocfe0 

after tl)e ^paniflj pife: 
'Eljou Iioeft taiitl) ointment^ n'ti tl)tne liece, 

rouffl) arc mj legiS, anli t^z0. 
an amerou0 flattering tono: Ijaft tftou, 

rpeafepnff nice, neat, anti fine: 
iPot Ijalfe Co taiomannifi) a0 tljpne, 

i0 tiaugl)t£r0 tonpe of mine, 
iloofee l)ota) tl)e 2Doue dotlj Differ from 

tl)e c^efeff btrti of all: 
%oqU toto tlie 2Deare Dotlj Differ from 

tlje %ion ftrong anD tall: 
feo Differ toe : toljerefo?e 31 fa?, 

Carmenion, bjotljer t^ine 

Ceaffe mee to call hereafter, leff 
31 call tljee alter mine. 

To Gallus. 

Tjf fo mp ffriec toill Do tljee gooD, 

31 toill be tip anD Diffljt, 
Befoje Aurora Doc appeare 

anD cljafe atoaie tlje nigljt 
31 toill about, tojen plunging puffer 
tiptttrnetl) totone0 anD totoer0: 




31le bi'tie tlje ftjunttgi of fcott anti fnoto 

ana !)itiiou0 liiffpng; ll^otoer^* 
But it no better t^ou ato^i't, 

it nouffljt at all tl)ou gaine 
2Bj tlji0 mj troublous tople anO gcefe, 

anil gcieflp pmc^png pai'ne, 
»>pace tl)ou mp tpjeti gljoft, anti from 

tljefe to?ment0 mafee me free: 
aai^iclie ^elp not Gaiius tl)ee a toljit, 

but l)urt and finder mee. 

To Philenis. 

'r)€'ett affee toi'tl) plaifter on mj cl)in 

tol)? ttiat 31 toalfee about? 
Philenis ttifne 3j Do not miutie 
to feiCTe tliee out of Doute, 

To Cherimon. 
CJtl) U'fee a Stoike, Cherimon, 

"^ t!)ou pjatfett lieat^ fo mucl)e: 

tlE^ou tooultift bee pjaiftie, anU toontijeti at, 

a& tl)0U5t tl)ere toere none fuclje, 
aaifiat mafee0 ttiee tieatl) DeQre fo muclie? 

tljp bjofeen pitcher potte: 
tiri)p tomelp raffeall l)actl), tl)at burnegi, 

tot'tl) fire felDome l)otte* 
i;i)j matte, anU efee tl)p beUtteaO bare, 

toitl) ttinfepng; Cimex fret: 
i;:i)P curtoltie catTofee coltie, toterein 

€Miu tijou 


tljou ftiU act faine to let: 
flD toljat a (loute coucajiou^ man 

10 tlji0? l)Oto matilj? faolli£? 
'QEljat loue0 no tijegg of (llineger, 

noj l)olm£, no? bjotontijeati olDe. 
flfllell sot to : if bpon a 6ea 

of dotiile tl)Ou (ijoultieffi Ije: 
anti t'f tl)p couclje toece coKlp daa 

toi'tl) clott)£0 of purple Dpe. 
■^IjEn, ttien, full often tooullitt tI)ou toiflje 

tl)?ite Neftors jeai'e0 to \m: 
iI3o tpjm t^en toouldtt tljou lofe, but fti'll 

tljp felf to pleaCuce jiue* 
Sin eaQe tljpg in penun'e, 

tlji0 life fo? to JJifpife: 
MJljo can beare tojment pacientl;?, 

ti0 ^t tljat0 counteft toife. 

To Parthenope. 
nr|^5 Cl)ap0 anD iaVnegl Parthenope, 

a craell cougt) Doetlj gceeue: 
^0 ^elpe tliee, tlje ^tiifition 
tinto tljee Gill Doet^ sine 
^utbecnelgr fl)o?t, fine ^onie ftoeete, 

and ccacknelsf of tl)e belt, 
^nd all fuclie tljpng;^ a0 cl)ildjen pleafe, 

and mabe to bee at reft, 
pt nottoitljftandjng all tW S^are, 




ge ace a craftie tmaue, pou couijl) 
to fate tieU'cioua?, 

Againft Zoilus. 

U" (i£ tiiti not tztmz t\)zz Zoilus rio:I)t, 

toljo tfcrnDe tljee tjtciougf rife: 
3If Ije fijottlti tzvmz tfiee ti'uelp, lie 
fljoulo tecme t!)ee iice it felf* 

To Vacerra. 

A jflatterer, anti a aauntiecei*, 
''^ aifo a craftie coffenec, 
Si tciOer iai'ne, a tofiojemunpc, 
Si fine fomcatt^ng fenceplaier, 
all tliere Vacerra tljouffi tftou bee: 
31 muje, pet monp toant0 toitlj tliee* 

To Polla. 

^'^^ Polla me ijoeft gaclanDg Tentie 

fofaire, CofteClje, Coflne? 
feentie ratliec tne Come %otz& rubtre 
toitl) li'llie ibanUeji of t^pne* 

Of Legeia, 

JiF Legeas pere0 ana l)eai;e0 agree: 
l^lj^n mfte tlijee ^ztz0 of age 10 flDe* 

Of AfTricanus. 
A »> nc^e a0 Crefus Affric 10: 

fo? moje pet l)unt0 t^e ttiuffe: 



%o muttie to manp, f ojtuite mt&, 
anti ?et to none inuffe. 

To FabuUus. Of Themifon. 

"pAbuilus fcent)0 tioeft aCfee mc, tiljp 

^at^ Themifon no tolfe? 

l^e loue0 to bet in quiet, free 
fcom bate, anti bjatolpng: ttcffe, 

Againft Thelefinus. 

viT%n t|)at no pge no? paune 31 b??"?) 

anti of tljee coi'ne lioe traue; 
31 can not lielpe tljee (Iraite tljou faieft: 

gaffc gcounlie anD tljou ffjalt Ijaue* 
»»o tl)ou no cwfite gi'uft at all, 

tintO me Thelefme : 

'Srijjne old companion, anti tljj fcentie, 

but tmllett ffcountie of m^ne. 
iLoe Carus Ijatl) tljee guiltie fountie, 

anU bamfljt mull tljou bee: 
dMoultift I)aue me beace tljee companie? 

nai'e, call nvg gcounde to tljee. 

To lulius. 

JiF tl)ou \Dilt eCcljetoe bi'ttec aUuenture, 

Sln\i auoiDe tl)e gnato^ng of a penDue tiart: 
feet m no one peifon all toljolp tl)5 pleafure, 
'2El)e leffe (lljalt § top , but lette flijalt 5 fmaix 

To Phcebus. 



to couec baltineffe tljjne: 
^e quipt tijee Ijomc, tol)0 toltie tl)ee Phceb, 
tlj? rconfe toaji cloittcli fine. 

To one diuerfly conditioned. 

paci'le, anti fcotoarti act tI)ou fuce, 

faunpng, anO alfo fell: 
JLQlitlj tljee 3| can not Itue, na^ bitte, 
mi j£t toitl)Out tl)ee titoelU 

Againft Zoilus. 

"DILacfe tean, tcU heacti, fljojt ttm tl)ou Ijaft, 

antr pojeblmtie tkz t^ou art: 
^10 ten to one, but Zoiius tl)0u 
doett liacbouc l)ai*me in Ijarte. 


"DILacfee Wu, reD beacft, fl[)Ojt feete tt)OU l)aft, 

anU efee tf)OU art pojeblmtie: 
'2E50U tooojfeft a toontiec Zoiie, if tljou 
|att anp ffooli in mpnlie. 

Againft Policarnus. 

jsEn tpmesi in tixielue motlie^ t^ou act Qcfe 

01 OftneC, Policarme: 

anD tl)i0 tl)p dclineire neuer tliee, 

but frenlie0 of tSpne Doctl) tacme. 
ifo? aftei* "^ealt^ recoueceu dill, 




tljj frenti0 tI)ou affeett g;ift0: 
ifo? fljame bee Qc&e but once a jece, 
anti leaue tljere pilefuU fijifteiS* 


Wheate flower. 

'yi^c pjofi't0 ffceate, none maie repeate 

of flotoer Co fine peclife: 
^it^ foj tt)e Coofee, ana Bafeec botfje, 
it Center to occupie. 


C3|tt) t|)at our aunci'entsi tfDe to eate, 
"^ ^Lettuce tolien all toa0 lioon: 
31 muCe tol)j euerp meale of ti0, 
toi'tt) ILettuce i0 bepnne* 

Leekes oft cut. 

CCrong: Centpng; Heefees of Tarentine, 
*-^ tol)en Co tljou ccanclieij Ijafte: 
25e fuce to feiCTe tlip latTe tottl) lippe0, 
to0etl)er tU'ncijeti fade* 

The Dormoufe. 

T »)lepe out all t^e aj^intec lljarpe, 




^11 tDl)ic!)e tpme naitg;|)t but flutierpng flepe 
tiojtij mafee me fatte pccUp* 

The Conie. 

j-^t little Cotiie loue0 to fcoute, 

31n Beetle^, tljat are OiffffeO out: 
Bj tliefe our foes> in eltiec Uaie0, 
l^aue learneti manj Tecrete toai'e^. 

The Ringdoue, or Stockdoue. 

j-l^e »)tocfei)oue0 fecuete pactsf, 

tttafee lumpt'iTje, tiull, ana tieDtie: 
»)5unne tpm to eate, if tljou toilt bee 
toiti) liuel? couuage fpeUlie* 

The Peacocke. 

j'^ou toontijeft to^ett lie fpjeati^ abjoOe, 

^10 topg0 tljat glifterjng loofee: 
Sltiti canft t^ou fintie in tiarte, to giue 
l)pm to tl)e cruell Ccofee? 

The Swanne. 

31*5 toarblpne; note, i)e tunet^ berCe* 
'QClie »)toanne boet^ Ctoeetelp Cpng 
Befo?e W beatl), tracing; a long 
tlje llceame toitl) fetlieceb to?ng;» 

A fhelfifhe, in Latine Murex. 

/(^%rle a0 t!)Ou art) toitl) our bloob, 
y^ t^? tlotlje0 are purple bieb: 




iet tW 10 not fufiScfent, 
tot maU avt mzm beOilie* 

The Gogion. 

A ILtl)oug!) in WLmitt feattgi tl)e? mafee, 
■^- anil fli'U Ijaue tiatntie cfiere: 
get toit^ a dPogeon tf)ei beffinne, 
t^eir fuppeciS U'gljtlp tliece* 

The Hare. 

anO beared atoate tlje bell: 
Cmoiigett bea(l0 tlje i^ate 10 faeft, 
atiti tioett) tl)e reft e;i;celU 


T^^e tiiffee tt)e Boje Uoetlj toell tiffenDe: 

t\)t ]}Oim tlje Ifeam tioetl) fljeltie: 
pooje filli'e 2Doe0 toljat el0 ace toee, 
but p?epei3 to 2Do5ff0 in feelti: 

Wine of Tarentum. 

A Vlon tatlj a2loolle0 mode wtellent, 

anij (!5t;ape0 mofte poDlp fine: 
tlEafce tijou tlje ponDetougi toaiglitie felled, 
gtue me t^e p?eciou0 aflli'ne. 

Sweete oyle, or oyntment. 

AJ^l toine no? opntmct leaue tljine Ijeto: 
let Ijpm poUeffe tl)p pelfe 




ifoj lji0 pacte : anti tijere otjec gme 
all onelj to tljj felf* 

Cheftes made of luery. 

T|J coff£r0 tlieft put notlipng: £l0 
raue ^tlloto ffUderpng; golUe: 
Cljett^ l)omel?, rude, letTe p?ectou0, 
map fllucc tzmz to Ijoltie, 


capall tiicz anti nutted, feme tcifling; topt^, 

anU ttino:e0 of detitier pjice: 
get tliefe liaue maU bopesf buttocfeess Tmart 
tot'tl) toti0, not once, no? ttoiTe* 

The combe, to the baldpate. 

^Itl) bmn combe, ttiich tootlieD flljarpe, 

tl)at ffi'uen t0 to t^ee 
aJEljat toilt tl)ou Hoe? Xo^tn a^ no ^eace 
10 on t^p '^^au to Tee. 


^i^at toilt tl)OU Doe, to cobe tliicfe tot^eti To ? 
tote 30 no lieace tpo tljp lieaD tiotl) gcoto* 

The Coffer wherin bookes are laid. 

"yg e ttreici, binti IjacD tljp boofeeg in mee: 
led t^at toitlj ^otlje0 contumU tliej be. 

Light, pertainyng to the 



T^^^P Cantile bjiglit, of cfiambec t!)inr 

t^t ttmm all 3 fenotoe: 
2Doe tolat tljou lift, I Ct'll am tol)ta, 
^0 kcm0 31 foe fijoto, 

A Candlefticke of wood 

T^l^ou feett tliat toooti 3| am, ttileCCe 

tgp lfgl)t tljou tio toell toatclj: 
Si CanDle great lt)all 31 become, 
tlje flame if once 31 catclje, 


■pEefl) fciffepng: joutlj be pacfejng Ijence, 

a^i'lH age agceesf toiti) mee: 
Bo^e0 faellotaie0 bed befeeme, ana fj?e0 
tljat froftp becDeO be* 

A medicine by rubbyng to make 
the teeth white. 

7^01? to'bat Ijaft t!)ou to tioe tottlj mee? 

fapje pcle0 anD mapDeniS ouffl)t 
SIpee foj to tife : 3 trim no teetl) 
matie, counteifet, and bougljt* 

A Lanterne of Home. 

A iCantecne bjiffljt (incloaang: li's^t) 
■^^ tlje toai'e 31 fljoto tt)ee bett: 
'W-U candle in mp bofome put 
dotl) fl[)?o\xiti, and fafelp re(l» 



A Flye flap of Peacockes plumes. 

nr!^e taile of pji'ncelp pjacotft p?outi, 
tfiat fflUtei-png: tmz Dotl) flljoto, 
Sl?ap Ceuue to flap tl)e filtl)j fliejs 
tipon tljp meate tljat bloVo* 

The Parret. 

y Pjatjngparcet am, to fpeafee 

^ fonie ftraunp tbing:, leame je tm: 

'Elji'si of ni^ felfe 3 leamti to fpeafee, 

Caefar al^ailc tO t\)tZ. 

The Nightingale. 

■pr^^je Philomela l)Otole0, foj fatt 
■*- ^f Tereus gltl)P fejtlff: 

a mat'Q (1)0 coult! not fpeafee, a tipjti 
fije loutr anil C[)jtll tiotl) Gng;* 

The Pye. 

A C^atterpng ^pe am 31) anl" tioe 

Calute mp maifleu tljee: 
3|f mee t|)Ou fatoett not, tljou tooultieft fure 
Deemc mee no birti to be. 

Cups of Chriftall. 

.yr^lfeen ti)OU tiott feare to hjeafee tljefe cupgf, 

tljen Doett tijou Iijeafee tljcm tti'll: 
2Boia Ijantig ace ill to lolti tljefe ctip0, 
anO fearefull IjanU^ are ill 

D A 


A Girdle. 

TSJiDto lotiff am % but tol)eti toit!) cljilti 

ttij bellj fljall beace out: 
'Ctjan gectile (bojt 31 (tjall be matie, 
anU Ccant tljee come aboute. 


^^tn featt)er0 Voatit, to ftuffe tt)p coutlie 

toif^ta? tl)oumaiftberpeI): 
pale cace Dott) felliome tome to coutl)e 
on liacti anD Ijomelp beH. 


T Eander bolt), I'ti tocltnitg: toaue0, 
critie, fpare mee noto pe »»ea0 
CHntiU mp laUp 31 taue Ceen, 
t^en lijotone mee, if pou pleafe. 

The Tumbler. 

TVJ^ fo? Ijpmfelf, but foj !ji0 lojtie, 

tlie tumblec Ijumetl) fccc: 
(l£Llf)icl) tlafpt in moutlj Dotlj fajpng tinljuit 
t^e Heueret into tl)ee» 

The Ram. 

^3itl) Butcljei:0 feni'fc tljou canieti Ijaft, 
^ ti^e Earn Ijisf tenDet tt)?oate: 
2Defei-bD Ije t|)isf toljiclje bnto tl)ee 
To often pue 610 toate.? 




The Hawke. 


A Eauenec foVoU of foule Sc toajs, 
'^*- noto fauUfeon€t:0 Cemaunt Iv, 
^z btrli0 beguttes, prt; gatnett) not 
tfje litrti0 t^at tafeen be* 

A Cooke. 

"T^S not Cufflicient fo^ a Coofee 

a Coofee toi to lie tcptie: 
a Cooke mutt bnoto I)t0 maittcc0 mout|), 
anU appetfte beQDe. 

A baker of fine Cakes , or like thinges. 

A 'JEfiouranD ttome i5eU'ctou0 fenatfeesJ 
-^ ije fo?met5 fine, b? CbiU: 
jfo? I)jm alone tliej bufp bee 
Dot| tople anti labouc ttilU 




P I C T O R I V S. 

To Leonellus. Stibmifjion. 

Tl^p moumpng: tnmtie t!otl) (Idl aCpire, 
tijou fti'U Doeft lioart ariD ci-atke: 

aintl Leonel tl)OU toOUlDeft 1)0 

Magifter totum fac. 

aititi toljilett tljou potottt t'^ug puft to' pjiae, 

ana tieemft tljott Ooett wcell 
aOil t\iz heatie, t^ou ti?mc(l ttip felft, 

to beeped pit of I)elU 
S[|), pet at lengrtj fulimit tijj Celf, 

let iBjiDe tljee not bepile: 
2Deai-e fljalt tljou be to Cljjift, if t^ou 

feeme to tljp felfe a0, ifle* 

Sorovvyng for the dead. 

T^l^ou toeepeK (till, tljou ffeuecljeft fljjill, 
tl)Ou IjaleC ffojii Ijeati tljjne Ijeacegf: 
%\)l face all tojne toitlj fcrarcljpng; clatoe0, 

JXkt fe, 31{)cn0 face, appeared. 
SDoft tl)infee tpp fonnesi tiepaiteli Ijence, 

map tl)u0 againe be IjaK ? 
%Q fojcoto foj tlje tieau, 10 but 

(Breef tinto gceef to au. 

To Titus. Naughtines borne witJtall. 

T a^ufel! toljat ftjoulD be tlje caufe, 
tol)p men doe not^png feace 



|2oj IJjame to tioe offences, fucl)e 

a0 5amou0 do appeate: 
aOJten lo 91 Seacti a toice totn'cSe Cpafee, 

t|e toojtseiS toljeceof toece Tuclje: 
aij, toic&eli ti£el!£0 anD cucCeti crimed, 

ace cockrtli to to muttie. 

To A man thankeles. 

"pflD? femretijS Cafee and curteCie, 

rijou oftea doett require: 
ifoj frendli)tp0 caufe and amitie, 

apine t|ou doeft deGre* 
and comfojt none tl)Du doefl rccefue, 

Of trend, no? ^et of l)jotl)er: 
and toi)5 ? tiecauCe tljou toilt not doe 

tsi one good tiirne, another* 

To Sextus. Pittie : almes. 

pEoude Wallace?? toi'tl) battlementgi, 

■^ tljou iatl ejected Iji'e: 

%\,l farmer and maner ^otofe^, ftojde 

toitl) euerj t^pno; Bo Ije, 
i;ijou doll abound \Xi bedded of dotone, 

tt)5 face ig( pairing fine: 
^l riott)e0 are codlj to t!)j batfee: 

all paffpnff tliat 10 tljine* 
?Kppon tl)j felfe, tl)p pod0 and cofne 

tiou fpendett euecmoje: 
2Dott affee Ijoto bet tljeg ma^ be fpent ? 

]^oto ? marri'e on tl)e pooje* 

D.iij. To 



To Baptifta Caftellus. 

\JL% men (a0 toell tlje rfclie agi poo?e) 

of fojC£ muft one tiaie liie: 
^nU moje are uiclje men \\xcx bj fto?e, 

tijen pooje bp penuile. 
(Booti0, felliome (tlje?) Ooe bjpfi: to (I0oti: 

a Cable ttjall go fn 
a^ctie foneu tl)jougl) a |5etiel0 epe, 

tl)en Diues l)eauen toi'n. 

To Zoylus. Wcepyng teares. 

A &ljip\xi?acfee tljou Ijaft matie of late: 
ftom blubbei'pnn; teare0 refcaine: 
Hod 0:ooti0, bp louti lamenting; ccie0, 

map not be got againe* 
'Elj? bjeft 10 Zoyi a anke of finnesf: 

ttioit Kill Ijaft pne aKcapc: 
afllljecefo?e toaile Zoylus foj tt)p OnneiS, 

t2ave0 toaff)e mensJ finned atoaie: 
But tljou liott lauffl) mj toojlisf to ftojne: 

no f jjce, lauglj if tljou pleafe: 
iCea laugl) tl)j fill, ftoeet Ijon? ftill 

tlje ficklp Dots DiTpleafe* 

To Homer, ati Hypocrite. 

/Can not cliufe but pjaife tliee, tliat 

t^ou eacneft act in Pjapec: 
^nD tliat ijnto tl)e 'temple tljou 

fo often makell repaice. 
tlTljat 9Hilene0 tljou tiofte efcljeto, 




tofticlje bjeetie0 a lotflirum UTe: 
'STIjat tijou toilt nor be Ceeti to talfee, 

toi'tt) an? Dt!)ec0 toi'fe. 
Cfjat t^ou tJoft not tn iiCurfe 

no J Ijonouc isame Deliffljt: 
get Homer , all tljinff 10 not plO 

tljat fll)ine0 anU gli'ftec^ bji'ffljt 

To Zeno. Cajligation. 

U (C igi not dill an enem? 

t^at mafeesf to fmart, anti Cmite^: 
jl3e 10 l)e (till a faitl)full frenbe 

t^at pleaCetlj anD lielia:l)te0» 
ifacce bettec fiire it 10 to liaue, 

Cotoje Zeno ti0 to loue: 
'2ri)en Ije t^at fefee0 bp flattecp fajje, 

foj to allure anD moue* 

To Caper, tauntes. backbityngs. 

j^m Dotte complame, tl)p fate 

ijnlucfei'e tti'll to be, 
JBecaufe tliat Fabius fcotoait foole 

bite0, blame0, anD fclaunliec0 tliee. 
Caper Content tt)p Celfe, 

to^o 10 repjotljeD, Ije 

|J0 mifei; 10, tlje Sycophantes 

tl)emCelue0 tl)e miCei:0 be* 

To Criticus. Children muji be inJlruSled. 

CiDft clape, map fojnrte anti fcameli be 
toto ann to to^at jou toi'U, 

2D,lItU %%z 



%iiz tentur toa;De, to mv Rjape, 

(0 p?eft anil pliant (till: 
feo poutl) in tenUec jeace0 map be 

inftmcteti Ijou pou lid, 
^nti Ijoto tljej frame tljemfelueg! in ^outlj, 

fo Kffljtlp t|ej pEcCtt* 
SiOIljeccoje in bectue, Criticus 

inftcuct t^p cljilH lietpme : 
'Eo no aintoniiW^M t^ziv eare0 

tl)e grauEC Cojt incline* 

To Quirinus. 

A/T€n-s face0 tiiu£C0 are anti ff range: 

10 are tljeir Ijartegi liketoife: 
Slnti toljat lpe0 IjitiDen in tlje ^art, 

none map fiifcerne toirlj epess, 
ifo? Come jau fee tljat gentle feeme, 

anti nirteott^ outtoarialp: 
aaUjen fco?tl)Png l)atreJ) in t!)eiu Ijart 

Uotij Imrne incca'antlp. 
fc)ome Damons tieare, in face appeare, 

anil Demons tiire in ciied: 
^0 felDe 0? neuer dill pou fee, 

tlje tijotoe fceto?aie0 tlje li?eft» 

Sinti frentie Quirinus, Calaber 

tlje bpng t)oet^ fauour tliee, 
get majeft tl)ou bee atTucbe of tl){0, 
none mo?e tljp foe t^tn l)e» 



P^rrtjaunce mp tioHmcCTe tome tnill blame, 

nafo?ce, 31 cat£ not, 1; 
^cttipne; mai'e lurfee o? tiee concellie, 

MJljei'e fi'ettliCt)ip fivme Uoetl) Ipe. 

To Vrfus. « backbiter. 

"p€)? tl)at 31 dia afuft, 
-*■ Vrfus to aunftoere tijee 
aiioute Eeliffion, 

tt)ou mufell niuc'be at me. 
3j ^\xz no IjoU'e t^jngeg to 500:0, 

a cacppng; currilije toiffljte, 
ilJo better t^en a turce 3j tounte, 

tol)tc!&e tttU Uoetlj bacfee anD \Axz. 

To Philenius. a flatterer. 

"F^e a^aUactie tD|)en i|)e fee0 t^e ^aufee, 

tn !)atte ilje I)ie0 atoaie: 
SEljen l)o?nei) !^am be^Dli30 tlie SDog;, 

no lenpc ooetlj tie ttaie* 
»)0 frenDe Philenius, fuffueti tooo?ti0 

efttiue, a0 enmie0 Bacte: 
%\z fanning: flatterer toojCe tSen foe, 

OoetS fmite, anD mafee to fmarte. 

To Petrus. Loue dijjimuled. 

^ipileffe Come toojt^ie tooojfee Sxi ierfe, 
31 Doe piefent to tl)ee: 

2D,t). i:f)OU 



%i)t>u Cat'ett all loue anti frenHlineffe, 
fljall ceaffe, ti3)i;i;t ti^et anD me» 

(feien toljeit poit pleaCe 31 ain content, 
a iflie fo? tuclje a frenDe: 

Heulie 10 t^e loue tliat Doetl) not laft, 
but flactpns:, tafeetl) enlie. 

To Arnus. Surfet. 

Z)^ett aCfee toitlj Cuntijte GcfeneCTe^, 

tol)p men ace be;;eti fo ? 
B? 5iuec0 deintie tiittjeg Cure, 

luTeareg Uiuecsi grotoe, 
^ur elDef0 tljat one Dtfllje liiti Sfe, 

tiift l)ealtl)£ull (till entiure: 
Ctien ffeant ten Ijecbes t'n fielD toece fountie, 

an Ijucte o? foje to cure* 
/12oto |)ille0, anO toooti0, ani5 rea0 are fougljt: 

all places moje, ana leCCe: 
and efee toe pjactiCe a^agicbe aite, 

anl) Cuclie lile tieuilifljneCCe* 
anti jet out Coaces e;ccelie ouc falues, 

ana neei3e0 it mutt be Co: 
ifo? men toill ratl)ec lofe tljeir liue0, 

tl)en gluttonte fojffoe. 

To Marius. Armour and weapon 
againjl the deuill. 

^<0ainft tl)e flie lieceipte0, 
of »iatl)antp?auntfell: 



9^^ Marius, tDOUldtt tl)OU Imotoe 

|oto toli^fenfrt toell? 
jfictt meet t^^nt mutt bee, 

^U p?iDe foj to e;;pell: 
'^Tiip !)elmet, a0 tljp Celfe, 

'3Eo loue ti)j? ne;;t ai3 toelU 
'Srijp butblec tl)at mutt bee, 

Si rijaft ijiirpotteti bjctt: 
QHCe patience toi t|)j bjiganlime, 

toljen jfojtune tioetl) moleft* 

To Cofmicus. Curiofitie in 
decking the bodie. 

^^ql^ otiour0 ftoeete of Siria foile, 

t!)p B:arment0 all lioe Cmell: 
3|f CO1P0 t|)ou toaiilje not t^jife auaie, 

tf)0U tljinfett it i0 not toelU 
l^l)? bul^e of lieare 10 bjaiUeU fajaue 

anO fciCeleU tooonlijou0 fine: 
il3o fpot oj mole Doetl once Defojme, 

t&e comelp co?p0 of ttpne. 
2Doe t^eCe befeme a feruaunt, of 

tSe liujng Hojiie of Ugljt? 
^0 man tljat rett0 Co b^ |jm felf, 

can pleafe t^e ILojDe a rifftt 

To Pamphilus. /r^«^2^. 

yif tl)ou Doe bid me range abjoBe, 
-^ bp lanfie, oj el0 bj rea0: 




%o pleaCuue t!)ce, 3 toill be p?efte: 

31 nill regaclie mpne eaft. 
ilJo montti'ou0 head toitlj guaCtjpne; cljap0, 

in Mzvt t^at doetlj bitie, 
»)t)aU me lietec: noj ramMpng toaue0, 

of Occian Tea Co toi'tie. 
3ice, Ccojtlipng Ijeate of »)ommci; Ijotte: 

ao?me0, t^at Co feacce are tljoug^t: 
Eoc6e0, ratlpncf liaile, rame, all totll 31 

contemne anti fet at nouglit* 
^eccfiaunce tljou Deemtt 31 fpeafee anti pjate, 

to to outraffiouttie; 
Wattft Pamphii, toljat a fcen&e can tioe, 

no tongue can fpeafee pecdie* 


ySt tl)Ou toilt Ijaue me Oeme, tijat tijou 
^ repentC tljee of tl) j fpnne*. 
1:0 fpnne a fceCtje in tooonteU totTe, 

fee tjou Doe not beginne* 
afliliat bead i& It, tot)ict)e bepng toaCjjt 

in toaucjs of flotojne; aoou, 
Will (tcaite pe baffee ^gm felf afcetij^ 

in tiurte, anti Dablpng muDtie, 

To Propertianus. a Niggarde. 

^1^0 not iioucl)Cafe0 !) jmfelf to lielpe, 

^ (Philenis mifcr l)e,) 

2DDetl tl)in6e Propercian \z toill ^i\xz, 




tljej lantie "^z pjomiClie tliee? 
MLljo toill iizczim Ij^m Celf, no Boulit 

an otljer Ml beguile: 
jl5o cceDite i0 fo? to bee jiuen, 

into a mifec tile* 

To Lazarus. Vice in honour. 

Z)^z^ maraell to^j mjne anger 10, 
fo gi:eatea0 noto it i0? 

a^P fOUle lOt^eg Lazarus tO UUZ^ 

in fuclje a toojlDe a& t5i0. 
aailjo pointeli are to puniilje Cjnne, 

tl)emrelue0 Cpnne openlp: 
%W man ^e fpenlig tl)e 3D?pl)ant0 gooli0, 

tlji0 feeEpe0 ttiem tojongtuU^. 
ifioto 3iwt>ffe0 hjibeti are ec^e tofiere, 

noto l)anl)0 are greHie apace: 
^oto noto fubojneli toitneffe0, 

all tl)png0 in piteou0 cafe, 

3In fine, mj lotting Lazarus, 

toljo 10 not bent to 6ice: 
%^z^ count l)pm noto a co;ccombe foole, 
a noDDie, notfijng Xoitz. 

To Paulus B. Of an harlot. 

"DCKcaure Eiifia Iaug5e0 on tliee, 
^ Pauietl)erefo?etl)ouartglaU: 
'2Co io^e in one0 otone miferie, 
a miftliief to to bati, 




^ecrtjaunce tt^t flamret!) tiiee, anO fai'etl) 

ii)t neuec toill t^te leaue: 
ai), neuec cceDite |aclot Cntot^e, 

lije altoaie0 Doet^ lieceaue* 

To Ponticus. Examples. 

^(Ifllaie toit!) tlipne atimoniCS)ement0 

anti rpeaclie fo pleafaunt fine: 
apuclje moue e:t;ample0 Ponticus, 

fmall moue tljoCe tooojti0 of tljpne, 
an eafie mattec foj to fpeafee, 

butfojto doe, ti0t)actie: 
2Doe agi tl)ou fateft, el0 toljat tfiou faieft, 

toe toill not toe regacDe. 

To Marianus. Stable ahidyng. 

7^%ou liatte bepnne tlie pat^e to (tjunne, 

t^at leader to iiice, ti0 toeU: 
anti foj hecauCe tijou ijafte Doen Co, 

mi lope no tonpe can telL 
But jet remeinbec tlji0 faitl) toai'e, 

not J)e t!)at tioetlj begtnne: 
25ut tol)o pecfeuei'0 to tlje entie, 

itjall gloji'esi gaclantie toi'nne, 


y^ tiafe0 of ol&e toece cljampion0 (tout, 
*^ I^Jat lufti'e, long in !)ealtt)e ijeltie out: 
ifoj toljj ? of tljem toa0 flucffpng aotlje, 
and gluttonie auojQed botlje: 




|2oto deintfe tJiffjeg liaftett Ueatlj, 
^nti t)£Dti0 ha'eue our boDieg hjeat^. 

To Larius. Infirmities. 

f'^z ffceuoug ffoute putt0 tljce to patne: 

jfrom toomett, cate0, anti toi'ne refraine: 
tKjfe ficfetieffe Co?e, anU gceef of tliine, 
Spate bjjno; to paCTe, ti)at latoe timine, 
Coulti neuer lijjtig to paCTe m ttiee: 
a mtoe man tljigi male make t^ee bee, 
1^1)10 peef tljee tinto (Boti mate tomne; 
aEi'tl) ijoloureg io?eg( Doe ofte begtnne. 

To Maximus. a Mifer. 
7^1^10 10 t!j5 taft ttill, Maximus, 

t^ou irett euecmoje: 
2Becaufe t^ou toilt not fpenUe tij? gool)0, 

tljou fpartt to feetie tlje pooje, 
^ caitiffc carle, "boto ait tljou taiitt|)t 

toiti) blintie tieOre of saine: 
l&notoett not t^at cacfejnff couetoufneCTe, 

b?5ng;0 6ril anli ^oulpng paine? 
%^z carie tl)at lett0 tl)e pooje to pine, 

anti Caue0 1)10 paultcie pelfe, 
aailiat feefee0 tie but to fpare t)i0 b;ooIi0, 

anD quigljt to fpill ^pm felfe? 

Lufte vnfatiate. 

^Hatfee Proferpine l)at|) nmer fucfet, 
of ^untaine bloufi tec fill: 


'Elje ope trnfaciable fffoutio, 

Irot!) tIjurC fo^ mojCure ttilU 
Sin\i tijouglj tl)ou cafe (anti neutr cealle) 

\xil)Ole fojceilg in tlje fire: 
^it CaieiS not ijo, foi moje it called, 

maje fiill it flotlj lience» 
feo ffrclip luft tnfatiate, 

Uot5 not contented bitie, 
SJntill it Ijatt) tiettcoiti tlie cojpsf, 

anD eke tlje Coule Mitit. 

To Ollus. Patience. 

"|\T(£ teace^ auaile tfie ficfee, incence 
no? tliofe, ix\. gcaue noto DeiJ: 
^e pearcpng: plaintejS toljen fijip i0 Cunfe, 

ftanUe 9!parinec0 in (fed, 
»>o fatie0 no tol)it tl)j fucie Oil, 

tol)en tljou tioft rage, anti roje: 
But catljec t^joufflj tljp gceuous gcone^, 

augments it moje anti ntoje, 
aai|)at tljou tioft Cuffer take in toojt^, 

and beare toitl) patient mintie: 
aailjat t|)ou Dott beare apinft x\i toill, 

moje lodefome fljalt tijou finDe, 

To lacobus Melitus. DetraSlion. 

T (Eat) M a ffoDlp life, 

■^ toell ttill t|)? felfe beljaue: 

get tfiee fijall toicfeeD tonpejS 




vcpjot^e, anO efee tiep?aue, 
9it 10 tlje paftime anti Ddifftjt 
^t Zoyies, at 500D men (till to fpigljt* 

To Vincentius Nouatus._/%2^«_/Z?//«. 
yjf tljOU Vincentius taceft fOJ 

-^ tl)e Sealtl) tljat (till Ootlj latte: 
%iitn farce from tliee continually, 

fee fluffgili) Ootl) ttou caJt, 
a^ljen Iiaffeing Ootljfull in tl)e funne, 

tlje fiena ^i& foe tiotl) feet 
•^lien tfien toitlj mig^tie Ijanli altoaieis 

to toeapon runneth ^e: 
IBut toljom 5e fee0 to labo? pjelt, 

tljefm let0 l)e (till alone: 
^e latioj lotted, anti loue0 tSe luffee. 

to eafe anti pleafure pjone* 

To Flaccus. Extortioners, 

r\f^z ailte tijop of toater affet 
^-^ tl)e glotton ffreeijte gojclje 
a?aitl) i)umble fute, to ftoap tl)e Ijeat 

tljat fo I)i0 tonffe tiiti fcojc^e: 
get neuer robD Ije a0 % reeS, 

tlje pooje of ouffljt |)jm felfe to feeU. 
9If t^at be taufe ^e tooulti not ffiite, 

tiiU0 plaugD tlie rit^e man toa0 
mxUs^ tojment0 fucl)e in liell, toljat (Ijall 

(t become 


become of tfiem (ala0) 
llTljat notljjng giue, but fti'U oppjefl^e 
pooje tot'DtiotoejS, anD ttie fartiecle^. 

To Marullus. Almefdeedes. 

"TjiaDtt feare tljat (1005 toiH atiffn'e be, 

anti tucne atoap lji0 face from tijee 
Marullus mine ? 91 ^ill tljee tell 

a toape, Ijoto to be fafe ana toell. 
W^-^ face turne t^oii not from tl)e pooje: 

(Boll, li'fee foi like, pajeg euecmoje. 

The good man feareth nought. 

T jF fortune tioe but benti tl)e bjotoe, 

anti ner fo little ftrifee: 
%\m out of courage (Icatglit act tiaffjt, 

91 neuer fato tlje Itfee. 
ani3 pet tijou countft tlj? felfe foj gooU: 

but bp no reafon fuce: 
jfoj potimen tliep toitl) manl? fiaitsf, 

tio all mifijapjS intiure. muclijtnff Mars be moDie mati, 

let fire and flame deftcoie: 
%et fcettpno: famin pine ana paine, 

let mifcljefe0 all annoye, 
aaiitlj (tout co?asiou0 niinli0, all tljinge^ 

ffooD boned men fuftaine: 
l&notopng tbat Ijecebp, onelp tliep, 

tljeic Ijauen anD beuen obtaine. 


2Bp mitzmg ani) Daunpc0 swat, 

lip deatlj It felfe, toe jyoe, 
Unto tlje Vvomt celeftiall coatt, 

toliew pleafui*e0 all do aotoc. 

To Dionifius Feb. T/ie holy Scripture. 

A ill tl)inffe0 tlje ftagcant fieHi liotl) feetr, 

acco^Dpng; into feinde: 
W^z birde ^atti feede:tfie o;ce'[)at^ ftratoe: 

tl)e dog Ijigi pjaie dotl) finde» 
CKuenCo tlje facred Bible book, 

foj euecp feinde and fojte 
%atlj ffo?e of foode and nojifl^ment, 

t^at lift tliecto cefojte. 
I^ece tender babe0 liaue milfee and pap: 

tece ripe of peare0 liaue bjed: 
!^ere alCo toantetlj not repaft 

fo? age toitt) l)o?p Ijead* 
get Ijereof fmall account 10 made, 

tl)e caufe map foone be fenotone: 
cKacft one dott) feefee to feede ^10 eare0, 

and let lji0 tart alone* 

To Archemedorus. A Cuffoner. 

p(tare0, 2B(rde0, to luiius tljou doft fend, 

all tl)i'np0 bott great and fmall: 
^nd lojde, and feing:, and little ffod, 
t^ou altoaie0 dooft ^I'm talU 

aOi^at meaner all tl)i0 Archemedore? 

Ci'i. to^at 



totjat fbm&a to get ti^ tlji0? 
tIDo cooftn !)ojie leaxz^, pecUie 
no caSe ttifng it i^. 

To Linus. FiV^. 

qS) t^ou to!)ere Phoebus fcojcljuiff bume0, 

0? p iD^Ece Borias raifftieg: 
(00 ^I'De ttjp Celfe m liampifl!)^ tienne^, 

tobece tiai;feene0 blatbe cemaine0. 
(00 toljece anU to toliat place tljou toi'lte, 

t^p anne0 toi'U folloto t|)e£: 
2Bj cliaunge of place, tl)i0 cectagn i0, 

bfce can not cliaungeti be. 
3jf tljou be faultie, fcom tljj minfie 

all Si'ce abatiHon clece: 
Slntt Linus lead anotljec life, 

anD Dtoell not otfier toljece* 

To one verie timerous. 

"jSJ^'to 9Doe0 toe ma? call Defperat, 
^ an!) 1^arte0 cojajioug bolDe: 
jfo? 3Doe0, anD l^arteg, letfe timecou0 

tljen ti)ee a tljouCanli foltie, 
1:0 be afraili toljece 10 no feare, 

t0 Cgne of tiaCai'Gie: 
^nD foone tlie faint of co?age fall 

in fnare0 of »)at5an ilk. 
SismS. all Daunffec, anti mifltjap, 

tlje cljefeft t^ing: no Dout 




310 foj to I)aue a pjutient Ijeali, 

anti '^eart co?ag:iou0 floute, 
ifeait not tlje commpg: of miitiappe, 

but tolieti tljat it te come: 
'Wijtn (tick tinto tljp tackling; ttoute, 

anti bcare 6ott) ail anti fome* 

To Katharina. 

'T'l^e mnm ffoess, an5 tolij it ijS 

(mine Otone gOOll Katharine) 

'^rijat t|)ou tiott blaje mp name abjoati, 

ana lautie ttje tieetiesf oi mme, 
JHCe meafure in tijp taio?!3e0, anD ieaue 

tt)p lauUgngfoof mee: 
aai^om toomen lautie ai'e Ceteom lifet, 

but ftill Mpectea be. 
Sinti foi tljou (^alt no ill miftieeme, 

no? me tint^anfefull tall: 
31 tljanfee tljee Ijere, let tl)(sS fuffiire 

in recompence of all. 
SI Mvsiix cace renoumU tl)ou art. 

noto toilt tljou fenoto of mee 
acaijat bett anti moft Mezmt^ a maiD ? 

ap blufljing; red to be. 

E.iij. B. DAR- 


A liuely defcription of Hope. 

"T^^ou tliat on tomcpng globe tioR ttanlie, 
^ art ti)ou a (Botme^, tell 
^l eliS a majtall creature bojne? 

a goDtieg, Uen'e toelU 
amSence fpjonff, o? Ijoto beptten, fpeafee? 

of darfeneffe fpjpng: tii'D 3!» 
Mlljat nucte tiiD feeDe anU g:iue tfiee fucfee? 

t|at tiiD creDulitte. 
Mlljo at t^j Iiacfee beliitHie ttiee biticgi ? 

iopesJ, toii'ctie Hoe glati anD cljere* 
anti tolsat 10 te, tijat (till Co pale 

tioetlj pe before tljee? feare. 
SLlofte, tip to tlje lofti'e Ijeauetigi, 

tjp lDol\e0 toljj lioeft tijou cade? 
31 doe beljolfie t|e lieaueiisJ, tolj^ceais 

91 Ijope to btoell at lafte. 
But tell me noto, toljat Doetlj Defojme 

tljj face fo fad'e and bjigljt? 
31 t)e;;cti am tolieti mp Dearer, 

are boi'De anD fruCcate quig:l)n 
Bp ftaffe tol)p Doett tl)Ou (late tl)? felff 

toljfle Ijope Doetl) feetie mp mjnDe: 
€)ID crobeD age toi'tl) fteal^ng; (lepsf, 



O F E P I G R A M S . 36 

cttccorijertj on bv fejnUe. 
Mllj^ reelft tI)ou ifaggerpng; to ana fco? 

i)ope tti'U lioertj Oipperfc ftanlie: 
'Srie tijpg; tol)tcl)e ofte 1 tliinfee to fioltie, 

UoEtlj aip out of mp Ijantic. 

The Defcription of luftice. 

^!feat t)(8;I)t0 tt? name, tt)ou ptitie0 tell? 

mp name Iioetlj 3!u(lfce fiifftit* 
aaiij? looktt t^ou fell ? teare0, plants, no? tirf-- 

male mafee me pe front rifflit* (be0 
Bojne of totiat ftocfee? of (Kotiss aboue* 

tljp patents name0 tiefcrie? 
a^eafuce mj nee, mp motliec tmfte, 

mv nurCe toag penurfe, 
a babe toljo lulUe ttiee t'n Ijec lap ? 

faice iSjulience noble Uame, 
2Bj tojom toed tljou t|)e gutltie fenotoe? 

3jutigement tjoetlj fljetoe tl)e fame* 
asi^j beared tt)p lefte Ijantie ballaunce^: 

tljp rfff^t a fijt'njng: blalie? 
tlTije one Ooetl) ponUeu caufe0 fufte: 

to plape t|)e ftoojtie 10 matie, 
feo fetoe tol)? are ttiere tliee to aplie? 

ffooH men are iianifljt quigljt 
aiai)o Hoett) tl)ee ttill alloctate? 

poo?e plaineffe pure anli bjiglit* 
aail)? 10 tt)p one eare open Xoittt: 

(tMiu tl)p 



tijj otijcc cloreti fatte? 
tlTlje ffooti, tijep altoaiesi muft be t^arti: 

tl)e batj, tte? muft be tafte, 
?La.Uj5 m appacell ait tljoa pooje ? 

to^o totU be lufte ana ris^t, 
feljall neuec toljile ^e liuea, become 

a ri'clie anti teealtljie toig^t 

Verfes of Dardanus, fent to 
Dominicus Saulus. 

CflDme men foj gifts!, gme gliftecpng; golbe 

anti fome ffi'ue pjeciougf ftonesi; 
»iome 3|uecie, coftlj glaCCeg Come 

to?oufl;ljt cuL'iou0 Toj t^e none0» 
feome piitc0 tioe giue of ffcauen tooDjlte, 

anti ^oufbanlimen tioe bjjng 
^utt0, cojna;le0, applet, peace?!, i plummy, 

anO man? a pjettte ti)png;. 
But att) 31 ^ant tt)e fertill grounUe, 

toliere all tljefe tljpnjjS fl|)OuHj gcotoe: 
^nS3 fitt) mj feelli^ toi't^ golHen ftieamegi 

of Paaoi, Doe not flotoe, 
31 can not t^ee fuc^e pjefent^ gfue: 

but in tlje fteaDe of tijtm, 
31 tierfes fentie tinto tliee tece: 

31 Ijaue no? golije noj pm. 
2But (f t'iiou faie tljep are no gift0, 

but trifles toojtife noug:^t: 




31 p?afe t^te toliat of irus pooje, 
to Crcefus tuafc be b?ou3;l)t? 

The fong of S. lerome in the defert. 

'yi^ou ttraunger, lot toit^ ragpti ttonegf 

3j luate anil hounte mp lijeftc: 
3 toaile m? Cjnne0, mp ffcmouss TjnniS 

toljereVoitlj 31 am opp?ette. 
31 lio0 lament mp leutie leti life, 

anD fojmer ouerQ^lit: 
(Sli) bleft anti treble hlett agalne, 

tlje pure tinrpotteti toigljt.) 
3jf g;ron5ng0 greate, ffet grace at (BoD, 

anil loulse lamentjna;0, loue: 
3i ^ope mp piteousf pearcgng; plainte?, 

iiljall dBoli to mercie moue* 
all tiTpng: talfee 31 lioe auojlie, 

from enuie 3! lieparte: 
Sinn (Ijunne 31 l"oe occaHonsf all, 

tfiat toeafee tf)e manl^ l)arte» 
aaiierefoje 3 liaue lietane mp felf, 

in liefert ^ere to litoell: 
(Emong a rout of rauen^ng &eatt0, 

ferce, furious, frantitfee fell* 
^nli to^at tljoufflj in tlji0 totlUemelle, 

no toiffljt toill come anli fee 
ape gcfflp tojetcl)e : ?et Sere altoaie0 

mp (Boll rematnegi toi'tj me* 

(£,!?♦ |5o 



^0 man tljat louetl) (Boti a ciffljt 

(in tooodjs 01 tieCect0 toioe) 
But tat!) ruEBcient companfe 

anil comfojt to beatie. 
I^ere cfu'ttccgng bicti^ Uoe ctiiup anti ctiaunt, 

in teate l)ece pleaCaunt f^atie: 
l^ece Voant not cl)?iftaU quiuecpng; Tpjinff^, 

to!)erein to toaCpe anD toatie* 
a pittance ^tvt ruffiml) toell: 

^nti tiere, becauCe 3i taitilJ fo? naugljt, 

31 naugl)t am taiantjng, 31* 
^ece Ijungec 10 tlje onelp fauce, 

t^at ltfee0 m? ttomafee beft: 
^ece notljfng me miatbe^ : enouglj 

fttfficetlj a0 a feaft. 
Ifeece foii'te bjtnge0 fo?tlj f&e fecti'll fople, 

SUntoplDe anij tkt bntilD: 
31n fleaD of bet) 31 l?e on Ieaue0, 

toJertDitl) tl)e VooodiS are filue* 
aaii'tS blot oj blame, 31 nme Defame, 

alone Ijeue a0 31 litoell: 
|2o? gnatopng; enui'e buctet^ mee, 

31 bece tio lute To toelU 
|2o glojp, no? ambition tame 

Jjoe bere tojment mp minDe: 
31 fflojte but in (Boti alone, 

anij Ij^m 31 bope to fintie. 




%re Venus pjitiftet! tjp (n p?itie 

tttiti pjanfeeti, fine anO gate 
2Doetlj newer tome : no lufte tioet!) latte, 

but tence tiepartss atoai'e* 
3|n pleafaunt l^alie to!)en Co 31 pleafe, 

31 aepeanti tafeemg rede: 
ilJo tl)ttnti?pg tramp no? t|)umppng: tlieefe, 

mp aumt)?jng0 liere molette, 
Sl^p mpnije i0 not on monej fet, 

31 tioe not ^eape no? ijoojDe: 
^lone 31 feefee to pleafe m^ (Boti, 

anb to embjace W tooo^De* 
Sill tljjnff^ heKDe ttie tooojtie of (BoU, 

are euen asS ti?i?fljng mi'tte: 
jfontie, tile anti baine, of none effecte, 

let men faie toliat tljem litte. 
iSDfte tpiegi Sere come0 anD fatme0 on me, 

fearce %i(m& furiougi fell, 
^nti Diuer0 tijeaUfull bead^ faeati0, 

t^^at in tfje toooti0 Doe DtoelU 
^nti (till tl)e ILojDe Dott) lentie me lielpe 

gainft tieatt anti tiaunpr^ all: 
31 flantie in lijeati of notftjng 3j, 

fo? on tlje ^Lojtie 31 tall. 
fet ^eue emong tljefe raggie rocfe0, 

anij bea(l0 of craell mooUe: 
aailiece fountapne toatec 10 mp Djinfee, 

toSece l)eL*be0 i3oe ferae fo? fooDe. 




l^ere Cenfuall pleafuce Ooet!) allault, 

to tofnne me bp Ijeu mtfftit: 
But ftt'll toitl) reaton 31 reatte, 

aim cljaCe ^ec fuom mj figljt. 
But tt)OU toljirije U'utte at pleafuue tlj^ue, 

anil all tljpng;0 Ijafte at toill: 
aailjictie Coft tioeft Ivt, toliiclj tiocft tot'tt cate0 

anU toine tijp beallie filU 
jaij tojetrtje toitt) Ijeate of filtljie luKe, 

toljat tojimut0 Ooett tl)ou tcie? 
(LQl^en lije foj to atfault tl)^ mpnDe, 

toitl) l)aftie tteppsJ lioetlj Ipe. 

To Pamphilus. 

^«^^!^ou rent) (I ti0 toine.toe toant no tome, 
3%^ nip Pamphil, ti'uttie fceutie: 
•^^ aaii'lt fen&e W toliat toe toant i toifitje ? 
tt)en thtrji mj Pamphil fentie* 

To his Ladie beloued. 

JiP rap tl)ou tucnett me atoaie, 

apine tl)Ou aoeC me tafee: 
C^ou tiacDe at Ijeeles tioeC foUotoe me, 

pet me t^ou Uoeft fojfake. 
liinDe act ttiou, cou«eou0 efee, 




pet canfeereti, curd asaine: 
i;tou toilt, atiti toilt not : me tl)Ou loufte, 

anti me f^ou putft to pafne. 
tCljou pjomt'CTe mafeft, ant! it fojCafefl: 

in tseepe tiifpatre 31 pi'ne, 
f et Kue in ^ope : 2i^ Tantal tooulti 

mj (fate toere Itfee to t!)ine» 
^ painfull plague, in ci'titall ftitame0, 

to hee a tljicft anU tijie: 
TBut totiat a plape to be a tfiirCe, 

ftoeete Neftar ftantipng: bp ? 

A true faiyng. 

r\i^tt toODtitien CljallitejS t^ece tocce, 
^^'Srten plDen pjieft0 toece euer? toljere: 
i|2oto ffoltien clialiceg tl)ece be, 
SLnXi toooDtien pjielle0 eac^e tol)ei*e to Tee* 

To Omellia. 

T^^ou mameleft Omellia mucl), 
tot)j none do feefee anti Cue 
%o mate!) toitl) tl)ee: toljat i& tl)e cauCe 

g noto toill tell t^ce true: 
^f an? man Omellia, 

lijoulti mates anti linfee toitlj tljee: 



i:i)? twrftatitig mother, not W toife, 
tljou tooultift reputeli be, 

A left of a certayne harebraind hufband. 

A Certtn l)ufbanli toilDe UiD tate t)i0 tot'fe: 
'^"^^nti iCti to cople Ijec coate, Id cutiffill nte* 
^m CajO to ^^m , beate not tt)j toife Co fo?e: 
'^Tten bumpms: tilotoe^ gooD too?li0 toill tioe mucf) 
j|2otoaftectl)i0,pljufbanlil)aceb?ainli beaK, (mo?e* 
MM) Bible book fti'll bountt Ijec on tlje bjeaft: 
'QTljep fap poti too?ti0 toil Do mm^ poD faiD :^e: 
3if 0ooti, gooli toojDS toil Iio: tlja l)et:e tl)ep be» 

Againft Hugo. 

TIJ Vgo Dotlj lautie no man at all, 

noi no man louet^ Ije: 
l^e tljinfeetl), ot^ec^ to diCpjapCe, 

tlje cljefeft pjaiCe to be. 
aailjat pt0 \\t noto b^ liatjng; t!)U0? 

all men Ijjm l)ate tnlieeti: 
Slnt bope0 call Hugo blacfe, anti fa? 

of Hugo blacfee take ^eede. 

Of a Foole that found a Crab-fifh. 

TW fojtune once in Commet; tjme, 
tolen fun tiiD fcje anii flame, 
ifrom nattue bjoofee (toljece 6e toasf b?eli) 

a crab=flfl) ccatoling: came, 
anBi toljile Ije filCkjng; plaiti on banke, 




p? ffU'ftccpng; gitene toirtj gcaCTe: 
=|e toa0 tp tafeen, tip a man, 

t^at tljere bj f)?m tii'D paCCc* 
%^i0 totff^t tl)at founti Ijpm toa0 a foole, 

an!) l)ati no crabfiflE) fetn: 
aailjewro^e te tl)?u(t 1)10 tanti in fjatte, 

1)10 clarppng: clatoe0 bettoene* 
CJe crab Di'D pt'ncl) anti peacce l)jm Coje, 

toljcrefoje Ije catt Ijpm quicfe 
3into tlje fli)oi3:anti Cajti toit^all, 

3Ie teacl) pou (^i to pjfcL 
'El)e ccab peart flappetl) faft 'biS taple 

anD in t^t \amz0 tiot!) fpjinf: 
»)eE Caiti tlje foole, tlje plucking; pang^ 

of licatl) t)oto foje tl)ej dins* 

A left of a Theefe. 

A Certain %[)zttz founti guilti'e, botl) 

of tl)eft anD periurie: 
32Ja0 lutigti to Ijaue lji0 tone; cut out 

toitlj Ixnite, mod cruellp. 
€)I), rapt) tl)e tljcef into tl)e ^uliffe, 

pour pointeli purpofe flap: 
€)^, faue mp tonpe, toitl) tarupng; fenife 

and cut mine eare0 atoap* 
'Etooo eare0 foj one tonpe 31 toill lore: 

toell, quotl) tie 31utig;e, agreeD: 
SLntf Tent fo? e;;ecutioner, 




to cut tiiss earesi toit!) CpeeU* 
il5oto toljeit tt)e 0;i;ecutionet came, 

lji0 Ijat from ^eU tje tljjeto: 
Slnti '&£ace0 t^ere liiD appeaue, but £ac£0 

te tljcre liali none to beto: 
(ifoj tie t)aD loft W eare^ before) 

cartj laugt)t to Cee l)i0 Voile: 
Stnli Ijaupng ttjug itctVa tlje 3|utig;e 

tt)e ttjeefe Ijjmfelf gan Cmile, 



To Diana Ariofta. 

ifi b?otoe, in b?eaft, in beautie bjaue, 

in Ckill, anti noble name: 
Cljaft Cynthia tljou refembletl rigljt 

Diana, peeilcffe 2Dame, 
3in tljig alone je are not lifee, 

i)ai:te0 toilDe ii)Z billen ftill: 
l^artesS milDe tijou feilft : flje feilD toitlj botoe, 

toitlj look but tljou tsoft kill. 

Of Niobe. 

"Y'QS pleafaunt bjutesf be packing: l)ence, 

appjoclje je penRue tDiffljtsS: 
^nt) moucne toitlj me toljom fojcotoe fell, 
to?ment0 botl)e lia(e0 anU nigljts, 



2B?atte0 7. anH 7 6p me toece lio?ne, 

ana Iijoufffit into rtje Uglit: 
€)f 7» antj 7. (aij tojetclie) apfne 

tlie (Boti0 ftaue refte me quifffit 
3j melteti into teare0, anU noto 

tranCfojmtie to a^acble (tone: 
31 tijop foo?t!) teai;e0: Co a0 m Ufe 

31 moucne, noto life 10 gone* 
3LeaL'ne tece je mojtalle^ all, tol)at tf0 

toi'tlj (tcoutpng; pjiDe to Ctoell: 
Sfnti toljat U'feetDiTe, fo^ to berpife 

tl)e (00130, in 5eauen t^at litoelU 

Of his ftraunge loue. 

T/R fire 31 freeje, in jfrotte 31 frie: 
l^oto To, toouiaft fenotoe? a louec % 

To Renata, a noble Dame. 

■p)3D? pjmcel? pompe, anti ric5e0 gceate, 

queene luno t)eace0 tlje bell: 
Pallas toi rfet'll: foj puciti'e 

Diana iioetl) e;;celU 
jfo? lieautie b^aue Hoetlj Venus paCCe: 

Renata leameD Voell, 
Eiclje, c^aft, of beautte bjaue beOUe, 

all fotoec tioetlj facce e^celU 


nr=l^jee fut:ie0 (tecetofo?e) 
taue altoaie0 been in l)ell: 


5But noto t^t Vefbia tt)t 10 tijece, 
tljece fuci'esJ foXoet tioe Vfuzll 

T E X T O R. 
Praiers for the ded, nothyng profit. 

T^ou roto«(t fn cate, tljou plouft p plaG|j, 
tl)OU anglett (n ttie apec: 
3|f Co f^ou goeft about to Ijdpe, 
ttje Coule Ueceatt bp piaijc* 

An Epitaphe. 

y %msift, 31 toepe : 31 toasf , but noto 

3 notljjng am become; 
31 plai'eti, but noto 31 ceaffe to plaie; 

31 fang, but noto am Homme, 
31 tnafet, 31 aepe: 31 ftutiieti once, 

but loe 31 note am (fill: 
app fleflje 31 fetilie anli pamp?eti once, 

but note tlje toojmejs 3! fill* 
31 toelcomUe all fometpme, but noto 

to all 31 bfUDeatiue: 
31 caught, but noto am caught mj felf : 

noto flaine, toljiclje Cometpme flue: 
flDnce faug^t 31, noto 31 peace enfope: 

31 liTe enioveU all cigK 



iSDf tisU apme 3| mutt t|)a*efo?e 

ptlBe into Mors t)f0 mtfflit; 
31 jEllie, aitti peltiE Jj mutt of fojce; 

jeautl) toa0 3 once cmai'ne, 
geaitlj, tiutte, anti noto at latte 31 am 

jeartlj, tiutte, become agatne* 
^eart^, Dutte, noto naugf)t at alhtojereroje 

toojltie tiaine aDue to tliee: 
Sinti (itl) 31 neei)e0 mutt |ence atoaie, 

tDOjme0 toelcome pou to me» 

To his Frende. 

'T'l^ou toont toatt often to tiemauntie, 

toteti toe (Ijoulti foe0 become: 
anD totien t|)e fenot of fcentiflljtp l|)OuHi, 

bettoene t)0 be iintioon* 
Can jflmt oi a^arble liarDe be matie, 

a0 pelijjng; Gutter fofte? 
^l can tt)e lumpi(t)e ^xt be matie, 

to mount anO foac alofte? 
Can aoioulue^ anU iLambe0 agcee? o? can 

tlje fcratol^ng: Crab ccepe n'gljt? 
^l can tl)e j^tfflit, a0 glaDCome 2Daie 

become fo cleace anO bjtffljt? 
Can Catte fojbeace to catclje tfje a^oufe? 

can ifeenne anO liite agcee? 
Can 2Daie be Dacfee? oi can tlje j^isU 

ass cleare Aurora bee? 

f 4'u Can 



€m Crotoesj lie matie bott) fai're atiti tol)ite, 

ana fetoanne0 bottie CouU anli blacfee? 
Can coltie congeleli fee, be totte? 

tan aminteu colfinelle lacfee? 
Can jfice tljen JUaatec be moje colU? 

0? can tl)e l^are, tieligljt 
%o plai'e anti Uallie toit!) t|)e 2Dos? 

can oufftit be emptie quig^t? 
Can aaitnUe ftom bloto^ng: be cedraintie? 

can Curffpng; »)eft0 bee (till? 
Can flotpng ififfje fojCake tlje foojDe? 

can SDeatt) leaue of to bill? 
Can ifo.te and l^enne, bot^e in a ^enne 

Can peace abibe toit^ buttecpg blotoesS? 

can loue toitlj biTcojbe binell? 
Can feag be toatecleg anli lijie? 

can l)fllc0 be bale0 toi'tljout? 
Can toooli0 be bopb of tt:ee0? oi ffeie0, 

Deuoib of aart:e0 tljiouffliout? 
Can one lone cEmot bjinfee t^e fea0? 

can (Bon be from an l)ie? 
Can ddon \tmz euec anp enbe? 

can mo?talle0 tt)un to Die? 
Can ragged rocfees be pjeciou0 ftones? 

can 31i'on (Bolo ejcceu? 
Can bjotoOe Djunfeenne0 etteme, 

Cage fobec manners Voell? 




Can taxm he fiufljt anti filence fteepe: 

can tiiab& t^etc tattle ceaffe? 
Can Venus i)ttiou0 tile be c^att, 

anD leaue, Ijec tieaftlme0? 
aai^e t|)ou canft bjjng: tljefe tfitnffS to paHe, 

eaclje one bot^e moje anti leUe: 
^l feed tt)ent to be bjoufflit to paCCe, 

tljen lijall our frenlifljip tealle* 

To the Pope. 

Jif tl)at tt)OU toilt not faue tl)p flotfee, 

from toolue0 lieuourmg: tlijoate: 
SLt lead be not a toolfe tt)p felfe, 
clati in a fijeepffein coate* 

To fpirituall paftors. 

A ^ paftoj pure, pjeCerue tljp flocfee, 

^aue Argus epe0 to toatc^e: 
Heft t^at tlje feenu tlje tooulfe of tell, 

tioe tijee anG tl)ine tiiCpatc^e* 
'3r{)ou oug;l)tll tl)eir toooll anD fleeCe to (ijere: 

to it)ere, but not to lijaue: 
l^aue Argus epe0 31 faie agai'ne, 

tt)p flotfee to flijielti anti faue, 
|2o meruell noto, t^ougl) ficfelp Itieepe, 

anti fo?e tiefeafo toe fee: 
ifo? tol)o a0 notoatiaie0 (dBoti fenotoe0) 

but toolue0 ttieic lieeper0 be* 

F.iij. A 

A woman. 

A MIoman fatone0, an5 tiotlj intcap, 

a tooman toaptl) toar: 
fei^e piles! t^e botiie il^e tot!) Minti, 

tlje metnl)£i:0 flje Dot^ mac 
fetje febless fojte, flje tija\ȣ0 a man, 

flje bumertj tip tlje bone^: 
&!)e fatone0 , gfue0 , affee^, flje lifee^ , flje lo-- 

flje meccie matter, it)e mone0» (tt)e0 
^Ije toattetlj toealrtj, t^ouglj pucfe be ttuft, 

fl)e ccotTe? mafee^ tt)e fame: 
fetie flg;|)t0, flje tl)jotoe0 i3Dtone mi's^tp toal-- 

ftfong; CatteUe0 flje Dot^ tame. (Ie0, 
»)lje pone0 beace0:flje g;laire0 {)atlj: 

a0 pert a0 anj pe: 
felje CmeUe0, fije fefCfett), atxti tier co?p0 

fije loue0 ejrceDpiifflp. 
felje mft0 Ijec Ijeace, 4)e fcote0 Ijec face, 

fi)e idle loue0 to be: 
feil)e mincjne; iet0:to bectue floto, 

but pjone to bice i0 fllje. 

How to get frendfhip. 

r"%m mucl), but little aflte apine, 
^^ tat« l^eetie tijou notljpng tafee: 
3|f muclje tljou sine, anD little aC&e, 

if g;uifte0 tljou boe fojCafee 
^mong tl)e common people t^ou, 



Itjalt Iieare atoap tfie ftdl: 
^ntr tljicfee antr tlj^eefolD frenU0 tofU aocfee, 

tDi't!) tijee to tijlie anli tiWlh 
2But iT tljou notli^itB: gi'ue at all, 

tljca fcentiiS toill from tliee flie: 
3|f muci) t!)ou aCfee, tl)cn fl|)alt tl)ou be 

repulftti 6? anil bp* 
3If mucl) tljou tafee, t^en couetou^ 

ana carte t^ej toill tljee call: 
"ZlEafee naugl)t, affee little, part from mucl), 

anD frenl)<s l)aue fure je fljalU 

The properties of certaine birdes. 
Of the Peacok. 

^^en Argus toitl) l)!is liunBjeU epe0, 
"^ Hermes ^aD coitquefU qu!gl)t 
2B? ftoeet meloti^ousJ Ijarmonp, 

aixSi Mufyckes l)eau£nlp migtitt 
W^m luno toofee 1)10 toatcl)full epe0, 

ana bjauelp bj ana bj, 
fe5^ platt tl)em m mj traine, toljcre noto 

tl)ep l][)ine as funne m ffeje. 
Spp name 5iffl)t0 i@eacocfee comonlp, 

31 take a greate aeligljt 
^In fettjng tip mp plumes alofte, 

t^at bjauelj glitter bjtgljt* 
3 Ijaunt iDl)ere pjincelp buiiaings be, 

3! lotl) t|e Cottage bafe: 

f-l'UK 1 



31 Imt a fearfull feentilile note, 

a t^Euifl) foftl? pace. 
9l?p tittt) ag^acn a0 tarH ma^ be, 

fcom Samos 3|le 91 cam: 
luno tiotf) mee Defenu aitti feeepe, 

anil lunos bpjti 91 am* 

The Eagle. 

"pEom all t^t aocfee of aipng fotole0 

3 beare atoap tlje bell: 
31 mount ijp to tlje clutterpng tlotobe^, 
31 feare no Itgljtnpng;^ felU 

loues lOllj armiger am 31, 

a0 ^oct0 penned Ijaue tolO: 
among all fetljereti fouler am 31, 
tljc gooliUea to bel)oHi. 

(0ap gallaunt gOltien Ganimed, 

(in tallentsi clinrtjeli faft) 
31 caiTjeti tinto loue on tje, 

of tol)om Ije toa0 embjaft. 
j^o bpjU, no fotole tijece ijs, tijat Hace 

compare toitl) mee to ftp: 
tlElje cSaffle onelp feniaunt i&, 

to tl)unti?png: loue on Ijie: 

The Swanne. 

A »)toanne mp name doetlj liigljt: 
^^ fcom fo?ren code 31 cam: 
3Dame Venus Ctjacci'ot 31 tiecect, 



O F E P I G R A M S. 45 

anU Venus lu'cUe 31 am. 
(Emono; tiie dPotisf 91 am lieloljUe, 

like Syren Vtotztt J fpng:: 
3! io?e to cljaunt, befoje 3J fe£le 

of 2DeatI) tlje tijeatifuU (Ijng:. 

The Voulter. 

T Callea am tl)e Voulter tilacfee: 

91 clatDC m^nz memit 
aflJitf) ccoofeeij craell cratclj^tiff tlatoesf: 

a filt^ie foule am 91* 
S^j footie 10 fulCome tavtion foule, 

toitl) mecp carfea0 tittibz 
i:i)at tumbled Ue0 in CitifeHiiff tu'tc^e, 

91 loue toi to be felilie* 
asiit^ euecp tojtei;0 penne pucrueO, 

tiiTpjatTcti flill am 91 J 
'(Il)« foulea foule 31 coumeti am, 

of all tlje foule0 tliat ap. 
get toi tl)e fence of fmellpng: fure, 

no foule fuL'paCCe me can: 
tlTfie ILion, Htbacde, €gle, 9| 

furmount, anO alfo man. 

The Partridge. 

pa^ong all otl)ec bicli^, 

moCe mettfull biclie am 91 • 
Q^monff all fetfieceu fouled, 
91 firtt complaine anti ccie. 

fA. iail 



Sill in tlje n(e;!)t boffje gtnne0 anti fnat«0, 

are lateD pooje foule toi me: 
ai^an rpare0 no paine, hut latiour0 ttill 

t^at 31 niaie tafeen bee* 
aaioultia ImW ttie cauCe totij 3 am Couffljt, 

of euerp if oulec ttp ? 
'3Lt)e cauCe 10 tt)i0, emong all lJirD0, 

tte fineH flefiSje taue 31* 
'Wi^m feelt t^e tcaftie careen Crotoe, 

910 neuer careD toi: 
Bccaufe t)i0 fleflje 10 fulCome tiile, 

all men toe tpm abljojre, 
But 9i am foft ana UeU'cate, 

anti tSerefo?e me ttiej gette: 
Sinti toi a pjincelj tiiflje am 31, 

before greate pjmce0 Cette, 

The Sparrowe. 

•yl^e fetliereli »)parrotoe calti am 31, 
■*■ tn Ctoete anti plaaraunt fpjgnff 
31 greatlp Doe delt'ffljt, fo? tften 

31 cljttter, rijirpe, anti rpng* 
31 tafee Ireliffljt m garniC[)t B:roue0 

to feke mp li'ujng; ttill: 
Sinti fliousl) but little birtie 31 am, 

pet fpg 31 ftoete anti flljjilL 
^oto tljou tljat ffreate anD miff^tie art, 

deCpife anU fet not ligljt 




2Bp little one0 : Cmall ones oftpme0 
fubDue tlje greate of mig^u 



Of a dronkard goyng home from 

the Tauerne. 

2Djunfeacl)e D^mfepng; all tt)e tiaie, 
Sit mglit tii'D Ijomtoacti tafee l)i0 toap: 
i;t)e Ujinfee '^10 blatiliet; buctieneti Co, 
i:i)at l)e mutt let l)i0 toatec pe, 
Cljecehp t^ leantie 55m to t^e toall, 
25p cljaunce a fi)oto?e a0 t^eti Uiij fall: 
l^e tl)?ou5t)lj lijunfee, aati tipleU toell, 
3Diti aeme t)e pitte tlie tatne tliat fell: 
1^10 mate tljat toit^ t)?m tljen litti go, 
(9pucl)e mufpng; totip fte taccied fo) 
^ffet tpm tot^ toall te di'D cleatte: 
^nD faieU, toilt neuer piffpng; leaue ? 
(^Duott tie) fo lonff a0 (0oi) fliiall pleafe, 
91 l)cce mutt piffe, aita tafee mpne eafe. 

To one hauyng a verie red nofe. 

Tjf t^ou tiiDft pUe tlie potte no moje, 
^ titn t^ou tioeft pl^e tl)? boofee: 
'QTlien tooulo not nofe of tljpne fo retiiie 
anti firie flamjns loofee, 



To Guido. 

^ Qsne of tcuttie fwntifitjip tcue, 

mj Guido tcuttie fuenae: 
Bottle QUerCeiS fine, anli applet fine, 

into ti0 tt)ou DiUtt Centie* 
S10 apple0 fine tieli0!)t t^e moutfie, 

Co HecCesf pleaCe t^e miniie: 
tClje fictte in tatte, tit Tecontie graett, 

mode pleaCaunt toe tiiti fintie, 
C5? applet patTe t^e glittering golDe: 

tljp naecfeg pearler e;ccell: 
'2rt)j guift0 from eitljec golDe, oj peaule, 

quigl)t beare atoaie tl)e belU 
i^ot better applet ttjen toece t^ine, 

migt)t fejng Alcinous fenUe: 
Slnti Witvtt0 tl)jne Co ej;cellent, 

(Boti ciarius migljt not menlie* 

To Marianus. 

T^l^ou enemie to mufe? nine, 

ti)OU foe to learneD Harney: 
i^oto Dactt tljou poet0 pure Hifpife, 

anil feefee to fople tfteir fame0? 
Orpheus ^oEt ejccellent, 
toit'b Cong anti fugceti boice: 




Coulti tame tlje Ijelliflje tiountie, aan mafee 

bot^e ttoness anti bcattgi reioptc, 
Arion fingecptiff fine W ^acpe, 

toi't!) cunning; CfeilfuU tanDe: 
aaia0 bp a 2Dolpfiiti CaueO ftom Teas, 

anti bjoufflit bnto t^e latibe* 
Amphion bj t)i0 eloquetice 

anti CugreD rpeact)e0 mt'lDe: 
Bjouslit to a ciuell fojme of life, 

rube bacbatou0 people toilbe, 
il2oto if Co tljou pjocebe anb Cpeafee, 

gaina poet0 tliat e^cell: 
ai^oje Sacbe art t|ou tiien raggeb ttonesf, 

anb beads in tooobs tl)at btoelU 


Of a fheepe that foftered a woolfe. 

Tjijlt^ milfee of m^ne 9i feb a tooolfe, 

not of mine otone accojbe, 
(But tjerto fojtt:) foj tooolue0 ?ou fenotoe, 

of fljeep are flill abfiojb. 
Mltien 31 bab bjougbt t)pm life, at lad 

mj life be reft from mee: 
Ho, fo^ no suifts noj benifite0, 

map nature tbaungeb be, 



Againe of the fame. 

yrJitii milke of mine otone, a tooolfe 1 Did feeO, 
compelleti thereto of m? fljeppacli intieeti : 
Mllje loff 1 San fet) Ijjm, ii? ^pm 31 toais fpilt, 
lo naua;t)t toilbe naugtit, fap i Do totat ^ toilt 

Befi: neuer to be borne. 

.^^at patlj lift jou to tcea5e? 

i;i)e court0 of plea bj bjauU anti bate, 

Dji'ue gentle peace atoap. 
31n toufe fo? toife anti cl)iHr, 

tliece 10 but cacfee anti care: 
aoiitlj toile anti tcauell enouglj, 

in feeHie0 toe Ijfe to face* 
SHppon tl)e »»ea0 l^t& tijeali: 

t^e ricte in fojren lanU 
2Doe feace t^e loffe, anU tliece tfie pooje 

like mifec0 poojelp ftanD* 
^tci'fe toitl) a toi'fe, toitljout 

jouc tljjift full Ijacti to fee: 
gonff bjat0 a tcouble, none at all 

a majme it feeme0 to be* 
goutt fonti, age tatlj no ^act, 

anU pincl^etlj all to nje: 
Cljoofe tlien tlje leifeu of t^efe ttoo 

no life, 0^ Tone to lipe* 



Metrodorus minde to the contrary. 

^l^at race of life run pou? 

toljat tratie toill jou aCfap ? 
31n Court 10 glo?? got, anD toi't 

encreafetlj Date hj? tiaie* 
Sit tome toe take our eafe, 

ana beafee our relue0 in reft: 
'9Df)e fffltisJ our namre Dot!) refrefll) 

toitl) plearure0 of t^e bett* 
<aDn fea0 great gaine 10 got: 

(tfittmttj taugng ntuc5, if not 

none fenotoe^ W lack but f)e» 
SL toife toill trim t^p ]^oufe, 

no toife tlien art tSou free: 
©jooti 10 a louelj tiling, toitfiout 

t!)5 life i0 loofe to tl)ee. 
png bloti0 be ftrong, olo fp?e0 

in Double honour Dtoell: 
2Do toap tfie c^opfe, no life, oj foone 

to Die, foi all i0 toell, 


S T R O Z A. 

Of Scaurus, a riche man and couetous. 

C Caurus |at^ funtijiE t)jUage0, 

^ tit^ farme0 anli manners bjaue: 

apucfie lantie, fat <aD;cen, ttoje of coine: 

Ije \)at\) totiat lie can ^atte* 
get ttiU te fccapeg toitl) toott) anti naile, 

moje, (till l)e liot^ lieOire: 
aWitt taclipg caring couetoufnes, 

1)10 mpntie t0 fct on fire* 
Fabritius better liue0 tlien Ije, 

a pooje contenteD totgljt: 
flfllljom netljer sreeti^ ffatljer^ng, 

noj tfur? tiotl) lieU'gljt, 


M V R E T V S. 

Againft Venus. 

T jf Venus, (a0 tlje li'png route 

31f fl[)e out of tlje furffpng fea0 

anti toeltring toaue0 dtd fpjinff, 
l^oto ran tl)i0 come ti' patfe, tljat fltie 

iJjouHi burne tjat to toa0 bo?ne? 



Bj flancfeergng: flame of fiuie loue, 

to tintjtvg men ace too?ne» 
aifj, ffnppns: gceefc.- to^at ftoptt t|)ou fo? 

pODje JLoun reel? to?etc!) ? 
Cljou from t^e milifl of flotopno: flceamejS, 

lot fcalUpnff fice liott fetclje. 

To Margaris. 

^Ifeen Co it ratne0, atili Phcebus rape0 

are couereli all toit^ cloutie^: 
'Efien euerj tlijnff remaining fati, 

in Qlence penCue fll)ioutie0, 
'Eljerefoje muCe not nvs Margaris, 

tljougt fat" tt)Ou tiott mee fee: 
Bel)oltJ mine eje0 raine teare0, anu t!)Ou 

mp fonne art gone from mee* 

To Corellius. 

A Bafeer, 25utct)er anU a Baulie, 

a Cobler anti a Ccofee, 
i:i)ou art : a S^arcliant, Latoier to 
toell fWlleli in tt)j boofee, 

Sill tljefe Corellius tl)OUgl) t^ou be, 

Sim none in all t^e cittie liue0, 
lifee tliee in miferie, 

I^Oto can tl)i0 be be Corellius? 

3 mufe ana maruell to, 
(Ifll^en a0 t^ou cantt fo man? t^inge0, 

(S get 



get nortjptiB" cantt tljou toe. 

Of Pontilianus. 

yjJ^tn flampna; Phcebus toit!) t)i0 t^at, 

Iioti) cauCe t^e ffcounti to c^infee, 
»>traio:5t toaje0 Pontiiian t^icftie tcie0, 

bop fiitt)ei' t)ie toit!) tijinlie. 
M^tn Co It raine0, lo noto faifb 'Se, 

(15oli toameg t0 to cacotoCe: 
aait)ic!) all aboute tlie gcoimti bot^ Co 

toiti fleet anti fil)oVDei*0 Coufe. 
^0 piling t^u0 , in funne noj fi)Otoec0 

t)i0 bjinfee 10 not fojpt: 
^nti Comto'bat (till l)e ^at^ to faj, 

tol)j Ije J^ottlli tolle tlie pot, 

A V S O N I V S. 
An exhortation vnto modeftie. 
IWrcCn fap, tljat Bpng Agathocles 

^ once feU in pottec0 plate: 
£nti cljacjeli ofte toitlj Samian claie, 

1)10 i:alile0 toljeire ije fate, 
apong; to^icl) l)i0 cl)at:gei;0 all of (KolDe, 

tie fecueD in tooulD fee: 
^nd fo tog;etI)ec Ije tooulD niinje, 

!)i0 pjiDe anti pouertee. 


O F £ P I G R A M S. 50 

potr«IIpng pjmtel? place 
S)t Cicil : late 1x180 tontit tinto 

a potter pooje atiti bafe, 
?Leacne Ijence ^ouc coome0 to reueititce ^e 

tljat tltme to "^onouc faft, 
ani) begffec tijouffljt to ljonour0 feate, 

retnemtiet; toliat tl)ou txiaft* 

Of the Pifture of Rufus, a vaine 

"T^^e E^betljojicians ftatue tW, 

tljat Rufus liati to name: 
Hoofee euen to^at Rufus \11a0 JjmCelfe, 

tW ImdLSZ 10 tl)e fame* 
i;ong;le0 ana toitle0, colD an!) lieafe, 

a flone t^at can not fee: 
Si Rufus rtslit: one Dtffei'ence pet, 

moje foft toa0 Rufus l)e. 

Of a woman that would haue poyfo- 
ned her hufbande. 

A afllife, a toitfeeti tooman tjat 

a nougl)tie life ttiH li'ue, 
santo Ijec iealou0 liuftianli dtU 

foule filtl)5 popfon sim. 
»)l)e tiempng tliat alone, not of 

fuffict'ent fojce to be 
'3ro ciD tpm quicfelie : longing; foje 

(10,11. W 



\}i0 quid liiCpatc^e to fee, 
j^Duicfeeaiuji; toit!) tl)e popCon m(itg;0, 

tiemjng of hott) tie fojce, 
Mloult) quicfelj bjing ^pm to W S^^t, 

anti mafee Dpm toone a cojCe* 
'JES^fe pamti, po^Con ftrotvg oo mafee, 

(M^nt man tl)e fame tooulD tljinfe) 
2But put togeffjEC t!)ep pjeferue, 

MJljO fo tteceof liot^ tijinfee, 
jfioto totiile topttiec ttoi;ct tl)emfeluE0, 

ttefe pojfon0 faotij Ooe Mm: 
'^z 6opD0 from tijm t^e lieatilp bane, 

anD fo remained ali'ue: 
acaijat care IjotJ dBoti on tai:tl)lp fouled ? 

te lieau reuiuetl) man, 
anti tDl)en ttie fate0 toill Ijaue tt fo, 

ttoo pojfon0 ppffit cam 

To one that painted Eccho. 

y-lfeou totltle0 toiff^t, toljat meaner t|(0 mali intent, 
tlto D?ato mp face anu fojme , tinknotone to tl)ee? 
aailiat meanft tijou fo fo? to moleften mee? 
a2j|om neuer epe l)el)dd, noj man coulti fee, 
2Daug!)tec to talfepng: tongue, auo apje am % 
app mother notljpng: 10 toljen ttiinge^ ace toajDe, 
31 am a tiopce toitfiout tl)e boUie^ apde, 
aoiljen all tlie tale I0 tolDe anti fentence fai'De, 
'QClien 31 recite tl)e latter entie afrelije, 




31n motfepnff Co;t anU countecfaptms toife: 
aaiittm jouc eavz& mj c^efeft fiarhour Kesf, 
%^ei:z tioe 3 toonne, not Ceett toit^ mojtall z^z^, 
StnO moje to tell aiiti fact^ec to p?oc«tie, 
3j Eccho Ijigljt of men beloto in pounti: 
%t t^ou taflt ti|at) mp counterfet fnUeetie, 
tfc&en mutt tljou paint (^ i^ainter) but a founli* 

An Epitaphe of Anitia. 

"y^e tl)png;e0 t^at manp ]?ece0, 

can fcantlp bjjng; about, 
Anitia l)at^ atcomplilijt, ^et 

not fullie ttoenti'e out. 
Sin infante fi;e Ijatl) fucfet, a maftie 

llje quicfelp fell in loue: 
fe>l)e linlit, concemlie, l)?oug;l)t fojtl), i UH 

tt)e pang;0 of c^ilti=birt^e pjoue, 
^nu mafie a motftec, noto at latte, 

Deatl) t^nce hia Ijec remoue, 
affljo riglitl? can t^e fate0 accufe? 

li)e Ij'uei) |atl) tl)e perciS, 
cKc^e ap0 function to pecfojme, 

a0 plaine b? pjoofe apperess. 

Of a Hare taken by a Dog-fiflie. 

"yifee fentjnff i)ountiss pucCutie, 

tbe |)attte %are of foote: 
"^fie felie beatt to fcape tl)e 2Doo:e;e0, 
t)(D lumpe tjppon a I'oote: 

(104iu tCfie 



%^z rotten Cccag it bucKe, 

from tUffe to ^zn& ^e fell: 
'Elien crtUe tl)e ^att, tititappie me, 

foj noto pecceiue 3| toell 
IBot^e lanUe aitti Tea puuRie, 

anti l)ate tlje IjurtleCCe l^ace: 
Sinti tkz tlje tioffgeti Cfeie alofte, 

If fo tlje Dog: be t^eace» 

Of Miron an old dottrell, that would 
haue lyen with Lais. 

C\%^ Miron, Lais toatltOU toentlje 

^^ to Ipe toit^ l)5m , befouglit: 
^me Lais ^)t, tiiD put i)?m bacfee 

anti fet W fitte at nought. 
I^e feitotopng fui'e it toasf l)is( age, 

tljat fije UiD fo liifpife: 
!feiiS lioai-'ie l)eati (all ouei* ftcagljt) 

toitlj blacfeptig Dacfee Ije i3ie0, 
Sin\i fo toitl) toomeij bifage l)e, 

but not toif^ toonteti ijeare 
ifoj to renue lji0 toonteo fute, 

goe0 to W Lays beaue* 
25ut (Jje comparing lieab of W 

anD face togettiei' toellt 
^aeccljaunce ti)i0 fame {0 Miron mpne 

quotl) flje : 31 can not tell, 
»)0 flSje (bncertaine toliat Ije toa0) 



O F E P I G R A M S . 52 

tiffpofDe to Cpojt anti plaie: 
3[ti tiaU'png; toife tlju0 gan (ije fpeafee 

anti to Ijet loutc raf«: 
ajaijp fooli^e fellotoe fontie quot^ fije, 

to|^ tioett t^ou t^i0 requto? 
tnje ttipiiff tijou tioett liemauntie of me, 

31 mvtt DenieD t!)j Qit. 

Tranflated out of twoo Greeke au- 
thors : Plato and Scatilius. 

A aoiretcIieS caitiffe , m tiiTpaice, 

toent foojti) \»it|) tfjjotlpg cojtie 
i;o mafee atoaie Ijjmfrif : bp ijap 

Ije founOe a pltjeti tioattie: 
^e lojfull ttoa0 ^10 Mpps« cljaunte, 

tl)t0 Ijiijijen ^oartie to fintie: 
f ojCoofee W purpofe, toofee tlje sola 

anti left tlje rope beijmtie* 
Clje otoner toljen i)e came, anU fatoe 

from tl)etice '^ig ruDDocfe^ refte: 
ifoj fojrotoe |)ung;e !)^m felf toi'tlj rape, 

tliat tliet'e MjinU toag Jefte. 

Of Venus in armour. 
^ame Pallas JLaUz Venus tetoUe, 

clati tijaue m armour biiQifU 
%tt Paris I'uDge (come on quot^ fllje) 

togetljer let W fifflbt 
»)ee, fee, quotl) Venus l)oto l^e I)?ag0: 

dBj'uu a pjouD 



a pjouOc titCDatnfuU mm: 
"ZIEtjou linotoft 3i CmocMeCfe conqueci) tl)ee, 
peace Pallas, fie fo| Cjjame, 

The fame otherwife. 

yili compleate^Paiias fatoe, 
^ tt)e l-aDie Venus ttmtit : 
Mlfio fafeti, let Paris not) be 3Iul>P» 

encounter Voe toi't!) tiantie* 
laepUtie t^e (Botitiea:e:tol)at? 

Cfeojntte tl)ou m acmouc me: 
tCbat nafeeO ectt in Ida mount, 

fo foilti anQ tonquecli t^ee? 

Of the piflure of Rufus a vaine Rhethoritian, 
of whom there is an Epigram before. 

"Y^ Rufe !)is( ^able id, 

can notljjng be moje true: 
3|f Rufus tjolDe W peace, tW peece 
anti Ije are one to tietoe. 

Of the piflure of the fame Rufus. 

.^31^5 inTage fai'ce, tijat can not fpeafee, 
^ tooulDft fenotoe tnliat one 3| am? 
3i aparrie : 3 am Rufus ije 

tl)e Rhethoritian. 

aOHjat, can not Rufus fpeafee t))jm felf ? 

i;i)e mintage of tW '^mase, fo? 

Ije 10 !)?m felf perDie. 


Of the Table wherein Rufus 
was painted. 

"yl^e po^tcature of Rufe tW i&, 

tol)tc|)e l)ere jou Tee: 
a^urije lifee tlje fame in lieeae:t)?m felf 

butto^ei'£i0 6e? 
!fejm felf in ftatelp ctiaire i0 platt: 

to^atDoetl) Ijetliere? 
iI5aug!)t cl0 but totiat jou fee t)?m Doe 

in 'liable Sere. 

Of the pifture of kyng Crsefus, tranfla- 

ted out of the firft booke of 

Greke Epigrams. 

T^^J picture Crsefus fepg t^t Dititt 
fo? ricf)e0 all e;cccll: 

SllnCtUill mtie Diogines 

bz^dtit benetl) in Ijell. 
anti ietopnff it aloofe, ^e lauglit 

ajs tl)ougl) l)i0 tacte tooulti hjeake; 
Sit lafte (to^en Ije Sati laug^t 6i0 fill) 

Se tl)u0 began to fpeafee. 
d) fooliCtje Crsefus, tofiat auailesJ 

noto all tS? paultcie pelfe? 
^itS noto t^ou poojec art, tlien pooje 

Diogines fipm felf» 

jfoj tol)at toa0 mjne 3| bare toitlj me, 
tolien felie Craefus pooje 

(3X 'QTljou 


%\im penileffe ttM patfee from ^tntt, 
toi all t^p 1)115^ ftoje* 

Of the drinke D o D R A : Which is made 
of nine thinges. 

T Dodra Ijiffljt : l^oto Co? mm t^inge0 

Do ffo to mafejng mine: 
Wl\)ic\) tliep ? topee, toatec, l)onp, b^eati, 
fpice, '^eacbesf, Talt, ople aitti tome* 

Againft two fifters of diuers 

^(t mtiCe anti macuell Delia muc^e, 

(atiti tl)at tottlj cauCe) to fee 
Wi&t tljece fut^e Difference 10 bettoi;rt, 

tljp alter (ije anD tljee, 
feilje ctiatle Dotl) Ceeme (tincljatle inDeeDe) 

betauteof l)er arafe: 
'W-^m cl)alt inDeeDe, Doll Ceeme 6ncl)aft, 

toi garmentg tl)ine To gap. 
tlTljougl) tl)ou bt rpotle0 pure m life, 

tl)oitg: fllje l)aue Ijonell toeeDeg: 
get garments ttipne Difljoneft tliee, 

anD Ijer Ijer nouErdtie DeeDegf. 

Of a fluggard. 

"y^e luffee in fjealtl) i0 toojfer farre, 
-*■ t^entetliat beeper t)i0l)eD: 
'QTiiS ttoife fo muclj tt)at I)e DeuouresJ 



of beace, of bcafe ana bjean. 

Of the riche and poore man. 

U (t 10 not cirtje to!)iclj plenty Botlj poCce^: 
ilJe 10 Ije poo?e, t!)at notljinff Ijatlj at all: 
ainti of t^em bott) tlj« poojemag neUe 10 leCTe, 

a0 l)j tlje Cequel pjouen fee jou (t)al. (neeUe: 
tirtie n'c|e of t9?eciou0 aone0 Dotl) ttanlie in 

tl)e poo?£ of ffcai'ne to Ijelpe Ijpm in XsWxt^x 
feo atl) tlje pooje $ rfcfje botl) toant, inUeelie 

of botlj tljeic neUe0 2 pojema0 ncDe 10 leCCe* 

Of his deare deceafed. 

'T"1^?et grac£0 fapje tljecc toece j but to^i'le 

mp Lefbia tifij TCtnaine 
ifoure toece tljecetana no\ii Qje 10 gone, 
tliece are but tl)jee aga^ne. 



To Nesera. 

"]YTg ttoeete, pou affee to^at life 31 liue: 
•^ -"-(l&ien fucte a life a0 pou me gi'ue, 
aDittceffeti, tiolefull, bactie from rette; 
^0 baU a0 toell can be e.rp?ette: 
%W 10 tl)e life foj certaintee, 
i:^at pou mp tieace lioe $mz to me. 




Sou tioe a£mautHi0 mp lieare beQlie, 
ilitUtat mat£0 a Me& toitt) me abiOe: 
Cai;e0, Ccfenelle pale, anti gceef of ^acte, 
^atne,ttoitct)iti5 tlijotoesf, i fcalliing fmact, 
»>i0;I)e0, robbe0, anO teace0, anli peattinreC, 
Si0 bat), a0 toell can be £;cp?ett, 
Compamon0 ttieCe anO mate0 of mine, 
tKjeCe pou mj Deace to me atCne. 

Of hym felf, and his frende. 

T 3ifee a0 tlje bouffl) Doetlj buU anD bjancte, 

bnt't to ^10 boliie fafte: 
Sin\} plucfet atoai'e, tioet!) Tone Decaie, 

li?te, toitfjer, Dje anti toafte* 
Chien Co b? t!)ee 31 Cantie, o? fall, 

31 Ime 01 tipe fap t^ee: 
foj tinto tljee 3J am tl)e bougl), 

anil tljou tl)e (lotfee to me* 


P I G N A. 


^^en a0 tlie »iunne OoetS fljine, 

If Naijs ijine tec face: 




'3rt)eti Phoebus tiie0, anti all t^z tztla^ 

lament in Uolefull cace. 
aittfeett a0 tl)e »tunne tiojtlj lt)joutie, 

if Naijs faiit appece, 
'2ri)cit dacfetteOTe Ue^, anli all tl)e feelijgi 

vzio^tt tott^ glaUfome rtjece. 


How a man fhould prepare to dye. 

/^-©oti entie if tl)ou Deflre, tl)eti toell 
^^ to Hue t|p felf applie: 
a Ijappie life if tl)ou tieQre, 
reniemtiec ttill to die* 

Pifcarius his Epitaphe. 

■^^0 tnan tW fame aparble colUc, 

Si jfiltjcr gceate, in toacre a Mars, 

anil one tfiat loueli peace* 
mw caught fie fiQje lieclace me? no, 

toljat tlien 3! pjaie tfiee tell? 
'Eotoneg, citie0, feingtiom^, feing^ tl)efelue0 

taufffit, ttoute, tliat tjia txczll 
l^oto caustt tW JfiQjec tljefe, declare 

tj tofiat Ueuifeti nett0? 
3ig counfell tieepe, b? courage gceate, 

b? flrengtt) tfiat all tfipng^ getts* 




aaito conquerlj t!)i0 Gout 3Dulie at latt? 

Mars, Mors, ttoOO ^Otl0 Of migljt: 

Mlljat toag tl)f caufe tl)at tliem conttcaititie? 

tile zmm& IjeUiltie Cpifftt 
l^tiep 5um !)jm nougtit, fo? ttill Uoetl) U'ue 

^iiS fame ana glojie b?i5l)t: 

flfllljittie 10 of fOJCe, bOt^e Mars atlD Mors, 

ana all to put to flight. 

Of the difcorde of Princes. 

j-Ma tMuCt)e0 falne at ijan'aunce 

togetler fei'rce ao ftgljt: 
Ctacte feefeeiS tlie otliet: foj to fople 

tip ffcuffUng:, ffcengt^, ana mtffljt 
'W-lz Ifeatofee (ttieir ccuell eni'mie) 

betoiapng; tliem at fquare: 
3In ccuell clmcW caitgit tljem botlj 

ana tljem to peaces tace^ 
»)0 cliiiftian pjince0 totiile ttep be 

bettoene ttemfelueg at bate, 
3|n come0 tfte tpjant Turke, t^ei'c fo, 

ana Cpo?le0 tljem of tljetc (late* 

To a Laffe, lamentyng of her mo- 
ther the loffe. 

Ti^ toaplmff ttie aepacmce, of 
tl)p loiipg; mot^ec aeece: 




31n rasing: fo?t tofij doft tI)ou retiti 
atiti l)ale from tieaU t^ptte tieace? 

^ fpace tljp locfeg (ttou leVDtie) 
and ceafe to pull tljj pate: 

2Dotl tljinfec bp liaHine0 pilDe, 
t^^Doloj to abate? 

Of a Painter : A pleafant and mery ieft. 

A ^aintec once (f&at toa0 

-^*- a Zeuxis toi IjisS CfelU) 

l^ati cljillijen foule, DefojmeO, blacfee 

anJ) of comple;cion ill. 
^i& toi'fe fpafee to ^pm ti)u0 t'nfpojt, 

ipon a certen tpme: 
afllljj doft t^ou plant Co naugt)tl^ tell, 

anD paint fo fapje anti fine? 
€) toife (quotl) ^e) jou fenotoe 3 plant 

in dacfeeneg all t|e ni'gljt: 
2But paint 3j doe totien Phcebus raie0 

do call a radiant liglit. 

A mery ieft of a fcattergood. 

■^!^at tjnie a certen fbattergood, 

toitl)in l)i0 gates ftp nig^t 
2Did entrpng; fee a pilfring fenaue, ^ 

fometljpnff to fteale and pifee. . 
^m art befnecd |)ere vx t^e nigljt, 

to looke foj ougl)t (quotl) te) 

if"? 31 Wt? ^flff ^l)^tt Phoebus bjigljt 





tiot!) (|jme, can notljpng ttt, 

A left of a lefter. 

A fecoffec fine toa0 toont fomtime, 
"^ in teft to mer? toigljt: 
»>till to w^eacCe Menalcas tierfe, 
(of to'bom liot^ Maro tojite,) 

He make that none with talkyng tongue, 
henceforth thou fhalt abufe: 

%W iecft Of Vergil ftill in Cpojt, 

anD 9j«ttpn5 Ije toould Wt. 
But fo it t|atmcei3 at ti)e latt, 

fo? man?" a fenauiitje pam: 
^e toa0 compelli tip tftjotlpng cojO, 

of Deat!) to hplie tt)e Tmact* 
^nti bjoug^t to place Xo^tte Ije (Ijould bilie, 

tlje pinching; pang0 of fieat^: 
%^t Ijaltec tiDe, ttie Ijangman 'bo?ft 

pjeparD to (lop Ijiss bjeatl). 
Clje tankman putting: o?e W teatii 

tlie tialtet: a.0 tljep tCe: 

»)aiD: lie make that none by talkyng tongue 
hencefoorth thou fhalt abufe. 



To the Rofe. 

T^ou laoCe Co faire Ooetf quicMp fatre, 
To foimt fatiE0 qut'cfelp Cure: 
%^tn tt)ou faice IRoCe, $ beautte li?aue 
a like tpme Uoe cntiure. 

To his Image. 

■'■*-'■ tell me tojo fafljioneli tliee ? 
^oto paffpng rigl)t refenibleft tl)oti, 

t!)e countenaunce of me* 
tlEliou loofeeft pale, pale efee loofee 3: 

tljou blintie, 91 alCo hli'tilie: 
{Sigt mt) no mpntie liatt t^ou at all, 

31 lifeetoife ^aue no mmtie* 
j]Jo life tatt t^ou, no life I)aue 3: 

tljou tmmbz cantt notj^ng fpeafee, 
{Sigt me) mp tongue ne talfeeg at all, 

31 tiumbe anti fpeatlileire eafee, 
00 tacte Doetl) Ijacber in t^2 b?eaft, 

91 tiawleCCe am againe: 
tcfou bitiett inaccompanieO, 

fo lifeetoife 9| remaine: 
S>t falling papec tljou compatte, 

^ t^at 



t^at quicM? tioet^ tiecaie: 
Sl^P boHi'e tlz but bjittle barfee, 

tmttetifaa ftill tioetlj ttaie. 
'Qrtlou a0 a fljaliotoe of mp co?p0, 

tnUuectt but little tpme: 
S[ fatipnff (|)atiotoc follotoes ftill 

ItfeetoiCe t!)e co?p0 of mpne* 
i;i)Ou feble, Tone Boeft fade atiU faile: 

long male not 3 remaine: 
"^0 Uufte anti poutiec t^ou muft pacfee, 

anO fo muft 1 againe* 
Bot^e lifee a? lifee mate be, but t^ou 

libft mecriec facre tl)en 31: 
'2ri)ou litft anD lotifte not, loue mafee0 nte 

a tojetctie to liue pcrliie* 

Of his loue Caelia. 

'yifee fire tioet^ tame t^e iron Ijactie, 
-*■ tiactie flinte tl)e toater0 peacce: 
JLMai'me blouti tioett bjeafee tlje ^Damant, 

a0 funtijie boohed celieacre: 
But (ije totom 3 ^^^ ft>^uf (n^ojf ^ar&e: 

tben tjefe repetea tlj?ee) 
%^en icon, Jflint, oj atiamant, 

moje rocttie tiacUe i0 t!je* 
jfoj ne mp fire ttiat burned in bjeaft, 

ne teare0 from m& tliat fall, 
J5d2 fpinnpng blouO from fanguine tiainesf, 

male mafee ber rue tec tljjalU 



Of loue. 

A »)\j)anne, a Bull, a Satyre toooli, 
^^ anU ffolCre, toa0 loue aboue: 
jfoj L. fo? E. foj A. anti D. 
toitl) tol)om f)e toa0 in loue. 

To the Reader. 

A Htljouglj not tl)ee, 31 pleaCe m? felf, 
■^^ tfioureatiecmaiefttiepne: 
g)uffictent if tl)C to?i«r0 tooojfee0, 
&oe pleafe l)jm Telf alone. 

Of hym felf 

j^ou lauffP, tl)ou lotojtt (botl) glaD $ rati) 

tl)0u hotlje tioeft reft, anD capnje: 
w>utl)e 10 fbe life a louer leati0, 
tljou lotitle, ti0 notfijng ttcajnge. 

Three Euills. 

yjJ^k^z ace tlijee ill0 tliat miCc^efe men, 
^ to fenoto iJofl tl)ou HeQre? 
I^aue liece in feto mp frenti e;;pjett, 
tl)e jF^m, tl)e ifluti, tlie fire. 

The riche old man, of hym felfe. 

.^^en ponff 31 ^as^) t^^i^ Poo?e 31 toa0: 
noto in mj latter tiaje0, 

1^.11. aaiitS 



Mit^ xici)t^ 31 abounD: (ai? met) 
iinliappie to?etcl)e hotlj toape0* 

Mlljen m 31 Imetoe Come bft of 500150, 
31 toantei) euecmoje: 

an!) noto 31 tooto no tift of gooti^, 
of goot)0 31 t)au£ gceat ttoje. 

Of a Dwarfe. 

A SDtoacfe tippon a pfmpecsl Iiacfee 
DID get tjtn tip to tide: 

^t tSUmJi a tameU Oliphante 

Ije tiiij asi tljeti tettn'tie* 
But tootle !)e tiiti aDuaunce l)pm felfe 

to boltie tippott W bacfee, 
!^e tumbleli Hotoixe, anli tad a fall 

tljat matie W sut0 ccie quacfee. 
aailjen a0 tl)e SDtoarfe toasi tl)u0 tin^o^tt, 

tar^ lauff'bt, I'otlj jceat anli fmall: 
aailjp lauffl) pou maftec0 quotlj tl)e dtoacfe? 

toljat? Phaeton ijaD a falU 

Loue is vncurable. 

^i]i lieacb 10 founli earij Ijurte to Jelpe: 
all toat:e0 Ijaue falue0 toe fee: 

alone tl)e toounlr tfiat Cupid B;iue0 
can neuec cuceD be. 



To a couetous old Carle. 

A%t\iSMe^ t!)j \Miz Gluer ^eare0, 
80 totiite ass l-illie^ fijotoc: 
aitl)ougt tftou Pylius paffe in jeace0, 

ttat liueli long affo: 
ait^oug;!) ^ teett (tot)irtje tSou IjaC bouQ^tj 

no? cmtt can eate no? ccummc: 
ailt^oug^ tnto t^e biinke t^ou art 

of Stygian toate noto come: 
get naptljele^ to^ole Coffec0 ccamti 

toitl) coine, t!)Ou ftill liott ctaue: 
anti bags bpg bolne toi'tlj monp muclie 

tl)Ou ttt'll aeCrft to taue* 
£) notpng fire, t^efe ^eape0 of come 

required not Charon fell: 
S)ttz fillp pennie foj W fac^ 

COntentetl) Charon WlL 
Of Codrus. 

T|2to a pjincelp i^allace pjoutie 
•^ (built bjaue toitl) a^arble ftone) 
aoiitti raggeti tattereO tojne attire 
pooje Codrus tDOulO ^mt gonne. 



»io nafet {quot]& one; ^z come not fiece: 
quotl) Codrus no, anD toS? ? 

%^e 0050 ace nafet, anti none but nafet 
mutt go to lemtn pecDie, 

To Panfophus. 

•yi^ouffl) Panfophus t^ou pleaCett none 

no macuell tf0, anD tolip ? 
%^ou pleafett ouermuci) tl)p felfe 

pJOUiJ Panfophus pecD?* 

To a Niggarde. 

^%% tftpns 10 Dere t:&ou faitt, 

toine, ijittajl, cojne, anU graine: 
iet miTer tiile toell tto?eti tl)OU 
toitf) all ttipng: tiott remaine, 
»»o tljou to no man Deece, 

Celtt Oeece tjnto tlje pooje: 
Sllacfee tljou fai'tt all tlji'ngg ace Deece, 

Deece muft 3 Cell tl)eceCo?e» 
Si% Cell t^ou mt'fec a0 tljou maitt 
anD fljunne tl)ou Vfuryj 
Charus. &0 (t)alt tl)ou he to all inm Deece 
Carus, anD Dece to none pecDie, 

To a backbiter that was balde. 

"DaiDfconre, 3| notli^ng: ^aue 
^ tinto tfteefojto Caj: 
But Cuce 31 lauDe tl)j locfe0 tol)ic5 ace 
gone fcom tlj? IjeD atoap» 



To Achilles Combanus. 


I}lR,tgIjt Glory capngpitg Ine anu tfiece, 
-^ to ftek t^t fljinjng; botoje 
mi)tu Vertue Dtorit, |)apt on tl)5 fiouft, 

of Vertue fragcant flotoer* 
anti fo \o^m Glory Uiij pccceaue, 

tl)at Vertue Dtoelt toitlj tljee: 
^ere toill 3 reft (quotl) W tW 5"^^, 

31 toill Combanus be* 

H.iij. OVT 




How to vfe riches. 

S>e ricl)e0 ttofe ttiou liafte, 

a0 tl)OUfff) t!)Oii Jijoulliett Die: 
aigaiti 30 tloufflj tjou fljoultiett Uue, 
t^5 gooti0 Cpetiti0 rpai'?ng;lfe» 
a p?ulient man. (0 Ije, 

tol)ic!)e tlji0 cotiQliepnff toell: 
SDoetl) ftiU olifecue anu beepe tlje meane, 
tol)ic|)e all tlipttff Doetlj e;;celU 

Againft riot. 

r^Eeate (loje of touft0 fpj to builtie, 
^^ gceate ttoje of men to feetie: 
tlTo come to pining; penucie, 
tl)e tjerte patlje in tieelie. 

Mannes miferie. 

T aaiept tolien 3] toa0 bojne, 
anil noVD at point of aeatl) 
31 Ubetoife toeepe, anti toeepe 3| (ijall 

to^jle botiie beacetl) ftjeatlj* 
® tojetc^eD mojtall man, 

toeafee, toofull, penQue, fali: 
Come life 0? tieat^ (t^ou litiit a to^ettlje) 

no comfojt to be taH. 




Wiuyng twife. 

TJ 310 fii*K toife i5etil)t (anU laied in gcaue) 

toljo Doetlj a CeconBe tafte: 
1:0 trte tlje Ceag apinc, Ijjm Celf 
a fljipman lie Doett mafee» 


V7'3irgimtie furpattetljvpet 

ic all fljoulti birgineg be, 
®«c UTe toei'0 iiaitie, atilj none foj to 

fticceUe tgi flljoulti toe fee* 
'Eafee tljerefoje tl)Ou a toife, 

an!) tolien tljat t^ou Hoett ti^e 
2-eaue to tlje too?ltie anO tljee an 6e(ce, 

anti itunne atiulterie. 

Of a Thracian lad. 

A Thracian bop toell ttplet! all tl)e Uaie, 

Upo a fcojen fpjing dia Cpojt anU plate: 
Cte flippec 3It2 toit^ tiefte of I)otiie0 ftoai'e, 
<Dn foliaine bjafee, anti ttnapt lji0 Ita atoaie: 
'JCfiat ftaiam alofte, belotoe tlie carfea0 lai'e* 
tnje motliec came anU bare tlje lieatre atoafe: 
aaijen flje luD bune it, t5u0 gan fljje faie, 
'^510 bjoufflit 31 fo?t^ in flame l)i0 lieirce to 
i;5e red ami&gi p floob to finb a g:caue> (Ijaue, 

Pittie and compaffion. 

A ifiiljec &fl)^ns on tlje fl)o?e, 
"^*- toltl) anglpng; pole m tattbe: 



Bj Sap a lieliman0 ti?otoneti fcalpe, 

tijue tip ttito tlje lan&e: 
MJi'tlj 6?cm loofee totiett long ije tati 

IieljelDe tt)e Cconfe tie fountie, 
((Ifllitlj pittie pjicfet; Ije took it tip 

to stmt It in tlje grountie* 
Bp SDigffpng; Beepe ft toa0 t)i0 5ap» 

a ljoo?i3e of ffolUe to finde: 
%o matt tinrequiteli pe0, 

companion cuctuoug Unat, 

To Oreftes preparyng to 
kill his mother. 

-rir^ttt fljotift tijou tit t^j rtDOOjDe? t|)joua;S 
0? pap Co tenliec foft? (panrtje, 

'Elit lijUie bjetitie anti Iijouglit tljce fojtje, 
t!)e pappe DiiJ feetie tliee oft, 

A prouerbe. 

"DCttoenc t|)j tippec Up, 

anil of tlje cup tlje tjtnfee: 
2Doe nianp tljptij^ fall out, 
tlje tDljiclje tl)ou tDOulDll not t^infee. 

How death is haftened. 

^^ofo lie be t^at lotlipng life, 

lieCretfj foone to life: 
'^Dljiee tl)inB:0 mutt folotoe (tolitcl) ace ttiefe) 
15aine0, toine, anti HHenein'e, 




Three thynges bothe hurt and helpe. 

■D:ames(, toometi, tome ; t^efe t^ize 
^ Ooe fl)0?ten. life cectame: 
2Baine0, toomen, tome : tjefe t^jee 
Ooe lenetlim Ufe apine, 

Nothyng hid from God. 

T^i^ou Caittffe tljougl) tljou tioe conceale, 

t|)j crtme0 from men helotoe: 
get tliem to (0oa tpou mutt reueale, 
tofjetljec tl)ou toilt o? no* 

Fayned frendfhip. 

lSJ€>t f)e To muclje anno?e0 anti l)urte0 

t!)at faie0 3 am t!)? foe: 
^0 1)e tfiat lieare0 a fiatefuH ^am, 

and 10 a fcentie to (i)otoe, 
aoiarnlie of mp foe, 31 itunne m? foe: 

but f)oto l^ouia 3i tafee ^eetie 
€)f t)pm ttat fame0 Ij^mfelf m? frenDe, 

tot)en a0 te tate0 in tieelie? 
SIpotte fuce a to?etti)eD foe 10 lie, 

tottc!)e fcent)fl)(p ficme tioetlj fai'ne: 
ani) fe6e0 65 all tje fl)>ft0 l)e can, 

W fcenue to put to paine* 

To muche brynges lothfomneffe. 

j^^ muclie of an^ tljpng 10 naught: 
pea altoaie0 pjoue ?ou fljall 




'^Tijat to mticije mzn of Suttnp l)uit,tf, 
ana bittec feeme^ as pll* 

Againft ftepdames. 

7^ tietfec 1)10 ft£ptiame0 tobt toi'tij floVoer^ 

ant! g;arlanti00, corner tl)e fonne: 
»)urf t^infepng noto (t^at Mtl) \}n life) 

tier tiatceo l)ali been Uoon. 
tRje tombe notone tottecjng on Ij^m fallen, 

anO fetUe0 l)pm bp anti tij: 
?Loe liueleffc toumbg of tteptianteiS turft, 

leacne canfecea crueltie* 

Of the contempt of Fortnue. 

jl^W rettjng; rotie t0 founOe, 

iaine tope anti Ijap aliue: 
%oute tol)om jou life toitlj ttjaunge, 
2Drat^ ^all m0 n'D from jou, 

A controueriie betwene Fortune 
and Venus. 

^^ile jfiJtjec fi(i)t at toater0 aoe, 
fo? fiQjE tliat tterc tiiti ttoim: 
^ n'clje manss Daiigljter 5pm bEteltie, 

anti fell in loue toitl) ljgm» 
^0 tMt l|)e linfet toitl) ijpm to liue, 

noto f)E tl)at toa0 btfoje 
Bate, Iiaccen, bare, anti beggarlifee, 
tioetl) noto abountie toi'tl) (foje, 




2Dame jFojtue bp tmflpne; gan Cafe, 

31 pjai'e pou toljitlie of t)0 
iPoto mittL*e0 Venus (vm 01 91) 

toagf caufe t^!0 tapneli tt)ui» 


TTT^fle jftCSjEC cade }ji0 Ime, 

t!)e Ijouerpixg fiti)e to {)00k: 
2Bp !)ap a rici)e mangs Dauglittt; on 

tl)e ififljec cade ^ec loofee* 
»»|)e fcilie taiitl) framitfee loue, 

t^ei marckti efee at laff : 
'Etu^ jfifllJt!: toag from lotoe ettate, 

in top of tceafuce plait, 
fetootie ifojtune bp, anQ tmilntx 

i)OtD faie pou (Isamc) quot^ fi)e, 
'(Eo Venus ? toa0 tl)igi cotiqueft jouc0, 


The feuen fages names , faiynges , and 
countryes , in feuen verfes. 

THe Cittyes 7. whereas the 7. wife mafters rare (declare. 
Were borne, their names, and faiyngs 7. 7. verfes fhall 
Cleobulus of Lindia faid, a meane doth all excell. 
Wife Pittacus of Mittelen, faid, meafure beares the bell. 
Chilon of Lacedemon faid, take heede thy felfe to know. 
Of Corinth Periander faid, to anger be thou f lowe. 
Sage Solon the Athenian faid, for ay refpect the ende. 
Wife Thales of Milefium faid, nought promife to thy frende. 
Laft, Bias of Prisenium faid, all thinges to mifchefe bende. 

The report of the multitude not 
to be regarded. 




5€)lace anti comfo?t tijou tlip Ulte: 

noun;l)t peopleiS talfee ifteeme: 
flDne matt tieeme0 toell of tl)ee, of tfiee 
an ot^tc ill dotlj Jjeeme, 

C;' t/tus. 

^£)lace anti comfojt tliou tjp felft, 
care nougljt toliat people prattle: 
%W man talfee0 toell toiti) tljee, tljat man 
agamtt tljee (till tiotti tattle* 

Of a foole. 

T^l^e fciffejng aee0 ^ feeO on flert)e bp nigtit, 
a foole in bell, JJiD trouble, ttoinge $ bite: 
%^e foole put out tl)e canlile : nap (quot^ l)e) 
3jle matclje je, noto no moje jou Qjall me fee* 

Of a foolifh Aftronomer. 

^I^ile Thales lookeli rounti about, 
^ to beto tlje ftaiTe0 in ffeie, 
^e teblong fell into a bitctie: 

anb t^ece bib gcouelpng Ipe* 
Si belbam tommpng after l)pm 

beljelb Ijpm Ijoto Ije fell, 
a tountrie toife tljat toent to fettle 

faice toatec at a toelU 
aaitien a0 flje came bnto t^e bitclje 

tol)ere lurben lilte Ije la? 
»il)e mockt Ijpm : anb \oit^ ti'emblpng bopce 




Jfje tl)u0 began to fa?, 
jfie fooU'ff) fealoto a0 tljou art, 

toljp tioft tljott tieto tlje Cto ? 
aoi'^? ftaacft on »)tarce0 tljat ftatelj (fanti 

anil letft mean matters Ipe? 
fQEtie fate0 of otliet; men to fljotoe 

31 Deeme tljee farce tinmeete, 
aaiSen bujjara bljnft tfiou cantt not fee 

to|)at 10 ftefoje tl)j feete» 

When Women profite. 

A HtljougS all toomen feinDe fie nought, 
^^^ jet ttoo gooti tia?e0 Ijatf) fl[je: 
??er marriage Daj, ana ta? of Oeatl) 
failjen all (i)e leaue0 to tljee* 

Of Caftors Nofe. 

^^en Caftor i3igg0, a rpatie 
l)>0 l^ole 10 bnto f)pm: 
a tCrumpet Volien Ije aeepe0: 

a Mt\)t anti »>fcfele trim 
aailjen a0 Ije gatl)er0 grape0: 

an anfeer tolien Ije faile0: 
Si Culter to^en Ije plotoe0 

ttiat tut0 anti neuer faile0: 
rn^rn a0 l)e tafeet^ fil^je 

a fi(]|)!)oofee all t^e toljile: 
anD totien Ije tooulti '^aue fle(l)e 

1)10 j^ofe a fleflj^oofee ijile : 




Miitn agi lie g;raue0 m toooli, 

a gcauptiff femfe: anD toljeti 
l^e pjune0 atxt) tijeffetl) tcce^ 

a graffpng fenife a0 tfien: 
a ct)tpa;i;e, loofee toljen ajS 

t^e Carpenter t^ plaiegf: 
Si paffpng: pfcfelocfe, toljeti 

to open locfee0 ^t Caiesf* 

and totjat Co Caftor totl), 

i)e can not milTeljiS Tnoute: 
1^10 noCe mutt 6e t^c toole, 
W tooojfee to bjjnff aboute* 

Of a foule wife. 

T'^e tojetclje tljat maiTiea ^atlj, 

a tiototi, an ouglj tiame: 
»)!)all ttdl Ijaue nigljt, tljoug^ tiaj be bji's'gt, 
janti firfe Phoebus aame* 

To one, hauyng a long nofe. 

C '^anD toi'tlj t^^ fnoute apinft tlje funne, 
*^ anti open toiDe t|)p cijapsi: 
SlnXi bj tljp teetl) toe lijall Uececne, 
toljat ti0 a cloc&e, perljapsJ* 

Of a deaf ludge, a deaf plaintife, and 
a deaf defendant. 

"Df tap a man tliat coulQ not |)eare 
tljat bojne toagi Ueafe bp feinlie, 




another citeti to t^e court, 

murtj U'fee IjjmCelfe to ftnlie, 
ataijoCe Ijeacpng; fctiCe toasJ quig'bt btutti 

tlz 'ilutiffe tijat of tpe cafe 
^Ijoulti Qim W tiecliit, \»a0 asS tieafe 

afS deafeft la tlje place* 
%o court tijep came : tlje plamtiffe pjai'ti 

to I)aue 1)10 titipaieiJ rent: 
SDefentiant Cai'ti, in gcintipno: 91 

tl)i& toen'e nis^t fjaue Cpent* 
'ST^e 3\n^Qe bel)elti t^em hotlj atoljfle,> 

10 tW (at laft quotl) 5e) 
^f all jour (lurrea Crife tlie caufe? 

jou bot^ l)er cliiHiien be* 
^nli tijerefoje ^er to lielpe anlr aptre 

loofee tliat pou botl) agree* 

Of Marcus a fluggard. 

A/r Arcus a flugprD fleppno;, D^eamU 
•^ -^ a long; race tliat Ije runti : 
ifo? feare Se fo fl)ouHi iijeame agafne, 
Ions after Oepe ^e J^junti, 

Againft one very deformed. 

j^ paint tl)e mintie ti0 counteti l)ar&, 

t^e COJP0 to paint ti0 liglit: 
2But noto in t^ee fo foule tiefojmD, 

it falle0 contrarie quis^u 
jfo? nature t^ine Uot^ plaine betojaie, 

a tlie 



tie manners of tf)p mpnOe: 
Slnt} t^erefoje toto tt)? tnjnlie (0 hcnt, 

but eaQe ti0 to flntie. 
But noto t^^ foule miTffjapen limme0, 

l)otD map t^ep painteli tie? 
^nD po?tcaiti out? toljen euec? man 

Dots lotlj to loofec on ttiee, 

Againft a drunkerd. 

^3jtlj Hxieet perfumes, $ aotoers, m? graue 

tioe 50U not B'rati'fie: 
aaime, fires, tippon a ttone to fpenJj, 

ti0 coll m tat'nc pertiie* 
Slim ffttte pou mee ttefe, not Deati: 

toitlj altjes totne to minge, 
dflitat 10 It mojter but to mafee, 

not tome to mee to bjinge. 

Of drunkenneffe. 

T 3Ifee men toe flill are meefee, at nigtt, 
^-' totien toe ^aue tppIeD toell: 
But to^en toe rife at mo?ne atljurft, 
t|)en are toe fearce anti fell* 


^% nig^t tof)en ale 10 in, 

lifee frenti0 toe part to beti: 
31n mo?rotoe graie totjen ale i0 out, 
tt)en tiatreti t0 in ^eati. 




Againe of the fame. 

^^^ arc tvznUis ouecnigljt: 
In Iratonmg, tijie, 
Si man to man a Cpjite, 

Againft a mifer. 

A mi call tliee ric^c, 31 call tljec pooje, 
poti0 mafee not n'clie pecdie: 

tiri)i0 pJUtient Apollophanes, 

coulO tell a0 toell ajs 3|* 
3If tl)ou tl)p ri'clie^ iifc tfjp Celf, 

ttp ricl)e0 t^jne ace t|en: 
But it tl)ou faue t^em foj tl)pe 5eto, 

tliet ace toi otjec men* 

Of Chrifalus couetous. 

■D3[cl)e Chrifalus at pomt of tieatl), 
■^^ lioetl) mourne, complaine ann tcte: 
a2Ja0 neuec man agt Ije Co lotlie, 

to leaue W life anli life* 
i^ot foj becaufe !)e tiie0 ti^mfelf, 

1)10 Ueatl) Ije Doetl) not fojce: 
But tjat 1)10 ffcaue muft cott a gcote, 

to lijjoutie W carrion co?re* 

Of a riche mifer. 

A a^iCer0 mpnDe tl)Ou 5atte, 
^ tljou ftatt a pjince0 pelfe: 

%iu a£ai)ici) 



SEIjiclje mafefS tl)ce tocaltljie to t\)im tieire, 
a heffpc to tl)j felC 

Of Aulus, Auarus. 

O 3Ict)e Aulus coumpng: toljat a cljarge, 

ti0 dauffljter toa0 to tipm: 
2Diti ttjotoe !)ec fn tT)0 fta, to fee 
toS^ce flje coulti Gtitfee oj Ctoi'm* 

The fame otherwife. 

A Vlus aauffttcr ttoemic fl)illm5;0 charge, 

ec^e p0ce toa0 tjtito Ijpm: 
% DjotonUe tfc ♦ aCfet toljerefoje: 
I)e Cafeti i|)e tooulti tintioe |pm» 

Of Afclepiades, a greedie carle. 

A Sclepiad t|)at ^uW cacle, 

bp fortune foutttie a apouCe: 
(^[0 tie about t)i0 lotig^ng: loofet) 

toitSm f)i0 nifffftflje l)oufe* 
Wqz cljitipno: cl)uffe began to rijafe, 

anl) (CparefuU of !ji0 cliece:) 
2Demautxl)cfi of tlie felie beatt, 

anO faieti, toliat maktt tt)ou ijece? 
gou neeDe not ttande in feace (gooli fcenDe) 

tl)e fmilpng apoufe repliUe: 
3i come not to Deuouu pour cate0, 

but in pouc Soiife to bioe* 




A long beard makes not a Philofopher. 

T jF Co a long; dotone tianglpnff beauD, 

Doe mafe0 a pjudmt man: 
%^t beacDeD beaft t|)at l)ifftt0 the Gote, 
mai'e bee a Plato ttian* 

To one lame and loutifhe. 

nril^g Ijmg ace lame, Co I'sf tl)p mpDe: 

tljp outtoarD fo?me betojaie0 
'Wi)V pjopectie0, ^oto mtoaitlp 
tfou act DifpoCDe altoaie0» 

Caffander his Epitaphe. 

C3t|) tl)at a mojtall bojne t^ou act, 

^ inliaung;ec(t!lltotiie: 

^ccompt of nauffljt as ttiougl) tljou flljoulDft, 

line ^ece tonttnuallie, 
ifo? all mutt pacfee : of ttippecie life, 

tincectaine i& tl)e ftaie, 
2Deatlj toill tijs b? tl)e l|)oultier0 flljafee, 

no t)clpe, Voe mutt obape* 
Caflander l)ece lte0 cefte of life, 

fatte gcafpeti m W ffcaue: 
iet foj W toifeliome l)e Defeciitie, 

fo? euec life to l)aue* 

Timocritus his Epitaphe. 

j-imocritus a Voacciac ttoute, 
?Loe, lie0 engcaueti liece: 

3l4il, Mars 



Mars rpac0gi not taliauitt cliampionss ttoute, 
But tiaftacti0 t!)at Doe fearc, 


j'^m metrengec to loue on Ijt'g!), 
ttou €slz Ctoift of aig!)t: 

SDa Ariftomenes 1)10 tOUmbe, 

Uetlare XD^p DoeK tl)ou Ug;|)t? 
Bp t!)i0 31 gi'ue to tintierftanDe, 

tliat asi all ftirDgf 31 paffe: 
feo 6e 1)113 all men facre fucmount, 

tootle ^ece a liue Ije Xoa&. 
%^z fearfull 3Doue0 Doe taunt tlje toombe^ 

toljic^^e tjartleffe Dattarti0 liitie: 
3m toljece ace tiun'eli c^ampion^ bolUe, 

31 loue toi to abiDe. 


j^l^z froun^ng fate0 ijaue tafeen "^ence 

Calimachus, a tljiUit 

ifme pece0 of age : al) toell (0 fie 

from cmell race erilDe: 
aailiat tljougl) 6e liiti but little tpme, 

toatle noufftt fo? tljat at all; 
^01 a0 1)10 ^ere0 not man? toece, 

Co toere lji0 tcouble0 fmalL 

Olde age longed for, yet lothed. 

P Cl)e one tioet!) feefee ani) toitt)^ fo? affe, 
■^ all to^ile it i& atoaie: 




^nti fetoe Uoe come toi to tie oltie, 

toljicte foj oltie age Doe pjaie* 
aailiett age pet comesS, tt^t tioet^ it lotfie, 

anil all Hoe ft Heteft; 
^0 ttill toe lotlje our pjeCent ttate, 

temmg: t^e abrent btQ. 

Death euerywhere. 

tJ <tu buriea lies a 9^armect 

anij liere a Comdon : 
»)0 on tl)e fea, anU one tje lanOe, 
Deatt) riUDet^, all t0 one* 

It matters not where 
a man dye. 

Ti: mafee0 no mattec totiere tljou Die: 
^ tlje toaie to tieauen on l)ie 
ifrom euerj countre^ 10 a Iffee, 
be it farue of, 01 nie« 

Liuyng on the Seas. 

C ^unne ttiou t^e Teas, toljittie him ineaCe, 
^ anD quiet line on lantie: 
gif tt)OU DeQre in tappie tiealt^e, 

to ao?itte long; anti ttanDe* 
?Long: life tlie lanlie aoet^ altoaies lenDe, 

tlje Teas mafee lljojte our pere0: 
capon t!)e Teas are feUiome Teen, 

ollie men toitlj ^oarie 5eare0» 


Of Diogenes. 

A »»atl)en anO a ttaiptiff ttaffe, 
an !)omelie mantell : tljcft 
Mlece acceptable to ti)e life, 

of totfe Diogenes. 


r" Eeate fojce in tli^ngsf Opinion liat^, 
^^ tl)ou cin;teou0 act in DeeDe: 
aailiat t^en? if ottjertoife men tljinfee, 

t^e^ furelj toill tl)ee fpeelie, 
Sid once tfie men of Crete tinfeinUe, 

nib Philolaus flaie: 
Becaufe t^ep faWp tiemDe anli tlious'bt, 

5e tooulli tlje tpjaunt plaie» 


l\/[ g name liiti Epiftetus l)i0;I)t, 
^ ^ a l)ontie=man bojne toas! 3i t 
3In boDie lame, ass irus pooje, 
a frenlie to (SsHi& on l)ie> 

To Gabriel. 

A painter painteij Phaeton, 
-^~^ i)e paintea cfee t^e »)unne: 
^ut no liffljt coulli tlje paintec paint, 

to^en all toa0 maDe anli tioom 
?L{fee fo renounea Gabriel, 

a paintec painteti trim 



'art? face anD tJiTage, but tl)p m^ntie 
coulo not bt matic bp ^jm^ 

Myrons Cowe. 

•yi^e Cotoe of bjaCTe t^at Myron maUe, 

rbp am anU cutinpng: CfeiH) 
3jf enti-ailejS fije taU Satr, l|je tooulli 
Saue lootoUe fiotlje louDe atiU i^iHl 

Venus to Praxiteles, 
l^gng Priams fottnc, Anchifes efee, 

toit^ m? Adonis Dece 
^Be^eltie me nafet, tIjeCe onel? t^jee: 

Praxiteles I)Ut totew? 

Of Venus in armour. 

yjJl^^ taft tl)0U Venus tell, 

^ (0OtI Mars ljl0 acmOUC OH? 

»)uclje t)oitterou0 ttuffe tolij tioett tliou put, 

tljj tetttiecco?p0tppoti? 
Mars miff^tie t^ou tijtitt couqucc quiffljt, 

(larfee nafeeli, ftctppeti cleane: 
%o come to men, tl)u0 acmea tljen, 

31 mufe tol&at tioeft tl)ou meane. 

Of Cinyras a Fifher. 
WifltO t|e Nimphes ol&e Cinyras, 

tatl) tieliicate W ^ette.- 
1:0 beate tl)e bjoofeegi anti firfee tlje ftfllje, 

l,tj. old 



Dlti age noto Uoet^ f)jm lem, 
dfllljecefoje pou fiflije^ fpojt pouc Celuejf, 

aiiti ttijoufftj tlje toatecjS fbimme: 
jfo? note ttiat Cinyras 10 doone, 

pou Mt in CeasJ mate ftm'mme. 


"D iton all iinliemett) tW tree, 
tt)?ee pifte0 Hoet^ offer Ijere: 

%0 Pan a ^oate, floVoee^ to tlje Nimphes, 

to Bacchus CBoD a fpece, 
ge (Bo'ad accept tl)em tljantifullie, 
anl) inafee to pjoCpere (li'll 

1^10 tattell Pan, 1)10 toater0 Nimphes, 
Bacchus ^10 ffTOUlttie tO tl'lU 

Of Alcon an Archer. 

A »»tre tljat Alcon t)ig!)t, 

be^elUe W Conne emltjatl 
^l »)erpent reatiie to bee rent: 

i)e toobe lj!0 botoe in Ijaft, 
^nU flijotte toitf) cunnjnff Ckill Co ftrafte, 

tliat Ije tl)e Serpent fei'ltie: 
£na fatitie ljf0 Celie ttiiltie, toljiclje el0 

tlje Ccratolpnff »)nabe Ijati fpilde. 
i:ijtt0 to^en tlje a)nafee toa0 flaine, W fo^ne 

efee faueU from annoje: 
Ifee tunge l)i0 quiuer on a boujlj, 




rmiilie toitlj Double ioje, 

Timon his Epitaphe. 

A/rg tojjttljeti caitfffe Mt&, 

(BxwtH noto anU patt: 

9l?p cacuen co?p0 entereij ^ere, 

3J0 ffcafpt m gcountie: 
3|n toeltrjns: toaue0 of toel-- 

IjJtiff fta0 bp foucg;:ES! tatte: 
Slpp name if t|ou UeKre, 

tlje (0OD0 tl)ee Uoe confountie. 



V E Z E L I V S. 

An Epitaphe vppon the death of William Bu- 

daiis, an excellent learned man of our tyme, 

who died at Paris in Fraunce. Anno. 

M D. XL. XII. Cal. Septemb. 

VDaevs onel? one alotic, 

(of toonl)iou0 arte anti ffei'll) 
^^at5 mate tlie eartlj, tlje tieauetisi, $ 
beliolDen to ti?m ttil!. (men 

1:0 Ijaugljtie teauen0 Ije Ijatt) tiequetliti 

i)i0 roule:lji0 cojp0 to gcounti: 
^nD iinto tJSJ lie l)at:^ bequetlii) 
t)i0 toojt^p \iiojfee0 pjofouna* 
»>o pooje from t)cnce lie Din Depart, 

foj naugljt t)e left Ijpmfelfe: 
But better far tl)i0 pouatie 
perDi'e, t^en toojDlp pelfe. 

An other Epitaphe of the fame Budseus. 

^%% men hetoailD Budseus Deatlj, 

ti)e ap?e DID alfo mone: 
'2El)e b^atolpng; bjoofeesi efee toept, becaufe 

Budseus 500D toa0 pne* 
»>o men di'D toai'le, tl)at euerp toljere, 
toere paper0 pjmteli feen 





€)f HUecfe^, tirijjenes attti (Kpitapljesf, 

full fi*au0;l)t toi'tl) teareg: of teene, 
jfront ap?e fo U?opt t^e rapp teavess, 

tliat l^eij toasi euerj flijotDec: 
^0 tljat no tijop remapl) be^in\3, 

tjppon tl)e eactl) to potoc* 
»>o toept t^e toateL'0, tljat totieraiS 

tiefoje toere Bacgeg tiojne: 
'QEliere noto miglit tofjirUno; ij)ag;on0 cunne : 

to Duft t|)e tDaue0 toere too?ne» 
|5oto tieaiteti anD eartl) temame0 fteljintie, 

tljeCe ttoo alone ejcte^v. 
%\)evt notli^ng; toa0 in all tlje toojlO, 

but fOJ Budseus toept, 

2But Qt^ tl)0 t)eauen0 polTe^ l)i0 Toule, 

(ana tWll poffesi it f^all) 
%ie eartl) l)i0 cojp0, to'&at cauCe liaue tte?, 

toljcrafoje to tojepe at all? 

An Epitaphe vppon the death of 
Katharina Texea. 

^^0 Ifetft lotiffeti ftece ftelotoe, ritnotoe: 
peccliaunce tliou teatiec faine tooulDft 
janD I mp Celfe tooulti glatil? tell, 

but tliat fiec name 3| fenoto not toell, 
anil maruell none at all t^ouglj 3J, 

am tljeceof ignojant pecliie: 
jfo? tot)0 mot! leacneti ace of all, 




toot not lev name toljat t^e? l^oulti tall. 
ifo? tf b? tojpgf fuppoCti map he 

Ijec ree;i;, t^en Cure a tirpn flje: 
But Cure 91 toot not pontierpng all, 

Ijoto 31 tooman map Ijec call. 
ifoj totp ? noj fear, no? ffceef, coulU mafee 

tec fturtip (lotnafee (loitte to quake. 
^ie miCbe'baftti Ijec Telf in noug;l)t, 

lije fceelp fpafee tol)at fo flje tljouffftt. 
^nU tolien tl)at aience bett heCeemtr, 

tfien none tlien ttte mo?e filent deemli. 
»>l)e neuec C^je, IjelD tiauncing: tieece: 

flje neuec Ueckt no? tuft Ijec Ijeece: 
»)l)f neuec bred pamtpng dpe: 

l^je neuec tifd to role l)ec epe: 
^0 toanton toojli tooulD fljje put out: 

tljecefoje (Ije toa0 a man no Uout. 
get fuce fije toa0 no man 31 feuoto, 

3i not toljp 31 Ci)oulti name See Co. 
»»ucl) Ijeauenlp Ijue Tutlje ftetotp bjauc, 

toe neuec Tato pet man to Ijaue. 
Bott man anU tooman tl)en toajS lije: 

nap tl)at agen map no toape0 be. 
31 Ijaue alceatip pjoueti tlji0, 

tliat fl|je ne man mi tooman I'sf. 
SI ffolitieffe tl)en nealie0 muH ft)e be, 

OJ el0 a neto Minerua flijet 

anu tl)OUffl) t?je be a ?LaDp bjffitjt, 




pet Ijatfi ii}Z \}&vt anti mattlj nu'ffljt* 
get Pallas craeltie i& fenotocn, 

eafe iitre of ffotiiS aftjoaa 10 blotoen* 
aflif)ecefo?e of fojce toe mutt ftippofe, 

t|at tiji'0 fame "^omti dott) tiere mclofe 
feuclj one a0 euecp ffate liiti (lame: 

men, toomen, goti0 aloft t^t rai'sne. 

Written vppon the graue of Anton. Prat. 

(chefe Chaunceler of Fravnce) which 

was a groffe great Gorbely. 

A Great Man here engraued lyes. 
Of Titus Liuius. 

"pflDj Liuie late a ^ombe 9| pn oifiame, 

toiiat meanett tljou Apollo faio, tefraine: 
»)ucl) manec t^inggi become tlie Deaa ( % Ije; 
but Liuie lm?i, anU ftill aU'ue (Ijalbe. 

To CI. Marotus. 

A Pelles leacneti 5antt, fo fine 

i3tD pafnt fair Venus ^immi 
'QEliat euecj one fufpofti t^t fie, 
l)au Venus betoH ana feen» 

But toO?fee0 of tfiine Marotus letoD, 

of Venus fauourfo: 
<2El)at euec? one Cure deemed, tljat tfiou 
Dott all of Venus bnoto, 




A prefent to Truchius and Dampetrus. 

"P3ii^nte fad tmfainea faitlifuU fatiD0, 

Saue iCti fanli W altoap) 
CBat^e one tlie otl)ec to pjefettt 

toitl) pfft0 on jpetojfaces Dap, 
a CuflEome |[.auDaI)le it 10, 

at euet^ netDjei'£0 tplie 
€)lli loue toit!) piTt0 foj to reneto, 

tljat ftenlinijip fad map bpDe, 
ilRoto atlj mp Truchius trnttie tcue 

t^ou tafeft me fo? t!)p frenD: 

antl atl) mp tieue Dampetrus efee 

^10 life]?n5 me liotl) l-enO. 
f^cco^D^nff into auncient guiCe) 

31 Tenti tinto pou Ijece 
SL p?efent fmall : anti toljat tliougl) fmall? 

pet fit it fijall appeai'e* 
iou botf) are ^oet0 : to pou botl) 

31 teife0renl3etoSeVD: 
31 6ecre0 rena m token of 

tlje loue 31 btat to pou* 
^Suce loue ftatlj li'nfet pou boti) in one, 

anD Ctl) pou lopneli be: 
€>ne guift to fenD tinto pou botlj, 

it feemeti bed to mee. 

Defcription of vertue. 

-^^at one act g tlju0 in tojne toeeO pclali ? 
(Keitue, in pjice of auncient fa5e0 l)ali: 



Mil)? poojelp raiH? fo? fati^ng; gooti^ pad cace: 
tol)5 Doble faatt? 31 macfe etf) fojmne^faue. 

Wji'si tijitile totiat? minli0 rage^ to wflcaitiE, 
toole0 tol)p heec jou? 3 loue to tafee gccatpat'ne* 

(lEljp VDitio:0? 3i teacl) aboue p ftauces to flpe, 
to^p tceaD ?ou Ueatl) ? 31 ondp cannot tipe, 

Againft a maidenly man. 

■p^j to be marut'eti peftectiaie, 

'clEo Cljucctie a gaUaunt letteli gate: 
!fei0 ccifpeti locb0 toatiUe all be^inDe, 
1^ii3 tongue Dio liCpe, ljt0 biCage fljintie, 
1^(0 coupng epe0 rolDe to anti fro, 
^^e fiCfepg fine Dia mincpng go: 
M& lipped all painteti tetneti ftoeete: 
aailjen a0 tlje ^ji'ctt came tfiem to meete, 
(Si pleaCaunt rcoufe, tljouglj nougljt of life) 
% atfet of bottle to^ic^e toa0 tlie toife? 

Of a Painter, and a Baker. 

A ^aintec ana a ^afeec ffcitDe, 
^^*- tolitCibe flljouHi tf)e ot^ec patfe 
Wo paint oi bafee, ttoi;i;t tftem to I'ulige, 

a ^jtett ojDameti toas, 
'Elie iSamtet: fpafee (quotl) W toljat fo 

tlje !)ugg toojlDe containe0, 
flDj to^at fo il5atuue tooo?ke0, i0 tojottglit 

bj ^ainter0 arte anli paine0> 
(€iuotl) IBafeer) t^i0 i0 moje t^en t^at, 

m cijjia 



C5?ift toljiclje tljE toojltie tiiu frame 
'^^e ^afeec fo?me0 in fiipre fine, 

ttiat all male fee t^e fame, 
^otlj ^alntec tl)en, tljou mafeelt Clj^itt^, 

menneg tiellie0 foj to fill: 
Clj? Cl)jitte0 ace cl)?ufi)t to ccafitjtnff teetlj, 

mp tooojfee continued (tilU 
^uott) Bafeec tl)en, toljat tljou tioeft pamt, 

tioet^ no man poD m tieetie: 
afllljat toe aoe fo?me ft ferue^ a0 fooOe, 

tlje Ijunffcfe foule to feeDe. 
^uotlj fainter, Bakery iafee tljeic (0oD0, 

menne0 bellied foj to fill: 
^uotlj Bafeec ^ainterss pamt tliefc (BotiiS, 

fo? MJojme0 to gnatoe and fpi'lU 
tCljen quotlj tlje lulige, Ijo l)olla Ijece, 

fuffici'ent foj tl)i0 tjme: 
^bout tl)i0 toaiffljtie t^png to bjaule, 

10 fuce an l)ainou0 tci'me. 
Botlje to pour ljoufe0 noto liepam, 

ana fti'll in peace agree: 
anil i@aintec paint, and Baker bafee, 

pour goti0 to li?pn5 to me. 

A fportfuU comparifon, betwene 
Poets and Papifts. 

T <D l)ere tl)e Caufe to Francis, toljp 

-^ Homerus 3| Compare: 




%a Ijece tlje caufe toliecefoje 31 tijtnfee, 
t'^at a^onfees Ufee poets ace* 

Francifcus COUlD nOt ttt One tolllt:, 

anti Homer l)e toa0 blmUe: 
Homerus !)e tDa0 bli'iHie of O'stjt, 

Francifcus blinUe of mmtie. 
Francifcus toajS a beggeu bare, 

no biffffec Homer toa0: 
Bate bega;ec0 botlie, tljeir tjme tliei ^io 

in meiTie fjnffjng; paOTe, 
Francifcus filBe t^e ixiojltie toit^ Ije0, 

Ijegf lifeetoiTe Homer taug;l)t: 
Francifcus bj ^10 bjetl)ecen, 

Homer b? boofee0 ^e tojauffljt 
gn Cecret tDOOti0 anO glomie e;t;oue0, 

firtt poet0 leD tljeic liue0: 
3In Dampiflje tienne0 and tieract0 lieti, 

Sl^onfe0 litilie tott^out tljeic toiue0» 
(0cl)e toune toitt) 9lpunUe0 toa0 petteceU, 

toljen taiooa0 at latt tljei left: 
aaii't^ Poet0 euecp cittie Ctoartntie, 

t!)ei coulti not thence be reft* 
^ti'U poet0 fpng: anu moppinne 91^unfee0, 

f^ng; Uletoife Daie ant! nigljt: 
Sinn none fo murtje a0 ttiei t^em relue0, 

tioe in tlieir Conge0 Mislu 
(Cctie poet Ijat^ W toanton toencl)e, 

to lianDle all t^e liaie: 

mjt; fo? 



foj feace of failing: euecp Sl^unfee, 

tati) fotoje to feepe Ijjni plaie> 
'aE^e ^oet lautie0 f anu Ufeegi of life) 

full cuppe0 tsifit^z flotoe anli ftopm: 
i;t)e St^unfee if t)e U^ licfeet' lac&e, 

all goe0 not toell toi'tl) tjjm. 
faElie ^oet toi't^ ^i^ lurpitff %ute, 

W »>onet0 fpngetlj fli)jilL 
'QTljc aponfee toitl) pot fad bj W fiDe, 

lji0 caL'uole0 cl)auntetl) Ml 
aaiit^ tii'uEt0 iFucie0 botlje are te^'t: 

tt)e poet beared a fpeare 
Mit^ 3Iuie liecl\t:t|)£ maffepng Siputifee 

a pltieti ci'offe lioetlj beare* 
i:i)e poet0 ccoune 10 Ojell toitlj Baie0, 

anO micttle bjauncl)e0 bjaue: 
M^itz fljinjixg; flijttteti lljauen croune0, 

tlje popi'flje pielat0 ^me. 
ifo? fine, to a^unfee sm ^oetcie, 

to poet si^z tlje toliooli: 
^nli fo tl)ou fljalt mafee botlje of tljem, 

viffljt ^unke0, anH poet0 gooD, 

Againft ftepdames. 

A witciplpng: toent toitl) Ccourge in fianlie, 

aflI5ft'fa0 tlje pojtcature liiti (lantie 
2Df ttepname ljt0 : in rage anone 
^e fell to tieatjng of tlje (lone* 




%l)z ttone Qotone on \n^m tattecetlj, 
Sinti into Deatf) lipm batteret!): 
'QTljou fonne m latoe tafee ^elie, anli Cee 
^0 (lepDame tli^ne, ttjoufflj tieati tt)t bet. 

An Epitaphe vpon the death of Ihon 

Caluhi, poorely and plainly 

enterred at Geneua. 

'T'^z tercour of tl)e ILlomiiije route, 

tioetlj Ije cng;cauep ijere: 
(Lillljore loCfe all gooti men toai'le, of toljom 

tlje toi'cketi fiooDe in feace. 
M toljom euen Vertue fajje Ijec felf, 

mig^t bectue leacne : noto tol) j 
&0 gcoflp ffcatiDe IioeK reatiec affee 

tioetlj leacneD C a l v i n Ipe ? 

a^^ljile Caluin Imtie, Datne Modeftie 

nil} t^m alTocfate fti'll: ^ "- 

Sinti ^z Set* felf l)ere plateti l)jm, 

toljen 2Dear|) Dia Caluin kill. 
€> blefCeU gcaue tijat Uoeft enclofe, 

a giiett fo ffolilte graue: 
i;ijou tioeft furpade ttie Sl^acble toumbiS 

anu fe?nffe0 fepulct)ec0 bjaue» 

Againe vppon the death of 
Ihon Caluin. 

Atle Caluin tljou tiiDtt liue, aljue i ^ 

^ 31 lifeetojfe lotjti to be: 

%Mu :ap 



^j me I)oto 31 coulti Ufee of life, 

to leaue noto life tott^ tljee. 
ap? life 91 lotlje, anlr ^et 3| loue 

to Ifue, alone fo? tlji0: 
'SCljat 3 map toeep anO toaill foj t!)ee, 

toljom 31 fo ro?e Uo miffe* 
21!) Beza Uue to toepe anD toaile, 

to toepe ana toatle at full 
Caiuinus 2Deatl), al) facetoel frenlr, 

^due, noto tied and dulK 
Untt'U m Ctoeet Celettiall toft, 

toe botlje fljall meet againe 
3|n teare0, in teen, in mourning: mone, 

lijall dolefull Beze remaiue* 

Martino Luthero, antichrifti Romani 
domitori Trophaeum. 

"O Ome conquecli all tl)e toojld, and Rome 
-•-^ tit pope did conquec quig:l)t: 
Rome conquecd al bp ftollicfe fojce, 

tl)e pope h? fulJtile aigljt* 
But Eecned Luther Cljampion ftoute, 

t)oto far dot^ Ije ftotlj ttoajn 
feiurmount, to^o toiti) li& feelp pen 

to peld dotlj botlj conftcaine* 

ifJoto go to Greece, bjag til tl)OU bUCft 

of ftout Alcides tl)ine: 
|3augljt {0 t)i0 battecing club, tompacd 
to Luthers pen deuine* 



Of an Aftrologer, That was a Cuckold. 

'yc tliee tljou a??ie ^?optet, all 

SlnU ao aeclace tol)at tie(linie0, 

al men (Ijal Ijaue belotoe, 
But no ftacce^ (tl)oiigl) tliep al tilings fe) 

atimoniflSje tljee of tlji0, 
Cliat t^H toiTe tioti) tottl) euerp man, 
^_fie|)aue fiec felfe amide, 
' Saturnus ftanti0 fac of, men Cap 

ttat te long Once toa0 bltnlie, 
Slnli ftantlp coulis dececn a clu'in 

anl) from a (lone ^im finlie, 
fajj Luna e;oe0 toitl) Jtjamfaft e?e, 

SI bitgtn nau5l)t toill fee 
IBut fuct) tt)inge0 a0 befeme a main, 

anU ligl)tne0 all toill flee, 

loue to Europa pue 1)10 ^aW: 
llo Mars DiO Venus cleaue: 

anJj Mars ap^ne did Venus fecue: 

Sol tDOulD not Daphne leaue 
1^10 loue: and Mercury did tall 

to minde ti0 Hyrce deerj 
i^ereof it tome0 to paCCe, o| tl)ou 

'hMu tintoife 


tintolCe Aftrologere, 

%\iat toljeit tl)? toife tidiffljteli t'sf 

toi'tl) luftp jonfeer0 loue: 
i;ijei*eof ao notljmff noti'Se 

to t^ee tlje ttaci*e0 aboue* 

Of Beuty. Dilemma. 

TJIJ faitlj toljat Iieutie Iijaue auarte^, 

at all 31 notljjtig fee: 
If tl)ou be fement, Ijot, eaclj liouli 

feeme0 fapce anti fcefl) to tliee: 
31f tl)ou be out of courage, colo, 

tlje loueUett lotljfum be: 
3In faftl) toliat faetotp bjaue auafle^, 

at all 31 nottipng fee* 

Againft Wiuyng. 

A Si^ifeup to maccp dill, 

tljusf niecp one tiot^ fap: 
%\\.v^ fap tl)ep llll, pet toittinslj 

toe toiupns fee eaclj Daj* 
gea tljouglj one bucp C;;e, pet Ije 

from toiupng toi'll not (taje* 

Againe of wiues. 

(^Eeefe0 greuous* \mx.<i are tinto men, 
^^ pet fflalifome (ijall toe finDe tljem 
ana loupno;: if fo leupng ti0, 
tl)cp leaue tljeir gooDS beljinti tljem, 




Of a Pifture liuely defcribed. 

5D tocU tIjfsJ talile tiotlj £;;pjetre, 

tlje couixtenaunce of tliee: 
Sl0 fure It ttemt& no table, but 
a fllaCfc tlj? felfe to fee* 

Of a Niggard departing this life. 
"D31fl) Chryfalus at pofnt Of Deatlj, 

Jjotlj tttojne, complaine anb ci'i'e: 
a(Lla0 neitec man a0 te fo lotl) 

to leaue !ji0 life ant) tipe. 
ilJot foj betaufe !)e tr?e0, tje ccpe0, 

W ti^at^ !)e 5ot^ not fojte: 
%W cittte0, t)i0 ffi'aue mud cott a gi'oate, 

to fl[)jotoDe W cauci'n cojfe. 

The difference betwene a King and 
a Tyrant. 

"D €ttoene a '^Epjaunt ana a %^iie, 
^ tooulDpou tljeDiffecenceijaue? 
i:t)e Itpng eartj feiubiect county !j!0 cljtlti, 

A Tyrant in flepe, naught differeth from 
a common perfon. 

Y)^^ t|)ecefo?e ftocU anti potot toittj pjiDe, 
■•-^^ anti rear tljg fnout on Iji'e: 
Becaufe tfie ccotoia tiotl) rrouc'^ ana coutl), 
toljei'fo t^ou commeft bj ? 

1&,t), betaufe 



Becaufe rtje people tionnetle^ 

befoje tljee ttill Oo ftanli ? 
IBecauCe t^e life anU tieatlj Uotlj Ipe 

of Diuersf tn tijp fianti ? 
But totien tljat D^ouQe Oeepe of tljee, 

Ijatl) euei'g pact poCfeft: 
'3rell tl)en toljece 10 tljp pompe anU pjide, 

ttip pojte anti all tl)e reft? 
C^en fno^tpng; lo^ell a& tljou art, 

tten Ipeft t^ou like a block; 
flDj a0 a carrion cojp0 late Dean, 

a0 fencelelle a& a ftocfe* 
^nti if it toere not t!)at tljou toert, 

clofd tip in toaUe0 of (tone 
^nD fenceti rounD, tl)? life toouln lie 

in IjanJJSf of euerp one* 

Of a good Prince and an euill. 

A CPooti pjinte tol)at? t^e 600; tliat keeper 
■'^ l)i0 aocfee ape fafe in rede, 
anU l)unt0 tlje aaiolfe atoaie: an ill? 
tpm felf tlje rauenpng; beafte* 

Of a Theef and a Lawier. 

A '^tjeef pclepeO Clepticus, 
''^ tl)at niti from one purloine: 
Jfearpng; to be contiemlie, a pate 

Ijisf ilntoier fei) toit^ coine* 
M^tn ?Ca\xiier W Ijati tucnn l)i0 booked, 




atvt) rco botlie tiigljt anH Oai'ej 
% fioopt Ije tolDe 5pin fie (|)OulU fcape, 
if Ijc coulO run. W toafe* 

A ridiculous pranke of a Prieft. 

A Cectaine pett tfie goblet clenjtie 

from aiesi, befoje fie Ojattfee: 
5Inti tjaupng tijunfee, fie catte agame 

tfie fifes in goblet franfee, 
Sini) tol&e tfie caufe tofi^ fo fie tiiti, 

no fli'esf quotfi fie loue 31** 
ffiut tofietfiec jou tfiem loue oj not, 

31 can not faie pertife. 

Of a waterfpaniell. 

^ 2Dog tfiat fiaD a 2Ducfee in moutfie, 

an otfiec gapt to catcfie: 
»>o lode fie tfiat fie fiati, ana tfiat 

tofiereaftec fie ttit) fnatcfie* 
'Efie cfiutlifllje cfiuffe tfiat fiatfi enougfi, 

anO refee0 an otfiec0 pelfe: 
2Doetfi oftentimes, anti toojtfielp, 

lofe tfiat fie fiatfi fi^m felf. 

A Cur by a crib, a couetous mifer. 

nri^e cur tfiat coucfi^ng &epe0 tfie crib, 

fi^m felf aoetfi eate no %aie: 
^e lett0 tfie fiungrie fio?fe, tfiat fame 
tfiereon VooulD feeDe ana pjaie* 




Clie Carle (like to tfie cuuell Cue) 

tl)at pletitie liatl) of pelfe: 
3!mpait0 no parte to otljer men, 

no? rpentiis tipon Ijpm felf* 

Of a Beggar, bearyng hym 
felf for a Phifition. 

Y'^u Medicus pouu felf tioe tEi'me, 
Mendicus. ^ne lettef moje tlien Medicus, 
pour name it Satl) pecli?. 

Of a difhonefb wife. 

Q jf rijiltijen fcuitfull, fmitfull, 10 
^^ Aratus toifeperHie: 
ifoj tljiltijen tl)jee Ipe bjouglit Ijpm fojtl)e 
anti toifS l)pm diti not Ije, 

To one whofe wife was 
naught at home. 

AC l)oine naufflitte toife tljou Ijatt, 
^^ it totoactijs SeL* tftou lie cttcft, 
%i)tn toojfe 10 l^je : if cuctuou0, 

of all tljen 10 flje toojft. 
(10005 toill (tie bee if fo fift ti^e, 

but better if i!)e lipe, 
Slnti t^ou furutue : but beC of all, 

if lience in lialte tl)Z Ijpe* 

Of Tyndarus. 




A afllfffljt toljofe name toaiS Tyndar, Vooultr 
■^^ Ijaue Ui'ft a pjetfe laffe: 
^ev nofe toass long : (anU Tyndar '^e 

a aoutpiiff felloVoe tDa0.) 
MJljcuefoje iiiito ijec t\)u& Ije Caieti, 

31 can not kiCTe jou, ftocete: 
^ouc nofe (fanli0 out to facue, tijat fuce 

otic lipped can neueu meetc* 
'^Elje maiticn nipt tlju0 l)g tlje noCe, 

ttL'ai'fftjt blufliit a0 reii a0 fire: 
anti Xoiti W ffictie BtTpleafeli, tljiijJ 

ITje Cpake to Ijpm in ice* 
05uotl) (|)e, iT t|at mp nofe &oe let 

^ouc lipped fi'om fefffgna- mpne: 
gou tliece maie feiCTe me toljeit tljat % 

Ijaue neitljei* noCe mi epne* 

To Sabinus ; whofe wife con- 
ceiued in his abfence. 

A |5 ]&elpe ani3 comfojt to tljj life, 

ani) to tlje age of tljpne: 
SI polil^ cljflDe iss Iiojne to tljee, 

Satte tp^ tliee Ijome Sabine. 
^afte Ijpe tljee Ijome to fee tf)j toife, 

tl)e fitiitfuU toife of tljine: 
Sint> eke tljp bletCed netoe bojne babe, 

Ijafte Ijpe tljee Ijome Sabine, 
l^alle Ijje tljee Ijome in pofte pofte Ijatte, 




t!)ou nilt be tljere in tgme: 
aitlouffl) ttou ^^e ttjee mtt To fade, 

tafte I)je tJjee |ome Sabine. 
'Eljp toife Dcetlj Ipe attti long; toi tijee, 

tlj^ lijat Ooetlj bjaule ano toljine: 
)BDtlje tljinfee tl)ou tarctett outt: long;, 

^afte Ije tliee Ijomc Sabine. 
'SE^ou tanll not be bntoelcome Ijome, 

toljen tljat a cljilU of tljtne 
3i0 bojne, nate g;otten to tl)p l)anti0, 

^afte f)ie tf)ee l^ome Sabine. 
l?arre ^atte % faie tijat j?et at left, 

at fatceO ifant Oeuine 
'Stljou niaiett fee Dipt t^v Dillgng Uefte, 

Ijafte I)?e ttiee l)ome Sabine. 

Of Fufcus a drunkerd. 

^ cectaine man in pljiCicfee Ckilti, 

to F. Cpafee in tl)j0 toire: 
F. Djmbe not ouecmuclj (take |eeti) 

foj tijinfee toill looCe gour epe0. 
% pauCti ippon t^isS fentence gi'uen, 

anD ponDecei) toljat toa0 fpofee: 
anti to^en Ije IjaD betl)oug;ljt Ijpm, t:&u3 

at latt lji0 mini) tie bjolie* 
31 toill bj Djinfejng; looCe mjne epe0 

quotl) |e, ti0 better fo 
'Eljen foj to feeepe tl)em foj tl)e toojm^ 

to 8;nato tljem out faeloto. 




Of a Kyng and a Clowne. 

A Clotone in fojreff fotterfD ijp, 
tl)e Ct'ttp came to fee: 

'QTljen fOjreft Faune, 0? Satyre toOOO, 

moje t)omelg rutie toa0 ^z. 
a^ucte people all t^e flceategi about, 

toffetljec t^fcfe Dill t^jong: 
ana notl)tnff but tlie fepng; ootl) come, 

tljep ccieJi tlje ftceet along:, 
die feelp rufticfe lialfe amajO, 

to tfare Co ttcaunje a cri'e: 
a^uclje mujti, anO tarineti tliece to Tee, 

to^at fljoulU be ment tljecbp. 
Sit latt ippon a Cotiaine comegf, 

tl)e fepng toitl) fumptuou0 train: 
all bjaue beticclit toit| glittecpnff golti, 

Ije go?g;eou!S ttia remaine 
<3Dn comelj coucCec '^oitteti W' 

noto euerg toliere t\\t troutie 
aait'tlj ftraineti t|?oate0 (Boli faue t!)e fepng 

tljep ccie, anti ccie alotode. 
tRje feing:, tlje feins:, ^ toljece i& l^e, 

tf)e Clotone, began to ccie: 
(;2Duotl) one) toitl) finger pointeU out 

lo toliere !)e fi'tt^ on l)je> 
'SEutij t^at isJ not t^e fepng quotl) Ije, 

tljou art aeceueti qutg:&t: 




'QTfiat feemett) but a man to mee, 
in painteli tjcttuce digljt. 

Of an vnlearned Bifliop. 

•y^e better feiUe^, tlje Uttm (iille0, 

tI)U0 altoaie0 tioft t!)ou cm: 
anil nottpng fauc tijc letter lulled, 

ttjou Ijall in. nioutlj pectiie* 
But tljou tatt toell p?ouiaeti , tl)at 

no itettei' tljee llljall MI: 
fo? t^ou i3o(t fenoto no iLettec, tijou 

in 1LetteL-0 Ijatt no ffcilU 

To one light minded. 

TJF tijat tljou toect a0 li'gljt of foot, 

a0 tl)ou ait U'g^t of nipnu : 
'^tjou tooultift outrun tl)e liffljteK ^aue 
anti ma&e 5?tn come lieljinli» 

A left of a lackbragger. 
A COUntcp ClOUnt'flj Coridon, 

-^*- Jji'ti tife abjoaD to rome: 
Sinti bept a bjagging Thrafos toi'fe,. 

tol)tle Ije VDa0 gonne from Ijome, 
aailjcn a0 tlje »)OuH)iec toa0 retuunD, 

anti lieacti tl)i$s of t^e Clotone: 
!^e Ifampt anU ftara, anti Onoje pgiS notonc0, 

31le beat tlje tillen tiotone* 
Sinit toent toell toeponeti into feelO, 




to Ceefte W feUoto out: 
Sit laft bp cljaunce ^z tiiti t)jm finlie, 

raingpng t^e feelli about. 
Ifeo acra fain tI)E Coltiier, flap: 

?ou raftall tjiUen tiile 
31 mutt jou bob :tte clotone diO ttaj?, 

anU toofee bp ttone0 anb 'gEjle^ 
Siijafemg: |)i0 ttoojb tl)e roulbfec fajb, 

pou Oaue pou bCbe mj toife: 
31 bib Co faib tljr clotone, toljat tlien? 

31 louj ^n a0 m^ life. 
® boe jou t!)en confeffe faib lie? 

(bp all tje 5ob0 31 Ctoece) 
3If t^ou !)abtt not confett tlje fact, 

it fl|)oulb I)au£ cott t^zz bece. 

Againft a Parafite. 

yjJ^en Eutiches botlj run a race, 

Sf feemesJ to ttanb pecbp: 
But tot)cn 1)0 runne0 into a fcatt, 
t[)cn fure tie feeme0 to ttje. 

Againft Chelonus. 
™!^p boft t!)OU lOtI) Chelonus fo, 

tl)e name of lumpifl) alCe ? 

^Z leacneb Lucius Appuley, 

an affe ^e Cometpme toasf. 
But tljou t)iiii tiifizv mnt^z from tpm, 
(lie "^ab a learneb '&eab) 

% ^z 



% toagf a plDen aCTe peutip, 

tliou art an alTe of ILeali, 
a manlj mpti, anH bolip of 

an aCte lie tati, toe ftnDe: 
But f^ou a manl!(?e boD? fiatt: 

a tioltifitje attelifee mi'ntie. 

Of Sleep. The fentence of Ariftotle 

uaife of our life 10 fpent in aeape: 

^ in fleepe no Difference fe 
Bettoeene tl)e toealtljp toiffljt, anU tipm 

tljat toelt^ tiotlj toant anti mtde, 
il5oto Crsefus t|)ou ricl)e caitiffe bing:, 

tljoua;^ t)W5f tlj? fubttaunce toere: 
get irus pooje in Ijalfe lid life, 

did lifee to t^ee appeere» 

Defire of Dominion. 
A aponpft man? bingiei, 

ffeant one feing; fljall jou fee 
Content toirt) btngliome one alone, 

ffeant one, if one tliere be. 
amongett man^ feing:^, 

ffeant one king itjall 50U fee 
'EW ruleiS one onelp fein^Dome rifft)t, 
f bant one, if one tljere be. 

Remedies, to take away a ftinkyng breath 
occafioned by fundry meates. 

T'i© feill tl)e ffinb of lotlifom leefee^, 
tl)Ou muff crantl) €)pnion0 faft: 




31f tijou taiilt not of ^jm'oixg (fmfee, 

eate dBauli'fee ttcong m taft, 
31f aftec tljou of (KauUfee ttcong, 

tlje Tauouc toilt tx^tlh 
SI Mard 10 fuce tl)e oticlj meatie, 

to put atoap tlje rniell. 

Vppon the graue of a Begger. 

Mt asS 3 IpuH no iioure 31 tiaij, 

noto tied 3] liaue a graue: 
31n UT0 3i It'utie m lotlirume lacfee, 

noto tieati 31 notlipg craue, 
31n life 3i WtiDe an e;cile pooje, 

noto JJeat^ t)?pg0 red to me* 
3In life pooje nafeeO foule bntlaU, 

not) clati in clotitie^ je fee, 

Vpon the Toumbe of Lucretia the 
daughter of Alexander. 6. 

TJ (ttz lie0 Lucretia cljall b? name, 
-*■ -*■ but Thais letoUe bj life: 

aaillO toa0 to Alexander ^ope 

bottle tiauffl)ter, anO ^{0 toife* 

Of the infelcitie of Louers. 

"T^z (BraCS)oppef in met(otoe0 stmt, 
among; tl)e fragrant aotoei;0: 



aaiit!) ctiicppns rtjeacruU c!)imupng; M^l, 

UOEt!) pade tlje tetiiou0 t)otoec0, 
Sint) glali0 tl)E ffootilp gacntltJt gcoue^, 

toi'tt) laie0 anl) mecrie tune0: 
SlnD OumbErjnff tintiet: Detote Kraffe, 

tl)e fi;lalile0 nffflit conCume^. 
»»!)e rpffpng Iiie0, anO nmtt feeler 

ttie Cmact of Parcas fenife: 
3In ftoete anti fieauenlp fiacmonfe, 

(ije leaU0 aixli lmt& Ijec life* 
® hlea in life, anti hlett in ftcatj: 

but me a?e me ala0: 
2Botl)e tiaie i nigijt tjjoug!) gict toitl) jceef, 

mp Daie0 in Dole 31 paffe* 
3in aaiintec flijacpe, in fcotte anU Cnotoe, 

(a ccookeli taitiffe olD) 
3 Ipe anil trie befoje ^tv lioo?e0, 

quifffit ciirlDe almofte toit^ coltr. 
^gaine in »>ommec cingpng Ijotte, 

to^en Phebus fiiecce aoet^ caigne: 
^©ooje felie foule hefoje Sec liooje0, 

91 (grauelpng:) gcone and plaine* 
31 bucne in loue, age toeare0 me out, 

no Uaie 3 fintie releef, 
^0 nigljt 31 teC:I)ut Gaie anli nigSt 

ttill gript toiti) gconjng gceef, 
Si^e tojetclieti are ttie ponge in loue, 

tlijire tojettljeti loupng Git0: 




%^z (Brai|)oppec ftiH tappi'e liue0, 
ol) Cupids fcanticfe fxu0. 


Of Thelefina. 

SQgiae Thelefina Uoctt ftequent 
tlje i:eniplc0 of tje ^jiettgc 
SLnn tofieit fl|)e corner, l|)e nmev but 
a ptffpng; to^ile ptrattg* 
SZEouluft tootoe t!)e cauCe totij Ponticus, 

abjoatie flt)e tioetlj not rome? 
3t (0 'bee tjCe tljefe fljauelpng;^ ftill, 
toitlj Ijeu to Ijauelat tome. 

Of Briandus Vallius. 

..Mztt rumbling; tijutiei; tljumpsi ace Ijeatti in f k ■< 
^ to raue tipmCelf, all feacfull Vaiiius fliess 
23otone to Come ccllec (totjere t^mCelf Ije Wz&) 
Se t^infees tn tellers neuec (KoD abitiesf. 

A pretie prancke of a modeft mayden. 

/^jlJe Furius \xiouHi t)aue feiC a maine: 
^-^ (ipe fquamiitl!) Ulti appcace 

%Mu Sim 


Sinti in a fume gaue Furius, 

a VD!)iiTet on tl)e eace, 
SinXt t^ecetoitlj Cafea, got feiffe pouc Ijanlie, 

to feiCTeiTjoutielite: 
Botlie IjanD0 anti lippe0 ace flefllje alifee, 

atxU bot^e aUfee ace to^i'te. 

Of a Mounke. 

^ ^ojt of tljeeiteiS tan caugljt a a^onfee, 

Voljeceag tljei cobde in toootie: 
IKjei bati Ijpm p?eacf)e, oj jelDe W PucCe, 

t'n plate toljeceasf Ije ftootie. 
'Wi}z ^mhz UiD ^elne ^pifelf to pjeaclje, 

rije tiucll not UiXobaie:) 
'a:te t!jeue0 toece Qlent Ijufljt, anti tljug 

tl)e aponke began to Case* 
%^e U'uesf, tlje laboucgf efee of t^eeue^, 

31 mna commentie pecliie: 
%^t toile tliei take, fap lanlie ann lake, 

tiot!) leatie to lofti'e fkt'e: 
jfoj Cl)?itt Ijpm felf fap lanUe anij fea, 

tsia tcauell facce ana nece: 
^nJj neuec retteU t'n one place, 

a0 Iioetlj bp boofee0 appece, 
»)0 pou mp maiftec0 coue ann canp 

abjoatie fcom place to place: 
»)till ftill pou toalfee jouc ({ation0, 

not reflps ang fpace* 



Clijift nettec plotoDe tlie clottereti Toi'le, 

mi tCeti reeDc to fotoe: 
iet titO Ije Hue, ana lacfeeli naught: 

pou Uue, ant) lacfee pou ? no: 
afllliat moje into jou lljliuHi 3 Caie? 

to iutiffement bjoug^t \x1a0 tie: 
janD l)e tontiemneti toag to Jseatl), 

To lifeetoife pou C[)aU be, 
Cljjitt lifeetoife Ije toa0 fi;t;t on ccoCfe, 

anH Ijang&e t'n Cglit of all: 
Sintt tt)infee pou, jou (ijall not be Ijangtie? 

pe0 tcutt to ft, pou Itiall. 
^mong tlje goblins blacfee of liell, 

Defcenijeli Cljjift belotoe: 
anti poti emong t^e piap flendsf, 

to ^ell mutl lifeetoite joe, 
Clijift bepnff tljence retutrntie againe, 

on (0ot!0 rig^t Satitie tioetlj Qtte: 
But pou Qjall neuer tljence retucne, 

once plungUe in Piutos pitte. 

To Andreas Goueanus his brother. 

T Bjotter, cauffl)t an l^ace: ) 
-•-l^efellto joucl^jare: [ 

<l[a6ocaugl)ttlji0l^aretieclare? * 


*y IBjotljer cauglit an l^are: 
*^ It fell to pour lot 



%o zm Ijprn : fo an Ifeace 3i lotte, 
anu fo an l^are 3i sot 

To Zebedeus. 

■|\T(C tooojiJiS of men, no? pet 

■'■ ^ tl)e Senators uecree: 

Can make t!)ee laie atoafe ttjp bearti, 

fo faice ft feeme0 to tijee* 
tKje man toliofe bearD \)vm noble mafee0, 

lie 10 not noble, ^ti 
But tol)o t)i0 faearli nobilitate0, 

l)e noble feemesi to mee. 

A Lute of fir tree. 


31 1^^ 1^0 ffunt) noj bopce: 
But matie a ILutc (toitl) aiuec founb) 
mensj tarter 31 tio rei'opce* 

Againft womens lightnes. 

j-^z pume, t^e ^mice done, tlje ap?e, 

In U'ffljtne^ doe furpaffe: ' 

%\iz pume, t^e pumice Itone, t^e aj?e, 
in Ifgttne^ toomen paffe. 

To Syluius, a louely lad but lewdly liued. 

Ti|J all t^p bobp betotp (pinz^, 
tlj? fojljei) ClJtnetl) fair: 


O F E P I G R A M S. 75 

%it^ moutlj tiotlj fljinc, tl)p nofe, tlj? cljm, 

ti)^ gliftecjng; ffolDen ta??e, 
2But Syluius (a0 a ftinfepng; anfee) 

tl)p ti?e(l igi foule toittim: 
%l)^ mpnti 10 rpotteD, rpatteO, fpilt, 

tb? roule 10 fo^lti toitl finne* 
;a{) pamteti tCoomb ftuft full of (WnRj 

moje lot^um noustt toe ftntie 
'^Eljatt Ije tljat fafue l)atf) all tljinst0, faue 

i)i0 mannec0 anti lji0 nigni)» 

The Back. 

^l^e ffet'crpng flt'ttecetl) a0 a bpjD, 

anij a0 a beatt fllje ptl) 
jfourfooteti, anti pet nether Qje 

10 counteti of t|em bot^* 
feil)e feeDe0 1 bjeetie0 Sec pons; toitl) milfee, 

Itie Ia5e0 ne l)atcl)e0 eB;g:0: 
IBlacfee let^ec toing;0, anli teetlj l^e W% 

ttooo lipp0, anti alfo leg:g0* 

To a towardly yong man. 

A ILt^oufflj t^e roote of Vertue feeme 
''*■ bi'ttec to tliee m tatfe, 
get Doe not fpit it out, tlie fmte 
flijall pleafant be at laH, 

To a certaine Barber. 

/jf but to l?jaue mg beacti (alone) 
31 Peter fent fo? tl)ee: 

%^), 'SEogetlieu 



tCoffettiec botlj of pucfe anH bccH, 
tot) J liatt t!)ou ii)mm mee? 

Againft a Churle or thankles perfon. 

A Cuntc? toigl)t toitlj pittp pjtcfet, 
'^*- (ajs toji'tersf eartt taue tolU) 
i;oofee tip a »inafee rafet tip in fnoto, 

qufg^t curtH almott toitlj colij, 
Sim platt Ijjm m f)i0 liofom toarme: 

agame to life once b?ou5!)t, 
^t ftcike0 anti ttm0;0 tl)e man to tieatlj, 

tl)at foj l)pm Co t)aU tojouffljt* 
(KnttiankfuU a0 tljou art, euen fo 

tl)? frenti tljou lioft requite: 
'2ri)ou gitift Ijpni fo? a pearc!) receatu, 

a »)COjpion tljat tiotlj bite. 

To a Theef. 

j-^j feete are Ooto, tli? fpeacl) 10 aoto, 

t!)p mpnli anil all 10 floto: 
But Cure t|j l)anli0 to {ilcl)e anD (leal, 

tfiep be not Ooto 31 fenotoe. 
aoi^en a0 tljp filcljgng finger^ falfe, 

to ptcfe tl)ou tiotl) pjepare: 
Eememliec fti'll totiat punil]|)ment0 

fo? tl)eeue0 ojdapneti are* 

An Epitaphe, of an excellent Shipma- 
fter, or Pilote. 




"jVJEptune on »)ea, gaue lucfe to t^ee: 

Mars matie tfiee (trong; on lana to be* 
IJoto ioje ti)ou Ijaft (toi't^ loue on Ij^e; 

aboue t^e gliftecpng: pltien Cfeje, 
(Ereat once toatt tl)OU on Tea anO lanQ, 

noto ffceat in teuen to^ece ftarce^ &o (fanti* 

Of a Bore, and a Lion. 

•y^e ccuell Boje anU IL^on curd, 

toget^ec fierce Ctn figlit: 
•^Efie IBoje of l)?ifile0 bjagti, in maine 

hit} Ije tl)e ILion0 miglit 
Mars one, t^e ot^ec Cibei lautie0, 

fiffljtgng in liloutiie bjoile: 
Botlie feept on 91^outaine0, botlie toei' foilH 

bp Hercules ^i0 tOjle* 

Of a poore man in loue. 

ly/rcE pinc'dpng penurie tioet^ paine, 
^^^ anD Cupid t)ounli0 m? ^acte: 
31 l)ung:et; can abiDe, but not 

of loue t^e bittec rmarte* 
91 liue ani) lacfee: 31 li^e anU loue: 

toant Doet^ men fo?e annoje: 
2But fojet; mucte tlje fcanticfe flames, 

of Cupid blintieo bo^e. 




Vnder Hercules painted 

^at I)jpng:e0 not loue to patCe? 

to!)atiJoetlj not loue conttraine? 
3t cauCO ttoute Hercules to Cpi'nne, 
bp toljom toece monttei'0 flame, 

Againft the riche vnlearned, 
out of Laertius. 

vjrl^at tjme Diogines, a tiolte 

in puuple tia IieljolUe: 
3 fee (CaieD Ije) a felie flfjepe, 
\\\ fell ana fleece of goltie* 

Of three Grecians, writers of Tragedies. 

nri^jee Grecian ^oet0 tcagi'tall, 
tii'D leaue t^eir lme0 anti Dpe 
la^ofle flcaungel^, ag tlje flojiejS of 

tl)e Grecians tefllfie* 
^t firfle pclepeD Sophocles, 

(a0 to?ttec0 funti?ie fai'e) 
afljajs c^ocfet toi'tlj Imrnell of a ffcape, 

tliat in l)i0 tljjoate DiD ftaie. 
Euripides tl)e feconlie (tljat 

from toomen bio refcaine) 



2B? curCeti tap toftlj ccuell cuitesf, 

toa0 all to tojne ana Daiite. 
il2oto ^fchiius tl)e tl)frlie anU lattc, 

an duffle from an ^^z 
%zt fall a Qitll bppon W pate, 

toljiclje feiltse tpm b? ani) hp* 



Of Rome. 

I|5otl)jnff mufe a »)l)epl)earl) boertj, 
m Rome tlje rceptec tolUe: 
fe)itt) tl)at a feljep'^eacij built t\)t fame, 
(a0 funtijte tioofee0 ^aue tolDe) 
Sin'a Qtlj tlje founaec of tlje Came, 

toitS aaiouluiltje niilke toagf fetiOe: 
31 maruell notljpng; 3| at all, 

ttiouffl) Rome of MJoulue^ be fpetiUe* 
2But tW me tt)mfeetl) toonDiou0 ttcaunge, 

tljat fafe a ftocfee ffjoulli rett 
gjn Rome to' rauenjng mucDjjng tooulue0, 
anD neuer be oppjeft* 

Againft Pope Pius. 

pOpe Pius ijeauen foj monej follie: 
^ 2DeatI) toill not let 5?m (lafe, 




3In peactt) :tl)m neeHeg to ^zll belotoe, 
Pope P. muft tafee W toaie, 

Fratres EXTRA mvndvm. 
'T'^eCE Omnia Munda tiot liefile, 

toiti) finger, tafle, anti tong: 

3In Mundo merito tljei Cai'e, 

ttiei titoell not men anions'. 

Of Au6lus, a fwilbole. 

Xone to tafte, tip Auftus quaft 
a bole toitlj toine full fraugl)t: 
jI5e toa>s te jet content toit^ tl)i0, 

but aCfet an otl)ec Ojaug^t. 
'QElje goblet toag not toa(i)t, Ije faieU, 

anD ball tljem fill againe: 
?fflJl)icl)e doen, Ije ti?inke0 a fcel^je, anD lettjs 

no tijop beljinUe remalne. 
|2otD tljat To muc^e 1)e boetlj require, 

alone to tatte anti trie: 
ll?oto muclie trotoe jou tofU Ije Deare, 

attacljt toitlj tljirft anu Dji'e? 

Of the booke whiche Vincentius Obfo- 
pceus wrote of the feat of drinkyng. 

yjrrklS^ ""fit tlje Gcrmans teaclje tljat arte, 
in to^iclie t^ei CbilfuU bee ? 




aailj? ace To man? 2Doctojs(, tell, 

malie ftliollergi iinto tijee? 
(Bui, bib, anti bole, cacouCe, anD quaffe, 

ertjecan (tl Germany: 

i:t)ou C|)oultift taue taugtit tp (catliec tijen) 
tlje toaie fioto to be Dri'e. 

Of Aulus. 

^^at Aulus uoet^ 31 Doe not affee: 

but toljetlbec of tl)eCe ttooo: 
<3D? i3?mfee, o? Oepe, foj notl)png el0 
tioetl) Aulus ife to iioe. 

Of Marcus. 

"y^D Oepe W fwrfet tile atoai'e, 
-•■ Marke Oepe^ out liff^tlj Jalfe f^e bafe. 
^ome men (tlje caufe tljat Di'ti not feno\»e) 
2DiO aCfee l)?m toSp lie Qepeli To* 
^otl) lie, tol)j Hoet^ not Dauid fai'e? 
i;i0 tjaniti'e to riTe ece Me. 

To Ancus. 

nr^ou Djunfeen fainDd t^? Telf of late: 

tljou tl)?ee tiaie0 after tiepttt 
l^oto toflt tl)ou flepe (tot'tl) Djinfee m aeeDe) 
to'^en tl)ou act tl)jou5^lp pepft? 

To a certaine drunkarde. 

^1^0 tecmlie tliee tijunfeacti, tecmDe tliee ill: 
^g^oje Djunfee act tliou, tljen li?ufeacD dill. 




Of Aulus. 

T ^olz toljen mofte Cobec Aulus 10, 
^ mode tijunfee igi Aulus !jc 
againe tnlclle t^at ^e be tijunfee, 

te fobec can not be, 
ifo} Cobec (till te bjauleg! anU bjaie0, 

!)e teace0, anti on te take0: 
Sinl) lifee a be&lem beaft, botl)e fanbe 

anb Tea toffetljec (tafee^, 
But toljen tljat te tiatt) quafte IjiiS fiU, 

no code at all Ije feeepeg: 
But ca(l0 ti^mfelf bpon lji0 couclje, 

anb (Cnojtpng) Counblp Oeepe^. 

An Epitaphe , of a notorious 

T^^e co?p0 clapt faft in clotteceb date, 

tljat Ijece engcaube boet^ Ip: 
€)n beatl)=bebbe Ctoace, in all Iji^ life 

tljat Ije but once toa0 tiik, 
SLnn (rucelp) tbou majtt ccebite !)?ut 

foj tljat tol)!tlje Ije bib faie: 
ifo? all t^e tnljile W life ^i^ latt, 

Se tljirttie toa0 altoaie. 

To Pontifer. 

A fepjinffall t:&ou {in p?ime of ?eL*e0) 
^^ a belbame olb boeft "oittiUt 




SL mt^Mty tOUffl), OlO Mumphima, 

toi'tl) qujueL'pitff paireg rpetiOe* 
'QEljou tljouff^ttt tlj? pelfe aaft pofeeH pence, 

bp tl)i0 Ueui'ce to Cpaue: 
CfiDU t[)0U55ttt a mai'tie tooulti eate to muc!) 

anil mafee tijp boupt bace* 
C!)ou act OeceiuDe : bj? t'gt'iS Ueuife 

naught tl^alt tljou Caue : 3 ii)(nbe 
^onff niaitie0 fljei toill not eate Co muclje, 

a0 an;eti tcott0 tofU lijin&e* 

Of a lade moft vile and peftilent. 

TJ^rfie p?on rpucce0 no moje etteme0, 
^ ^ tW Uull anti blocfeiOje latie: 
'STljen rpucces of ixioole, oj (ilfeen Cpurce^, 
a0 rofte a0 can be maUe. 


2^1^10 gatie tioet^ feme no moje to feele, 

t^e p?!c6png; of a fpurre: 
lEten Doetl) a ftone, oj member UeJitie, 
tie tol)icl)e mate notti^ng; ttucce, 


T^lfee fpurce t^t cutte0 anti e;oje0 tlje pt0 

no mo?e Uoetlj tie regari): 
"^Etien tturDie Citl), toljece beate0 tSe »»mitlj, 
tje battecpng lammec ^arOe* 


^^ 193 

F L O V V E K S 

TW fitchpng CpucL'e lioett fefee to (tuuce 
■^ t!)j tteeae tfiat toi'U not ttece: 
%ifm m^ about to tell a tale, 
to l)jm tljat can not tjeare* 


C^ace Cpace to fputue it nougljt auaile0: 

»)purce0 feate toi otljev IjojCe: 
l&icfee, pjiclie, fpurne, Cpuc : pi'nclje, puclj anti 
ttjou l^alt not tticce a cojfe* fpanclje 


•yifeisj blocMl|)e beatte, asS Tone asi Ije 

of ang man (0 Cpitie: 
^tcaittoaie^ Ije Cai'etl), beljold an aCTe, 
tmft tip in ^ojfes |(0e. 


C ^ Qotol? ffoeg tt)i0 mopi'flje 3|atie, 
•^ (tol)Eceon jou tjfe to ri'tie) 
ja0 pacD ana fbant of Linx ijpm felf, 
lji0 moupnff mate be fpide* 


T JF flufffftfllje floth ijan euec fonne 0? cliiHi: 
'STljisf fame 10 Ije, tmleCTe 3 be begtu'lD* 


P Wim loofee Ijoto muclje tlje l^arte e;;cellejS 
-^ tl)e aife to ninne a rate: 



O F E P I G R A M S. 90 

^0 tiiuclje tW tjojfe of tuecp IjojCe 
lieOtie i& paCe in pace. 


pjcE fem00 a0 lie toece tti'll a Qepe: 

ft mate tie Co fie tlepe0 
S10 ijoetlj ttie l^ace, tofio tteppixg; ttiU, 
t)i0 ege0 bjolie open feepeiS. 


r^Wit out tlji0 cticCeti Cal)al0 coHiS 
^-^ betpme, it pou Doe toell: 
dfllliat toi'U 1)10 ofrpj^ng be, but eueit 
a tecp plague of tell, 


-rjJ^iA flijall toe tio toitt tl)t0 fame bead? 
^ lioto flSiall toe ife \tm, tell ? 
I^pm feme a0 Fiadcus affe toa0 fecuO, 
anil To gou fecue l)pm toelU 


The way to liue well. 

yif tl)0u toflt leatie a goUlp life, 
-^ anJ) not from iiewue (toecue: 
2Be toac? toife, anti altoaie0 tliefe 
fi;t;e tljinge0 in mt'nlie obfeme. 

a^.iu Eemem= 



1 Eemember fira tfie %oi\it tt)? (006, 

tofjictie t^ee of nought &iti mak: 

2 Mtxt niinli tl)ou fe)atljatt Cecpetit ape, 

ttat Ceefees tl)p Coule to talz. 

3 :flJe;ct minU t^e fljojtneis of t^i0 life, 

t^at fatiett) U'fee a aotoer: 

4 j!2e;ct mptiD tl)p gcaue, continually 

to'bitl) galpESJ tftee to tiEUOUL% 
s Mtxt minU tfiou glatifome 3!opesi of t^auen: 
6 nejct laftpng; plape0 of tell-- 
antJ fo an enlie : mintie tl)efe, anti t^ou 

cantt neuec liue but toelU 

P7-ecepts ofwedlocke. 
The hufbands requefls. 

Twrg toife, (f tljou regaro mine eafe: 
•^^-'^^jaje to tlje l.ojU : t?m pjaife | pleafe. 
goifpleafe not ntee (fo? anp tljjns) 
Care l)oto tljp rtjiltijen tip to b?ing: 
ISLet ftiU tl)pne Ijoufe be neat anti fine: 
aitoaiejs pjouitie fo? ctiHi?en tl)ine: 
Be meccp, but toitl) moDeftie, 
^ett fome men blame tjine tjonettfe: 
%z\. manneciS ttine be pleafant dill: 
QEitl) lackes pet Doe not plag tlje gyil. 
(Bo ixi tl)5 prment0 fobeilp, 
?Let no fpot be tljereon to tpie* 
2Be mere? toljen tliat 3i am meci'p: 




dfllljen 31 lOtoje, Cng not tljOU Hey derry. 

%liz man t^at Ipfeeti ig of mee, 
ILet l)pm li'feetoife be Itfet of tijee* 
l^tiat to!)iclj 31 fa? in company, 
»)Ee tljou uefcU not openlp, 
3\t ougljt 31 fpeafee tliat Ufee0 not t!)ce, 
'llftercof in fecm monifll) mee+ 
(Iflli&at fo tn fecrct 31 tfiee tell 
Eeueale not, but conceale it todU (toacme 
^\)lnlt not ttcaunge Mm& Uoe mafee mee 
afljfien 31 tljee Suet, (teto mee ttij Sai^tne* 
Confeffe toljen fo t^ou Dott offenD: 
Clii'tie not to betitoarli to!)en toe toentit 
»ileep flifffltlj : rife betjme, anD p?ajej 
m\)m tt)ou act tijeft, to tooojfe atoap, 
IBeleue not all t^ing tl)at 10 faitie; 
fepeafee little (a0 befeemesi a majUe) 
3In pjefence mine liifpute tljou not: 
Hepl? not: cfiat mutt be fojgot 
die toneC Do atfociate Ml: 
%(\t\f liupng toitl) tl)e IctoO anO ilU 
%zt letotinc0 none tfip life affoojH: 
2Be altoaie0 true of tongue anti tooojU: 
%tt i!jamefaftne0 t^p miftce0 bee: 
2Do tjefe, ana toife come cull toitl) mee> 

The wiues aunfwere. 

TJUfbanti, if tljou toilt pure appeare, 
-•- •*- (dum a0 tl)? felf) tl)en fioltie mee Hear* 

9I9,iii» »>o 



fe>o fljalt tl)OU pUaCe lehoue trmine, 
^0 f^alt t^ou mafee niee nojuiflje mfne. 
feee tl)at ouc fiouCe toteccin toe tiVDcH 
Be tjatiCome, ijolCome, toalleti toelU 
anti let ti0 tiaue to^at tiCe require0: 
ai^afee recuame0 Ctoeat at tooojfee, not fire0. 
»>ee ttiai t^? fpeect) be mflU anti meefee. 
<3D£ frotoarli fmmp0 te Qill to feefee* 
gjf tljott toilt tiaue mee tio foj ttiee, 
'C^en fee tfjou lifeetoife tio foj mee. 
31f tt)OU on tt)j frenli0 ao beftoVoe, 
5Be libecall to mj frenti0 airo. 
5foj recuant0 ttjine feeepe tauntpng0 tact, 
atimoniCEje gentl? mee apacte. 
anti totjen in fpo^t Come tpme 31 ivtnXt^ 
2Do tljou not fl^acpl? repjeljend. 
ant totien 1 1'o? tott^ tbee to leff, 
31n angcie mooDe, tto not moleft. 
%& not enuffe, tljat 1 loue tljeet 
But fometime t!)ou muft mafee of mee. 
3|f 3 (tjall not of ttee be felotoe0, 
Siee t!)0u cleaue not to man? fellotoe^, 
'Etjouffl) t^ou Ijaft to^leli out t|)e Oape 
at nigl)t be mere? pet altoaje. 
(life neuec muclie abjoao to rome: 
But (till feeepe clofe toi'tlj mee at Ijome. 
%i)OU faiftft muc^e, Voljen tljou toad an tooec, 
il2oto (toe ace coupleD) be a Ooec. 




Penelope it 3 Jtjallie, 

%\im be viiffes into me. 

Defire not to obtaine, that whiche thou 
canft not gaine. 

T-J (t tijat toiU cfiooCe a tojetclj to he, 
^^SL ijecj \!o?etrtje inlieeli i0 \it: 
'Eljett Ije t|at ffooli0 DeOice^ to game 
aaujici) tip no meaner Ije map ofttaine 
Si tecp tjjjetc'^ mOeetie 10 Ije: 
5foj Se Dott) rijooCe a to?etcl)e to be. 

By vertve not vigovr. 

.^31nne euen tlje toapVoarii Vertue toi'U, 
^ anil Vertue mafeetl) totUps ttiH. 
Force tuviouiS fompng figljtetlj feacce: 
:But Vertue Dotl) toi'tt) tefon peaite. 
31n botip Force lji0 Ceate tiotl) finde, 
Vertue tciumpl)et^ fti'll in mi'ntie. 
Force mafeet!) men lifee beaft0 to be, 
But Vertue mafeetlj men toe fee, 
aEfiecefoje tutie bopfteuou0 Force fate toell, 
5foj Vertue b?aue l^all beaue t^e bell. 
Eet Force to Vertue boto anO benD: 

^l Miftres on tlje Mayde attentiC* 
How euery age is encHned. 

'y^e Babe (Deuoptie Of toft ant! fence) 
-*• 3jn CraDle ftill tiotl) cti'e: 

9dMu %l}e 



%^z Lad bp lfgf)ttie0 letoU Hotlj looCe 
W tjme, anO tunned atojjc* 

if com 12. to 21. Youth 

runne0 ra(]|jlj on ti0 race: 
%^z Luftie Youth to latolesj lutte 

atili riot runne0 apace* 
%\)z Man am ljunt0 foc Ijotiouc^ Ijte: 

tl)e Senior fein'ou0 feefeeg 
ifo? toealt!) anD copne : jlati tol)en into 

W pjagget! puLte lie peeked. 

A noble dame : / kide her name. 

p)©? ftiCage t^ou act Venus rigl)t: 

Pallas foj aotoi'ng tijaine: 
l^o fingec fine tljc %acp oj Hute 

Apollo tt)ou Doft ttaine* 
Mercurius nile0 tljj fileti Cpeact)e, 

tf)? mann£C0 Cynthia cljatt: 
€) gallant goDlietfe : luno meet 

toitl) loue fo? to lie plaft* 

Of the Queenes Pi6lure. 

r\ pfttj great ala0 to fee, 
^^ tljat Vertue Jljinjng To 
{fflli't!) Bewtie l)jatie,mutt fojceD be 
at laft atoa^ to go. 

Of the pi6ture of Thomas Cranmer, fom- 
tyme Archbifhop of Canterbury. 


O F E P I G R A M S. 93 

^(Bll leacneu, anti toell Ifueti too, 

poll Cranmer \33a(l tl)OU fUCe: 

faire lucfe? times anti lotojpng bot:^, 
(000 matie tijee to triauu. 

Of his owne pi6lure. 

/p€)ole a0 tI)ou act) toljat Ooft tijou mean, 
V tl)p fatijng; fo?me to lijatoe ? 
51 netoe face, oj ri0 no face, t^ou 
(lljalt tiaue to mojcoto, Dato, 

Of the picture of the moft excel- 
lent Dame A. H. 

■p^)? pjutiencie, a pjectou0 pearle: 

toi face, a famous Uame: 
3|n fine tl)igi peece in euer^ pofnte, 
Oefemetl) lautie anU fame* 

To his Bed. 

IV/r i beU, t^e rett of all mp catres, 

t^e Enne of toiling paine: 
MJi&icfie bipngeft eafe anti follace ftoeete, 

Xiii\Ut liarfeneCCc tioet^ temaine. 
app umt, nlnz to me aiimhec ftoete, 

anil tnflpng Djeames repell : 
CauCe cacfejnff care from fobbing bjeatt 

to pact, toljece it Ooetl) Dtocll 
^11 mocfeecies of tljis tojetc^ed toojltie, 

put cleane fcom out m? mpnlie: 
2Doe tftefe mp liei3tie:anti tljen t^ tliee, 

9^,6, muctie 



murtje comfort (lljaU 3| fintie. 

An Aunfwere. 

j-'^&t 31 maie be a rett of car£0, 

an enUe of tojlpng; paine: 
&ee ttomatfee t^^ne be not TurcljargDe, 

toljen aepe tt)oti tooultiefl gaine* 
3f OtgceD aepe (Ueuoioe of Dieame0) 

t|)Ou Ukett to enioje: 
'Eljen Uue Voitl) little : anU betoace, 

no cace0 tl)j t)Et>l>e anope» 
anti lattlp Ueme tl)j fetteceti betiDe, 

aUTjafe0 tljj gcatppng gcaue: 
feo red bp me tijou (Ijalt obtaine, 

anO efee muc'^e comfojt Ijaue. 

An Epitapthe vpon the death of Sir 
Ihon Cheke. 
T^^e mat'ftec of gooD manei*0 millie, 

tl)e glidecpng lampe of fbill: 
2Dame ifiatures goltien too?feet)oufe race, 

not) tieat^ Ijatlj riu from ill 
SOi noble Oi: Ihon Cheke 10 iietitie, 

to|)icf)e aetifaft ttill Hiti (lanUe 
i|2ot one to manp, but to all: 
tl)e lantetne of tt)i0 lantie, 
i;ije gem of tlji0 our cEnglitlje fofle: 

fell Dcatt) tljat ci'titietl) all 
»)0 ricl)e a letoell neuec toofee, 
no? tafee Ijeceaftet; flijall, 


late Bifliop of NORWICH. 

To the Reader. 

fHe reader thou doejl read this booke, 

With frownyng forked doe not looke: 
\For Cato curjle, nor Curius, 
' Nor frownyng fowre Heraclitus, 
Thefe are not made: but ifthei bende 
Their eyes to fee what here is pende: 
Suche toyes theifhall bee fur e to finde 
As ivill refrefhe the meflfull minde. 

To Torpetus. 

•yi^p toife Torpetus bjingsi tfiee naug!)t: 
-*■ %^m muCeft totiat (lljoulu let: 
a^uCe not; t)oto ca fljc tijing tljee aug;l)t 
aaifien tijou canft naught ht^zu 

An Epitaph vpon the death of a 
Couetous Mifer. 

A IS peact^lp toigljt in peactl), 
-^^ 91 ftuUieO jeartljlj tl)ptig0: 
C^eti W&z a apobtoacpe, 

to jeartt to^tctie altoaie0 cUngsf* 
^oto jeact^lp boDie mpne, 




in peactl) toitt) toojnic0 Doet^ biHe: 
But fpnfuU Coule (alagi) 

to Limbo tioune Iioctt) flitie* 
afllaitarec ^ence Depam, 

tafee i)eeUe, be toacntie 6p me: 
Kemembec leauenlg tt)pn50, 

caae peart^lg tljpngg ftom ttee. 

Of Robin Bartlet fallyng into the 
handes of Theues. 

"DArtlet a pleaCautit rconre,to^ofe mictlje 

all men Dt'ti mucte tieU'ffljt: 
Eitipnff totoartigi London on a tjme, 

amonffeft '2[:t)eue0 bin ligljt 
M\)zn t^ei l)ali robue tpm of l)i0 come, 

quotl) one (among tje rette) 
app maiaec0 let t)0 cutte W tl)?ote, 

foj feare toe be ej;pje(le, 
tKjen Bartlet aunCtocceti pleafauntlp, 

(naie Doe not ferae me Co) 
ap? mai(ler0 if pou cutte mp t^?ote, 

Soto Itjall m? djinfee Iioune go, 
Sit tt)i0 tlje 'Z!ri)eue0 gan laug^ apace, 

anil from l)pm toent tlieit; toai'e: 
»»o ailie Bartlet fauUe 1)10 life, 

altljougS W put^ff tiii) pai'e, 

Againft Battus, an euell 





TjJ^ilt Battus r?nBt0 , Ije tooulti be tljougljt 

Cucl)e one a0 todl coulti tjtsv. 
^0 tooulD t^e lifcUe t^at Cucko ccie0: 

Co toOUlD tlje Nightcrowe tO, 
To Ihon Foxe. 

C3It1) t^at tl)H lite id rpotlelle puce, 

Deuoitie of frautie atiti hlame: 
31 maraell toftp of crafti'e jFo;ce, 
mp Foxe tl)ou IjaBtt tlje name» 

Of an old trot Perfephone, and 
Pyllio a yongfter. 

pErfephone a belijame, Sat!) 

an tioufe tofiemn to dtoeU: 
gong Pyllio ncetiiS mutt marci'e Ijeu, 

te raie0 tie loue0 l)et toelU 
il2oto Pyllio f^e Hoett) like of life, 

anil !)e J3oet^ fet gceate ttoje 
2Bg Ijec fai'ce toufe : to'oat toeDsi Ije liei;? 

no fuce : fiec |)oufe tljecefoje* 

To Marcellinus. 

C ^metjme t:&ou toilt ^aue toealtlie 
"^ to ife : anti fomet^me not» 
»)ure eitlier t|)ou act to muz^e toife, 
01 el& to muc^e a fot 

Againft Boffus, a Priefte. 




^(t mud not tmt\)t a tooman, toe, 

t!)U0 Boffus am noefb faie: 
aaie mutt continually (Caiet^ l)e) 

feme (BoU botlje niglit anti tiaie> 
2But Boffus bg ^10 leaue toetl) Ije: 

tliei touc^e anti touclje asaine: 
aDj el0 Comang balDpate piiea0, 

coulti neuec Qreg cemaine. 

Of Lupercus. 

A jFniitfuU toenctje dEoO fenlie me, CaieU 
-^*- Lupercus tol)en 31 toeftDe: 
31 Ijate (faiet) ^e) t^efe barren tiamegi, 

t!)at neuer toill be fpetitie. 
!^e marrt'eft Frances at tl)e laft, 

anil Co ^e liati lji0 pjater: 
'QClie ne;ct tiaie after t^ei toere li'nfet, 

ftft bjougljt tjnt fojt^e a paire. 

Of Molzus that cafte his 
wife into the Sea. 

^l^at tpme a troublous tempett rofe, 
^ anH toll tfte tumbling »»ea0: 
(Kc^e one tt)?etoe m W fieuieft ftuffe, 

tf)e loalieti barfee to eafe* 
2But Molzus (one emong: tlje red) 

catte in W toife, anb fai'eb, 
iI5augl)t lieauier t^an a f feolbpg toife, 

31 beme tfieue can be toat'eb. 




Of Lollus and Cseciliana, man and wife. 

^QtltiDme tiotl) Lollus bpne at !)ome, 

anti not api'ntt W toill: 
SinXt t!)at Ije felti map Dine at tome, 

Cscilian toiCjjetl) Ml 

»)£Hiome liotlj Lollus fup at ^ome, 

ana not apinft W toiH? 
SlnD ttiat Ije CelH map Cup at ^omg, 

Caecilian tolJtjetlj ttt'lU 

feclaome Ootlj Lollus Oeepe at Ijome, 

anH not agamft ljf0 toilU 
Sinti tjat Ije Celti map nccpe at tome, 

Caecilian tolDEjett ttllU 

fe)eItiome fpeafee^ Lollus toiti) i)i0 toife, 

anO not agamtt t)i0 toilU 
ana ttat Ije map but feltiome CpeaUe, 

Caecilian totCSjett) ftllU 

feltiome Ootfj Lollus feiile 1)10 toife, 

ana not apintt !)i0 toill: 
janU ttat te map but CelD tec feiCCe, 

Caecilian tofflljett Ml 

feelUome Ipe0 Lollus tot'tt) f)i0 toife, 

ana not againtt W toill: 
ana ttat tt map Tela Ipe toi'tl) tec, 

Caecilian tol'flljett MU 

Lollus aott loue anottec0 toife, 
ana not againft \^i& tojll: 




SinXi foj to fime anotljec man 

Csecilian toi(][)et!) ftllU 

flD tof)at a paffpns concojU i0, 
bettoene tl)i0 man anU toift? 

aoitiat Co tt)e one of tliem Dot!) loue, 
t^e otljec Ube0 of life* 

To Sixtus. 

A ifaic toi'fe t|)ou Ijatt maccieli, tljt0 

Dotl) pleaCe tfiee Sixtus Voell: 
St (t)?fto ^ou mactieO Ijaft, tiotti t^is 
toell pleafe t^e Sixtus, tdl? 

Of a certain Duke, and Robin Bartlet. 
A Cmcn Duke toitl) Bartlet cl)afte, 
■^*- fatu, leaue jou fenaue to fcoffe 
SinX) menu pout manners, oj 31 Ctoeare, 

tl)p l)eati Itjalfae tut of. 
y €Juotl) Bartlet, CPoti fo?biti, tijat toeve 

to me l)nt)appie t)ap: 
3If ttiat mp IjeaU toece gone (quott Ije) 

tolece f^ould 31 fet mp cap. 
^t tW tlje Duke gan laugt a pace, 

anU fet i)i0 Ijart at red; 
'2ri)u0 all tje bjot'le anU angec gceat, 

toa0 tucneU to a 3Ieft. 

To Alexander Nowell. 
r^ Eeat Alexander all tlje tJJOjlD 

^^ Ui'U m fubtection lijinge: 




Eutie Iiai-hacousi people t^ou Dott tame: 
tl)Ou lioft a ffceatec tljinff* 

To Candidus. 
p^O?e Proclus Martha tOOUe tO tolfe, 

of loftp ISLinnap l)te: 
feilje toasS not Candidus 1)10 toiTe, 

but millce0 6t0 pectiie. 

Of certaine faire maydens plaiyng 
with Snowe. 

Y7'€)u tiicgiti0 fatuec ttieti tt)e »)ttotoe 

tofiectoitl) gou rpojt ana plap: 
l^fje fenotoe i0 totiite, anti jou are bjigtit, 

noto macfee tol)at 3 fl)aU fap> 
'SElje »>notoe ftettoene jour ftnffer0 fatie0 

ana meltett) quiglit atoap: 
Sio gU'tterpng gleame0 of tietDtie0 tilaje 

in time (t)all Tone aecap* 

To Hallus. 

TT Alius t^ine afeing; toot!) mafee0 tl)zz 

t^at tliou cantt rett no nigljt: 
aaiitl) ffooa tonpe (Hallus) licfee tt)? tootl) 
ana paine toill iianillje quis^u 

In quendam. 

T^l^ou lifett ill men, ill men tijee lauae* 

fO Mules of mules are fcrapt and clawd. 

N To 

dd 209 

To a certayne Draper. 

A/r (tn manp Draper tieeme, 

t!)OU dott abounli toitlj ftooje: 
%\)^ il^ofe 10 p?eciou0, full of peaclesi, 
Draper, cantt tI)ou bee pooje? 

Againft Boffus. 

A %% ^itm muft gelliea be, 
-^ tlju0 faift tljou Boffus mil: 
'Etiep muft be plDeO fure tljou faift, 

t\\e fccipture fo tiott) toilU 
gjf Boffus tljou tauft gealt tljj felfe, 

anU ftoitejs of tljitie cut out: 
»)o matt? bafterti bim of tljine, 

taD not bene bojne about> 

Of Attus. 

yjf Attus face t^ou Doe fae^oltie, 
-^ a gooD man l)e Vdi'U feeme: 
But if tfiou Doe bel)oHie tfie reft, 
ill tljen tljou toilt l)im Deeme, 

To papifticall Prelats. 

^'^^ Doubt jou Dottrell pjieft0 a0 pet, 

c'bafte l)oneft toiues to toeDDe ? 
aaieDlocfee i0 ffooD, anD pleafetlj (0oD, 
aDultecie muft be fteDDc* 

Of the Lady lane Gray. 



F)aDe(l mufe toftlj Cfet'll of Grecian tOtipC, Graia be- 

^ totolLaliieianetoagfraiffljt? Smein 
S[0 Tone 80 £uer (|)e toan bojnc, "^nmSh a" 

(ije toa0 a Grecian ttcattC* Grecfai.^ 

Againft Colte, a coltifh Preift. 

C3!t!) Colt t!)OU plaiett tlje Colt, to fet'Cfe, 
"^ tiefoje tl)e face of men: 
aai'bfti no man fee^ tf)ee Colt {% vmlt) 
t|)e Colt Ijoto plaiett tfiou tf)en? 

Of Holus a Souldier beyng lame. 

r\^ Holus 31 tii'ti aCfec, toljecefoje, 
^^ limpjng: to toarce lie toent: 
%\x^t aunCtoecDe fie, tfiougl) lim0 be lame, 
m^ mjnae to fisfit 10 bent. 

To Ihon Gibbon. 
r)3|ffolue tl)i0 tiacfee ^nigme, 

m? Gibbon if pou Can: 
gou flijalbe reckneli Oedipus, 

a cunnj?no; ffei'lfull man, 
W^i^ 10 mp riDDle liacfee: 

no Woulues in Englande are, 
Yet Englande harboures ftore of Woulues : 

l)oto cantlji0be5eclat:e? 

Againfb Alanus. 
'yi^ou louett 2Dogo;0, 

2Dogg0 aoett tljou feede: 

12 au But 


T&M tl)OU tioeC tiate 

l^liou cljitiea l)ec, 

lee Doett tt)ou beate: 
l^ec tljou doeft rpucne, ^ 

iiec tijou tioeft tljjeate: 
anD aiU toitlj IjEC 

tljou act at ftctfe: 
Better to be 

tljj 2D0B; tlien toife. 

Of Diogenes. 

QJHott) one tintO Diogenes, 
to|at lljall 31 ffiue to tijee 
SLna let me jtue t|p lietitie a I)o^*e: 
an telmet aunCtoereti "^e* , 

Againft Fridolinus. 

A Cljaft life bed befemesf a pjiett, 

tljou Fridolin Doeft Cafe: 
But tofience tail tljou t^p lalili0 anti gii;l0, 
noto Fridolin beto?ai'e? 

Of Robin Bartlet, fainyng hymfelf 

deafe to get lodgyng, beyng on 

a tyme benighted. 

^t^en lioune Dan Phebus gan to tiucfee, 

anD fljjoulie Ijpm in tlje (IflJed: 
W^zn Dacfefome ni'ffljt appjocljeu fall, 



anti all tiiti Olent rett* 
flfll^en ^oius fejtiff tot'tl) puffetr tl)efee0, 

pn blotoe anti bluttec fearce: 
aflJlieti Dafllj^tiB; (|)otoer0 Doune limgjng fatt 

botlie man anl) l)0att tiili peacce. 
aailjen ft'n'e flatted, anti ligljtnpng leamc0, 

ffan flafl[)e from out tlie Cfete0: 
aailjeti (liffe, ftcos, ttcuglpng:, ftucDie fto?m0, 

began, fo? to ariCe. 
all in tlji0 Ijucl? bud? steate, 

it cljaunceti Co pectiie; 
'^tljat meccie Bartlet toa^ abjoaUe, 

tieuopDe of companie* 
3n n'Djng: Ije l)au loft lji0 toaie, 

in gceate Diftreffe toag l)e: 
ifo^ poftjng; liece and t^ece, lie coulti 

no toune no? ttillage te. 
T5\it ^e ttat loofee0 at laft lijall finUe, 

fo te bp jfojtune fatoe 
Sit lafte a Cmple cottage pooje, 

all Ijomelp ttiatclit toit^ ^tcatoe» 
m^ ^mti& fte ljeauc0 to Ijeauen on tiiglj, 

anD tl)anfee0 toitl) l)arte anti tjopce 
Md (Boa tl)at gaue ^fm tlji0 gooti liap, 

ano greatly Din reiojce* 
!^e commett) to tW cabbin courfe, 

anD fenocketl) at tl)e tioo?e: 
Sinti ttcaite toitft tumble Cute anti monc, 

i!5,iii. foj 



toi !)elpe 1)0 aoet!) imploje. 
3If an? toife Dtoell ticce (quotlj t)e) 

tljat tonettie aoett loue: 
net tl)i0 m? pittou0 peccpng; plaint, 

l)ei: m^ntie to mectie moue, 
'ST^ett loe tlje gootitoiTe of t|)e f)0«ft> 

(to^Ofe name Dl'tl Florence fjlffljt) 

Came to t^e tiDOje, ana fpalie tinto 

P00?e Harriet toofuU tolff^t* 

atoaie quotl) fije, toljat ece tlioii he, 

fce fure t|)ou comft not ^ece: 
»»o late tl)ou toanti?eft in tlje nigljt, 

tljoit art a t^eef 31 feare* 
Be pacfepng; tol)ile jour bone tie to|)ole: 

31 ttianfee jou Bartlet faieti: 
(anH fainti Ijjm Telf foj to be tieafe) 

31 ttianfee jou fo? pour aitie. 
Si^aie l)o?fe of mpne l)aue roume (quotl) Ije) 

Ijere liketoiCe to remaine? 
i!3o no quotlj fi}z: 3j t!)anfee ?ou fure, 

faieU Bartlet Ijere againe, 
^nti toent to »)table toitl) Ijiisl ljo?fe: 

at lad It tiiXi Ijec toin 
(B^ tljanfees anti gentle taojtie^) to ope 

tl)e ijoje, anti let l)im in* 
ail tl)at fame ntg^t te fnojtjng flept, 

faft bp tlie fier aue: 
Sinti all t)i0 garments fotoft toitlj raine, 




bp tmofe^ng fiec Ije hiittt, 
aaiten faire Aurora at tlje lafl, 

U^m toi to appeare: 
Stria Ijjigljt Apollo Voitl) lji0 beamc0, 

began to gliftec cleace. 
2Dame Florence ftamtt) tip fcotti beti, 

anil tone fi)e atppef^ on 
%c petticote: anD fetc!)jng txiooD, 

fl)e mafeetlj fire anone> 
»)!)e deeming: Bartiet faft a fleepe, 

efee tieaf, a fart let flee: 
(Boti mojroto tiame (quotl) Bartiet ftraigjjt) 

toljat fpeafee jou into mee ? 
^aiiuotl) Florence tot)at? anti Can jou 5rai*e? 

noto Cure 3 IM t^ertoje: 
3j Tee mp taile tiat^ malie pou Iieare, 

tol)iclje coult) not ^eare befoje* 

Of Cselia , and her fonne , now 
redie to dye. 

^%en Cselia (fall anU fojcotofull) 

tjer Tonne foje acfee DiD fee: 
ilJoto tD^en \}i9S bjeatlj began to fade, 

toitl) blubbering teare0 fato (ije 
5D mj fiiieet fonne, ere life be tionne, 

fpeafee one ftoeet toojD to mee: 
But one ftoeet tooojO, m? ftoeet ftoeet fonne, 

3 tioe requell of ttiee: 



tC^e fonne noto giupng tp t!)e gljott, 
agi tijeatl) atoap pn paffe: 

Cri'eO, honny, honny, mot^tt mttie, 
(fweet hony) at) ala0. 

Slnt) Countipng fo t^efe fugitti tooo?ti0, 

^e tipetr tij anli bj: 
anil rijecefuU tl)u0 6nto tje tjeaw^niS, 

l)t0 Toitle Coacli CtoiTt on t)pe. 

Of Editha, trauelyng in child-bed. 

^JiMtn a0 a neto hojne blelleti Imbe, 

Editha foojtt) IjaU bjouffljt: 
CI)e toomen fapti !)e toa^ a& li'fee, 

|i0 Cue 80 miff^t tic tljougl^t 
QflJljat 10 1)10 ccotone balDe (bare of Ijeace) 

31 p?ap pou (t)Oto, CatD Qje: 
anti tt)U0 Editha agnifieO, 

a pjeitt tlje fire to be. 

Of a certaine Bifhop, and his 
foole Philibert. 

A Cecten ^jdat kpt a foole, 
to mafee Ijjm game anli fpojt: 

%^i0 foole Ijlff^t Philibert : l)l0 lojU 

Di'ti loue tint in fuclje fojt 
i;ijat Se toould let l)pm Ipe toif^ 5sm, 

m beti tol)et:ea0 5e lap: 
jl2ot aue b? aiie, but at ljt0 feet 

tl)i0 foole diQ couclje altoai?. 



F E P I G R A M S. loi 

a)nz nisU tit ^Bi'fljop tati W tmll, 

in beti toftlj \)im to Ipe: 
Ct)c foole toagi toalnng;, atiO bp Ijap, 

fotoec leggs f)e felt l)?m bp: 
Ifeo mai'ttec (quotl) rtje foole) 3 feele 

fotoec legffS: to^oCe be tl)ep, tljpne? 
f ea (quotl) l)t0 maCec) Philibert 

tljofe les$0 tl)ep all be mine* 
'SElien Philibert ftraig^t ftartpng 6p, 

tinto tlje tointiotoe Ijpe^, 
^nti (putting; out tiS noDtije^ nole) 

"oii^ Stentors ijojce Ije cciess 

Monftrum horrendum COttte auU Cee, 

all men, bot^ pong anti olO: 

app matter ttiat IjaH ttooo feet ectt 

%att fotoer noto to beljolae* 

Againft Claudia. 

A WLiCQin tl)ou toilt called be, ^ 
-^*- a tiirgin counteli eafee: 
Sinti ttill in pjaiCe of tjirgins puce, 

ttill Claudia tl)ou tiott fpeafee: 
But tol)p Dott tl)0u pjaife tjicginsf fo? 

t^j felfe no titsin art: 
ifoj tfiou dititt bear a birgin late, 

tollict) toa0 no birginsf part. 

To a certaine frend, 

A Itercljef tl)ou Dott toeare: fiean aclie 
-'^ aotj not torment t^ee rife: 



iPoi acfene0: furel? t^ou Ijaft felt, 
t^e 2Diaaffe of t^? toife. 

Of an egregious drunkard. 

A SDjunfeacti g;ceat0 tiiti fall into 

a feruent feuec foje: 
aaiSecelip l)f fflt a gceatec tljictt, 

tjeti eacft tie fiti bttoie. 
^t CetiUett foj p^ifitionss (Icai'te: 

tinto |)pm tljEi tioe giue 
)Bott)e fo? to cure Iji'g feuec, anO 

!)i0 t^ictt atoai'e to li?iue* 
'3Co tol)om tl)e pat'neO pactie fpafee: 

1fel)iation0, onelj fee 
"^Ijat ?ou m^ feuec cuce, mp tliicll 

leaue tl)at to cuce foj me. 

To certaine proude Papi- 
fticall perfones. 

CiSDme men Ooe call pou Ijolte men: 
"^ anD fome agafne Doe cl)ufe 
1:0 call pou Jfatl)ec0 : fflaa ace ^ou 

toljen tliei fuclje titled tife. 
But Ijolie 31 can not jou call, 

tolji'clje "^oUnetfe ditbaine: 
T5ut fatl)ec0 31 ntaie call pou toell, 

foj bim pou get amai'ne. 

To Pope Paulus. 2. 



nr^ou nectitt not Rome fo? to requell, 

of Paul 1)10 aone0 to l^otoet 
l^c Ijat!) begot a tiaugfiter la u, 
l)e 10 a man 31 tcotoe. 

Of Pope lone the 8. and of the maner 
of makyng the Pope. 

pcpe lone m manne0 appaitU tomi, 

anD famD ^tv Mt a manne: 
Slnti tip tl)f0 ttcaunge inTgufCjng, Qje 

at lad t^e ^opeSomc Voanne. 
at laft flje plaicU a pmillje part, 

anti let Ijec fecuaunt rt'De 
91n fatitile l)ec0 : IJje trauaileD, 

6?ougl)t fojttie tiec cljilti, anti tiieti, 

afljtien a0 t^e Carnals (Cardinalls 

3 tooulUfai'eif^couHi) 
aflJ^en t!)ei perceiuHe tlji0 filtt)? facte, 

tijei all agueeti none (!jouH) 
3t ^ope createti after t^at, 

imleffe lie liali W flone0: 
%W tooulD not Ijaue p' ^opeUome (fapntie, 

trn'tl) anj moje ^ope lones. 
But noto aliaie0 at Rome toe fee, 

tl)i0 cuttome toa;i;etl) colOe: 
am^at 10 t^e caufe t|)ei gcope not noto, 

a0 tt)el Vuece toont of oloe? 
tlTlie caufe 10, noto tl)ei fenotoe befoje, 




t^at tjci are men in tieetie: 
jfo? noto in euecp cojnec Ctoacme 
tSeic to|)Oje0, ann ballactie bjeetie. 

Of Lucretia whiche was daughter 
and wife to Pope Alex. 6. 

vw^at makft t^OU Lucretia, 

toitft cl)aft Lucretias name? 

"^rtjOU act an OtfjeC Thais, tf)OU, 

an ot^ec Lais tiame^ 

Of Nodofius, a Papift. 

\% pointed reaCong ftill, 
-'*■ Nodofius tioetlj cefuaine 
ifcom eatpng fleflS)e : ana ^et from flefl|)e, 

no Iiaie te Doetl) abttaine, 
2Doe(l aCfee |)Oto tt)i0 maie be? 

31 toill ej;plane tt)e tare: 

Dedde fiefhe mifllfeeg! Nodofius, but 

liue flefhe l)e Doett) embjace* 

Of a certaine yongman, and 
a toothleffe fire. 

A gongman anti an apti Cre, 
at Cattecne tijinkpng fate: 
at laa (toell tojitleti botlie toiti) toine) 

t^ei fell at peate Debate, 
janti ftriulie aboute a t^png of nought: 
ttie pongman all in j^e 



Burtt out ant) fafeo, turte in tl)? teet^, 

olO ccooUeO ccabheti Ore* 
•^irije olli man pleaCauntl? replioe: 

mrDe in W teett) (quotlj lie) 
'arijat "batl) teetft : 3| t)auc none at all, 

hrijoHie, anO tljoit flijalt fe* 
janli fo ^z flljetoeli l)i0 nafeeti pmmesf, 

totiere no teetl) tiiD remai'ne: 
SinX) tl)u0 tlie ftntc anJj gceate fiebate, 

DiO ceaCTe bettoene tljem tVoaine* 

To a proude princox. 

^% act tljou pjouDe? ftoute poutpng; pjlDe 
• from Ijeauenlp topes on l^ie 
2Doune lielilong tumfaleli Lucifer, 
in Limbo lotoe to lie* 

To Pigmenius. 

"T^^ou toealtl)ie l)aft botlje ftouCe anti lanDe, 

(tkz t^ou t^e itatoe tioeft iintiecftantie, 
2B? lioofee anD croofee tljou catcliett ttill, 
3in cuCnpng craft tljou |)aft gceate Cfei'll* 
%,^T^ fingec0 to can filcje full fade, 
(f 0? all tSefe) pet no coine tl)ou liafte,. 
%oto rommetS it to paCCe tooultitl fenotoe? 
'^t)e rpecfeled bones ofte tl)OU Doett tljjotoe. 

Of Cotilus a Prieft. 

■|\TflD mapties loues Cotilus: oHi toiues 
■'■ ^ lie loues (as all map Tee) 


mw 10 p taure? maitie0 bjing foojrtj bim, 
olu VDiue0 ttiU barren be, 

Againft Huberdine, an old dottrell 
and peuifli Preacher. 

vtr^o p?eac|)ertj naitfftjt but tciflpng; tope^, 

tinto t^e people ftiU: 
SI pjatpng; pjeacljec ma^ be calDe, 
deuopUe of toit anti CfeilL 

To Ruffina. He playeth the woerfor a f rend 
of his, offer/on as pretty as a Pigmey. 

r)31fjpif^ not tl)i0 t^p ruter fmall, 

tl)at loue0 tijee a0 lji0 life: 
anti tljee UeQre0 Ruffina fai'ue, 

to be t)i0 rpouCe anD toife. 
31n bolu'egi tieft of Uappec 2DicfeiS 

great tiertue ofte Dotlj titoelU 
^©ercljaunce m beti tljou fljalt Ijjm pjoue 

a man, 3 can not telU 

Of the vnfatiable couetoufnes of 
this worlde. 

A (BolDen great tingotilj) toojlD, 
tlji0 map he counteD toell: 
CSacl) man loue0 golD : but goDlinegi, 
toljo louegf 31 tan not tell. 

To Pontiana, a mayd fo called. 

CiI2otoe IjelDe bnto tlje fire Doetlj melt, 
"--^ and ceaCfetlj smoVoe to bee: 



fe)0 Pontiana petlttfZ ttlOfe, 

tt)at buctie in loue toitlj t^tt. 

To Claudia. 

/^ jF late tttne Ijeace^ toece blacfe, ftut noto 

aaiitt anp painter fine of late, 
tell, tialitieft tl)ou to doe? 

Of Antonina. 

Tili boCome ljer0, a Dappec SDoffge, 

tll'll Antonina beared: v 

»)l)e lulled lijm, culler Ijpm, loupjlg 

C[)e luffffS Ijpm tip tl)e eace0* 
Silje tooulO not miffe Ijec fitting curce, 

foi anp tlipnff : anti VdI)^ ? 
fo?rotl)e toi^n Co fije lett0 a fcape, 

fjje cries me, fie curre, fie* 

To Ihon CuUier. 

T %U tiombe 600; Hennus neuer barfeejS, 
■^ all pjeaclipng: te lioett l^unne: 
Sinti pet tl)ou Taieft W 5utie (till, 

bp Ijpm 10 auelj Doon. 
% Djinfe0, Ije l)unt0, Ije Ijuntetl) tol)O?e0, 

tie fmacfe0:'&oto rateft tl)ou? tell? 
2Doet^ le W tiuette tiue? lioetl) te 

perfojme l)i0 tunction toell? 

Of Glaurus an old dotyng Prieft. 




Q,Laurus (0 ccoofeeO, all fo? age: 

l)e ftill pjepare0 to Iije: 
^et Giaurus ^atlj a p?ettie toenclj, 
at Ijome tot'tl) t)pm to Ipe. 

To Hermannus Mennus. 

p€)o?e taue 91 iten, anti pooje 31 ant, 

ana pooje tti'll fl^all 3| bee: 
Sinti Mennus loe, tl)e tauCe 3| toill, 
Declare atiti fljetoe to tljee* 

Martial. Ifpoore thou be ^milian, 
i . thou /halt be poore alwaies : 
,, -1 ' For none but wealthy worldlyngs are, 
enriched now adaies. 

Of Clytus. 

r\^ »>ateri3aie no flelltje, 
^^ toill Clytus eate pecfii'e: 
But fo? to Iteale an tojCe, 
on ^untiap \z toill Iji'e* 

This Monoftichon here foUowyng, was 

written vpon the gate of the Mo- 

neftarie of the BenediSlines^ 

or blacke Menkes. 

"LJ Ic intret nullus, nifi pullus fit fibi Cullus. 

|3o tnanei- txiiffl)t, (^all enter tiere: 
Unleffe blacfee IjooUe on batbe Ije beare, 

Barbara vox Cullus : pro qua poneda Latina eft 



O F E P I G R A M S. 105 

Et poterit carmen forfitan effe bonum. 

Cuiius 10 Cure a barbarous Vooojije, 

ffeaitt Hatine fo? an totooli: 
%o Cuius Cuiius tliecefoje cftaunse, 

Co mafe tl)e iecCc be gooa* 

Hie intret nullus, nifi pullus fit fibi Cuius. 

ilJo maner toigljt flljaU enter Sere: 
HnleCCe Ije blacke be, ^ou toot toljece. 

Of the aunfwere of a foole 
to a certaine Duke. 

"yjl2to tt)e pallace of t^e ^oope, 
tijece tamz a 2Dufee of late: 
"^TSe ^ope0 foole cliaunft to mete tl)e 2Dufee 

befoje t^t pallace gate: 
aai^ere 10 tftp matter quotlj tl)e 2Dufee? 

not farre t^e foole gan fate: 
ifoj but euen 6erie noto i)i0 grate, 

toa0 toit^ W to^oje at plate* 

Of Rob. Bartlet, and of one that had a foule 

byg nofe, and a precious (as 

they terme it.) 

"Di fojtune merrp Bartlet fato 

a man tottlj monQrou0 iliiofe: 
^Befet toi'tS Eubie0 rtclie: t)i0 mtnDe 

t5u0 Bartlet gan fiifclofe. 
(BooDfelloto, frenO, (quot^ Bartlet) tofien 
toaft t^ou toitl) golUfmi'tS tell? 

0? tlTlie 

// 225 


^z ot!)er muang fta^li, atiD feneto 

not to^at to aunttnece to«lU 
31 aCfee (quoti) Bartlet) foj hecauCe 

6e coftneti tljee 3 Tee: 
l^e fo? a golHen note !)atft gi'uen 

a copper nofe to tljee. 

The Louer. 

•^1^0 moje a tojetclj tl)en fte 

toljom loue to?mentet!) Coje ? 
Mli'tl) ftojcljjng !)eate of Cupids coale0 
te burnet^ euermoje. 

Of Loue. 

T ^ae 10 toi to be liktts, it 

botft loue (Co a0 tfiep oug|)t) 
But totiece one loue0, tje ot^ec lotl)e0, 
tljere loue (0 tii'le anti nougljt. 

To Hordenus. 

ISI^acctffe mt'nli : tijou niocfeeft mee 
a0 mucte a0 map be tl)oug;l)t. 
3If toto?e0 31 boti) (t)OulD bunt anti baunt 
tobat tooullift tbou tben faj ? nousbt 

Of Alphus. 

AJi© effge on ftifa? Aiphe toi'll eate, 

but Djunfeen be totll be 
flDn fn'tiap ttill : S) tobat a pure 
reliB;iou0 man i0 be* 


2. '6 


Of him that is in debt. 

^%o otoe0 niuclj monp, tttU 
l}t l|)unn0 all company: 
janD i& Kite to an otole 
'2Eljat in t^t niglit Ootl) fl^e* 

To Ponticus. 
r)flDa aCfee tol)p (Ponticus) 91 call 

t^ee not to fuppec mine, 
Cije cauCe 10 tW • tljou caltt mee not 
!)0S Ponticus to t^pne. 

To Minfiger. 

A »» pooje a0 irus once tt)ou toatt, 

but noVo tl)ou liott abounO 
Miitft toealt^ ano ftoje : bp macttag;e tlipne, 

ffceat plentp Ijatt t|ou founti* 
25ut noto tt)g toite i0 deati, tlip topne 

t^^ou laQjeQ out antajnc: 
S>pace Minfiger left tl)ou becottte 

80 Irus pooje agai'ne. 

Of Squyre, an old man fleivmatike. 

^Quyre felti oj neuec ^?ftei:0 bupe0, 

Squyre eate no opttec0 toill: 
^et nottoitfittantipng Squyre rpit0 out 
anil fpatoletl) ojttec0 fttlU 

Of Cotta. 

A jP to^o^e ^atl) Cotta to lji0 toiTe, 
lie fenotoe0 it, anU Ije ra5e0: 

€)4'i. Cine 



flDne Hampe CuBHcient 10 to liff^t 
ten mtn antr ten al\i)a5e0» 

N. NOMAN To B. Bonner. 

A JL% men a nouffljtj Bffijop tifti tliee tall: 
"^3 fap tljou toaa tlje heft of Btfl)op0 alU 

To a certaine Papift. 

yE ill befeemetf) p?eifle0 to toeti 

tliusf Papift tjou Ooft fap: 
(lai^at toell bereeme0 tliem (tl)en tieclace) 
tot'tl) tai|)oje0 to Cpojt anti pla? ? 

To a wife, whiche fet a pot full of flowers 
in her windowe. 

'pflD mafee a fcagcant Cauouc CVoeet, 

in tointiotoe ttiou Doft fet 
iFceitje aotoet:0, anti fo? to make tl)em poto, 

tl)ou ttinfepng; mier tioft get: 
aaiife, catt tit miec aVoap, oj liecb^, 

o?botl)3i tlieeDeSfe: 
%^z flotoec0 tljep Iioe not fmell To toell, 

m ill liott) ainfee tt)e mice* 

Of a counterfet Diuell. 

o Laftus a cunnpnff fainter, (tl)at 
■^ Apelles pad in caill:) 
2Diij paint tl)e 2Diuell in tW toiCe, 
in fojme anB fa(!jion ill. 




9lponttrou0, liefojmelr to ftetioHif, 

fiecK, tilacfee, anli tojcifale: 
aDautitptiff tl)e liactgf of men toitj tijeatr, 

anti feare mode teccible* 
m& t^t& dill tt)int Ufee CparMpnfffice, 

all tijoUe anO blaKtiff bjigljt: 
=1^10 fnout toa0 ttmcljeti fojtl), lji0 taile 

toas long:, mb hlacfee to Ogftt, 
^10 c6appe0 toere pcat,anti piping toide, 

all reatip to deuouce: 
aflJitlj long Doune uangUng taggeli beard, 

^0 loofeed grim and fotoer. 
i^i0 tio?ne0 toere It'fee bnto tlie Sl^oone, 

tliat gli(ter0 in tlie nig|)t: 
^i0 patoe0 toere lifee fell Harpeyes patoe0, 

t^at ftratcl) and teare out quigl)t. 
3In n'gljt ^and ftone0 l)e clinched fad, 

in lefte fie field a boofee: 
and eafee a papr of beade0 fie fiad, 

tofiereon to p?aie and loofee. 
I^i0 outtoarde garment0 all toere blaclte, 

euen futfie tfiep toere to epe 
Si0 mopilte 9l?onfee0, and foolifllj jFcter0, 

did toeare moft commonlj* 
Si a^onfee came bj (bp cfiaunce) and fatoe 

tfie picture fet to l^otoe: 
!^o tofiere i& Biaftus faide tfie Slponfee? 


^4iu ^mar? 



gmarc? Biaftus atiftoeceti, 

toljat 10 pour toi'U toitl) me ? 
%^t 2Diuelle0 ptttuce toill pou 6uj ? 

peccliaunce 31 toill faili 5e» 
2But tell mee Biaftus Caiti tfie apotifee, 

to^p 10 tf matie Co fell ? 
31 li'fee 6pni not in Tome refpecte0, 

in Come pet tooonajouss toelU 
aoiljecefoje noto bjeeflp Biaftus Ojoto 

(in fetoe Declare to mee) 
aaiip tljou taft matie tpm in ritctie Cojt, 

ag! Ijere 31 l"oe Ijpm fee ? 
%^m Biaftus anCtoereti (and Taiti) 

if tljat pou Uoe not fenotxie 
'SElje cauCeiS totip 31 nialie Ijim tl)U0, 

tlje caufe0 31 ^iH iTjotoe* 
afliell (quotlj ti)e a^onbe) t^en tell mee fictt, 

tol)p niDft tt)ou mabe Ijpm blacke f 
Quotlj Biaftus, fo? tiecaute tljat Ije, 

tiotl) faice conliitions lacfee* 
Quotlj aponke, tolip i& W bcacO bnliemli, 

ano Danfflpng tiotone fo lotoe ? 
^uotl) Biaftus, fo? becaufe ^e toa0, 

an Hermit long ago* 
aflillj quotlj t^e Stponfee Satl) Ije a taple ? 

Ije moue0 to 3Lecl)et;p: 
aoi^p tatl) Ije ccoofeeti ccuell clatoe0 ? 

Ije loue0 to catc^e pectiie, 



F E P I G R A M S. io8 

Mil)? m W nstt Santi tollig te ttone0 ? 

toiti^ ftones Cfijift tempteti Ije: 
flflJIjat boofee in lefte IjanD Hot^ ^e Ijola ? 

^ope0 Ijolp latoe0 tl)ep be, 
Jiail)? ace futlje ljojne0 fi;;t on W ftont ? 

Itfee Mofes te in tt)i0: 
(giet ffoUlj Mofes !)e uotlj I)ate, 

tl)t0 fure anti cemn i0,) 
aailj? igi Ije pfcmrlie lifee a a^onfee ? 

^e monkecj Did DmiCe: 
9lponfee0 miCc5euou0 t)c ficft hjoufflit foojt^, 

ant) nouff^tie jRonne^ lifeetoiCe* 
%fit a^onbe no lonpr noto fojebeace^, 

but fo? a cuDgell fele0; 
^nti Biaftus to auoiDe tt)e blotoe0, 

ttcat5l)t tafee0 Ij^m to ^10 ^eelE0* 
%\iz purKe Stponfee purfue0 ^im faft, 

anil tafee0 ^im b? ttie ^eare: 
Sinti all to tt)utnpe0 ^irn toitb 6i0 fide, 

ti0 naile0 f)i0 face Dot^ teaue. 
Bettec pjouofee t^e fenD tipmfelf, 

t^en monfee tl)at cagi^ng; caue0: 
^ooje Biaftus Diti not fenoto t^at 9ponfee0, 

toere title anD teltie fenaue0* 

An Epitaphe vpon the death of Kyng 
Edward the 6. 
■^l^en EDWARD pjince mott e;ccellent, 
fell canfeeceti Deatl) did feill: 

il?.iiii, aailjen 



a2Jl)en (BoU liiti giue l)im place in teauen, 

toitl) S>atnct0 to Coioucne tti'U, 
CJPooti l^png lofias came to !)jm, 

anl) aid l)im faft embjace: 
anD Cain, af) toelcome bjotljec mine 

to Ijappj teauenlp place* 

Of Lydia. 

C (foten jeare0 toag Lydia linfet, anU liutie 

toitl) tiuCtJanft ^e\:& in tieeUe: 
^nli all tl)e toljile pooje Lydia lacfet 

and could no c^ild?en bjeed. 
fe)lje of pjiation0 counCell aCfet, 

tljeic medcine0 to?ougl)t but dull: 
m Boffus pjeia fije counfell affet, 

and ftcaig:l)ttoap iije toa0 fulU 

To Florianus. 

T^l^p fica toife (Hill t^ou faid) 

"bjouglit tl)ee no c^ilde at all: 
But fuce (tljou Cajtt) t^p Cecond toife, 

bjouffljt t|ee a pjettie Tquaule. 
3|ndeed, a b?at fije did tljee bjing, 

pet none ft}z did bjing tljee, 
jfo? it it named tl)ine to be, 

and pet t^ine not to be. 

To Hserillus. 

"\Tj3D too?fee Haeriiius dotlj, and pet 
f)e labours euecmoje: 




l^oto laboutrgi Ije ? mm of tlje gotote, 
to^t'cbe tiot^ to?ment Ijjm Coje, 

Of Haffus. 
y 2Dltl DemaunD of Haffus, ^o\o 
^ W toi'fe (foje Ocfee) Ht'ti fare: 
»>lje toill come fljojtlj toell abjoaae 

(quotl) Ije) 31 tafee no cace. 
|2oto (fuce) tol)o tooulti not Haffus tieenie, 

a p?opl)et true to be ? 
%^z ne;ct Da j after (on a Beace) 

tone DeaD b?ougt)t foojt^ toa0 flje. 

Of Furnus a Cuckold. 

A/r(£n fap tSat Furnus fealotoesS, 10 
^^^ a0 qm'cfe a0 Linx of flgtjt; 
aina oftentpme0 fje iifett) e5e0 

of glalle, clere glittecing bjiffljt 
^otD Qtt) tl)at Furnus ^atl) foute ep0, 

anO toell Oececnet^ (Wl: 
3It mafee0 mee mufe anO macuatle muclj 

totp ftill tee fee0 fo ill* 
^10 toife 10 toicfeeS, toanton ftill: 

tot)fcl)e te Doti& neuec fee: 
jfoole Furnus iioti) not fee fo toell, 

but Kire a0 ill fee0 See* 

Of Pope Innocent, 8. 

"pPfffit bo?e0 ^ope Nocent DtQ beget, 
a0 man^ mailie0 in all: 

ir^ 233 


€) Rome, mott I'uttlg mai'tt tfiou fuce 
tl)ii5 |0ope a t&t^tt tall 

Of Alexander 6. and his daugh- 
ter Lucretia. 

IVJ^ plUing: Alexander \j)a0: 

note dott tl)ou affee mee to!)? ? 
ILetoti Lucrece toa0 ^f0 liaug!)ttc, ana 
t)i0 toife toiti) tint to li?e» 

Againft Claudia. 

"yaaio feiCCes Boffus affet of ttee, 
to^en 31 m pjenfence toasJ: 
mt toouia Ijaue geuen monp to) 

of Ijfm tijou DiDtt not paffe* 
tC^ou Bi'utte no feiffeg openly, 

cloCe tljou tiott feitte amapne: 
jSDf fet'CCeg tt)ou to fparfng; art, 

to lauiClje efee apme* 

To Dauid Whitehed. 

WJlStO met Willobey tlOtl) toji'te, 
tljat Podagra tift gOtot 

2Dotlj pafne tljee ftdl : but Chiragra 

tiotlj papne t^tt out of liout 
%^t firtt reniametl) in t^e feet, 

tl)e fecond m t\)t Met 
i;i)0u canft not toji'te to mee, but go 

toell canft ttjou, if tljou lift. 




To Leopoldus. 

T ^aue tl)ee pjomi'Ctie muclie, tt)DU Taift: 

toljat noto Hcclace to mee ? 
aaiMt 31 taue p?omtfb 31 toill giue: 
3j nothing pjomitde tljee* 

Againft Gafpus , whiche with one 

draught of wine or ale would 

be made drunke. 

/^ Afpus, if tt)Ou toi'lt not he ti?unfee 
^^ tljeti macfee tofjat 3 lijall Caj : 
aai^en a0 t^ou D^mkett, Djtitbe tljou of 
an emptj cup alloa?* 

Againft Colt a Preift. 

"yl^ore t^at Deeme Colt !)at6 notljing Done, 

ttiep ffceatlp are bepilD: 
^z Satl) Done fomtoljat, ije "bat!) plaiD 
t|)e colt, anU got a ctiilD. 

To the Reader. 

Ijf fO but QX ffOOa Epigrams, 
i:ijen all t0 not pilti paultrte ttuffe, 
to^fclie reaDet tljou Dooft fee, 
25ut if ax ffooD tftou Do not RnDe, 
refufe t!)en all tlie reft: 




SLiio let tliem feme to toi'pe tl)? taple 
iT Co tljou t|)i'tifee It tiett* 

To the Reader. 

C?Kffitient note, nap to to muctie 

3 trtaeO 5aue toitt) tliee: 
ifacetoeU gooti reaaer : iitvz an enD; 
no moje 3|lf troublous be. 

TAidicra per verba res fcepi notatur acerba. 


The fentence whiche Darius Kyng of Perfia 
commaunded to bee engrauen 
on his Toumbe. 

r\ A R I V s tt)e l&pg:, lietl) burieti fieit:' 
Mlljo in nDi'itg I (tjoting; ftati neuec pere* 

The graceleffe grace of the Court. 

nTi© laugt, to Ije, to aatter, to face: 

ifotoec toaie0 in toin me grace* 
9If ti)ou bee tlijaljlt'o none of t^eefe, 
SLXoa^ ffooD ^ifeegoofe, Ijence 9it)on CfieeCe* 
aparke \iiell mp toojtie | marfee tlieic Deelie, 
Slnti tl)infee tl)i0 SjerCe parte of tljj Creelie* 

A verfe of Homer, tranflated into 
Englilhe, by M. Watfon. 

A LL trauelers do gladly report great praife oj 
^^ Vlyffes: 

For that he knewe many mens maners, and/aw 
many cities. 

Of the herbe Moly, tranflated 
out of Homer. 

JV^ mojtall man, Vd ftoeat of &joto,o? toileof nu'nlie: 
1£>\xi onelp (15oD, to'[)0 can Do al, p ^ei'be tioetlj ftntie. 


Of Newters. 

^^to netaie, noto olD, noto botlie, notei neitljec: (tljei;: 
'Eo feme t^e toojltiegj coucCe , tftei care not to' to!)e= 

Mafter Afchams lamentation for 

the death of mafter Ihon 


A/Tine otone ihon Whitney, noto faretoeU, 

noto SDcatI) tioetl) pact i)0 ttoaine: 
|Jo 2Deatlj, but pactjng foj a tol)ile, 

tol)om life fljall iojtie apine* 
•Zirijerefoje mp ^arte ceafe Ogress anti fobbesf 

ceafe fojcotoesi feetie to fotoe: 
MJlieceof no game, but gceatec gceef, 

anil IjurtfuU cace mai'e gcotoe» 
get tolien 31 tl)infee bpon fuc^e guiftejf, 

of grace a0 (Kod !jjm lent: 
Sip? lolTe, W gatne, 3 mutt atoftile, 

toitl) iogfuU teace0 lament 
gong pece0 to jeeln fuc^e fruite in Coucte, 

tol)ece feeDe of it'ce 10 Cotone: 
910 fometjme celitie, in fome place feen, 

amongC W fcinome fenotone. 
1^10 life Ije leati, Cl)jift0 loje to leacne, 

toitl) toill to tooojfee tlie fame: 
=l^e ceaD to fenotoe, and fenetoe to li'ue, 

and liude to pjaife W name, 
»>o fatt to frentie, fo foe to fetoe, 




fo ffooli to mtt^ toifftit: 
31 mai'e toell toiflje, but fcaca? l)ope, 

againe to l)au0 tn Cg^t, 
^t greater iope !)t0 life to me, 

|i0 lieatl) ttie greater paine: 
%i0 life in Cljjitt To furelp fet, 

tioetl) glaU mp Ijarte againe* 
1^10 life Co gooD, W lifatl) better, 

Doe mingle mirt^e Voit^ care: 
Sl^p tptrite toit^ iope, mp flefllje txiiti) greef, 

Co deare a frenDe to fpare. 
'2rt)U0 dPofi tf)e gooli, toiifle tfiei be gooU, 

Doetl) tafeetant) leaue0 tj0 ill: 
'ST^at toe (t)Ouli) mentie our fpnfull liue0, 

in life to tarrp llilU 
^^ud toe toell left, be better reft, 

in teauen to tafee W place, 
'JEtiat bg lifee life anO Oeatl), at latt, 

toe male obtaine libe grace* 
Stppne otone ihon Whitney againt faretoell, 

a tol)ile i^u& parte in ttoai'ne: 
aoiljom pain Hoett) part in peart^, in Ijeauen 

greate ioje Qjall iojne againe, 

A golden fentence out 
of Hefiodus. 

"yl^at man in toifetiome paffet^ all, 
■*■ to fenotoe ttie beCe toljo l)atl) a bcaD: 




Slnti meetly toiTe efee counts (tiaU, 
Mlfio pteHi0 ^pmfelf to toiTe menncsj real): 
aaifjo |atl) no tofm, noj none tofll teare, 
^monff all fooled tit bell mai'e heare* 

A verfe of Homer. 

^l^at foUicgi fo euer gceate pjiifce0 mafee: 
l^lje people f^erefoje l3oe goe to Vojacfee, 

An excellent faiyng of Homer. 

■^^0 eittiet: m eacnett o? m Cpojte, 

ijoett frame li^mfelf after fuc^e fojt, 
%\)i& tlipng; to tljinfee, antr tliat to tell, 
mj Ijarte aftljojretl) a0 gate to ^elU 

A faiyng of Adraftus, out 
of Euripides. 

■^I^at tiling a man in tenter age tatlj mode in tjre, 
%\iat fame to tieatij altoaie0 to feepe l)e flljalbe fure: 
'2ri)erefo?e in age to^bo greatelj long0 gooU frui'te to 
3jn poutlj t)e mtift Ijpm felf applj gooD feelie to (moto : 






C O R N E L I V S 


Diuerfos diuerfa iuuant, non otnnibtts annis 
omnia conueniunt, resprius apta nocet. 

Extdtat leuitatepuer, grauitate fene6ius, 
inter vtruque manens Jiat iuuenile decus. 

Hunc taciturn trijlemque decet ,fit clarior tile 
Icetitia, & Ungues gar rulit ate fuce. 


Pamphlets and Trifles. 

Orbon in jfcantc beaitgi bell atoai'e, 

toi tojitpng; tcifleg t^tte: 
3[n (0n.glani3e Parkhurft pjapftti 10, 
foj tojttpng; m'ae0 tern 
jRoto fitft tliat tl)efe toece learneD botlie, 

anti tciaesf UJ) mtiite: 
^tall 31 noto lljame, of poutljMl Iiaie^, 

mp tci'apnff toje0 to tojite .^ 
^0 imz 3 ftlul^e not:ljente mp boofee, 
let all men reati t^p tiecfe: 

Grane men grane matters, fportfull youth 
muji fportfull toyes rehearfe. 

jfJoto ceanec lentie tlip liftn^ng; eace, 

anlj after Cjntfpns Harfee: 
Content tl)j Celf of ctattpng; Crotoe, 

Come l)omel5 notejs to macfee* 


The Author to hymfelf. 

T i;o Cecue tljp (Bolr, tij? Pjt'nce, t^? foile, 

entieuouc all t|)? life; 
I 3i" Pf^c^ Uelifflit : fefee dill to ttai'e, 

tl)e ttojnte0 of ftucDi'e ttcite* 
M 9ipafeemuc^eof9l^oi5ettie:bemefee: 

tafee teetie to clime to \iz\ 
O ^ffentie not one : be true \x\. \mz\ 

all filt^p aattecp ate* 
T tCake tpme in tjme: tepee t^p tongue: 

from filtlip talfee cefuaine: 
H l^elpe tapleffe men : i liope fo? lieauen: 

bp patience conquec paine: 
E cEate Co to line, line Co to Die, 

Die Co to It'ue agatne* 
K Bepe CounCell clofe: tie faft to fcenDe: 

anO altoate0 fenotoe tl)p felf: 
E (Ctteme t!)ou lattpng; tieauenlj ioje0: 

palTe not foj toojltilp pelfe, (feept, 
N |5auo:l)t tell, t|at clofe t^ou tooultift taue 

gceate guile in men Uoetlj lurfee: 
D 3Deligl)t not to Uecetue bp craft, 

go plainly ttill to tooojfee* 
A Slbanlion bite, let bertue gut'He: 

bile flot^ eCc^ue anb fl|)un» 
L Ecarne ftil to fenotoe, i fenotoe to liue, 

and liue to pjaiCe t^e fe»onne* 
L Hiue in t!)e ILojbe : Co (Ijalt tljou liue 

at laft toljen all 10 boon* 



A Comparifon betwene CHRIST 
and the POPE. 

S) rule I raigne m pompous ^jfae, 

noufftjt careti Chrift at all: 
C[)e Pope ftp tolled anti toicfeeti toac 

ful)tiue0 botl) ffceat ana fmalU 
a Crotone of fbojne Voitl) ftcatcliino; pjicfes! 

our Chrift uiti toilUtta; toeare: 
S[ triple 5o?g;eou0 crotone of golO 

t^e Pope on teD Dott) bear* 
Chrift toa(|)t 1)10 pooje 3Dirciple0 feet 

a0 facrea »>crtpture fl|)otoe0: 
i:t)e Pope mutt ^aue tlje regall Unst& 

come fetlCe W fpangleli toe0. 
Chrift like a painfull ;i@aao^ pure, 

l)t0 aocfee tiiti feelie ana fill, 
%l)t Pope t'n pleafure rpenti0 W t?tn« 

ana liue0 in riot ML 
flDur feauiour Chrift enaurea paine 

ana Cuft'era pincljjnff toant: 
%^z greate ana g;lojiou0 goiaen toojia 

tte Pope fufficett fcant 
atHitft patience Chrift t^t CrofCe aia teare 

ana toa0 content toit^ it: 
%\\t Pope on lljouiaer0 bojne bp men 

in Colemne fojt mutt Ct, 
m toojiaip toealtl) our ^auiour Chrift 

^,iii, contema 


contemSi anli fet at nouffljt: 
%^e Pope Ootl) bmne toitlj loue of goltie 

80 mucje ag( maj be t^ousfit 
iaDuc ^auiour Chrift m tvibnte pap 

(a0 »)tt;ipture mention mafee?) 
i;^« polpng; Pope tlje Clecgp plape0 

anD of tt)em tnijute tafeeg: 
%U 9l^ai*cl)aunt0 from tp temple, Chrift 

e;cpulft anU put atoap: 
'W-^t Pope receiue0 tljem toiUinglp, 

anD feeepe0 tjem (till foj ap. 
flDur Chrift in quiet pleaGng peace 

tiiti iop anD tafee Delight: 
%'^t Pope in blooij ana battle b?ag;ffe0 

anU toeapon0 glitterpng bjigljt* 
Sin tumble tact, anli miHiene0 meefee 

in Chrift Hid (till abiae: 
'QElje fuel? Pope Dott) ftoim in aifee0 

anti ftoell in pototgno; pjiOe* 
flDuc »>auiour Chrift ijati (till W t)anti0 

all nafeea, platne, anD bare: 
"^Tlje Pope ijatl) fing;ei:0 fcaug;t)t toitlj n'nffe0 

anti ttone0, botl) ricte an5 race* 
^ut »>auiour Chrift reprtieli noufftt 

tl)i0 rojttjng rict acap: 
ll^t Pope ijatt maCfepng maO attice 

of ffolti anti pucple pp* 
Chrift fo? a Colt an alTesi fole 


1)10 ttoo tiifci'plejS Cent: 
;anti on fljeic ^omlp mantels cu&e 

to n'De 6^ toa0 content 
'^l)t Pope on CoucCec tojfleO lipe 

tlijougf) Rome mutt pjfcfee ana let: 
MWz biMz bime anH faDUle fl[jine0 

toitl) ^earle anU golD heftet* 
all ®jtienance0, ttatute0, latoe^, 

tliat Chrift DiD feeepe anti totlh 
all enerj one bot^ moje anU leffe 

tlje rpigl)tfull Pope iiot^ fpill* 
Chrift to t^e ffolfien Cfep afcenUiS 

tSat glittecpg;, glojiousi Qjotoe^: 
^t)e Pope to Pluto plunffing; pacfe0 

tojeve fier toitt) bjimttone glotoe0. 

Written in heuines. 

T 3jfee a0 tl)e toountieti toig^t 

tieai*e0 tlje »)urgton!S lianli : 
Siria a& tlie Creeple lame 

HeKcet!) Ieg;p0 to ftanti* 
anH a0 one facte on rea0 

toi lanti bott) Ion5e0 anO loofee0: 
anti a0 tl)e ttjicttp l)art 

tieace0 tSe toatec I)jo6e0t 
(faen Co m^ Coule 2D (Bo&, 

liot^ long anil loobe fo? tliee: 
ap mee (ala0) tolien H^jall jj come 

mg »>auiour ttoeet to fee? 

P.iiij. An 


An old verfe. 
Quodjibi qtdfqueferit: prcefentis tempore vitce: 
Hocjibi mefjis erit, cum dicitur, ite, ve?iite. 

In Englifhe thus. 

yi^^t To cacte mojtall man tiotlj foto: 

flflltlile \z on eactl) Uotlj bide ana ftap: 
feucte te agai'ne (tjall reape and motoe; 

aflJten it 10 Captl, aproche, away. 

^Ifeat To cac'b fotoe0 toliile !)e, 
in eactl) l)i0 race dot^ cim: 
feuc'b i|)aU \\^ tacued be, 
to'ben ft 10 faid, go, come. 

To an Epicure. 

.^^at pjofit0 pleafuce t|)ee to dap: 

iT all to moj?oto faile? 
a'b toietcl)ed caftiTe, alj ala0, 
tDljat dotl) one dap auaile* 

A letter written to T. w. gent, when 
he was fcoller in Oxford. 

pEnelope t^at peacleCCe peece 
of to^om pou often reed : 
2Did neuec loue viyffes to 

a0 31 do im indeed* 
5foj tolip a tl)oufand tl)ins;e0 tbece ace 



tol)ic5e ?oii Ijaue Doott foj urn: 
'STIjat if 31 fijoulD liuz Neftors jereiS 

couia fcaiit uequiteti be, 
But pet 31 tcuft mp cfiaunce map cfjaunge 

tlz p?ouerlie olD totlj Tap: 

The weake may ftand the ftrong in fled : 
a dog may haue a day. 

%iU tpme tljat fojtune turne fjet; tolieell 
till tgrnge^ ao go artg;|)t: 

Accept mp Wilmer toill (tl toOJtlj 

till toeltl) map Debt requite. 
€)ii ^ateraap 31 toill pou fetiti 

Tome HeffonsS foj pour iLute: 
^nD toi pour Cittectie efee a feto; 

tafee leaue0 till time of fruite. 
Slnti tl)U0 31 ^'^'^ aeQjing pou 

to let mp letter Ip 
?locfet ip in coffer clofe tliat none 

tlje fame but pou map fpie* 

For Hke as fcriblers loth to haue 
good Scriueners vew their lynes 

So pradtifers miflike to haue 
good Poets read their rimes. 

jFaretoell mp frenti, anD fee pou fenti 

a letter bacfee againe: 
S)o fljall 31 t^infee 3i toell m fpenli 

mp paper, pen, anU papne. 

P.v. Verfes 


Verfes written to his father when he was 
fcholler in ^ton. 

Scripfit admoduni puer. 

y^^t mera't pat;ent0, fuclje 
a0 tiOE tljeic cliilDjeti Cet 
%^ fttoole, toliecbj tt)ep map 

totl) toeltf) ana toiCtiome get 
31f fuclie ijefeme (a0 Cure tijej tio£) 

^ecpetuall pjaffe anti fame: 
'a:ten tioutleis j?ou, €> fartjei' Deei', 

lio mei'cft euen t^e Came. 

Of Loue. 

T €)ue toojfeetlj tooontiec^ gceat, 

ttfaunge tljinse^ it bjinge0 to pafTe: 
31t mafeett) of a pjutietit man 
a tier? lioltifi) affe. 

Of Boner, and his brothers. 

■p€)ule Boner toitt) 1)10 cuiteli ccue, 

tfiatloueti Co tl)e Pope: 
2DtU lituei'0 plape anu punifl[)e, toitlj 

tje rodde, t'^e racke, aniJ rope. 

2But ((005 be tljanfeeti) noto tl)etr fojce, 

Doetlj faultec, fade, anti fai'le: 
i;i)eiL' rods are Cpent, tljeic rackes are rent, 

tljei'r ropes no moje pjeuaile. 

Of Pope Alexander. 6. 



"J1J3I0 Cijrifte, W 6es«fS, anij altars all, 

IlOetl) Alexander fell: 

aailjicl) ije mate Ooe of ris^t, anli to'^j ? 
befojE ttei cotte i&jm toelL 

To one of a diuers and ftraunge nature. 

caDmetpme a lotojjng loofee t^ou tiaft, 
"-^ romjt^me a laugljjng face: 
|2Dto toafpiflje, toatoarti ; to tioe ougljt 

toiUpng; an ot^ei* fpace* 
a^oui'tifuU noto, meiTte anon: 

noto furlp, fullen, tat>, 
^otot?ng;:plearaunt anone againe, 

pecte, lollt'e, lotuntie, glatr* 
%iou botlje act li'fee Democrit, ana 

Heraclitus beflfie: 

il2o man toitliout t^ee can remat'ne, 
no? toitlj tljee toell abide* 

Of the workes of Poets. 

A fe> in a pleafaunt graue, 
^^ 01 ffoo&l^ pc&en guountie: 
Slmong ftoeete fmellpng floVoeciS, 

Tome ttinfejng; toeeue0 atre founOe, 
%iU to in Poets plotted, 

botlje ffooij ana baU i0 fotoen: 
55e toacie t^erefoje, cl)oofe t^e beC, 

ana let tl)e tooctte alone* 



How to get the loue, bothe 
of God and men. 

TT rHo leaues, who loues, who Hues, who lends : 
who fpares, who fpies, who fpeakes, who 

fe>5aU puccljaCe to t^mfelE t\\z loiie, (fpends, 
of meit beneati), arm (Boti aboue. 


^.^^0 Ieaue0 to leali a lot^fome life: 

aaibo loue0 tl)e %SL}tii pooje to ferte, 
aai!)0 lm0 in loue, anO tiatett) ftrife: 
aai^o lenD0 to^o lacfee0, atiD ftanti0 in neetie. 
aailio rpace0 to fpentie, anb toaretlj toiCe, 
oai^o Cpfesi tlje baite, aiiij fijunegi tte Ijoofees! 
Qfll^o rpeabe0 tlje trutlje, anti liatet^ Iie0: 
aailjo fp£nli0 1)10 tjme in CacceD liODfee0. 
%m dPoti l)jmf0lf m lieaueti aboue: 
anil men beneatl) C!)all Iffee anti lotie* 

A fimihtude, of Idlenes. 

A fc> toatec cleare anti cleane co?rupt0, 

ana ttinfee0 bj tianlipng: tti'll: 
»io augp'flje aotlie doetfi ttafe tt)e Toule, 
anti efee tl)e faoDt'e CpilU 

What thyng he feareth mofte. 

INJflD (labbjjng; glaue, no? llicfepng: Itnife, 

i^oi tiacte Djeati % t^at veuett) life, 
|5o jfencec0 Cfei'll, no tluuttpng pjicfe0, 



^0 tfiuntiErpng; t^^eatesi of trerptcat 2Dt'cfe0. 
|3o cliUpns colO, no ftaltipna; fteate, 
ijio ffcaf^^ng; ct)ap0 ot mmttm gceate, 
ijjo plape, no BeaDlp ijile tiefeafe, 
jl5o Iijoiljng blaje, no Ctoallotojng; rea0* 
|Jo gaulpng o;mf£0, no care0 t^at cm(|)e, 
M ttieft 31 reek not of a Euflje* 
Sin ill tljei'e 10 ^xi^irtie tioetl) reniame, 
'2Et)at troubles moje anti putt0 to paine: 

A fawnyng frende mojle mi/chief is, 
Whiche Jeekes to kill yet femes to kijfe. 

How the xij. fignes doe gouerne 
and rule in mannes bodie. 

nr^e Ram 10 Rex, anti nile0, 
aboue in i)elii3e and face: 
%^z necke ana tlijoate tlje Bull, 

poffeffetl) fo? t)i0 place, 
3|n acme0 ano (!)ouHiei;0 hotlje, 

tlje Twinnes Uoc raijne anti red: 
%%z Crab 10 fepnn;, ani3 fee£pe0 

t^e ftomacfee, lunff0, anU bjeatt, 
fgClje Lion fepng: of t)eatt0, 

tioet^ faiBe in bacfee anO tiacte: 

'2rt)e Virgin l)atl) t^e gUtt0 

anO belli'e foj ^ti parte* 
9In reine0, anli lullie lope0, 
tlje Ballaunce beacctb ftoaic: 



among t!)e tttm paute0, 

t^z Scorpion (It'll doetlj ttai'e* 
(grte Archer ^atl) tl)e t!)ig;t)e0, 

anti Capricorne tl)e 6nce0: 

1^1)0 leg;g;0 tlje Watermannes, 

t!)e fete t^e Fiflies fee^. 

Commendation and praife 
of Vertue. 

"Dg riches none aue Ijappie malie, 

foj ritlje^ ai'tie atoai'e: 
'SEfiouffl) got Xaitl) Ctoeate anU labour gceate, 

at lengtl) jet t!)ei tiecaie* 
ifai'nt faultcgnff fumftlpg; feble age 

tiecceaCetS tturtiie ttcengtlj: 
l^ealtlje ficfeneCTe quailed: anU beautie ti^aue 

tioetlj flitting faDe at lengtl), 
»>toeete ti'tfelpng pleaftice tactiegi not, 

no? mafeetlj anp ftate: 
But in an ijotoec, a little tpme, 

tioet^ t)ani(][)e quig!)t atoale, 
But Vertue faice aliojne0 tlje mjntie, 

anU perfect aoet^ remat'nc: 
»»I)e ttelifatt bitie^, anti neuec (litie0, 

anti naugfjt mate Vertue ftai'ne, 
ilJo tpme tan Vertue faite Deface, 

flije after tieatlj enDutesS: 
Slnti ti0 aboue tlje cluftcjng cloutiesf, 

a place toi'tlj (Bod p|ocuce0» 



Vertue iioetlj mflk 1)0 bMtti, atiD 

a Ijappie enUe Doetlj gi'ue: 
SfnD toijcit toe rotten bmz0 itmafne, 

^et Vertue mafee0 tl0 li'uc* 

The couetous carle, com- 
pared to a Mule. 

"y^e cljuriifije rtjutfc,tl)at l)at|) enoufflj 

in Coffee locfet anD lai'eti: 
^nti U'uet^ Ijactie, toit!) Bafeen ttoacJje, 

a a^ule mate toell be faieti, 
Sl^uleg carcie coine, anD ietoelle^ ofte, 

plate, ffoltie, anD riclje arcaie, 
(Bceate tceaCuce : pet t^ep tijoplpng Djutige, 

anD feetie on fjomelp |aie. 

To a frende. 

T 3iue a0 a man, pecKtt in liopng toell: 
^ntieuoucpng ape, all ott)ec0 to e;i;cell. 

Chrifte fpeaketh. 

y-l^e apje, t^e peaitlj, tl)e Cea0, tlje toootigf, 

ant) all l^all once atoai'e: 
alone mp too?tie llfjaU (till remafne, 
anD (ttantipng; ftelifatl) ttaie» 

To hymfelf. 

yJ^^t Ufee0 tl)p mpnUe oj fanOe bede? 
^ tol)at Doett tfiou motte DeQce ? 
2Doeft couet coClp builtipnff^ b?aue? 



ojri'cljcistioEtt require? 
31 lojCE not tljefe : to!)at tgen toilt i)aue? 

greatf ffoje of lanDe to eare? 
1&pg;0 pleaCures? oi Delijlitft t^ou in 

fine pjincelp uaintte ctieare? 
31t tljefe fljoulti lifee me, 3 ItioulO lifee, 

toitft tople anti care to be: 

For reft and riches make no matche, 

tljei IjarUlp tioe agree. 
Si& Irus 3| l^oulli litte, tllOUfff) 31 

toljole fejngUomes ^ati in ^olDe: 
Slnti Crefus tljoufflj 3| DiH entoje, 

t^p f)eape0 of liourtieli pltie» 
Bare, nafeeti, came 31 tietljer, anti 

nafet fljall 31 ^ence agame: 
(LQll)p tl)ecefoje fljoulti 31 care toi augljt, 

oj put mj felf to paine? 
31n iope anti mirtlje J^t fpentie mj tpme, 

anti nauglit fijall me anope: 
31le laugl) to fcojne, tlje mucfee, tlz moultie, 

toljiclje toojltilpnffgj ri'clje emope* 
aailjat? careft tljou toi notljpg ttien? 

je0, tW of ^ot" 31 craue: 
tlEfiat ftill 31 niaie a quiet mptie, 

anti l)ealtljfuU botiie Ijaue* 

To one fo giuen to goe braue. 
That at laft he left hymfelf hke a flaue. 



^31tlj bjaue outlantiftlje ftcaunge acafe, 

pou (luttp) long toere claO: 
anB ftititijie rute0 of Ointijfe fojtesi, 

fo? funtijie tjme0 jou Sao. 
Sometime f cfctie fa(t)ton0 pleaCti pou bed: 

rometpme t^e »)pani(i)e saiU: 
3In cottl? colours cutting ttiU, 

pou txient toitl) ifac^ng: s^t&, 
3ut noto at latt jou roptte (n cag^, 

ruUe, rogiffje, rent attti tojite: 
(IQiljat t&ftiim t^fiS? oj tofioft? Uetlare 

10 t^i& bcpotiDe Cea toojnc? 

To one that made his bragges that he was 
nofed Hke vnto kyng Cirus. 

f^on Caiett tliou act Iiaufenofeli riglit, 

Co a0 fepng; Cirus toa0: 
»>afe to t^ou l)att fe^ng Midas eaws, 
\j)f)o carlit toa0 Ufee an ^CCe, 

Of money and lande. 

7-^^10 Qluer, come, anU monep, toliat? 

rutte, t^ougl) itglaU: 
Poff0flion0, lanDe, anti lim^n^, ^o^at? 
liuffe, raen a0 baU* 


T Earnyng tioett) all tt)?ng0 farce furpaCTe, 
■^ naugl)t Learnyng male e;i;cell: 

^ aaiijat 

^/<r 257 

aaitjat piofite come0 to man tfieitli?, 

ne pen, ne tonpe maie tell: 
Si Cpurce to joutb , tliat pjicfeet^ fojtge 

fatit Vertue to obtafne: 
fSEo tmokta age a gceate tieU'gljt, 

ant) CoUace (tneete api'ne: 
a rocfee anti refup foj t!)e tojetc^e, 

anti toi t^e neeoie poo?e; 
Sintj to tie rtclje anfi toealtliie toigljt, 

of futittaunce greater fto?e. 

Of Tyme. 

T^Yme bjingetl) lurfefng tl)ing:e0 to lifftt, 

tyme fccret^ tiotl) betojap: 
i:f)e pjiup pflferpng; p^iggmo: tljeefe, 
tyme Dot^ in time tietraie. 

Of Dice. 

T^^e turCeli plaj of tieuelifij Dice, 

'€l)Z Dauffljter title of auarice: 
%\)z plague of loue anti amitie: 
'W-U t>ecp nurfe of tljeuerie: 
'Ele e;rcerQte of furp fell: 
anti latt tfte patl)toa? plame to l)elU 

Of women, water, and wine. 
TTrlne, wemen, water, eacl) 

dott l)urte, anti put to paine: 

Wine, wemen, water, eac'^e 

Qoti) Ijelpe, anti eafe againe. 



Of wemens lightnes. 

tiik leaue0, anU toitteceti gcaffe? 
^£t tljeCe in Uffl)tne0 wemen Do 
furmount anD fac furpaffe. 

Again of the fame. 

,„!^at t^ing i0 Ug^tet tijen t^e flame? 
^ bjigfit U'sl)tttpiig; . toljat 10 tftougljt 
1:1)611 lifflttimg Usljtec? toitiD* t^eti tointi ? 
toemem tl)en toemen? nougtit 

Of the mifery of man. 

yj(t toepmg; come mto t!)e toojlD: 

ant) toeping Ijence toe ffoe: 
Sinn all our life i0 notfipng; elfe, 
but gnef, papne, tojle, anti too. 

To his vnkle : Henry KENDALL. 

A/rg trifljnff to5e0 ?ou lope to reaDe 
^^^ atiD totat mp Mufe tiott) tojtte: 
app Mufe (tieec tinfele) lopeiS agat'ne 

of pou fo? to itiDi'te* 
9If jou mine onelj p?op tio flip, 

m? Mufe remainet^ floto: 

The filuer Swan doth feldom fmg 
but Zephir milde doth blow. 

Of the Poet Lucan. 

^X\, jfoule 


pflDule mooDp Mars fji's bluacgtiff lijogle^, 

to fee toi'tj cunnpng pcnij 
a2i|)D lon50, let l)^m W liflni'ng care 

to leartieti Lucan lenD* 
a)0 toell !)i0 toojfeesf, Uo mactfall reatejS 

anil toaclifee tieetie^ erpjeCfe: 
^0 noble Tullies l)oofee0 betojap 

tlje fruited of pleaCant peace. 
Sl0 quiet peace i& to be toifijt, 

antiTully to bereti: 
»)0 Lucan t)e tljat toji'teg of toacre 

DUffl)t not foj to be aeti. 


^!^D tipe0 m Chrift, aotl) liue:tol)0 lme0 

m Chrift, from tieat| (0 free: 
aE^ece Chrift Dotl) pjefent (lill appece 
tljece Seats can neuec be. 

Gold, not God, regarded now adayes. 

T^i0 ap l)unt0 all foj tatefull copne, 

foj pompe and glo?? iiaine: 
^DDi'cteD none to God, anti Good, 

but all to Gold, anD Gaine. 
Of hymfelf. 

j-l^e Botoe tliat benaeti ttanlietS aai, 

W ttcengtlj toill looCe anti lacfe: 
tlTSe luttp Ijojfe (0 lamU, toitft to 
mucl)e buiten on lji0 baclt. 



2But 31, let fojtune Cpit ^tt Cptgljt, 

anO Cpucti^tiff ttill liirtiainc* 
aoiill ((15oD to frena) contemeD hint 

anU tteafaft ttill remajne* 

Remedies againft loue. 

T Oues rtfl:ojou0 rage, oj abttinence 
"^ oj tampng; time retti;aine0: 
31? tljeft tio milTe, foj remetiie 
alone a tope remame0. 

To all men. 

S'^un man, (t)un (of)) foule flaipnff Q'nne, 
ferue (Boti into ti)? gcaue: 
jFoule filtt)5 foolifl) fault? folfee 
tlie finti0 of tiell flijall |aue. 

Of Dearh. 

j-'^z regall fepng anO ccoofeeO clotone 
all one, aUfee, Death ijjiuetlj tiotone. 

Death fpareth no kinde. 

TSJ€) ttate in eact^ toe fee, 
•'■^ butDjatoetl) toDeca?: 
%\)t Hgon malie at laft, 
to fmalleft hirDS a pja?. 

Who riche, who poore. 

■D31cl) to^o? tol)0 tavz& fo? nauglit, 
anil 10 toiti fmall content, 

^Mu ^ooje 


pooje toto ? cop caring carles 
to pelf anH paultcg bettt 

Labour killes loue. 

TiF t^at m tople anli tafepng: patne, 

t^^ pleaCuce tI)ou Uo put: 
%^t fire Dot6 tife, tonti fancied fife: 
Cupidos combe 10 cut. 

The more a man hath, the more 
he defireth. 

A ») rict)e0 riCe, mans namce i0, 
'^ to grope anir gape foj moje: 
Sl^en couet moft, tnljen a0 tlieir bags, 
be cramD anti ttuft toit^ ftoje. 

To lefus Chrifte. 

jif euermetl)ouloue, 
■*■ 3i lopMl am toi aie: 
31f euer me t!)ou leaue, 

mp roule Doetl) fojrotoe flafe. 
3]f euer me tliou loue, 

tlijiCe Jappi'e tl)en am 31: 
31f euer me tl)ou leaue, 

tljen (out alas) 3 tije, 
3|f euer me tl)ou loue, 

abounlie 31 lioe m bltffe: 
%t euer me tljou leaue, 

tfien all t^png Doe 3| mtlfe. 



31f euec tl)ou me loue, 

toto t^en asf 3 Co glau ? 
3if euec me tl)ou leaue, 

tljentol)oa0 31forati? 
3f euec me tl)Ou loue, 

tI)ou euec mafett me U'ue: 
3|f euec me t!)ou leaue, 

tieatlje^ Uact tijou Uott me gtue. 
3If euec me t^ou loue, 

tol)o liue0 To fflau ass 3 ? 
3jf euec me ttou leaue, 

toljo liie0 Co bati a0 31 ? 
9If euec me tliou loue, 

in lieaue tl)OU mabft me Dtoell: 
3If euec me tl)Ou leaue, 

tt)ou Djiuft me Uoune to lielU 
aOi^ecefoje £) loupng; ILojDe, 

loue ffill to mafee me Itue: 
&o fijall 31 neuer leaue, 

t!)ee lauue anti pjaiCe to giue. 

Of Pope lulius. 3. 

^(01 ti'plelj at tl)e table once 

toitl) Djinfee, toten lulius Cate: 
(3i man toljom toitfeeU Rome tec Celf, 

tiiD rpiffljt, at)l)0?ce, ano l)ate,) 
£0 (t 10 faieli tMee Iiole0 at once, 
toi 5jm txiece ceaDp matie: 

i^Miu 'QTliat 


%lm Ije tl)itt buclien0 mi's^t at once, 

fa t)£(rell0 tUtz titilatre, 
'EU firtt of all tl)e tieffell0 tljjee, 

|e filDe toi'tl) iomit tii'le: 
tirie ne;ct tottS piffe, tt)e Dtl)ec !)e, 

toitlj ojUuce liii) Defile* 

No man can doe twoo thyngs at once, 

tl)e p?ouecl)e olu Hoet^ tell: 
%W toas a paCTjno; ^ope 3| tcotoe, 
tfiat coulD doe t!)?ee Co toelU 

To Zoilus. 

"Darfee Zoilus till tl)j beallie bjeafee: 
i3Df railpriff tl)jne 3 toill not reafee* 

Of an Aftrnomer, and 
a Plowman. 

A l&png fometpme Uetermineti, 

an Ijuntpne; foj to rine: 
€)f liiuer0 pecEonciS diD demauntie, 
tDljat toeatliei; tooulQ betilie. 

Si ttuDent in Aftronomie, 

(tliece ftantipng bp) littr tell 
3It tooulti be fai're, Co ttiat ljl0 grace, 

migljt citie on ftuntpng toell. 
SI Plowman poo?e bnto tl)e ^imce, 

gan tfiu0 ceplie againe: 
JBeleue ti?nt not fur, bt'De at Some, 

toi fuce 31 tWn ttotill rai'ne. 



%\}e fepng Did lauglj apace, at latt 

all tJuanclTe Cet aODet 
i:6e fepnff toitlj tcoup, atiD all i)t0 trai'ne, 

Dojtl fo?tl)e on Ijuntpng ride* 
^ot tntCEd ftant tt)e toooD, but (traite 

tppon t^e tccegf Di'D Dafije 
SL potojjnff Cjjotoer tfiat paieD tljetn all, 

anD to£ll tiz feptig; Dt'D toafije* 
tKje pjfnte tl)e Plowman pjaittie:anD CatD 

loofee tl)ou toners »itacce0 Do ttanD 

^OOje Plowman : aitD pJO^D Strologer, 

tafee t{)ou a tol)ip in tanD. 

The like Aftronomers to this 

we haue in Englande here: 
More fitter for to till, then tell, 

except thei wifer were. 
To Zoilus. 

TTrt^o tatl) beftotoD tjppontljp bjotoe, 

a gaclatiDe bjaue of Baie? 
^ut^t a0 can clime Parnaffus mount, 

tl)ore leaue0 CljoulD Decfee altoaie. 
%o Ccoffcrsf Zoilus fuclje ajS tt)ou, 

anD fucte a0 ft^ng toitlj tong: 
%o aingec0 tUcfte a ftingpng ccotune, 

of ^ettell£0 DoctI) belong* 

Of Zenabon. 

YT^^ile Zenabon tinljappie man, , 
Did Venus pleafuce^ pjoue: 

II 265 

m& memliec0 title wvz tofiipt atoaie, 
bp l)cc toljom 5e fiia loue, 

Anacharfis the Philofophers 

T 3fee asf p toeli0 to|)tcl) rpitier0 fpm je fee, 
-^-'Bp fubtile Oigfit Doe tangle, tafee, t tje, 
'2i:t)e feble fmall ano feelp flt)iTte0 bee, 
ana let t|)e bigpc bjeafee atoa?, anti flie* 
ULifee To tl)e latoe0 tlje lotoer, mean, i pooje, 
SDo plague, anU pum'ti) foje, i mafee to pap: 
i;t)e noble man, o? n'clie eniogmg lIo?e 
aaji'tl) Cmall alio quigljt fcotfree fcape atoap, 

Otherwife, aud fliorter. 

A a) Cohtoeb0 catcfi t^e IctCec flte0, 

ann let tte gceatec go: 
feo t^oCe of potoec, anU not tlie poo?e 
tSe ILatoe0 Uoe fauouc flfjotoe* 

Precepts written to HENRY 
KNEVET gent. 

H !^urt not tfi? fo, ^elp ttftl tl)? fcenO: 
E cEntiuve li'fee D a m o n to tlje enti* 
N ilSeglett not bertue : bice efc^eto: 
R Eetoacd tje gooD Xoitl) pecbon due. 
I g|n peace belig^t : foule bifcojbe aie: 
E $ate fo to line, line fo to bpe. 

K mnob) 



K Unoto tI)OU tlj? Wf : Coule aaijitg (Ittne, 

N il2ip I'ti tlje Ijeao, cce it begin. 

E (fenDeuouc not to clime to lipe: 

V Mtt not tlje nee&p to Oenje. 

E (iEj;alt tte ijiett toitlj pjaife0 oft: 

T %^at tI)ou ma^tt mount t^e tUt& aloft* 

Preceptes written in his frend RICHARD 

WOODWARDS praier booke, fom- 

time his companion in 


R Eeft'ain ftom Onne, 
I gintimuegcoto: 
c Care foj tljp ftentt, 
H %te not ttp foe: 
A ^tiantion 6ice, 
R Eegacti t^e 'tuitv. 
D 2Deligl)t in loue, 
E cgnup Oifpife. 

w aoign toealt^ againtt 
O ®lDe age in joutl): 
o ®jDec tl)p tonpe, 
D aDeclace t|e tmetlj. 
w aaiace pjiDe, ttoill liaue 
A ailtoaie^ a fall: 
R Eemembec Deatlj 
D 2Dil"pattl)etb all. 



Of fower Beaftes and the Spider. 

nrl^e Boare m tieannff ti0 aortj paff0, 
tlje Ape in tatt, tlje Linx in (i5|)t: 
3in Cmell tlje Gripe, in fealing; quicfe 
t!)e Spider goejf bejoni) tisi qui'sljt 

Ite, Venite. 

r^ O, a'b a gciping tooojO toill be, 
^^ but Come, a golUen fflaH: 
Come fi;aU be Cajti tOrij bleffed good, 
Go to tt)e curffed bad. 

Of the vanity of this world, 

TT^l^at pjofit0 pompe anli fflojp of 

tl)e toojlD Co toicfeeO tiaine? 
fei'tl) aftec Beat!) toe cmmbling Outt 
and rotten bones remape* 

To Zoilus. 
'aClie Fem, tlje Floud, tl)e Flame , ., '" 

t^jee mirct)efe0 Zoilus be: 
TSm Zoiie tljj tonpe a miTctefe toojCe 
ti)en tfieCe repeateO tlijee. 

Of hym that marryes twife. 

11J310 firtt toiTe lieaU, anli laiij in gcaue, 

to!)0 Botl) a reconn fecfee: 
?Knto a momiJ^e macinec, 
anti (tji'pman l)e 10 leek. 



aail)0 Ijaupng; li^ofee ljt0 bacfe anti Ccapr, 

toiti) pecct'U ffceat anti pafne.: 
tlClie fucgpng; CtoaUoto^iig tVDeUpng feasf 

affajcs anij tms againc* 

Of a wife. 

•TflD comberfome a clog; 
a wife I'js into man: 
S>!)e neuec Uott) t)jm sooD, 

no? P?ofite0 Ijtm, but to^an 
g)t)e tipe0, anu leaue0 to tcealr 

tW toplfome toojllil? patl): 
^nti leuetl) in tec ftea 

tt)e plDe flfje tjoojDeti ijat^* 

The fame and fhorter. 

A %Ct)anli of W toift 

Satl) neuec pjoESt, faue 
WL^en ft}t Dotl) leatte Ijec g;ooli0 bE^mU 
anti goe0 Sec felfe totl) graue, 

Bewtie and Vertue feldom coupled. 

TTrl^liere amerousf betotie fajaue Dot^ bfde 

aotl) timue Celii abound: 
'^^z canfeeu coucljjng commonly 
in faireft rofe i& tounX>, 

How the Papift praies. 

"T^^z papift pjaie0 toitf) mout^, 510 minUe 
on ffatlierpng VoooUe tioetfi pe: 



ILikz to a labberpg: ^pe, Voliiclie Ooet!) 
naught el0 but muntpe ano motoe* 

Who takes the paines, 
the profite gaines. 

■^t^o cracfee0 t^e ilJut, t!)e feetixell fintie0, 

t^e taftc tt)e ftoeete t^at Ctocate: 
tirtie laOe EucDen Uue0 in lacbe, 
anH notlipno: liatlj to tate. 

Who poore. 

'yl^e toig!jt t^at liue0 m toant, (0 not 

to be accounteD pooje: 
But Ije t!)at Ctaiimme0 in plentie cic^e, 
anil pet Iieficet^ moje* 

To one that married a foule 
wife for riches. 

7-% toife 10 foule, tiefojmeti, blacfee: 

but (fo?lie tot'tl) coine 10 fl)e: 
'9ri)0u maurietitt foj tl)? Ijanli0 to feele, 
not toi tt)pne epe0 to fee* 

Of Wine. 

^Inz mafee0 men faO, anti feble0 fojce, 

wine maketh ftrong and glad : 

9If to muc^e tafeen be tlieceoC, 

if that a meane be had. 
Of Phifitions. 



j-'^ltt facesf tlje Phifition "^atljj 

firtt a0 an Angeil lie, 
M^m te 10 faufflit: ne^t tailien 5e Ijelpe0, 

a God !)e femess to be* 
ana latt of all toljeti tie liatlj maOe, 

tlie acfee aefeareD toell 
ana ar6e0 l)t0 pecDon, tfien Ije femes 

an OUfflp Fiend Of tfU* 

To an vnlkilfuU Phifition. 

^Chilles b) a ftoo?a ai'a aaie 1)10 foe0. (toes 
'SEljou feillelt to' a Ijeacbe on gcouna p gro= 
•tirijee toojtlji'er tljen Achilles 3 fuppofe. 

Of a Fifhe, a Swallowe, and an Hare, 

Ihot through at one fhoote. 

an vncertayne Author. 

A l^are to itjwnne tl)e gceat'e CPcetonae, 
■^*- tliat aia \)im fecce puufue: 
?lepte m a riuer, t&infe^ng fo, 

to bia tlje 2Dog aaue> 
an archer b? belioiapng tl){0, 

toitl) Boto tljere reaaj bent: 
(3|n l)ope to tit l)^m m te ftoam) 

an arcotoe at :^jm Cent, 
2Bp 5ap a fetoallotoe ffeicae bettoene, 

toi'tftall tip lept a Eoctie: 
ana fo tlje l^ace, t^e bi'cae, tlie fiitie, 

6i0 flijafte at once aia bjoclie. 



To the Rechleffe route. 

IVJ^ longer linger, leaue delate: 

tpme Hxiifte atoaie Hoett) cunne: 
IRepent tietjme, no man fenotoe^ tolien, 
tie latter Dale fljjall come. 

Of Wiuyng. 
A Marryng for to marrie, dill 

tl)U0 all men all Doe Caie: 
t!ri)u0 rai'e tljei tttU, jet toittjnglp, 
men marrte euec? tiaie. 

Tyme doeth all. 

jr^z Ijuge greate £)6e toasf once a plant, 

a toljelpe ttie Lion fell: 
ainij famous learn eti Cicero, 
once learnDe W too?i30 to fpell. 

Be aduifed ere thou fpeake. 

"T^^^e tooojlie tljat once Ijatlj patt tl)? lipgf, 

can not be calla agen: 
SlDuiftie he tljerefoje toto tl)ou fpealift, 
to toljom, to'^at, tojere, anti toljem 

To one furious and full 
of Pride. 

yjf Seneca of aunctent tjme, 
^ 01 Terence t)ati tl)ee feen: 
d)ou tooultift Ijaue Senecs Aiax felrce, 

anO Terence Thrafo been. 



To Henry Kneuet gent. 

y Itnotoe not toliEce tlje poet0 faine, 

^ tl)e Mufes foj to bee; 

2But tlji0 91 fenOtoe mp Kneuet fucc, 

tfiep taccfe ttill toitlj tljee* 

Idem eft pauperibus, diuiti- 
bufque Deus. 

■y^ beggary, anti tlje bfepr0 btct^, 

anti entie all one foj apct 
510 Ueare to (0otr tlie felte ttoaine, 
a0 lie tl)at beam^ ftoafe* 

To Markes a marker of faultes. 

jV/r Arkes, macfee tol)at3I Qjall fate to t'See, 

tje tmtlie 31 tell tljee plafne: 
3If Markes tl)ou macfee me an^ moje, 
31 fijjall tfiee marfee againe. 

To the Pope. 

'y^p fiarte 10 on tl)j Iialfpenie, 

IjojCe, liarlott^, ljaufee0 anO 5ounti0; 
i]5o recfenpff of Eellfft'on matie, 
to!)Er« Jjice Co muci^e abounds* 

To a fweete mouthed minion. 

P Cte cun'ou0 cate, ecl)e cottlg liifllje, 
^-^ pour liaintie tootft mutt tatte: 

Ne lickes, ne likes, JOUC llppe0 tl)e meate, 

1& toliere 


Xd^ttt pleaCurc none ijs plaftc. 
ifine tienjon fatte mutt be jour fooUe, 
JLntlt, iSartciDge, pouec, 0>uaile: 

^ likerijhe lip, a likerijhe lap, 
as tongue is, fo is taile. 

A verfe wherein the numerall letters ftiewe 

the yere of the Lorde , when the 

Queene began her raigne o- 

uer this Realme. 

'T''%z pope, efee aL l)i0 paVLtcie traflje 
■"■ wa0 tiani(l)t qvig^t anD CUm: 
VVI)en noliLe faire cELijabet^ 
Was( CcoVnD firft engLKpe qveen, 

Nouembris. 17. 
A Rime againft ROME. 

"D Ome couetou0 foj cotne Doetf) call: 
fet^e emptie0 coffee, pouclje ana all. 
3If tl)ou tioe let tljj puite alone, 
ifrom pope anU patriarfee0 tljence be gone, 
But if toitl) pence tljou pli'e ttem ttill, 
and it t^eic cl)ett0 toftl) come tl)ou fill, 
abfolue tljei toill and pacDon tljee, 
l^oto faultie foule fo ere tftou bee. 
l§o, (Boa be Ijece : Voliore tljece? 

a maiDe. 
(LJUljat comtt tl)ou fo? ? to craue 

jour ai'De, 




l^att coine? mit ccoCetfe cleane: 

tjeti feepe tljce t^ece: 
31 l)aue:t)Oto muclje? enoufff): 

tlien come tljou nece. 

To one named Loue. 

T ILonz tf)e Loue, mp loue: 

louc me mj loue tijecefoje: 
^nti tofjeti 3 leaue to loue ms loue, 
rtjen let me Hue no moje* 

To a common Bragger. 

j-^m (lurliie cald tlj? Telf : but t!)OU 

cantt bettec facte, tljett flglit: 
put s atoate, anti toljat tl)ou art, 
tl)ou t^en Declacefl cigljt 

A prettie fimilitude. 

T Ike a0 t^e beggac ^iU0 W Hu'tine, 

toljece It 10 faice anti tolji'te: 
atiti toill not open an? place, 

tl)at ta)l)ole maie feem to flgljt* 
But contcacp W lotfiCome CoacesJ, 

l)e C|)etoe0 foj men to tietoe: 
!|i0 blouijie cloute0, anli cotten rag:g;0, 

tijat all migljt on ^pm retoe* 
^0 ne iljouli) toe of ouc gooti t)eetie0, 

oj bjagffe 01 boafte at all 
2Befo?e tl)e itojlie, but (t)etoe ouc Cjnne0, 

E,ii. anti 


and fo toi nmcit call. 

Of a certayne Ruffian. 

A femitpelti Euffian fix a ftap 

a0 feimlp Ije tiid fig:l)t: 
a21a0 of ttie tanti tliat ^elti W Ctoojti, 

bj ftoojtie fiiCpatctieti quigljt. 
(I21l)icl)e totiipt atoag (tn fuclje a Cojte) 

a0 Tone ass l)e diD to; 
iflingpng Ijig Oagpr at Ijt^ fo, 

naj ttien tabe all TajD Ije. 

Of a certayne Ciuilian. 
np^OU Caia ti)p felfe Ciuilian, 

tliou act not full Co muclje: 
3f Ci. be out, a0 tlien remai'negs 
in declie tlip name 10 futlje. 

Of a Lawyer. 
j-!^OU faifl tIjOU act a Lawyer: 

tl)e lettec0 ttoo ne;ct L . 
^ut out : and tljen tlje cett 5eclace0 
tl)p name anti natuce Wll 

To one that fayd he was a 
Lawyer almofl. 

j-^m fat'tt iljou act a i^atoiec 
almott : ttou tiott not fed: 
^ut lettec0 ttoo ne;ct l. atoap 
anti t^en tljou act tlje ceft. 



Agayne, of a Lawyer.- 

j-^m tm tliat toi ?Latoi0r, 

tl&en tljee none ma? he btrnz: 
ilJoj none fo gooti (Caj 3) put out 
tlje tljicd and Tccona letter* 

Ridyng by the way with a gentleman, and 
beyng Demaunded by hym, the dif- 
ference betwene their horfes, 
he thus anfwered ex- 

j-l^e tiiffei'ence iioft f&ou aCfee 

hettoene t^p Sojfc anti mpne? 
ML^at tiifference ttoi;i;t a loltpng; 3|atie 
ant) pairra? ambljng fine* 

Wrytten to a frend, in hys extreme 

iv/r i Titus if t!)ou taft tf)j tcaltl), 
^^^ tfien fijall 3 greatl? 3Io?: 
Sid fo? m? felfe, 31 am tn Ijealtlj, 

If tealtlj be Gcfee anope* 
3 pine ((0oti ijelpe) in feuer falne: 

a tojetcfie of to?etcl)e0 3: 
ifaretoell, tnlelle t^e tiffljett fielpe 

mp Daje0 ace done, 3 "P^* 

An Epitaph vppon the death of M. 
Ihon Bradford. 

MMU ^0 


'M' O SchoUer ought or muft, 

aboue his mafter be : 
Who fo doth ferue, and honour God, 

great troubles fuffers he. 
Eache fonne the Lord doth loue, 

he beates and fcourgeth ay: 
Vnpleafant, hard, and ftrait the path 

to heauen that leades the way. 
%\}ttZ faijtipSS, tlleffeti Bradford, \3i\)iU 

tljou iiiail reuolue in mi'ntie: 
'Srtje tljunOj^ng t^jeategi of tiiicheli totg^tsf, 

t^eic cmelttE0 ijnfeinU, 
'arijeic aatterie^ fai'c, tljei'r fojce, fljeic fcauD, 

tl)OU notljmff Uititt Cet tip: 
2But DiUtt pelO tip toWj toillptiff tact 

tljp CojpiS in fiec to frie, 

A prancke of Pope luHus 3. about 
a Peacocke. 

A Cectaine ^ope tliat lulius ^igljt, 

at tiinnet; on a time, 
SJppon W table placed tatr, 

a Uaintie |@eacocke fine. 
Qfllljiclj tljoufflj it toece a Daintie Uiitje, 

te coulti not tutc^e ass tlien: 
(LQiljecefoje, go tafee tW Tame atoa^, 

Ije fain tinto l)i0 men, 
SLixXi feeepe it tola till fttppec tpme. 



ana fee in (Bavttm fair 
3 ftippe at niffl)t, foj into mee 

a0 tl)En toill gueff0 repair, 
ajflten Supper tpme appjoc^eO toasf, 

among l)i0 fumptuou0 meat 
anti peacocfee0 to^ot, l)i& ^eacocfee coltr 

Ije fatal not tliere to eate, 
MJlierefoje ije pn to lotoje, ani) potot, 

to ftoeat, to ftoell, to ftoeare: 
^uct) t^untijing; tl)?eatning;0 ttjjotoing: out 

tl)at all amajeij toere, 
SI Cartinall lij beljollipng tljijf, 

entreatpno: Ijjm pn fap: 
flD Solp fattier tie content, 

ana tl)i0 pour anger ttap. 
3[naee&e pour toaiter0 toojt^p are, 

fo? to be cljia ana ffjentj 
But Qt^ it taia0 apinft tlietr toille0, 

let patte ana be content, 
i:i)en luiius pope toit^ fompng mout^ 

ana flaflljinff firie epe0: 
31n angrj mooa, a& Ije toere maa, 

gan anftoere in tl)i& toife. 
3if (Eoa fo? apple onelp one, 

fo angrie toere quotf) lie: 
'W^at Ije e;cpeia from ^araaice, 

our parents, 'be, ana (lije, 
a^BSp map not 91 W 2Uicar ftece, 

%Mii. be 


be motjti to angec t^eti 
ifoi t^i& fame brtu : Mm tW i^t;!) 
tteti applet ten mH ten. 

Although this Pope with Peacockes flefhe 

lovd ftill to cram his craw : 
Yet for a Peacock thus to rage, 

he (howd hymfelf a daw. 

To a certayne frend. 

^-laDmtimesf in London tl)Ou Uott liue: 

Comtimeg fn Cuntrey fo^le: 
31n Cambridge noij) atiO t^en : fomet^meiS 

fn Courte t^ou feepft a coi'le* 
l,eaue rangpno; tl)u0 : ceatTe tl)u0 tf)p felf 

ftiU to anti fra to toCTe: 

The reftleffe ftone, that rowleth ftill, 
doeth feldome gather moffe. 

Written vnder the piflure of 
M. Thomas Becon. 

T iDe realiec tece, W pojtcatucc, 

ajs It'uel? a0 niai'e bee: 
aailiat ^aintec0 pen anti paine migl)t lioe, 

(gooB rea&ec) t!)ou Uoeft fee* 
%ie Dotoment0 of W mpntie Ueuine, 

to'&irtje pen miffftt not Difplaie 
j^oi painter paint, tjnt felf floetlj bp 
IjijJ learneD tooojfeesf betojaie. 



Of the piflure of Thomas Cranmer, 

fometyme worthie Archbi- 

fhop of Canterburie. 

T (Cacneli tliou toatt, m\) gotilie hotlie, 

•*-' toljile Cranmer tI)OU UlDft ll'UE: 

a Ijappte aim a IjappleCfe life, 
into t!)ee CBoli Ht'Ii pue. 

Of his owne pifture. 

A/T g front toell framti t^e ^ainm fiatti, 

toljitlie 6e beljelOe toit^ epe: 
91^g iiam 10 fenotone, to (BoO alone, 
tDt)icl)e tolties tfte jeauen^ on l)?e* 


j/g lijotoe tlje paintec liatl) e;;pjett: 
(Boll fenotoe0 tfie fect;et0 of mp b?ett» 

- Of fewer liuyng creatures, that Hue by 
the fower Elementes. 

'yi^e bean Camilion liue0 bg a^je, 

■*■ tl)e Herryng Ooet^ U{itV 

3|n toaues to liue, t|)e Mole in moulO, 

tlje Spotted beaft in fire* Salamader. 

Of Papiftes. 

JiF murtijpnff montters mount tlie ffeie: 
'E^m ^apitt0 tljitlier pacfee perDie. 

A faiyng of S. Ciprian. 

j-%1 tot)ict)e tioc loue t^tm felue^ to paint, 

toitl coulec0 ttcaunge antJ gaie-. 
i:i)ei Ijaue to ftace t^at (0oti niU fenotoe, 
tl)em at tlje latta* Date* 

An other faiyng of S. Cyprian. 

7-^e leuUe to^fctie louc to paint t|)eiv locb0 

toit!) itD anil jellotoe fine: 
%W Doe pjognofticate, but Ijoto 
t^ei'u ljeaD0 in tell (tiall fljine* 

Xij. abufes in the Hfe of man, colle- 
fted out of S. Cyprian. 

1 -irrltljout ffooD VDOOjfee0 a pjuDet toig;l)t, 

2 ^ fire toitljout Eeligion quiglit 

3 Si ^outft Voitljout obeDience: 

4 2. toealt^ie toiffljt tliat giue^ no pence* 

5 Si tooman tljat i^i CSjameleffe ttout: 

6 31 piDe tl)at tectue i& toitt)out> 

7 Si Cl)?ittian man contentious : 

8 Si pooje man pjouDe anD fumptuousf. 

9 a li?ng tljat mletlj not bp i1ffl)t: 
01 a bi(|)op negiiffent anD Itgftt* 

1 1 jfolfee toit^out Difcipline anD atoe: 

12 S)ubiect0 ttiat line, anD taue no latoe* 

A faiyng of S. Auftin. 

■j-%& naug|)t on toomen but to look, 
ti0 too?re toitl) ttiem to cljat: 


But toemen fo? to touclic, pecliie 
nauffljt mate be toojfe tijeti tljat. 

An olde faiyng. 

^i^ ^untec0 b?eafefa(l tiittM 10, 

a 1latofec0 Dinner tieft: 
9l^ofee0 i3?mfepnff0, 91pai:t^ant0 rupper0 fine 
fumiount anti paffe tlje reft. 

Of Lacon. 
^l^g Lacon DlUft t^OU C^OOfe t|)^ tolfe, 

(quotlj one) fofeateanij fmall? 
<2i:o cl)oore tlje left, 3i Ijoloe ft beft, 
(quotlj l)e) of euell0 alU 

Thinkyng on the latter daie. 

Tf euerj man anU tooman tooulO, 
^ tliinfee on t^e latter Dale: 
'QEiien mzn tooulD menlie, anU toomen tooulO, 
t^e toanton0 ceatte to plaie* 

Pleafe, Praife, and Praie. 

Ti(t aire not long tlie toojllie toill lafte, 

-^ Pleafe, Praife, anl! Praie t^ecefOje: 

^jaie to tlie ILojDc, Ijjm pjaiCe anti pleafe, 
anD care tfiou fo? no moje. 

Fine thynges white. 

P^twer tl)jnB;0 are toonliiou0 tol)tte, § fifte 
•*■ fl|)ine0 moje t'&en all tlje reft: 



^noVoe, aiuec, Cecitfe, Ijoan'e Ijeacc^, 
a t^attz tjnCpomd b?eft* 

Three thynges deteftable. 

j-^ltt t!)jne;0 ait omttable, tjile: 

a tifffffac pjouUe anO Ijpe: 
5ln olO man Im&e atiti l£c|erou0: 
a rictie man ttiat ftoet!) Ije, 

Three things not to be lente. 

nr^?ee tt)inp0 a man not lenOet!) rife: 
!)i0 ^oiU, 1)10 fiffljting OmojO, 1)10 toife. 

Three things fliould not be forgotten . 

T'^jee tl)tnffe0 lijoulO be rememberea, 

anti pjtnteti Cill tn b?eaft» 
(00013 tume0 receiiti, gooD pjecept0 puce, 
anO tl)ore tl)at are Deceatt* 

Of Mark miferable, that hanged 

Twr Ark mtCer ^eftecaaj 31 Ijacft, 

tl)e Ranging craft tooulO trie: 
Slnti tinlier tl)jee pence (cat'tif to^etcfie) 

no !^alter could i)e bu^. 
31 bu? no Eope0 fo Hear (quotlj f)e) 

tlje pjfcc amajO t^e elfe, 
ifo? ttooo pence Ijalfpen^ l)e agree0 
at latt, anil 5ang0 l)?mfelf. 




Of faiyng grace. 

^^0 att^ng liotone Irot^ tafee fit's mealed, 
^^SLxiti tlianfeeis not (Eoli in gcatcfuU toffe: 
(Boe0 as( a bjuti'fllje iSDjce to boo?l), 
anu ruDd? li'fee an ^ffe Dotlj vitt. 

The Beft are hated of the Bad. 

j-^t ougfum otole loues birH Uotlj fiate, 

tlje lotljCum S[pe ootf) rpite 
tlTfie Hi'on feing;, tfie cacren Croto 
tlje S>toan fair, Qlucc tofite. 

To the carpyng Corre6lor. 

•^31tt) i^itifl) ep^s tfiou canft Uecerne, 

ttie fcape0 of otfier men: 
25ut tofien tljou (ijoulDd cojcect tfit'ne otone, 
a0 blinO a0 Bubo tljen, 

A ftaffe. 

A »»e£melp tiling: in iianti 9| am, 
-^^ old ap tjpfiolD 3 rigfit. 
31 rule tlje tteppes, 3 ftac tfie uog, 
3i eafe tlje toerj toigfit* 

The faiyng of BIAS. 

"DOEfiolD tl)j relfe in CBlatte, 
anU if fo faice tliou he: 
%^m Doe tl)ou fair anO lionett tfiinges 

a0 beft iefeemetl) tfiee, 
)But if liefo?meti, fotole, 



anti lot^rtj tljou appeace: 
Eequte rtjat foule Oefojmi'tie, 
bp mannei*0 fair arm cleei*. 

To a frende. 

vw^en fittjess tl)m f&e Qluer aceamesf: 

aEtieti tiarfene^ peloe^ bjigtjt Titans bea= 
ajflljen agi t^e bicti t|at Phcenix !)ig'^t, (me0, 
»)ljaU liaue ten ttiouCanli mates in figtjt* 
aaitien loue in Limbo loto fljall Ije, 
Slnli Pluto tljjall be plaft on \nst; 
'Eljen 31 toill ttiee fojCake mp Heece, 
SlnD not befoje, as (tjall appeaue. 

The torment of Turnecotes. 

Ti^ realipng once a cectaine boo&e 

-*- calD Pafquin in a tcauHce: 

'QLo finbe tl)e turnecotes tojment t^ece, 

bp tiicnjno; ttoas mp cljaunce, 
^uclje as toill ne tiolb tottlj tlje tare, 

no? jet ntn toitl) tlje Ijounb: 
fe)ucl)e as lifee toauei-pno: toljetteccocfes, 

toitt) euecp blatl tuvne rounbe, 
S»ucl)e as toi'tlj netljec, hie, mi haec, 

Doe loue to be beclinbe: 

:But (till tol'tlj hoc, like neuters nOUff|)t, 

tljat tucne Voitlj euecp totnbe, 
"grtiere fai'nes 6e to be fad loi'tlj cojbe, 
bettwene ttoo pillecs bounO: 




Sibout tlje nitti0, Co ttiat t^eg fiatifi:, 

mXt can not tutcfje t^e gcounti, 
SlXppon tjeic 5cali0 a pait: of ^am 

tuge IjojnejS are futelp fi';i;t: 
^aupnff a Catle of linnen clot!) 

tteir l)ttiiou0 So?ne0 bcttoijt. 
Slnti at tljeir t)«lc0 tiiere tangs a bag, 

toitl) copne anH mon? ttuft*. 
»>o tucne tfiefe turnccotes toliirlpa; counti 

toifb cuecj little puft* 
ifoj 80 tl)e toinUe tiot^ rife anU blotjje, 

anD ttcifee t^e Crempng; fagle: 
tElieir fieeleg are tieabti on Ijie to 'beauen, 

tSen eacfie turner tip lji0 taile* 
^nU a0 tl)e tointi liotf) ceaffe to blotoe, 

anB quiet liotl) retnaine: 
'^Tlien dotl) tlie pontierou0 pounlittone purfe 

bjing Doune tljeir feete apine* 
fe>o are tSefe to?etc6e0 to^iria about, 

anD noto tlieir l)Eati0 on Sse: 
janU ttraifflit tljeir 5ecle0 are SeueU bp 

tinto tje loftie ffepe^ 

Tranflated out of Theocritus. 

r^vpido Venus Dearl^ng Defte, 
^^ to ftoeete W lippg toitft niell 
»>oje longjnff, came iinto an Mue^ 
tojere Bee0 UiD i^imu anD DtoelU 



jatiti mintipB; notn toitlj l^onie ftoeete, 

to fill W Mlit full 
^e tUn\!t& W fianUe into tfie t^tue, 

anil fatt begmncs to cull. 
"JClje Bee0 bettfrce t^em, b^ anO bp, 

ana pjicfet l)?nt toitl) tljeir ttpng^: 
2Deft Cupid DolefuU lioet^ Depart, 

anti tafeEiS l)?m to W totngsf. 
I^e ttamp0, lie ftacc0, fie tafeetl) on: 

Se fenotoe0 not toliat to doe: 
Sit lad toi'tl) tinglpns ttpngeli fianlie, 

te come0 l)i0 mottiec to* 
ano tl)U0 begmn^ to mafee W mone.- 

al) motSec, mottec mpne: 
'Elje Bee motte tile ana peCi'len^ 

latb feilDe Cupido tlipne. 
2(1), out ala0, to^at lijall 31 tioe? 

3 neuec tooulD ^aue tl)ougl)t 
'€^e felie Cmple tIjiTtleffe Bee, 

couia fimz rucl)e mfrtti'ef tojoug^t* 
!©uot|) Venus fmil^ng: tol)at? alasf, 

anU Ooetl) ft gceeue you Co? 
Content pouc Telf, ?ou are but Cmall, 

?et 1)0Vd pou ftrifee pou fenotoe. 

Preceptes written to his Cofen 
Paul Tooley. 

P Pure 



A -^ SlmiHz all aitgec tljat 10 ill» 

V tipon tl)e pooje t^^ne almc0 tiettotoe: 
L ILeaue tice, in bectue louc to gcoto^* 

T tlDalfee Uttle, 'beace mutlie: tell tmt^: 
o ^beje tfip bettec: bjiJile ^outlj, 
O €)btame tte loue of gccate antr rmall: 
L iLoofe on tie ^ra'pture0, pontier Paul. 
E (Cacne, leame to liue, toit^ life anij lint: 

Y gelUe pjaiCe to (Boo, anD pjaie to ^^m. 

To all tender Youthes and 
young fchollers. 

Tif learning pou neglecte, in ap 

pou toill trie, al) ala0, 

MltH JJiti 31 not to fluJJie tticfee, 

in cl)iHi5ooDe tol)ile 3| toag, 

A young fchollers Poefie. 

T Eaue plaie, and loue learnyng : 
^^ For fear e ofjlripes earnyng. 

Verfes written at the requeft of his Cofen 

Mary Palmer, in her praier booke 

called THE Pomander 

OF praier. 

M afee muc^e of moOeHie: be altoaie0 mefee: 

A bantion bite; fo? gollien berme feefee* 

^ Repcli 

no ^89 

R cgacO tlje poD : tU ill Cet notfipng tip: 
Y n mpnUe remembec fttU tliat t^ou mutt Die, 

P leaCe pacent0 tliphc: pecflft hi Uopa; toell: 
A ^ ttn'ue to ttaine tlje vttt : ani) to e;ccell. 
L fue, learne, $ loue : | altxiaieiS fenoto tljp Celf : 
M ure al on fieauf : paCTe fmal on too?Hilj pelf, 
E nDeuouu at tl)e naucoto pte, to entec in: 
R ule To tft? Celf tmmojtall fame to toin. 

To one that called hym 

T^l^ou rpentiall Doett me call : 31 graunt 

mutlie coine 3 rpenae peciji'e: 
IBut tl&ou tioett tpenlie tlip felf on toljoje^, 
tl)ou fpentieft moje tljen 3i, 

To a Niggard that called 
hym vnthrift. 

T^^ou raiett % fpenH all, fpenU all ftill: 

anD notlipng tjfe to purCe: 
'QTfjou pucCett all, anD fpenDett naugljt: 

To a certaine frende. 

T^l^ou rpenliaU Doeft me call: 
tl)ou caltt me centiall to: 
3i rpenDe, renUe, notlj^ng menDe tljon fai'eft, 
pes fuce, 31 menUe m? f^oo. 




The nature of the Hernfliew. 
j-H^t Hearnftiew tljOUglj t^t fiaut g tl?OO6e0, 

anil riuei'iS efee tljat mnm: 
get ra^ne anti tempeft ii)t al)t)ojre0, 

anH tezkz& tl)e fame to Cljunne 
2Bj fojpng ftp ana mounting i)ie: 

flije l^jototipg ilill Ootl) red 
Si loft itx top0 of tallett tt;ee0, 

anti t^ece tiotlj mafee fiet neff^ 
»>lje fl[)unss Ijec foe tje dSoflljatofee great, 

aixti ^atofee0 of ot^ec feitiDe: 
l^ec ^atesS anU plape0 t^e ^ml again, 

toften ttiat Ije can tec finDe* 
aoilien a0 tfie ^^atofe ana i^ecntlieto fig^t, 

ana ttciue aloft m fltte: 
jfoj tl)i0 one tljing, toitl) migljt of toing, 

bott ttti'ue efpeciallp 
Mlfio map aboue tf)e otliei: get: 

if ^atofee Saue l)igljett place 
MJi'tt eacneft flight \tz conquec0 quigljt, 

tl)e ^ernCSjeto in l^jojt fpace. 
But if tte =l^ecmijeto Sigljeft get, 

l|je fquictjng aotone aotl) cad 
^tt atit ana aunge, t^e !^atofee bppon, 

ana fpo(le0 l)5tn fo at latt» 

Fower properties of the dog. 

"P^ttiei; pjopectpe0 p^aifetoojtl)? fure, 
ace in t|e aog to note: 

&4i. ^e 


% feeepeg tlje tjouft, ^e fearer tfie ^tit 

bp bacfetng: toltl) fifsi t^ote. 
i^e plaje0 toeU tfie pfiiQti'on, 

toit^ licfejtiff tottffue tie cuce0: 
lima l)i0 maflec ttiU l)c tticfeesf, 

anD faitlifull fall enduw^. 

Of Boner. 

Q jF 1Bi(t)op0 al, fbe beft fome diti tljee call: 
^^3lntieet> tSou toatt tSe beaft of biiljopsf all. 

To a naughty Lawier. 

virflDultitt Ijaue mee tell toljat lato tljou ^aft ? 
tljou ^aft a0 mucfte a0 neeD: 

Sin Oltl Caili fato, need hath no law. 

no mo?e l)aft tljou I'ntieeD. 

Tranflated out of an Italian writer. 

T Ycoris in \itt botomt bearejs, 
■"-^ ttoo applet faice t^iat fljine: 
againe ttoo »)tcatobect:te0 fllje bearesf, 

m boCom ljer0 tieuine. 
^er bouclp bjeafles ttoo applet be, 

Ijer nipple0 be ttoo beccie^: 
t^ec apple0 f^im a0 tottte a0 fnotoe, 

%t; nipples reti a0 cljerrie0. 
Loue came anU Cucfet Ijec tenHec b?eft0 

anD faiH, noto mi'lfee fauctoell: 



9^p motl)cr0 fa?eft0 toitlj milfee Oo ftcotot, 
but tfieft tDl'tt) Neftar ftnelL 


IV/r )aD?e tofiite 3 am t^en plume of »>toan: 
■^ -^aDaugtitec of (ICttintet; tollic 3 am: 
iLeCe tacUe tljm 31ce conffealD am 3: 
get not lefl[e colOe tljea 3ite pecDfe, 
tKjinnec tfjen 9pu(|)jome t|)at Doetlj potoe: 
%o toatec tlim ^eate mafee0 me goe* 
i:t)e letter firtt tafee from m? name, 
jana nine tn number tljou fioeft fcame> 
31f t^fe toooj&e Cor tljou aU to me: 
Cte blacfeeft fairOe 3 am to fee. 

A Cherrie. 

A EeU ffein glitterpng me tioetl) tiiije, 
^^ 3 Doe toitl) iopce ahounlie: 
3n ttealie of tarte 3 liollie a (tone, 
toljeretn 10 feerncU founUe. 


■yy^3t5 Etme together Imfet am 3, 
Itrong maDe tottl) (tone am 3: 
3 (ijieln from (Ijatterpng Ct)Otoer0 tlie Ijoufe, 

t\\t Ijoufe 3 fojtifie. 
tCafee E atoai'e, anti 3 AlJall 6^ 
of Ida ^^epl)eriJ tl)en: 

^MU 'Elie 


%l)t HuOge bertoene t\tt sotitieffe^ 

tlje tojacfee of Troye ageit, 
anO £fee motte filt^ie ILeacfjei* 6tle, 

it P tt)OU tafee atoaie: 
aaii'tt) l)ojne0 31 puClje:toaUei3 Doime 3| mfije: 

tje ieauengs 31 pcm'fiE)e mz. 

The Snaile. 

T3fl5neleirE atiH footleUe quifftit am 31) 

anO quiffljt tieuoitie of l)eare: 
31 Saue no cje0 to fee toitftall, 

but toljat mp ljojne0 doe beace, 
aaitece To 31 ffo«> oj totece 3 touctie, 

3 leaue a filtljie flt'me: 
fealte fcettptiff, Doetl) me Coje annope: 

tl)e tallett totoec 3 cli'me, 

A Tennice ball. 

.yy.3t6out, toit^out tere tmotlie 3 am, 

jet full of ^eaue toi'tljfti: 
Eounbe li'fee a Boule : tljougl) feete 3 toant, 

to runne 3 doe not li'n* 
^It^oufflj fine featl)ec0 li'gljt 3 lacfee, 

pet mounte 3 ^oz aloftc: 
and loofee toften 3 attt ftfifeen, tl)en 

mp flcengtt) cepaice 3 ofte, 


(^jF Cuenpff dacfee m? name 31 tafee: 
^^ mp tomge0 are made of ffemne: 




^0 otljec tiiutie0 31 am not clotljDe 
toitS featl)ec0 U'gljt anli tljinne. 

31 onel]? b??ng fojtije jonge : alone 
mj tiuB:0;0 toitlj milfee Doe OiieU: 

all Dtjec liirtie0 toant tm% toitl) teet^ 
hut 31 am fenceti toclU 

The Combe. 

A 2Do?ntie toitl) teetl) on «uec? atie, 
'^ 31 ftameti am of t»o;ce: 
%tt baltiepate me fojbeace to tjfe: 
31 pam tlje feangleti locfe0, 


^ eisU lettei;0 fpell0 mp name: 

^akz tt)jee tlje lafte atoaie, anO Co 

tjou ffeant flijalt finlie a Same* 

Of fower birdes, fignifiyng the fe- 
wer quarters of the yere. 

'pl^e CfiafiKnclj (t)Otoc0 tolje winter come0, 

tol)ic|)e fpng:e0 in aaiintec colUe: 
aeaiien c|)ittecinB ^toallotoe tiotl) retucnc, 

tlien Spryng i0 come he bolDe. 
'artie Cutfeoo rtjaunte0 in Sommer tpme, 

toljen all tl)(np0 sMtr^ gceene: 

%\lt iliCtie tljat ^isW Ficedula, 

in Autumne dill 10 Teen* 

^Aiiu To 


To the Reader. 

T^lhz in gooH parte t^efe trifling tope^, 

gODO EeaHec to^iclje 3 to?to: 
aaiten as( 3j toais a hope toitf) bojt^, 

t^efe tope0 3 Uiti mDto. 
tCuflje, tu(t)e, tW fooUfllje ace ttjou Caieft: 

3 grautit, tl)ei ace in fieeae: 
T5ut toliere ace tlj? toife toontijou0 too?fee0, 

noto totere are t^ti to ree&e? 
To his Cofen IHON Kendall. 
"X/Tf Kendall coCen Deacc ano frenae, 
^^^ all tl)jng0 kend of tljee bee: 
<3Df t!)ee tlje &cripture0 all are kend. 

(0 not all kend of t^ee ? 

I^e tol)ic5e fenotoe0 all, i fenotoe0 notCtJift 
naugljt fenoVDe0 5e:tti0 10 plaine: 

Ken all o£ Ctijift, totjiclje 10 tl)e Ijiett, 
ant) count tlje reft a0 tiaine* 

To his dere brother IHON Sheppard 
gent, of Grayes Inne. 

A/IW bjot^er Deere, m? l)ope, mp cljere, 

mp truftp Sheppard truc: 
tESe Cureft Sheppard gj can finDe 

among tlie Sheppards crue* 
Bp name tljou art a Sheppard Cure 

a Sheppard eafe in tieet): 
2. liappp Sheppard 3| tl)ee finlie 




to mee m all mp neede. 

»)0 long: 80 tt)OU mp Sheppard ai't, 

m lacfee 31 can not Uue: 
'QEo paCuce ffceene, lij pleaCant b?o6e0, 

tljou Hail? liott mee Dji'ue* 
'?!C5ou platft t^e part of patto? puce, 

tljou feeepft me m tlje toa?; 
%^ou toi'lt not let mee toanuec toflHe 

in toiluernesf attca?. 
'SlJou toilt not let me fet m? foote, 

in popil^e patlj to tceO: 
tEljou Ualt abljojce a0 Plutos pit 

^10 mititU monttecjS Iietr. 
iSecaff poa tijotfiec in tl)e rate, 

tl)ou liatt befftm to runne: 
feerue (Boti To a0 t|)ou Dailj Doff, 

tlje Cnare0 of »>atl)an (|)unne. 
jfiff^bt lifee a "baliant Sheppard ftout, 

apintt tbe aflioulfe of tell: 
f eelie lifee a ^aftoj pure tlie pooje, 

fo ajs tljou fiaft ijone toelU 
»io (Ijall t^e Hojn bt Sheppard tl)ine, 

anil pap t^ee double ttoice.- 
Sim bi^ns t^ee to tl)e patture pure, 

of pjincel? paratiice* 

An Epitaphe vppon the death of the right 
wife and worthy Matron the Lady 
Alse Avenon. 

fe),t). If 

// 297 

Ijf tl)at a moOeft 9l^atrone0 mtlle, 
fljoulti moneli be toitt) CK^t&: 
i:f)ett (|)?eefe anti ccp foj t)er alone, 
tl)at tece cnpaueD l?e0» 
31f foj to toaple tlje toattt anti lotTe, 

of fuclje a SIpatcone rare 
31t be a fault, fo? "^er alone 
pour crje0 anD ^iitt^t0 rpare. 

An Epitaphe vppon the death of his 

deere Mother, Alse KENDALL. 

Which died and heth buried 

at Northafton. 

L2D Ijere flje lpe0, to^oCe ^onett lite 
perpetuall pjaife tieCertjti: 
Eo Ijere fije lpe0, toljoCe life Voell letr 
from iertue neuer ttoerijlie* 
ILo l)ere flje lpe0, tol)itl)e li'titi in loue 

fti'll toit^ Izi It'nfeeti fecr: 
Ho Sere (Ije l?e0, totic^e toljile (tje littO 

flill tjelD l)er ci)tHi?en beer* 
%o \)etz flje lpe0, toljfcte lotjb Ijer frenb, 

anb tateb not ter fo. 
Ho Sere Qje lpe0, tljat toag! belobb 

of all fo?te0, Spe anb loto, 
1,0 Ijere Oje lpe0, tljat atoaie0 lobb 

ter neiffPour a& Ijer felfe: 
Ho Ijere fije lpe0, tljat mo?e edeenib 


.7 9> 

of ^tmen, tljen toojltilp pelfe. 
JLo l)ece fijje Ijegf, toljic^e IjateD lic0, 

atiB loin to tell tljeetcotlj: 
ILo Ijece tlje lp£0, to^iclie pue t^e pooje, 

bott monp, meat, and clotl). 
jfo? fine, in feto toilt Ijaue tieclacDe 

of euerg man tlje minti ? 
%re Ijesf Ali ce Kendall toojtlip toife, 

tl)e flotoec of tooman femO. 
^^ece lpe0 liec tione0, tiara ccufijjt toitfi ftone0 

in life lame toece iet lim0: 
ilJoto tieati, tier foule in filuec ftceme0 

of »>ollace Ctocetlp ftoimmesf* 

T[ An Epitaphe vpon the death of his deare fa- 
ther, William Kendall : which died (beyng 
cut of the ftone) and lyes buried at 
Northafton in Oxford fliire. 

I-J (fere lie0 t)e tieati, toit^ ltone0 oppjett, 

to^om ftone0 opp?ett in life: 
Si2z me t^at t)e toa0 fojtte to Dpe, 

ti? Oint of lieaDlj fenife. 
aaio toojtl)e tlje tojetcpe t^at ript t)i0 aei^je: 

^et tojetctie tot)? faie 3i fo? 
»)it5 neeti0 lie tooulD fuclie tojment0 tcie, 

to enUe 610 paine ani) Vooe* 
%^e life tie linte, \11a0 Cure no life, 

but euen a Oeatl) in life: 



Sinti t^ztztoit plucfepng; pang0 i)e p?ot)l)£, 

of citmi'0 tacupno; feni'fe. 
^t t!)OU0;t)t bp plucfepng pinc!)^ng pan0;0, 

to mU W pin^ns painegi; 
H^z tliougfit to rill t^e raffffea Cone, 

ttiat title 5pm To in ct)aine0, 
But (out ala0) ^z rititie t)i0 life, 

(o!) gn'Op ffcippng; greef) 
!^e toasf diCpatt^eU of t)i0 life, 

anO 3 of mp celeef. 
jaij fawtoell fatljec mpne motte Deace, 

in zavt^ toe parte toitl) paine: 
Northafton toant0 tl)ee, toaile0 anti toepes, 

toifijjpns fo? tljee againe» 
dale toant anti toiiTje : toe toaile anti toeepe: 

toe mourne (ala0) anli miffe: 
'Onjou ne tioett mourne, noj miffed ougljt, 

noto platte in Ijeauenlp bU'ffe. 
9pj loffe 3 Boe lament : and jet 

31 iope fo? gaine of tljine: 
31 loffe a father, tljou Ijaff gainde 

perpetuall iope0 deuine. 

An Epitaph vpon the death of his deare aunt 

Ellen Kendall : which died, and 

lyes buried at Bloxam. 

"LJd^re Ellen lie0 lapt bp in eartf): 
toliictje altoaie0 liude to dpe, 



Sltin Dfeti to li'ue, to li'ue againe 

in laCpng; iope0 on !)pe, 
Slje tne toliea (tojetcfte) 31 firtt gan li'ue, 

tfien gan flije life to leatte: 
31 tljou5l)t to ceape gceate ioje tip 5cr, 

but fllje Did me Ueceaue, 
fel)^ tnoje ettecmtie of tieaueit tfieit eactl) 

and tl)erefo?e (Kod did gi'ue 
l^eauen into tec'flfje !)opte toi teauen, 

noto lije in, Ijeauen doet^ liue. 
a^ facetoell aunte, tl)Ou gaufte me life: 

31 fufete t|)p tender bjette: 
'QD^ou didded rotfee me, tolien a baie 

in cradle 31 tiit" cette, 
Sint) Ijaue 31 loft tljee noto fo tone? 

no fojce-.ffceate i& tljj pine: 
31n ^eauen toe Qjall toit^ pleafuce meete, 

tljouB;^ tiece toe parte toitl) paine. 
»)till diddft t^ou line tl)e ilojde to loue, 

and tl)ou didft loue to liue 
fetill toit^ tte iLojde: and noto ttie %oiTae 

tinto tl)ee life doetl) eiut, 
%o, LIVE AND LOVE : tlji^ leffon learne, 

jou t^at in eart!) remaine: 
'arijat toljen jou leaue to liue, pou maie 

obtaine to liue apine. 





1 A forrowfuU Sonet vpon the death 
of Walter, late Erie of Effex. 

T^e ^^I'mcofe c^ttt of pjincel? peered, 
tl)e »)tam of (Eitglantie bjigtit: 
fJCfje ^lintz of perfect piett'e, 

tte 2Diamonlie of Delight 
€) tioffgeti 2Deatl) lip Ht'cefuU Dacre, 

from cKiifflatitie tliou i)att refte: 
^ur foliate tljou liatt tatie atoate, 

anti t)0 in fojrotoe lefm 
Wit lot^e to Hue, anU pet toe loue 

to Hue, alone fo? tlji'sf: 
'STfiat toe maie toalle tl)i0 too?tljte0 toant, 

.tol)om toe fo foje Doe miffe* 
ai) faretoell €rle mode excellent, 

fo? tljee doetl) (Cnglantie toeepe: 
'QElje ^jince, tl)e peeress, tlie people flljjefee, 

in 2)eatl) to fee tl)ee fleepe* 
tlEl)? CO1P0 i0 clapt in clotilie0 pf claie, 

tl&p foule i0 foarli on Ijje: 
fliaitlj faincte0 aboue tlie clutterpng cloutie0 

to pearcte perpetually* 

Poji cineres, virtus viuere fola facit. 


^ ymprintedafLo^vio-ii in Paules 
Qhurcheyarde, at the Signe of 
the Bra/en Serpent by 

Ihon Shepperd. 
Anno. 1577. 


Dulcia defeRa modulatur carmina lingua 

Cantator Cygnus funeris ipfe fui. 



JAMES.CROSSLEY.ESq., Jt.S.A;, Presidenr. 



■~ JOHN LEIGH, £sq. 

G. W. NAPIER, Esq. 

RICHARD JOHNSON, S.^a., Treasurer. 

JOHN A. BREMNER, Esq., F.S.S., Hon. Secretary. 


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